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  1. ElfCollaborator

    [IC] TotMV:G2: Throne Hall (Travel Phase)

    "......if I'm right in assuming, it was less 'invading' and more 'sending a guy up there to prove America had a larger dick than the Russians, plant a flag there and coin one of the most famous phrases of the century'. Although again, considering that this is news to me, I'm sure good ol' Neil Armstrong had a few things to discuss with the moon people."
  2. ElfCollaborator

    Fire Emblem On Forums: Mortal Transgressions (OOC)

    ".I'm not much of a fighter, myself. Still, I 'll see what I can do for you, and we'll call it even, yeah?"
  3. ElfCollaborator

    [IC] TotMV:G2: Throne Hall (Travel Phase)

    Empi just stares at Masako as if she'd said she was Theodore Roosevelt just come back from having a drug-fuelled orgy with Pennywise and Cleopatra. ".....okay, i have to ask. What kind of carnival is your world like? I thought shit got crazy with succubi sorority parties, but invading the Moon?"
  4. ElfCollaborator

    [IC] TotMV:G2: Throne Hall (Travel Phase)

    ".....yeaaaaah. Still got books. Man, you really ARE behind. It's going to be a treat to catch you up."
  5. ElfCollaborator

    FE on the Forums: Scarlet Crown [IC]

  6. ElfCollaborator

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Suites (Travel Phase)

    "......yeah. I'm not sure I'd stay here, honestly. We still got things at home to deal with. But.....it would be the right thing to do, to stay here and help. Stuff like this was never my strong point, huh? Always a little indecisive. Anyway.....I'm sure Malachi's got things handled. It's Malachi."
  7. ElfCollaborator

    [IC] TotMV:G2: Throne Hall (Travel Phase)

    Empi returns the flat look Iowa gives her with one of disbelieving puzzlement, before understanding. ".....the hell are you from, the 1800s? Actually, that would make way too much sense, thinking about it. You still believe in that fairy cold iron bul....stuff, which people stopped seriously believing like a century ago in my world, you think 'multiverse' is a made-up word, I'm assuming you don't know what cellphone reception or a cartoon is either, and also you think Irish people still believe in fairies. I'm guessing.....you're from around the early 1900s, based on what you're wearing. Effective when I left home and ended up with these people, it was the year......2017. An entire century's difference, if I'm right. We're also obviously from different worlds, considering I've never seen anyone look like you except people in period dramas and plays, and considering where I'm standing, that dress -cute, by the way- looks real authentic, and you've obviously never heard of fairies who don't run screeching away from iron like Superman runs from kryptonite. Well, looks like you were born a little too early to see rock and roll, penicilin and the Internet. At least you'll be glad to know Irish people still make great whiskey."
  8. ElfCollaborator

    [IC] TotMV:G2: Throne Hall (Travel Phase)

    Empi pauses for a moment, then snaps her fingers. "Aaaah. No. You're definitely not from the same place. If that makes sense. She's from....Gensokyo? And you're also from Gensokyo, but it's not the same Gensokyo. Multiverse bullshit at its finest, am I right? Aaaaah.....anyway, um....it's kind of a sensitive subject, so....unless she lets you, don't pry too hard. We're working on it."
  9. ElfCollaborator

    [IC] TotMV:G2: Throne Hall (Travel Phase)

    Empi looks as if Iowa just slapped her in the face. And insulted her mother. At the same time. While pissing on her dog. "B-bug person?! How many bugs do you see with breasts?! I'm a fairy! Y'know, like Tinker Bell? Or those weird cartoons about fairy high school? Or are you from some world where the concept of fairies doesn't exist? In hindsight, I should've probably asked THAT first, but come on, a bug person?!"
  10. ElfCollaborator

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Suites (Travel Phase)

    Gabriel takes this as an invitation to sit next to her, an invitation which he takes, sitting as comfortably as he can next to her at a distance which he could easily turn into a hug, if she needs one. "I'm.....not gonna lie, I feel the same too. Real crazy, huh? We go from Shadows to fighting.....whatever that was. And......we could at least go home, after all that. This.....I don't even know if we can. You're right to feel a little weirded out by all this. So do I."
  11. ElfCollaborator

    [IC] TotMV:G2: Throne Hall (Travel Phase)

    "Heeeeey, did I hear someone doubting my girl Mitsurugi over here? I can one-hundred-freaking-percent confirm without a doubt that she's a goddess!" Empi suddenly flutters through the doorway into the throne room, phone in hand. And then suddenly, she notices Iowa and Masako, The very scantily clad fairy blinks for a moment. She looks over at Mitsu, the only person she definitely knows in the room. ".......okay, did I miss something, or did you do some goddess summoning ritual bullshit? These two weren't here before. Unless you were all hiding them in the castle this whole time. Still can't find any signal in here; you'd think a castle that, apparently, flies between dimensions would have cell reception, but nooooooo!"
  12. ElfCollaborator

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Suites (Travel Phase)

    Gabriel's ears perk up at the sound of Perlita's voice, and he whirls around to go track her down, opening the door a tad bit and poking his head in ever so slightly, ready to back out if she needed the space, but letting her know she was there if she didn't. "Hey. Wanna talk?"
  13. ElfCollaborator

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Suites (Travel Phase)

    Gabriel, for his part, is lounging about near the outside of the suites, taking a moment to breathe, looking around for the only other person in the whole place he knew. Out of dozens of people from countless worlds and a dizzying amount of madness, Perlita was the sole thing he recognised, and so he stuck with her. Perlita, he saw (or at least thought) wasn't doing too well, but Gabriel wasn't too good himself. Now that the adrenaline and the shock and the wonder had worn off, he was feeling rather.....lost. This place was so utterly, radically different from back home; Shadows were easy to deal with in comparison. At least there, they had friends, people they knew, people they could trust. Gabriel missed them already; Malachi, Diane, the rest. Back home, he knew where they stood. Here..... Here was unknown territory; the territory of dragons, uncharted waters, terra nova and the only person he could brave it with was his best friend. "....hope she's around here somewhere."
  14. ElfCollaborator

    [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: What Comes Next

    "Oh, so the aristocrat chick wants to go flying on the magic school bus to Fucktown with the rest of us, proooobably because she's the type who's been cooped up in the same war-ridden hellhole forever. I can't say I wasn't surprised. Least she might find a solution to that heir problem. Maybe find a nice guy to settle down with; maybe then I might earn my paycheck instead of doing pixie duty." Empi muses under her breath, but she keeps her thoughts to herself for the moment (unlike Mitsu, Navin or the shortstack in the power armor, Silef wasn't likely to take Empi's ribbing or usually crass style lightly), instead busying herself with tending to what was left of the wounded. She didn't have much healing magic (she was a qualified first-aider, but if you wanted to have your head reattached, Empi Powderbelle's doctorate wasn't in medicine). This, in hindsight, really wasn't a job for her. She'd gotten caught up in something far bigger than herself or indeed matchmaking. She now wondered when her boss was going to call her back and ask her where she'd been. She'd have to, eventually. Meanwhile, Gabriel ambles over to Perlita, a stunned expression on his face. "......that was......a thing, wasn't it."
  15. ElfCollaborator

    FE on the Forums: Scarlet Crown [IC]

     "And you, foul villain! If you will not repent for your misdeeds, then I will punish thee!" Michi heads to P8 and blasts an archer