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  1. A true challenge

    Your welcome. Good luck completing the game
  2. A true challenge

    Many people had difficulty with Charlotte including me so I'm not surprised. But wow 6-0 Luna! I guess I underestimated volcarona a lot. Also you should evolve your magneton into magnezone. It is complete tank with massive sp attack
  3. A true challenge

    Strategic battles are the best ones! Trick room speed boost though, that must have been rough. I completely forgot about the fairy tale field damn! That is going to be tough then
  4. A true challenge

    Waiting for pokemon reborn is frustrating. It's such an amazing game with so many things to do but I don't feel like re starting from scratch every time I complete a new episode. So I resort to what any human would do... fantasize. My team incase you want to know is :- Emboar, Greninja, Noivern, Magnezone, Nidoking and Granbull. And yes they are ev trained but not iv bred and of course I've tried equiping them with best competive movesets. The best battle I've had in this entire game was against Luna. It was literal war and I'm surprised that the ceiling only crashed once. I had to use a revive and my last pokemon standing was Granbull at 25% hp. The most toughest battle I've had was.... I can't really say. Many battles took 3 or 4 tries but none that were unable to be beaten without proper strategy. Still I would say, the toughest one was against Taka. That Chatot was a nightmare! (Not counting op stuff like first time garchomp or Arceus though. Those were by passable) The most easiest battle I've had was against the ice type leader and against Adrienn. I had hoped that Titania would have a mega metagross but with what many people have told me she's gonna have a mega.... scizor.. Yeah. That can't even put a dent in my Emboar so unless there is crazy field effects I don't see a challenge. So now I'm thinking about the elite four. All I can hope is that the elite four have teams based on each region. So maybe 6 pseudo legendary from hohen or most powerful pokemon from sinnoh, something like that. If they start having legendary pokemon then that would be a real challenge and a slight problem. For the champion I'm hoping that the main pokemon would be the mountain anhilating, incarnation of Satan on Steroids, the one and only..... Pulse Hydreigon! So yeah you should know who the champion I think is going to be ... Literally Ghetsis wife, Lin. That's all for this long blog. For the record I have constantly used these 6 pokemon throughout the entire game and the only 7th member that I had was an adamant pansear which fire blasted fern's rosarade more times than I can imagine. I'm bored so if you're free (you're definitely free if you read this whole thing) comment your best and worst battles with your team! I'm interested
  5. hello and which starter is the best

    A protean greninja is way more reliable than you would think
  6. Congratulations my first friend here
  7. My prediction for Titania Gym Pokemon

    What is the online league? Plus such a strong trainer like Titania has to have a super strong mega like metagross but it doesn't go with her color scheme of Red I guess
  8. So today while showering I suddenly started missing pokemon reborn. The heat of battles can never be given by another game. Of course I've completely beaten this game upto the latest patch. So I was just thinking how awesome would it be to fight a super tough battle with my ev trained pokemon. So this is how I think Titania should be (This opinion is also based of the fact that Titania had a pretty important role in the story line so should be tougher) IF YOU THOUGHT AYA WAS TOUGH THEN WAIT TILL YOU READ FOR THIS This should be a doubles 6 on 6 pokemon battle. Her team with order :- First 2 pokemon are Skarmory and Fortress. Skarmory has full hp evs and defensive nature. Moves :- Stealth rock Spikes Roost Steel Wing Fortress has defensive evs. Moves :- Stealth Rock Toxic Spikes Rapid Spin Gyro Ball [This is the deadly double field set up open. It guarantees that your team takes damage] Next up no time wasted straight up Aegislash. This is the ubers sword dance shadow sneak combo. [You either waste turns trying to remove the hazards or prevent this from trying to set up with will o wisp. Of course there will be full restores] 4rth pokemon is a scizor. This is technician, bullet punch set up scizor. Pretty much same logic as Aegislash. [At this point you might have fainted both stallers but it's highly unlikely] 5th pokemon is going to be a....... MEGA metagross. Yep deadliest pokemon in her arsenal. This one has to be shiny and it should have attack and speed evs. [When you are just recovering from the onslaught of the two sword dancers look who shows up! You thought you had this game with a simple will o wisp? Lol they're dead already] A n d last and finally we have a magnezone! (Wasn't pulse enough!) It obviously adds a special attack variant to Titania's team. This one will have thunderbolt, flash cannon, hp ice and thunder wave. [This pokemon will most probably be on the field with metagross at the same time. What? Think you can get away with an earthquake? You have no clue how much paralysis a thunder wave can cause. Plus sturdy with air balloon will guarantee a few thunder waves] AND THAT'S IT FOR HER TEAM! Additionally there could have been a metal burst bastiodon instead of scizor if she feels like trolling hard. Those who have played in diamond /pearl and platinum should know. COMMENT YOUR OPINIONS PLEASE. Is this too tough or is there a way to get around it? EDIT : I completely forgot that she was shown to have an Excadrill. So I guess a fortress would also be kinda pointless though I put it in for 100% set up chance. Well I guess it's Excadrill instead of fortress. I'm betting Excadrill is choice scarfed ou mold breaker. And this one is allowed to switch . Amaria's gift could be a thing but honestly Empleon would be too easy to handle. Maybe she could use it if she battles alongside us?
  9. Adrian too easy or am I too strong?

    Lol yeah I do
  10. Adrian too easy or am I too strong?

    Oh yeah, maybe the battle was kinda easy because I used hurricane with noivern and blew away the mist off the field. Didn't even know that was possible
  11. Adrian too easy or am I too strong?

    I mean all Amy needs to do is make trainers and especially gym leaders have ev trained/iv bred Pokemon. That's all the challenge that's needed
  12. Mostly calm and calculative in battles. Love battles where there is no stall, only dishing out pure damage 

    1. Wolfox


      those are the best ones

  13. Adrian too easy or am I too strong?

    Lucario in dragon mono?
  14. Boy am I tired and impressed with myself

    My 6 pokemon are ev trained so if Titania can still give me a tough pokemon battle then I would really appreciate it Lol I never work out
  15. Adrian too easy or am I too strong?

    I had the most beautiful battle with luna ever. I kill one pokemon and the next one kills mine. I kill 2 pokemon, she makes sure to get at least 2 and half. In the end I sacrificed my greninja to heal a pokemon and had a grand stand off of Umbreon vs Granbull. I really really loved that battle!