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  1. Favorite Anime?

    Alright, thanks a lot.
  2. Favorite Anime?

    Since you said Danganronpa I want to ask, is it worth watching/playing Danganronpa after the second game? I watched the first game's anime and the second game. Now I feel like it's dragging out. So, do old mysteries get solved or just new mysteries keep on being created which leads to dragging out. I feel like only monokuma's identity is the mystery left but there might be more.
  3. Super Rod?

  4. Preparing for E17.

    Well you could try and solve all the quests by yourself. Solve the dive spots without asking for help, do the spoink missing pearl quest, obtain 2 dark material, obtain all the department store stickers etc. And if you've actually completed all of these quests then why even bother playing any more? Play some other games if you are out of stuff to do in your free time or if this game is your entire time of the day then try doing something else in real life. Sure this game is long but all games get completed at one point and then you have to move on or simply take a break.
  5. Preparing for E17.

    I swear this is the most over hyped episode ever. People are preparing stuff like they're going against an all out ubers team or something. You have so many good pokemon already, what's even the point of trying to train more? At this rate you'll just oko all of the trainer pokemon then say that this patch was too easy.
  6. Corin Sidequest

    Ah, well good to know you got it.
  7. Corin Sidequest

    If you checked all the 3 copies then the only explanation is that you chose to not upgrade the railnet or did not update anything at all. You might have also not spoken to the police chief after obtaining info that the real one is one of the fakes. So you should try that first. If that doesn't work then upgrade the railnet if you haven't already. Go to grand hall and talk to the guy there to upgrade the railnet. You could also upgrade other stuff but only one of the three things are allowed. Meaning if you upgrade railnet then you can't upgrade anything else, if you upgrade the slums then you can't upgrade anything else, etc.
  8. Is Pokemon: Legends Of The Arena still going?

    Oh wow, did not expect such a detailed explanation. Thanks a lot, I remember everything now!
  9. Is Pokemon: Legends Of The Arena still going?

    Don't know about you guys but I have completely forgotten the storyline. He had better change the beginning or something because it is kinda long game.
  10. It's almost TIME.

    I just hope it becomes the gym leader theme again. I love getting beaten by a gym leader and have this theme playing so I know that this is some serious stuff I'm dealing with. The current gym theme just feels like it's not that tough.
  11. It's almost TIME.

    Only thing I want is the old gym leader theme back. The battle with Adreann had horrible music. I missed trainer red remix so much.
  12. Pokemon Carnage

    Two things:- 1) The story should make sense and not have the protagonist know stuff but don't do anything about it. 2) I think I'm not the only one who feels like this, but I'm boxing the Vulpix the moment I get another starter. It just doesn't fit into the grass/fire/water type which are always the essential types in a Pokemon game. Maybe an easy event would be better instead of just one starter.
  13. Love for Underrated Pokemon

    Granbull. Excellent tank. 252 attack, 128 hp and 128 defense. Eating poison jabs easily and normal attacks while dishing out so much damage. Put on an assault vest on this set and you have the best physical wall which can actually attack.
  14. I feel like you could open a shiny emporium as an occupation or something. These pokemon look so cool, but I can't trade anything without internet so no pokemon for me at least for now. I guess this comment is just for notification that this thread exists.
  15. Shadow Pokemon in Reborn?!?

    Shadow pokemon are good but only in a relevant game. They have zero value in reborn so hopefully they're not there. Plus catching them is a real hassle.