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  1. Lol yeah I do
  2. Oh yeah, maybe the battle was kinda easy because I used hurricane with noivern and blew away the mist off the field. Didn't even know that was possible
  3. I mean all Amy needs to do is make trainers and especially gym leaders have ev trained/iv bred Pokemon. That's all the challenge that's needed
  4. Mostly calm and calculative in battles. Love battles where there is no stall, only dishing out pure damage 

    1. Wolfox


      those are the best ones

  5. Lucario in dragon mono?
  6. My 6 pokemon are ev trained so if Titania can still give me a tough pokemon battle then I would really appreciate it
  7. I had the most beautiful battle with luna ever. I kill one pokemon and the next one kills mine. I kill 2 pokemon, she makes sure to get at least 2 and half. In the end I sacrificed my greninja to heal a pokemon and had a grand stand off of Umbreon vs Granbull. I really really loved that battle!
  8. Today I finally decided. It has been almost 1 month since I completed devon Corp. I still haven't beaten Adrean and not done anything else. And so I got to it. What happened was that my spirit to get 100% completion totally took over me. You won't believe me when I say that I did the following :- 1) Got 7 people to help Adrean even though he said they were barely sufficient. 2) Almost swept Adrean's team in battle. 3) Helped aqua guy in elevator get construction job and aqua leader a Silph Co job (reset this 12 times to get decent IV charmander with F12 not working) 4) Decided to and finally got the 10th department store sticker from the Route 1 puzzle (guy with the tech glasses. Looked it up via video) 5) Paid 60000 for construction of slum, got GUM key and started wondering about it. Looked online and saw that it's a room in the water sewage treatment area. 6) Made my way to that god damn room of hell. Actually solved the whole damn puzzle without looking it up even once! 7) Got myself a Goomy, rearranged items on pokemon, bought stuff from department store and saved the game. All of this was done in 4 hours! I don't think I'll be touching reborn for a while now unless there's something still left...
  9. It happens even without full screen for me
  10. Ah that's good. I'm glad I did not miss a great battle
  11. 3 steel types though. Or maybe xe was easy
  12. Earlier I used to use F12 all the time to restart the game. Now it says there's an error every time and the game force closes itself. Is this already known? Please try and fix it if you can
  13. Yes that's the..... guy? girl? Whoever but yeah that's xe. Just wondering how tough xe was
  14. So I finally got around to fighting Adrian today. I must say, his battle was short lived. I opened with Emboar and noivern who managed to just pull off one hurricane and they went down. After that I bought out Magnezone and Nidoking......I don't think Adrian likes them anymore. Earth power, sludge wave and discharge, flash cannon completely anhilated Adrian and his team. His mega Mawile didn't even get to display an attack! Though togekiss took Magnezone down, it went down immediately next turn via Nidoking's sludge wave. I should mention that in the huge break between episode 15 and 16, I completely ev trained my pokemon in their best stats, while still leaving some evs for other stats. So magnezone for instance will have close to max in sp attack and speed, but also some evs in defense and sp defense. Of course the only reason I did this was because I was anticipating a battle with Lin herself. She's becoming more like N though (I mean she's even got the same hair color!!). So I wanted to ask that is ev training considered as over the top training or will I get some kind of battle where ev training actually matters?
  15. I was wondering if in the game, where there are tunnels to pass through like the tunnel for Coral Ward or Beryl Ward, you could add calming music, different from the game music just like it was done in Black and White . That would kinda give a detachment from the game and probably make you ready for the next region/area the player goes to. It would also serve as a relax spot which would definitely be appreciated. Even if not implemented at the start, at least it should be done when the city gets renovated. That would really show development of the city. Please do consider this suggestion for the game. Thanks!