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  1. As far as i know in the keneph caves there are sandshrews and geodude which i think they're the only early game ground types you can get When you first go into cellia central you see a girl running past and a police officer chasing her he tells you to go find her and when you do at the end of the event you'll see Rosetta
  2. I recommend you get geodude it really helped me you can obtain it in the keneph cave
  3. How can you go back to previous saves? More specific i would like to know how to go back to previous saves with pokemon desolation since it's a RAR. I forgot to do something and now I'm too late to go back and do it.
  4. Does anyone know how to get a shiny stone in the game? I would really love to evolve my roselia
  5. Thank you soooooo much!! I've spent aaggggeeessss finding it!
  6. Thanks a lot . Now I'm doing one of the ranger missions in route 2 and this dude wants lemonade, is there anywhere where i can buy lemonade? (Also found the soothe bell location, you can get it from doing a ranger mission in route 2 "convince a trainer")
  7. At the start of the game you obtain budew, is there any way possible to evolve it asap without soothe bell? (also when can you obtain the soothe bell?)
  8. Well i saved it on my memory stick because the laptop is really old and would probably break sometime soon. I was trying to download a fangame today but realised I don't have virus security so yeah i was kinda risking it there by downloading another game. But actually that's a good idea i actually have a dropbox account lol
  9. I'm basically placing my save file of pokemon rejuvenation on a memory stick as I'm not really allowed to use the hard drive and the memory stick has got a lot of space. Will this do anything to my save and how can I update the game when a new episode comes out?
  10. Thanks i eventually found it in the end lol
  11. Good rod must be in the hidden library if i remember it's one of the help center quests in east gearen
  12. I'm at route 4 and I'm looking for the key to lost camp can someone tell me the nearest location please? edit: never mind found it near the healing star
  13. Thanks a lot for the info if the event did change i wonder what pokemon would replace it