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  1. Lol yeah I guess I have to now
  2. Hmm okay thanks
  3. :'(:'( This is the exact video I'm talking about
  4. Well game beginners I get but people who've played episode 15 are obviously used to it
  5. I need 1 sticker for getting floor 10. Guess which one it is?.... It's the one which requires me to go live in the savana aka the Tauros, buffoluant, heracross and pinsir puzzle..... The best youtube guide video for it is 20 mins long and that guy cuts out a lot on his video so it would take like an hour or two to do.. Somebody give me strength ?
  6. I mean... If someone has really played reborn uptill episode 16 and has gone through the game then aren't all of these facts pretty obvious? Your mind becomes wired to do all these things anyway so I don't really see any pro tips here
  7. I'm in devon Corp in the electric maze place. After fighting arc light I went into the next room and saw an item ball. Now I completed the puzzle without getting it and I think I know how to get it. Only problem is that I can't go back since I completed the puzzle so I'll have to reset my game. So I want to know what's in it and is it worth it? Can I get it later? Ps : I'm constantly saving so I can't reset if I go into next room
  8. 210 ev special attack, 202 ev speed , modest nature sheer force Nidoking good? Lol thanks for the advice
  9. Any idea how to get money? I only have 15000......
  10. Thanks for the info. It really helps!
  11. Okay thanks. I'll wait for a week or two maybe then download though. By the way how do I update to episode 16. Do I just download core or I have to patch something or stuff like that
  12. I guess I'll give it a week or two before downloading . Thanks for the info though
  13. Uh..... Why are you showing me this?