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  1. Switch from windows to Mac save file?

    thank you very much!!
  2. hey guys quick question.: I've recently switched from windows to a Mac and I'm not sure if I can still use my old windows save file? if so can someone give me some guidance I'd be very grateful!
  3. Is my team good?

    pretty sure that wont work fire type moves will become dragon type if titania uses the fairy tale field which is highly likely, meaning that fire will not be super effectiive on steel like i said before, fighting and ground are extremely offensive and has amazing coverage and a fast lucario with aura sphere could probably wreck titania
  4. Is my team good?

    in my opinion, i think fighting/ ground/ steel are must-have types esp in reborn they have so much coverage and have extremely offensive moves (yes, earthquake, i'm looking at you) Like @Taska said, you'll need to switch out your fairies to bring in some heavy hitting fighters like blaziken/ infernape/ lucario etc. I also notice, your team is very sp.attack based so you might wanna add in some attack specialists (Gallade maybe? psy/fighting is a useful combo) otherwise, individually all our mons are excellent now it's just about the synergy and making sure the team works
  5. [UPDATED 8/12] Malkcosh Monster Merchant Guild

    BULK ORDER INCOMING: Requesting: Offering: (All 5IVs)
  6. Favorite Anime?

    as you can probably tell from my name and DP, One Piece is by far my favourite and some classics like FMA: Brotherhood and Code Geass
  7. Nico, are you there?

  8. But what Pokémon would you actually like? xD so that I can know.

  9. Online Usernames

    ID - Nico Robin Trainer name - Robin <3
  10. Ask your E16 question [SPOILERS]

    each has its own reward Railnet: allows you to get another megastone (the silver ball you saw when you entered Team Meteor's base at the start of E16, and a reward Pokemon (chimchar/ bulbasaur forgot which one) Slums: allows you to get acces to G.U.M key which can be used in GUM room in the underground water treatment center (where titania killed some metoer grunts), and goomy at the end of the puzzle, it also allows you to give a job application to Maxwell of Team Magma Azurine: not really what the item rewards are but i know you get another reward pokemon here (chimchar/ bulbasaur forgot which one)
  11. Ask your E16 question [SPOILERS]

    i remember we had to chase it around the alleys in Reborn City at night time when it disguises itself as other mons and you have to interact with it but i dont know if they changed it since some alleys have berries and shizz in them now
  12. Wolfy and Hooligan's Magikarp Shop

    aw thanks i can give trade you a near perfect IV magikarp if you like you'll be able to breed some awesome magikarps then
  13. i need help with my team

    i suggest not to worry too much since youre still very very early in the game you'll find mons to replace them all (besides Infernape and maybe Electross, but magnezone wins it for me :P) but i suggest you build a base team that can take on whatever type you face (challengers/ gyms/ Team meteor) so you have fire/fighting sorted with Infernape maybe secure a strong fairy/psychic like gardevoir azumarill is a pretty solid water/fairy if you ask me (with bellydrum/ aqua jet/ play rough of course) so that sort of thing what people usually do is have a main and rotation team (because some gym leaders are fricking hard *cough**cough*Corey) so people usually take a specialised team for that dont worry too much about having a main team like in the usualy DS games in reborn, variety and having many strong mons will get you very far but obvsly avoid Hm slaves like bidoof and zigzagoon in your team at least later in the game
  14. Ask your E16 question [SPOILERS]

    the cave is not under water which means you have to resurface from a specific spot