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  1. FEF: The Lost Lands [IC Thread]

  2. [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: The Courtyard (Social/Prep Phase)

    Gabriel immeidately spots Perlita in trouble, gesturing him to get over here, help her out, all that sort of thing. Well, he couldn't just stand here, could he? His buddy was looking for help. But the guy was crazy enough to fire off six shots from a revolver to show off. Not that that bothered Gabriel particularly; just meant he had to approach the situation as carefully as possible. Gabriel puts on the most relaxed, confident face he can (not hard, considering it usually consisted of his easy smile), and strolls over, tilting his head in to draw Grant's attention away from Perlita and towards him, get her some time out of the situation. "Sooooooomething I can help you with? Everything all okay over here?"
  3. [IC] ✗enoblade Remnant

    Embla, Colony 6 "Be still." Thunder Call on Cliffweaver 1
  4. [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: The Courtyard (Social/Prep Phase)

    Gabriel is probably stalking nearby Perlita, his eye on her new conversational partner. He tilts his head, hands in his pockets, trying to study him, trying to figure out what he did or who he was. Place was pretty crazy, and he didn't think he'd go from fighting with Perlita and the others to fighting with what looked like an angel lady and, if he wasn't hallucinating, a fairy who apparently didn't like wearing too many clothes. Then the guy starts firing off revolvers into the air, instinctively causing him to cringe for safety. Even after fighting with a Persona for a while, it wasn't like some instincts ever went away.
  5. FEF: The Lost Lands [IC Thread]

  6. FEF: The Lost Lands [IC Thread]

    X-8, perform Shiro
  7. FEF: The Lost Lands [IC Thread]

    Johan seizes the opportunity to perform. After all, it was about time something happened. And also, this battle called for a song anyway. "Through the gates of hell! As we make our way to heaven, through the Paxi lines!" Perform Bradwr
  8. FEF: The Lost Lands [IC Thread]

    The harbors? Good place to run, yes. Good place to escape. The Pax would likely capture the town hall first, along with anywhere defensible; cut down resistance before it even begins to take root. The harbors were open, too open; no defense could be mounted there, unless you wanted your backs to the sea. Even easier to set an ambush there for any unfortunate stragglers, too; with the town surrounded on all sides, it wouldn't be too much trouble to send enough soldiers to hold the harbour, wait for people to attempt to flee, and catch them. But where to? The Pax could already have forces out to sea, waiting for anyone to escape that way. If they truly intended to take this town, that would be the prudent move; stop people from leaving, calling in help from Opus or Tyr-knows-where. A complete encirclement. That would be the smart move. Johan knew full well that the Pax were trained soldiers, skilled fighters. But they weren't invincible. In any case, Johan didn't intend on escaping. Not without seeing some Paxi heads be torn asunder. He eyes the group heading to the harbour carefully, trying to gauge their strength. If they wanted to leave so much, they would almost certainly need to fight. And if they were strong? Perfect.
  9. FEF: The Lost Lands [IC Thread]

    If Johan even remotely cares about being sneered at, he doesn't show it. Except maybe by doubling down on the ham. "Outnumber us? I call that good odds! More glory for everyone! The only fools who talk about dying and throwing their lives away are fools who have already given up."
  10. FEF: The Lost Lands [IC Thread]

    "No weak mob indeed! And yet they have yet to conquer a few tribes living in the mountains! You think too little of yourself, or too highly of them, if you think them invincible! A trained rat wearing a bucket and wielding a knife is still a rat! And if they're strong? So much more glory to be won!"
  11. FEF: The Lost Lands [IC Thread]

    A large, imposing man sits by the fireplace, wearing a rugged, robust, dark-blue cloak; beneath would have been the rugged mountain clothes of the men of Kahla, a satchel containing his few belongings and, of course, a small axe. Not remotely good enough for a fight, of course, nothing like a good battleaxe, but good for splitting wood. His mane of red hair was untamed, his right hand plucking a pipe from his mouth. As he overhears the discussion about an army, his interest is piqued, an all-too-familiar smile growing beneath his beard, a bloody-minded glint in his eye. An army? An army meant a battle. A battle meant fun to be had, glory to be won, tales to be sung about. And so battle was where Johan, the Hammerhand, wanted to be. Even- no, especially if it was the Pax. They made good sport; less glory, but more slaughter. Especially if they outnumbered this motley crew. And in any case, he had scores to settle against them. Not that he was angry at them, not particularly; but it was his honor as a warrior at stake. He stands up, looking out the window, slightly slouched to avoid hitting his head on the ceiling; he was accustomed to slouching, lest his massive frame smash into things too easily. "Battle, they say? And they plan to run? While this town is surrounded by soldiers? Nothing to fear from rats armed with the cutlery and plates from their mothers' pantries! They see a lost fight; I see good odds and glory to be won!"
  12. [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: The Courtyard (Social/Prep Phase)

    Empi Powderbelle "Matchmaker? Yeah, basically. I'm basically a professional Cyrano, a paid wingwoman, an assistant pick-up artist, if you will. Don't know how I ended up in THIS mess; I didn't exactly sign up to go to war. Then again, I'd like to think I'm a little more qualified than some of the whackjobs I've seen around here. Or the poor kids who somehow ended up here, good grief. Where's Social Services when you need 'em, right?"
  13. [IC] ✗enoblade Remnant

    Embla, Colony 6 Embla doesn't look visibly angered by the slaughter of Colony 6, for a few moments. She studies the beasts, the talking Grimm, her face not at all changing as she figures out what to do, what must be done, how she could make up for it. The battle begins and her expression has yet to really change. Her eyes, however, tell all the emotion that needs to be told. And within them is a fire unmatched by berserkers the world over. "Be silent." Unstoppable Force on the Talking Grimm.
  14. [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: The Courtyard (Social/Prep Phase)

    Empi looks back over at Edmond, smiling and extending a hand, assuming a coy, flirty pose almost by instinct. "So we haven't. The name's Empi Powderbelle, sweetie. I've been here since......well, that weird sword guy showed up and I got sent here while looking for some poor shopkeeper who couldn't muster the guts to confess to his super-hot childhood friend. Always my favourite kinda client. Well, aside from a smart client. Smart clients are always nice and easy to teach."