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  1. [Day Three] WitchHunt!

    Well, I know the reason but it's no use if I revealed it. Things would get bad for me if I talk about it.
  2. Women have become unnecessary…


    1. seki108


      Made me think of this video:




      Also, it's still funny and sad hearing about Grape-Kun the penguin on that page (though the cardboard cutout of Hululu did remain when all the others were taken down).

  3. [Day Three] WitchHunt!

    * proceed to add more names in De*th No*e *
  4. "When humanity truly needs saving, he will definitely come" - Sitch about OPM's #1 ranked Hero, Blast

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. YinYang9705


      ~~saitama is currently a class in the webcomic actually~~

    3. Nagisa_Hideyoshi


      For now, almost nothing known about Blast and his strength except he has been fighting monsters for 15 years prior to Hero Association's establishment, saved Tornado when she's 10 and being Hero is more like a hobby.

    4. Wolfox


      saitama may be in the Webcomic, but I'm counting from the anime cuz I haven't read it yet. and he's a B hero there iirc

  5. [Day Three] WitchHunt!

    Fom that attack, the enemy knew that normal measures won't kill me since I maybe have 1 or 2 extra lives. Even I don't know how many extra lives I have. If they were to kill me, they're going to kill me by Judge's execution, since Judge's ability nulls extra lives except ones that are granted by role.
  6. [Day Three] WitchHunt!

    That said. I believe that the enemy much or less has figured what my role is when I survived the attack. I predict that I'll be their next target as well…
  7. [Day Three] WitchHunt!

    * proceeds to write names in D*ath No*e *
  8. [Day Three] WitchHunt!

    I afraid since I survived the attack, they'll try to kill me next time as well. I feel that lady luck wouldn't be on my side next night…
  9. [Day Three] WitchHunt!

    Woo… Imma zombie~
  10. Names in Pokemon anime:

    Ash as Satoshi

    Misty as Kasumi

    Brock as Takeshi


    Nebby as.... Nebby


    It's actually different name but fansub used Nebby instead.

    1. Wolfox


      most likely because everyone knows Nebby. because we all knew where Nebby was


      Not in the bag


  11. They better made King's Avatar season 2. A lot of people expecting it

  12. During a serene afternoon, you are slowly, bit by bit, enjoying a cup of Americano in a cafe.

    The door chime bells and you look at it. It was a beautiful lady of her early twenties. Her body is not too slender but not too curvy, with the perfect height, wearing a white one piece dress, which makes you wonder if she's a model.

    As you gaze at her, your eyes met hers, sending a slight chill over your spine, thinking if you offended her.

    She walks elegantly towards you and bends a bit to your ear as if to whisper something.

    With a sweet voice she whispered to your reddened ear, "YOUR WAIFU IS SHIT".

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    2. Alistair


      Atrocious. One does not simply tell another person their waifu is shit.

      [insert Boromir gesture]

    3. Nagisa_Hideyoshi


      Yeah, highly cultured person wouldn't call others' waifu is shit… psst, your waifu is shit

    4. Alistair
  13. [Day Three] WitchHunt!

    Since I've been quite busy these days, I vote for [Eliminate]: No One.
  14. Finally, Nebby will appear next episode. Guess where it is? Not in the bag obviously…

    1. Wolfox


      Nebby and not in the bag? well I never...

      if nothing else Gamefreak made a nice little meme

  15. [Day Three] WitchHunt!

    In fact, someone need to break the ice. I think if I didn't did that, we all will be be doing minimum posts to save our own skin while hoping that the witch doesn't target you that night.