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  1. Well, didn't expect my nomination got picked... Who should I nominate next? Why not the beloved sensei, Hukuna-sensei?
  2. Should I rewrite the chapters I wrote before?

  3. Welcome to Reborn! Enjoy your stay and make sure to check out the community too~
  4. The Dream Team still remain a dream...

  5. Godot-senpai featured in CCB! Should we go for Wendel next? Or Maybe Clarice, if she could talk...
  6. Behold the Dream Team! Gen7RedemptionTrip-2017-03-21-alluringnagisa-amineelhedhili.html
  7. Why not let the gym leaders have roster that all are at or above the level cap? Serve you right level advantage...

  8. A true pokemon master don't rely on any moves but one... Destiny Bond.

    1. pyrromanis


      I think I know who you are talking about lmao :P

    2. Nagisa_Hideyoshi


      You sure know it, brethren...

  9. Sounds like a good theory... P/S: NTR is strong in this one
  10. HAIL NUZLOCKEMPEROR BIBS!!~ If I am to nominate someone, I would nominate for: @ZEL
  11. It's in the Social at the navigation tab. The link is there...
  12. Welcome to Reborn, Moce! Enjoy the despair your stay and make sure to check out Reborn's chat room on Pokemon Showdown! and Discord too!
  13. Welcome to Reborn, Thor! Please don't Mjollnir Everything Enjoy your stay and check out Reborn's chatroom on Pokemon Showdown and Discord as well!
  14. Finally, managed to get (probably) needed sprites... Need to edit them according to the resource template and that's going to hurt my back...

  15. ANNA IS THE TRUE EVIL BEHIND WHAT'S HAPPENING IN REBORN!!~ (probably, since its DanganReborn after all)