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  1. MachoPony

    Missing Orphans

    So i cant expand the orphanage anymore till i have 9 orphans, i followed the guide on the forums and got 8, but the one supposedly just outside akuwa town isnt there. i'm guessing they got moved in V10 or something. anyone help me out?
  2. i'm fine with removing Rule 63 Marth. she has nothing unique about her at all in smash anyway. in fact even comparing her stat growths to Marth's shadow dragon growths she barely edges him out in every stat. meaning again, basically clones. and give us another unique fighter like charizard, one that's not just a melee fighter with some moves tacked on. maybe Braixen or smth or hell Chandelure.
  3. Pichu in melee was a literal pika clone with weaker moves that somehow HURT ITSELF. i imagine it wont be much different in Ultimate. so i have no problems getting rid of it. on the flip side. WHERE MAH BOI HECTOR AT (or really any Axe user)
  4. MachoPony

    Opinions on the Gauntlet (E18 Spoilers)

    >Hardest challenge in reborn so far I respectfully and strongly disagree. a fair few of the gyms were challenging regardless of what pokemon types you brought or strategies you tried (Amaria springs to mind) the glass gauntlet was a gauntlet in the literal sense, but at the end of the day there was no "Strategy" to the teams. if you had the right pokemon with the right moves, you won. the field didnt matter, they didnt work particularly well together like in some double battles through the game. it was a tough fight but nothing about it complimented each other to make it any more difficult than 3 standard battles in a row. i'm personally glad it wasnt any harder since it still took me a few tries, but i had a tougher time strategizing for the episode's gym than i did for the battle itself
  5. MachoPony

    last member of my team

    Thirding the Galvantula sugg. Discharge with a ground type (or something with telepathy) is great for the infinite double battles, Bug Buzz is a solid bug move and sticky web is stupid usefl
  6. MachoPony

    Newcomer struggling to choose his starter

    i personally used infernape and had no trouble through the game. its Blaziken with higher stats out of the gate but lacking speed boost, which is fine tbh. Greninja is a solid choice though you said you didnt know much about gen 7 Swampert's typing is great but you can mirror it with quagsire (who arguably has a better ability) and you'll want speed later on for some fights. out of the ones you like, Blaziken is your best bet with speed boost but otherwise, i would look to infernape or greninja
  7. MachoPony

    The Hardest Gym Leader

    Amaria. the field was annoying, i only beat her by freezing it with mamoswine and outspeeding her repeatedly. balanced offence dosent work when you get slowed to a snails pace and beaten down. i had to rely on focus band mamoswine and RNG to win
  8. MachoPony

    Help by Shade

    well at the very least it should know shadow sneak from levelup unless you got rid of it. with 2 other competent dark types though you shouldnt need it
  9. MachoPony

    Help by Shade

    Emolga should be able to learn the charge beam TM from the 1st gym, that can jump start the field out of Darkness and weaken his ghost moves giving you a better chance of survivability for a start. otherwise i'm not seeing the problem, skuntank's night slash should be able to take out everything not named mimikyu in likely one shot (maybe 2 for doublade) Greninja would make the battle an absolute cakewalk if it knows Dark Pulse. and if you can teach skuntank a poison move like acid spray then its GG to mimikyu.
  10. transfer the files you downloaded into the other folder to update the game and keep your save file. if it asks you to replace any files do so. at least thats what i did
  11. MachoPony

    Help by Shade

    with the possible exception of Doublade, skuntank should handle most of his team by itself. my only guess is your movesets arent too great or something. you have 2 solid ground types to deal with doublade and gengar (bonus: one is immune to ghost) if you really want then you can try training up a good electric pokemon to learn discharge, charge beam, ion deluge, parabolic charge or wild charge any of those moves can turn the Short-Circuit field into a Factory Field which removes the fairly sizeable buff a lot of hist ghost moves would recieve otherwise, be careful not to use them a 2nd time though as it can turn the Factory Field back to Short-Circuit knowledge of fields using the field guide (or the included txt file if you're really stuck) and how to abuse/neutralize/destroy them will be essential in later gym battles
  12. MachoPony

    Who uses genderless mons?

    i mean in my first run Magnezone put in work for me and ive heard nothing but praise about how good Metagross is so ehh?
  13. MachoPony

    lf event makuhita

    already gave it sorry
  14. MachoPony

    lf event makuhita

    so i stupidly traded it away and i need it for the Mega Z-Ring, anyone have it? thanks, OT is like, Felicia or smth i think User:MachoPony
  15. MachoPony

    LF Bullet Punch riolu

    thank you