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  1. venam x melia is my rejuv OTP now tbh

  2. Two things from GDC:
  3. yea zetta i sure as hell won't forget about you



    bc that nightmare city battle will haunt me for the rest of my life thx Jan


    1. DreamblitzX


      It would be good if jan could make it so his pokemon always come out in the right order though.


      Do about not me forget doesn't have quite the same impact.


    2. FantasyInaba



      lol i had a similar issue, his absol ("do") always came out last for me even though it logically should have come second (the rest were in correct order)


      (not that it made the moment much less painful tbh...)


    3. DreamblitzX



      Just did it again (doing a rush play through this section on the bladestar side and got "Please not about me forget do"


  4. I've gotten just past the library event where you briefly play as Emma. The mining kit was not given to me yet, so I, and apparently several others, are stuck in the protag's cell. So uh...when do you get it, precisely? It seems we have missed the event... EDIT: I tried redoing the Emma library event as quickly as possible without getting sidetracked by other irrelevant books. Dunno how it fixed the issue for me, but looks like it has...?
  5. DAY 2





    i shitpost to ease the frustration

    (bell ringing sounds).PNG

  6. Seems like a lot of people are getting this issue...I tried to fix it by reverting to dice, just gave me an error the moment i went past the title screen...
  7. The download links for the latest patch are underneath the "full version" download links in the version 9 release thread~ it'sokayi'madummytoo
  8. This is also fixed in the latest patch! and also a glitch i experienced
  9. I've experienced this one before, pretty sure it's been fixed in the latest patch though!
  10. tfw u just wanted to visit braxien and now ur stuck in Gay Baby Jail

    1. Maelstrom


      that escalated quickly. just like this music.


    2. FantasyInaba



  11. I'm currently having the same issue... ><
  12. Hmmm, I must be seriously overlooking something then, because I've checked that area of the field multiple times and still nothing... >< If you have a screenshot of the place I need to be it might help...? EDIT: HHHHHH NEVERMIND SORRY TURNS OUT THE BOOK I READ WASN'T EVEN THE PURPLE ONE SMH @ MYSELF EDIT 2: aaaaaaaaaaand after the bit in the library with Emma I got stuck in my cell. Again. I think I'm gonna freakin' cry. Game.rxdata
  13. As mentioned in my side note in the save file troubleshooting thread, getting zapped by either turret in Blacksteeple Castle has consistently caused me to become stuck in my jail cell.
  14. Saki failed to appear in Blacksteeple Field after reading the book in the library; possible event-trigger issue? (side note: getting zapped by the turret has consistently caused me to become trapped in the jail cell) Game.rxdata