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  1. By the way i forgot to mention about sena you don't need a key for her she opens it after a few events but i can't tell you exactly when
  2. Tbh i don't remember doing anything to do with the odd key so think it's unusable? I may be wrong though Edit: checked the forums and haven't found anything so i think that's for a future release
  3. Well the shiny key is in silver forest at the peak in the centre where there's a huge ice block you also find a frosslass there iirc. imo the puzzle is sort of confusing to get around (i think you activate the glowing crystals and that helps you get to the ice block) idk if this helps
  4. There's the abandoned power plant in cellia city you evolve magneton there however I can't remember if there's a secret room to actually evolve it but i never used a magneton hope this helps As three of your pokemon are weak to ground maybe a water type? There's a squirtle in cellia sewers if you want one just in case and tangrowth would be good as three of your pokemon are weak to water but idk just giving ideas lol for metal coat you can buy it from the evolution item shop in cellia city (i'm pretty sure you can pick it up somewhere else but I can't seem to remember) and for the move relearner idk if there is one atm? But i may be wrong but i hope this helps EDIT: i was wrong about the move relearner he's actually in the blackview tournament building i think if you beat all the trainers (you'll need to do it anyways) talk to him then he'll go back to the house
  5. It's on the first page in the forums if you haven't found it yet
  6. How to move "game" save

    Okay thank you for replying and helping 😁
  7. How to move "game" save

    Tbh i have no idea but it's been like that ever since I've started playing fangames is there any way i could mend this?
  8. How to move "game" save

    So sorry to bother you i renamed one of them to "game"(then i changed it back to what it used to be called as it didn't work) and i fiddled so much with this for so long but no luck in going back a save. I did this before and i remember it being easy to do maybe i'm over complicating it lol but here is what it looks like edit: sorry about putting this in the wrong place i actually had no idea where to put this topic 😅
  9. How to move "game" save

    No this actually makes more sense thank you for answering pretty much the same question again for me now i see where i messed up thank you for clearing my head! 😁
  10. How to move "game" save

    Should i just name it 'game' or 'game 2' according to the second file btw i realise you answered my other topic now I'm embarrassed to have forgotten how i did it with desolation lol XD
  11. How to move "game" save

    Basically i want to move an old savestate next to 'game' in pokemon reborn. I have done this before but I can't seem to remember how to go back a save now (i have already made a topic a while ago and can't figure out how i can do it again -_-) if anyone can tell me how i move my 'game' next to the save state it would be much appreciated. Btw my game is called 'game 2' as i made another save so that confused me even more!
  12. About this 'secret path' which may or may not happen would i need all of shade and anna's relationship points because i missed out the one where saphira gets kidnapped which I didn't even know would happen (now i do lol) but it would suck if that's the case because I'd want to try out said 'secret path' possibly in the future. edit: sorry if you see multiple of the same comments I accidentally posted a load without knowing! I also can't seem to fix it
  13. As far as i know in the keneph caves there are sandshrews and geodude which i think they're the only early game ground types you can get When you first go into cellia central you see a girl running past and a police officer chasing her he tells you to go find her and when you do at the end of the event you'll see Rosetta
  14. I recommend you get geodude it really helped me you can obtain it in the keneph cave
  15. Does anyone know how to get a shiny stone in the game? I would really love to evolve my roselia