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  1. [E16] Azumarill base stats (error, not bug)

    I was a little reluctant to report it for that exact reason, but I figured everyone might not feel the same way
  2. charmander with good iv's

    online now. username is BushyTheBushSpirit. send a request when you're ready
  3. (Developing) Byxbysion Ward

    first of all, wow. this is amazing! second, if you're open to ideas, I have a few thoughts: as pretty as the "natural" dirt paths look (i.e. by the PokeCenter), I'm not really sure that they fit. if Adrienn's team was taking the time to restore Byxbysion, I feel like they would have paved all of the walkways to match how the other wards look. that said, definitely feel free to keep some of the nice grassy areas around the city, but I think they should be up on a curb above the paved walkways (like the grassy patch circled in the spoiler below), or separated from the pavement by a small row of bricks like in neo-Peridot Ward (see screenshot in spoiler) and in front of the Grand Hall post-renovation (not shown). that's just my opinion though, and you can leave it as is if you want I like that you left the caves in the south as they were, since those are natural landforms. however, I think the wasteland ground in the southwest corner should also be restored to regular green grass — unless, of course, you were thinking that the restoration team wouldn't have entered the caves at all. the latter would explain that area still being full of waste, and is a perfectly legitimate scenario. if that's the case, feel free to ignore this bullet point altogether. leaving the wasteland ground around Aya's gym was a nice touch though (will that grass have different wild encounters from the rest of the ward?) this is a much smaller thing, but it's still bothering me: maybe you could put a fountain in the water at the top of the waterfall? otherwise the water is just coming from nowhere opinions aside though, this really is incredible. keep it up!
  4. [E16] Azumarill base stats (error, not bug)

    this is probably way late to be reporting for E16, and it may or may not have already been fixed for E17, but I noticed a mistake in Azumarill's base stats: as of version 16.2, Azu's stats in Reborn were 100/50/80/50/80/60, when they should really be 100/50/80/60/80/50
  5. well damn.  I became a Reborn veteran yesterday, and I missed it.  can't believe it's been a year already

    1. Maelstrom


      It just sneaks up on ya like that.

    2. BushyTheBushSpirit


      apparently so.  tbh I forgot the date and thought it was actually tomorrow instead of yesterday

    3. Ainz Ooal Gown

      Ainz Ooal Gown

      Yeah, me too. After not visiting the forum for like more than a year, suddenly i'm a veteran. Welp, time goes by too fast.

  6. okay, I'm online. my username is BushyTheBushSpirit EDIT: I'll be back in an hour or so
  7. @shadowalker35 I got you. it only has 31 IVs in Atk/Def/Spe, but if you give me a little time I can get a better one
  8. hi can I get a 9/5/24/19/1/23 IV spread male Queenly Majesty Celesteela with Barrage holding a Choice Weight?
  9. charmander with good iv's

    lol I completely forgot about this. anywho, I'm ready now. it's only a Gligar, but I can trade it to you holding a Razor Fang so you can evolve it