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  1. 210 ev special attack, 202 ev speed , modest nature sheer force Nidoking good? Lol thanks for the advice
  2. Any idea how to get money? I only have 15000......
  3. Thanks for the info. It really helps!
  4. Okay thanks. I'll wait for a week or two maybe then download though. By the way how do I update to episode 16. Do I just download core or I have to patch something or stuff like that
  5. I guess I'll give it a week or two before downloading . Thanks for the info though
  6. Uh..... Why are you showing me this?
  7. Well episode 16 is full of fatal bugs and I'm not really in the mood for some bug having to crash my entire save file so I have to start from scratch. I can wait it out till the clean version comes out but who knows maybe my theory will somehow play in.
  8. Wait there is pulse magnezone and camerupt!? This should be interesting. Hopefully my greninja and Nidoking will cut it
  9. So I've been thinking about how the elite four and Champion would play out and who would they be. I have two theories. In both of them Amy is the champion. That should be pretty obvious. So here are my two theories :- 1) Amy is the champion. You fight the elite four after 18 gym leaders. Regular six on six battles with specialized field effects for each type. Dj arc light and his buddies are probably going to fill in elite four slots. They have certain stories which play out into the post game and eventually into the night club . Then you battle Champion Amy. 2) Troll Amy to the maximum being like sorry I made you fight 18 gym leaders but we don't really have an elite four. Or maybe they died due to some team meteor stuff. So what to do? Make your rivals the elite four members. By them I mean Victoria, Fern Cain and Heather. They somehow qualify to be elite four members and you have to fight them. But they want to fight Amy too and become champion. So the most easy thing to do is have a double battle. You draw the short end of the stick so you have to fight alongside champion Amy in a double battle with other elite four members. It can either be 3 pokemon of you and 3 pokemon of Amy vs six pokemon of your rival or 12 on 12 double battles. Cain and Heather paired up and then Fern and Victoria (Fern won't like it of course but he doesn't deserve to be liked anyway). But there's a catch. Amy will have multiple target hitting moves such as earthquake, sludge wave, discharge etc so your pokemon take damage. On top of that her pokemon have a chance of hitting yours with an attack instead of the opponent's pokemon. So she can use Hydro pump on my greninja as an example. After beating the elite four you challenge champion Amy. The field will be of the championship field which means that all of Amy's pokemon can have 100% accuracy in their moves. Also her pokemon will have a higher random chance to crit your pokemon. Of course her pokemon is fully ev trained and iv bred. What do you think about this? Is this too broken or too easy? Maybe all the elite four will have perfect ev and iv pokemon too. Please share your thoughts, I think it will be pretty interesting. Thanks for reading
  10. Didn't know about the power drop but okay. Also I'll go to byxybiston (is that how you spell it?) wasteland and see if anything poisons my pokemon. I can only do it next week though cuz exams. Sorry
  11. Nine months I have been waiting for episode 16 but then I read the bugs like pressing A in the PC makes the game crash (basically no pc access) and some other fatal bugs . I think I'll wait for a few updates at least. Till then.... well I've almost finished ev training my pokemon but I'll see what I can do. Will never iv breed though, that's just bad.
  12. I can only reply on topics I post as of now and no I haven't used the old forums. Don't know why it doesn't work. *Heavy sigh*
  13. Like I said any double battle the multiple hit moves are halved. I'm sure no pokemon has an ability to half damage of multi target moves