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  1. Even swag jockeys need their rest, y'know...~ That aside...well, even just considering the sheer size of the Tourmaline map alone, I'd say we've got a while yet before E17 release. I just hope everything goes alright...
  2. Dealing with various IRL stuff, working on stuff for own series I'm making with a friend, working on a separate project with another friend, playing other vidya games, and slowly learning Japanese. I also tried Reborn Hardcore, but my attention span totally died out for no reason while I was grinding for first Fern battle. Hopefully I'll have better luck with CoM E16 version...
  3. they have no style


    they have no grace


    this poltergeist


    should not be awake

  4. valentine's day was a Mistake™

  5. merry 2017 folks *sets fern on fire*

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      What if an Infernape named Fernando used Inferno on Fern? . o .

    3. Isa.phoria


      What if Fern is an Ape? . o .

    4. FantasyInaba


      fern is like a tiny yappy dog that sometime tries to bite people's legs but fails (?)


      but he can always be an ape at heart :')

  6. wait why so many cactusposts

  7. can 2016 just end already tbh

  8. Many thanks Pocky, and best of luck with finals!
  9. i want blake to sing let it go

  10. whoa what suddenly it's snowing on the forums


    (i wish it'd snow here...but then again that'd be followed by ice...yeeesh...)

  11. It's ya gal, Saika! Who is already Christmas-y looking but she ain't got a hat so
  12. Whoa, new an' fancy site, EP16 community release,  I'm enjoying this~ <3