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  1. The 'That Feel When' topic

    Tfw you're having conflicted feelings over where a series you (used to?) like is going...

  3. We Will Be Arriving At Our Destination Shortly

    *cracks knuckles* soon it shall be time to get to work~
  4. Your occupation in Reborn City?

    I'd probably just be the subject of some weird urban legend in the Beryl Ward or something tbh. Do I even really exist, or am I just a story fabricated by some bored teens? We Just Don't Know™, but the protag could have sworn they saw somebody by the gym at 3am last night...
  5. My to-do List is back up to 150 lines.

    function code crawl is dead, press f to pay respects, except not, because nobody liked you, function code crawl.
  6. i'm a delta pokemon now. or something like that.

    1. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      I'm a Sylveon! Pixi pix! 

  7. i feel like an indiana jones stumbling upon an Extremely Cursed Artifact


  8. Will be continuing my main run through E17 content, but also gonna start a separate file or two for experiencing all changes/added stuff throughout the game (esp. the gen 7-related changes), as well as hunting down any elusive bugs~
  9. "you'll understand when you're older"


    well now i am older and i arguably understand even less

    1. DreamblitzX


      Maybe "you'll understand when you're older" really means "it doesn't make sense but when you're older you'll accept that"

    2. DeltaReverie


      sometimes things just don't make sense and that's just how it is

  10. The 'That Feel When' topic

    Tfw somebody necro'd this thread to say it hasn't been used in months.
  11. Today I Learned

    Today I learned that there is/was someone I know who didn't know about the Experience that is the fanfic My Immortal. They know now.
  12. Screamed when i saw this

    Mmm, it's probably not a good idea to get too hyped just yet. As other people have said, there's still a bunch of non-story stuff to finish, and I dunno how long the AI stuff in particular could take, but it could be a while. ^^; Basically, the episode will be ready when it's ready, so please watch warmly~ ...or something like that?
  13. Pokemon Insurgence Discussion Thread

    Something that kinda weirded me out a bit...in the files, there's