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    Love watching anime and now trying to learn how to play a guitar.

    My favorite anime is Yahari Ore No Seshun Love Com Wa Machigateru

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  1. Zander

    Reborn characters Hurt/Heal (post E17)

    Cain: 20 Aya: 9 Florinia: 22 Hardy: 5 Shade: 12 Shelly: 27 Anna: 26 Laura: 21 ZEL: 20
  2. Zander

    Reborn characters Hurt/Heal (post E17)

    Cain: 22 Aya: 11 Florinia: 18 Hardy: 11 Samson: 0 Shade: 16 Shelly: 26 Anna: 25 Laura: 23 ZEL: 19
  3. Zander

    Reborn characters Hurt/Heal (post E17)

    Cain: 21 Aya: 13 Florinia: 20 Hardy: 16 Samson: 7 Shade: 15 Shelly: 26 Anna: 26 Laura: 24 ZEL: 21
  4. Zander

    Reborn characters Hurt/Heal (post E17)

    Oh crap. Sorry, the site was not working on my phone even after refreshing. How do you delete comments?
  5. Zander

    Reborn characters Hurt/Heal (post E17)

    Cain: 21 Aya: 13 Florinia: 25 Hardy: 23 Samson: 13 Shade: 16 Shelly: 25 Anna: 25 Cal: 10 Laura: 25 ZEL: 24
  6. Zander

    Reborn characters Hurt/Heal (post E17)

    Cain: 21 Aya: 13 Florinia: 25 Hardy: 23 Samson: 13 Shade: 16 Shelly: 25 Anna: 25 Cal: 10 Laura: 25 ZEL: 24
  7. Zander

    Reborn characters Hurt/Heal (post E17)

    Cain: 21 Aya: 13 Florinia: 25 Hardy: 23 Samson: 13 Shade: 16 Shelly: 25 Anna: 25 Cal: 10 Laura: 25 ZEL: 24
  8. Zander

    Reborn characters Hurt/Heal (post E17)

    Cain: 24 Aya: 14 Florinia: 25 Hardy: 22 Kiki: 7 Samson: 13 Shade: 19 Shelly: 24 Anna: 30 Cal: 20 Laura: 24 ZEL: 25 I get to remove and add points but nobody said I had to do both
  9. Zander


    Working super hard. Can't wait for the next episode. Love the thoroughness put into developing the game. Hopefully I could do the same for my studies sometime. And for the mortgage stuff, I saw my parents reaction like a huge burden was lifted from them so it's pretty easy to grasp. I'm sure others understand too. Also I was wondering, will there ever be trainers with legendary pokemon to battle? Nothing ubers, just ou stuff and below. That way maybe more stronger pokemon could be introduced like Ash greninja. Again thanks for all your hard work.
  10. Zander

    Corey alive? (Some kind of event)

    Thanks so much guys. I guess I really am slow in the game huh
  11. Just happened to go inside Beryl Ward gym and at the entrance to the gym leader there was Corey. Or at least someone who looked like him. He runs off the moment you spot him and then i can't find him. I tried searching all of beryl including the forest but no luck. Also I had not given up Corey to the police at the start during the plant apocalypse if that helps with this quest. If anyone knows what is going on then please do tell. Also can someone tell me what medicine do I give the lady in Lapis with the sick husband? I tried a gabite because it's scales can cure anything but nothing happens. Nor does any herb or potion. Thanks if anyone knows the answer.
  12. Zander

    How tough was the battle against Titania?

    Yeah, you can't stockpile 6 times. 3 is the limit. Base 85 plus stab is probably 120. That doubled in rain is 240. No other boosts. But yeah your attack stat and ivs helped. I'm wondering how did you outspeed her pokemon? I think her pokemon were all really fast. Also does rain dance change the field or just add rain? Because steel moves would have hit Araquanid like a truck. You must have used some other pokemon as support, right?
  13. Zander

    Breeding Guide / Recommendable Sets

    So, I know you can somehow get a beldum in this game and I am planning to try soon. What I'm wondering is exactly how do you breed it for good ivs? The ditto I got also doesn't have good ivs so do I just dump them in the daycare and hope for good luck or is there something I can do to get good ivs? Also, if we ever get a legendary pokemon, is it possible to breed them? Otherwise how do you get perfect ivs on legendary pokemon?
  14. Zander

    Rate my Garchomp

    @Jess I have all the mons already so i guess I'll just go and teach him aqua tail. Thanks @Azeria Yeah sticking to choice scarf only is probably a bad idea. Well it's basically the thing I bred my garchomp for. Btw this is just emergency and maybe champion pokemon. I always like to use my bad IV ingame team with EVs just to boost up the difficulty. I enjoy battles like that more. But worse come to worse I'll just toss over my life orb from greninja to garchomp. Thanks for the suggestion.
  15. Zander

    Rate my Garchomp

    @Jess Well of course outrage locks you in but it's all about prediction. Firstly garchomp is a late game sweeper. You would be an idiot to start off a battle with outrage on garchomp. That's basically asking to be set up on. That's why you rely on scarf earthquake or stone edge in the early stages. Then you make sure to down the opponent's steel/fairy type during the battle while doing chip damage. Once that is done then garchomp sweeps with outrage, literally. Nothing stops it except intimidate or a good wall. That's how I use garchomp. Thanks for the aqua tail thing though. I'll check it out in Agate circus.