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  1. It's in the Social at the navigation tab. The link is there...
  2. Welcome to Reborn, Moce! Enjoy the despair your stay and make sure to check out Reborn's chat room on Pokemon Showdown! and Discord too!
  3. Welcome to Reborn, Thor! Please don't Mjollnir Everything Enjoy your stay and check out Reborn's chatroom on Pokemon Showdown and Discord as well!
  4. Finally, managed to get (probably) needed sprites... Need to edit them according to the resource template and that's going to hurt my back...

  5. ANNA IS THE TRUE EVIL BEHIND WHAT'S HAPPENING IN REBORN!!~ (probably, since its DanganReborn after all)

    Why.... I still cried to this song...


  7. Should I use Holder's Side View battlers for MV? (Needs to adjust them according to MV's resources though)

  8. Level advantage solves everything...

  9. The Dragon Dentist is very good to watch...

  10. Me: Okay, next turn the boss sure will use that OHKO move..

    *use skill that blocks attack*

    *boss use different skill*

    Me: What? He doesn't use it?

    *then the boss use OHKO move next turn when the block skill lose effect*

    Me: WTH?!


  11. Even seemingly impossible boss could become easier once you recognize the pattern. It's different if they know that you know their patterns and already has a counter...


    I realized how powerful RPGMaker MV is. They are simple enough for people who start to develop games like me and powerful for professional or veteran users that used to create their own plugins. They're now in Javascript instead of Ruby though...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Dypatome


      Ah but see: There is no Pokemon Essentials for RPG MV.

      MV looks like it's great, sure. But for people who like me who are looking to make a Pokémon game, XP would still be our best bet.

    3. Nagisa_Hideyoshi


      I know that too. For now, there's no plugins and essentials for pokemon yet. But if you want to make something  with LMBS, ATB or CTB, there's many plugins for that. There even some awesome animation plugins too..

    4. Nagisa_Hideyoshi


      I don't know if the veteran users of RPGMaker series knows about Vibrato, but he make few awesome animations with RPGMaker MV plugins.

  13. While Emilia has some vocal issues, well, she could type isn't she? Even Mira could chat with her ethereal body...
  14. Searching for something that's worth dying for is.... hard. Some know it right away, some still searching for it.

    Me? I'm the latter...

    1. Eternal Edge

      Eternal Edge

      Some found it and lost it still.

    2. seki108


      Alternatively, some struggle to find something worth living for.....who's luckier in this case?  I'm not sure.

  15. That moment when you have enough swag to turn normal juices into boozes...

    1. Maelstrom


      Jeebus powers, activate!

    2. Nagisa_Hideyoshi


      It's the pure power of swag...