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  1. Reborn's Showdown Server is like Shade's Powerplant Gym... Quiet and Cold

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    2. Wolfox


      I guess, never really did much of those things. I went on vacation with my parents as a kid, but I kinda grew out of that. as for extreme sports... well I've posted a picture of myself a few times, the math ain't hard. getting laid I'll try to just stall till I finally have someone who truly loves me, call me old fashioned or stupid, I wanna share that with my true partner

    3. Nagisa_Hideyoshi


      My one true partner is someone who accept the fact that Imma an avid anime fan and not cringed about it...

    4. Wolfox


      mine would be someone who accepts and understands me (or at least tries to). also the anime thing could be important

  2. Why not Flamethrower Nidoking? Combined with Sheer Force, the damage would be deadly... and yup, Drapion/Skunktank is a good option for counters. Sniper + Cross Poison Drapion quite deadly with 3x crit and Skunktank with its decent defense stats. I heard Gardobor/Mr.Bigglesworth is quite tanky too. We don't have Gengar now (you could trade with people who have it though).
  3. I'm going to join the Summer Party! Except the fact that I live in SEA where we don't have 4 seasons but we do have drought season and flood season though...
  4. Incest is Wincest...
  5. While it is sad for me because I'm still stuck at B3, but hey, the Dream Team door is always open! except almost no one but @Shinyrio that battles Dream Team nowadays.
  6. So, a Trap MC? Why not?
  7. Based on a Stand of similar ability in Jojo, it appears that the ability is effective against Stand users…
  8. Stands are manifestation of one's life energy in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders. Stands usually appears naturally in certain people like most villains in Jojo Part 3, though it is said that humans potentially have Stand ability but it is dormant and could be unlocked when hit by certain Bow and Arrow. Nature, ability and strength of Stands differs from each person and closely related to the person's mental strength or battle sense. A strong Stand could kill it's own user if the user's mental strength is not enough. There's exception if the ability and nature of the Stand itself that kills the user regardless of user's mental strength.
  9. Probably Time Bomb. It's destructive power is fearsome...
  10. Hol Horse's Emperor maybe not a strong Stand but it's versatility shines in duo or more people. With Hol Horse's skill, he is quite a strong opponent, he just end up with wrong partner each time though (but his combo with Boingo's Divine Tet is absolute unless you have plot armor).
  11. Our Stands seems could be a great Duo, @Wolfox Glace. Wanna be a team like J.Geil and Hol Horse?
  12. This is my Stand~ Stand Name: Fantasia Stand Ability: [Concept Manipulation]( Power - D Speed - C Range - D Durability - C Precision - D Potential - D Btw, I generate it here: If using the provided link... 「STAND MASTER」 Nagisa 「STAND NAME」 Magician's War 「ABILITY」 Guilt-tripping
  13. Welcome to Reborn, Guppy-nya!~ Enjoy your stay and make sure to check out the forums and Reborn's chatrooms nya~
  14. pokemon

    Survives at 1%...
  15. If I am role-playing as a random Trap on the internet, does that count as role-playing? And, I nominate Ice Cream Sand Witch for the next RM! Which is followed by the question; "Where did you got the ideas for those legendary puns from?"