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  1. BushyTheBushSpirit


    no rush or pressure or anything, but do you plan on releasing the USUM sprites when they're done, like you did with the SuMo sprites? I'm anxious to see the new shinies, but that can obviously wait
  2. BushyTheBushSpirit

    Conversion not working as intended

    That's how Conversion worked in generations 2-5, but in gen 6 it changed to specifically the first move
  3. BushyTheBushSpirit

    Base crit rate incorrect

    You're not wrong, but as @Azeria said, E17 came out before the change was even noticed. That said, it will be interesting to see how this change is implemented, being as affection isn't a thing in Reborn (to my knowledge). Maybe it will go by friendship instead? because screw Frustration users anyway
  4. BushyTheBushSpirit

    "Colige" starter pack

    passing grades in all seriousness though, all you need is some duct tape, WD-40, and maybe a screwdriver and passing grades
  5. BushyTheBushSpirit

    Electric Clown

    well it's tough to argue with that logic
  6. BushyTheBushSpirit

    Relic Song

    geez, where was this report yesterday when I literally spent the whole day trying to figure out how to implement something similar for another mon??? (I'm really not good at coding, so getting it to work took me much longer than it should have) but yeah, now that I'm looking at it, there's no problem with the code for Meloetta changing forms when it uses Relic Song: the code literally just isn't there EDIT: I've been testing it for hours now, and I think there's also something wrong with Relic Song so that it never even hits. More testing would need to be done with the unmodified script than what I have done, though, because I've been tinkering with the script trying to fix it
  7. BushyTheBushSpirit

    Also Rainbows

    while the pictures of the four scenarios are helpful, that's not quite what I meant. I guess I wasn't very clear with my wording. my question was if for each of those four scenarios, have you also tried leading with Groudon instead and having Kyogre second?
  8. BushyTheBushSpirit

    Also Rainbows

    Just to try to get more details, have you tried it both sun to rain, and rain to sun? Air Lock was probably just an oversight. And for future reference, it would probably be easier for everyone if you edit additional information into your initial post so everything is all together.
  9. BushyTheBushSpirit

    Cool easter egg in the graphics folder

    ^ Can confirm (although they were .png files, not .jpeg files). @Fantastic Mr. Fox is an amazing spriter: I honestly didn't even notice the sprites got redone, since I just copied over my old Battlers folder (I have some custom sprites in there that I wanted to keep, but didn't feel like going through the whole folder to pick them out). Nice work, Jasper, I'm glad this change got pointed out to me. Actually, I'm REALLY glad this got pointed out, because until now I had absolutely no idea know that Ame took my advice for fixing regular Silvally-???'s sprites. Senpai noticed me! Even if Senpai did alter my design a little... Yeah, but EVERY Silvally form has a custom sprite for its shiny. It's a Silvally thing, not a ???-type thing. Yes, the Synthetic Seed in Glitch Field does make the user ???-type, in addition to raising its Defense and Sp. Defense. I would assume that this even applies to Multitype, since Arceus can't hold both a Seed and a Plate at the same time. However, using Silvally in a Glitch Field forces it to be ???-type, overriding any Memory it's holding, and regardless of whether it has a Synthetic Seed. The logic behind this was that Silvally is a synthetic Pokemon whose type depends on technology, so the Glitch Field causes Silvally itself to glitch out. The same idea also happens with Silvally in a Holy Field: Silvally is automatically made to be Dark-type, because Silvally was made with science, and science contradicts religion ("science is evil"). However, in a New World Field, both Silvally AND Arceus will change to a random type (except ???-type) each turn, regardless of held item.
  10. BushyTheBushSpirit

    People should really look at the Pokedex more closely

    You and I both, Blitz. You and I both. I mean, in retrospect, I guess I can kind of understand why they didn't use the NATO phonetic alphabet I mentioned earlier, being as Japan isn't even in NATO. But "XXXXX?" Really, GameFreak? THAT was the best you could come up with?! Come on, step it up! You're better than that! Even if history says otherwise.....
  11. BushyTheBushSpirit

    PR Mod Menu

    You don't overwrite it. In case anything goes wrong, you want to be able to go back to the unmodified version. Step 1: Find the original script. It's called Scripts.rxdata, and it should be saved under Pokemon Reborn\Data\ Step 2: Rename the original script. Literally any other name, such as "Scripts1.rxdata," "Scripts original.rxdata," or even "I LOVE AME.rxdata," will be fine, since the game only checks files with the exact names programed in it. Just make sure the name is something you'll recognize later. Step 3: Save the new script as Scripts.rxdata in the same exact folder. Now the game will read that file instead of the original. If you're switching to the Select Weather mod in particular, there's also a Mods\ folder included in the download. Do NOT change the name of this folder. This is where the actual changes are stored. You'll also need to save that folder (as in the folder itself, not just its contents) in the Data\ folder. Each mod is a separate file within the Mods\ folder, so you can just delete whichever ones you don't want to use (there's a file Readme.pdf included that explains what each mod file does). NOTE: just like you kept the original script as a backup, it's also generally a good idea to make backup copies of all of the mods (especially if you plan on removing some of them). You can save the backups literally anywhere EXCEPT the Data\ folder, but I would recommend leaving them somewhere nearby that you'll know where they are. After that, you'll all set! Just boot up the game, and the mods will be ready waiting for you.
  12. BushyTheBushSpirit

    Some ideas for E18

    Taka's a bitch but I'm sure a Spinda would do it perfectly if we gave it a chance
  13. BushyTheBushSpirit

    [Known]Is surfing on ground a thing?

    now it is I'm pretty sure it's a mistake. This was also reported during the community release: The report was made five days before Ame's cut-off post for the public release, but I guess it still got skipped over.
  14. BushyTheBushSpirit

    People should really look at the Pokedex more closely

    Apparently I didn't do enough background checking before I made the post. Wishiwashi's entry canonically says "its," and those really are Unown's canon form entries (according to Unown Mode in G/S/C and the Unown Report in HG/SS): https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Unown_Report#Transcript I've edited the post accordingly. Thanks for calling me out. ^ Exactly what Blitz said, and also that the gendered forms are listed as "Meowstic Male" and "Meowstic Female" instead of just "Male" and "Female" @Wolfox
  15. BushyTheBushSpirit

    People should really look at the Pokedex more closely

    Zygarde and Hoopa were generated in debug mode. I've determined that using debug mode to change the species or form of a Pokemon you already have causes it to not register in the Pokedex, because I guess it only registers upon spawning/obtaining it, evolving it, or using a legitimate form-changing item on it, not just by changing some variables. I don't think that should have any bearing on what information it displays in the Pokedex once they do register, though. If I thought it was of my own doing, I wouldn't have included them here. And just because something is old, doesn't mean it should be ignored. That's how I see it, anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯