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      Do you think I can get a different mod everytime I post?

  2. Rejuvenation | Dev Blog [Status Thread]

    Beta Testing will probably end in 2-3 weeks.
  3. hi i'm back again

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      Welcome back~

  4. Saki and Venam fight V3

    I don't think Scizor is the worst member since covers psychic weakness for venam and dark weakness for metagross, but other then that, I appreciate this. "Theorymonning is fun yanno, even if it's just for the sake of the theory. And it looks like your samples are better, since no legendaries this time. It's sure there are already plenty of those in the game, rIGHT JAN!? HUH!? i'd just kick all these fuckin legendaries to the curb. And Melia." I made the legendaries for a dumb challenge, but have sense realized it wasn't funny, and it really was just dumb. I tried to think about team balance more and the things You get until there. The battle isn't overly hard but it's definitely been buffed. As long as I get better. But yeah, I'm not seriously suggesting these teams be taken, but if they are then woohoo.
  5. Saki and Venam fight V3

    TL;DR: It's good enough. It doesn't have to be perfect and it's undoubtedly a buff from the first fight which is what I'm aiming for. But I seriously suggest you read the spoiler for more in depth info. As well as my own personal comments. Remember, I did this just for fun. I wasn't calcing shit and I certainly won't fuck around with RPG maker and my save file n shit just to test a team that probably won't get put in anyway. These are for fun and so is theorymonning. I think you're taking it a bit too seriously, but thanks for the imput regardless. No offense in spoiler btw.
  6. Saki and Venam fight V3

    Yeah, the last time I attempted to modify this fight it ended in Genesect for Saki and Nihelego for Venam. Oof. In any case. I'm going to try and not break the fight this time while making it harder. Also, since Melia's team sucks, the fight is going to be likely a 10/12v6. Unfortunate, but what can you do. Saki's 1st mon Metagross w/ life orb- Meteor Mash Ice Punch Zen Headbutt Earthquake Venam's 1st mon Crobat w/ sitrus berry- Nasty Plot Sludge Bomb Heat Wave Air Slash Nothing much here. Crobat so Metagross doesn't just earthquake kill. As well as me thinking a little team change fits Venam. Inb4 "hurr durr dey not supposed to wok together". That doesn't mean they're supposed to kill each other off. Why even have a battle then. Story? I guess so, but the battle is lame and for a high ranking leader like Saki, I expect a little bit better. Saki's 2nd mon Scizor w/ muscle band- Swords Dance Bullet Punch Bug Bite Knock Off Venam's 2nd mon Tentecruel w/ black sludge- Muddy Water Sludge Wave Dazzling Gleam Ice Beam Lil bit of weakness covering. Nice new mons. I prefer Scizor to aggron/assklang. Tentecruel helps everyone. Saki's 3rd mon Mawile w/ Mawilite- Play Rough Rock Slide Iron Head Thunder Punch Venam's 3rd mon- Seviper w/ expert Belt- Sludge Wave Flamethrower Giga Drain Dark Pulse Aces. Saki isn't a bitch so she gets Mega Mawile. Venam's Seviper becomes a threat overall. Not too unreasonable seeing as you have a massive Pokemon advantage. Devs would decide levels. I just made this up as a quick thingy.
  7. Puppet Masters problem.

    In the Puppet Master fight, Magenta's Reuniclus has thunderbolt. It doesn't learn that. I imagine this will be changed for v10, but just in case it isn't, here we are.
  8. Well, since there's nowhere else it to post it, I thought up some revised teams for a few characters- Amelia- Aurora- Nova- Shiv- Hardy Rosetta Just a thing I did for fun.
  9. mandatory merry christmas post

  10. Rejuvenation | Dev Blog [Status Thread]

    That sprite is clean, and we might be fighting Madame X. You've rustled my jimmies and I'm very excited.
  11. Rejuvenation | Dev Blog [Status Thread]

    Ah, Alex once again dropping only the finest of heat.
  12. "???" Bar in Status thread.

    I was thinking the same, since the overall development is almost over.
  13. I'm not sure what to tell you lol. Try directly pming Njab or Jan for help.