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  1. Sceptilespy

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    Y'all are thinking WAY to hard about this timeline stuff
  2. Sceptilespy

    Probably Most Common Mistake Ever (CLOSED)

    You can give him any vanillite lol
  3. Sceptilespy

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    "And there's another one you do by yourself" I meant there's another double battle you do by yourself against two servants.
  4. Sceptilespy

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    Guys you do know there are other other battles in Angie's castle other then Angie right? There's one double battle where you battle two servants with Venam, and then there's another one you do by yourself. The screenshot with the icy background is probably just a the servant double battle you do alone. And before I hear the "but only Angie uses mono ice". Anything can change; I see no reason the servants wouldn't take after Angie and use Ice Types. I seriously doubt Angie is doubles when her singles fights have been so successful.
  5. Sceptilespy

    PokéNations 3 Signup thread

    Forum name: Sceptilespy Showdown alts: Sceptilespy, sauce haven Discord: Scep#8148 Availibility: Usually 8-12 PM on weekdays. Weekends may as well be all day. Favorite types: Psychic, Flying, Grass, Ground Least favorite types: Steel, Dark
  6. Sceptilespy

    Field Effect Ideas v3

    So? Rocky field makes Hardy fodder anyway. The field i made makes him a LOT harder imo. Even regardless of that fact, I'm free to make fields and so are you :] Right! I'm happy you liked it dude. Although if I can add something, it may be too complicated and complex a field to implement early. It'd be especially hard to work around with typical early game encounters. But you do you, and I'm looking forward to your contributions.
  7. Sceptilespy

    Field Effect Ideas v3

    Yeah I have no idea if this is in the right forum or not or whatever. Mods can just move it if they feel it needs to be moved. Anyway, the title is self explanatory. Here's some examples of stuff we've gotten in the past, and my own works: Core Field (Made for Hardy. Credit to myself) Stuff like that. Just make the field effects in a somewhat organized style. You can tell who it's for, if anyone. It can be as wacky or as nonsensical as possible. Just make sure it's a Pokemon field effect and we're all good. have fun n stuff.
  8. Sceptilespy

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    Ah, good shit Jan. I didn't even expect it to be at 5%.
  9. Sceptilespy

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    If it's not out by the end of this year, then Desolation is officially dead, which is a shame.
  10. Sceptilespy

    It was meh. (Farewell)

    Good point. I only really talk in the Reborn/Rejuv/Rejuv10spoilers section though. Besides, there are actual people with sense on the discord who feel the same as me and it's nice to have people to talk to like that.
  11. Sceptilespy

    It was meh. (Farewell)

    I'm saying goodbye to reborn. I'm sure some people are happy to see me go, and I'm sure there's like 1 person who isn't. It doesn't really matter to me. ^That was the tl;dr version, basically, a summary. Everything else below is really just gonna be me describing my experiences here, and me explaining why I'm leaving. I'm sure there are hella mods who just want to close this right now due to my reputation but I'll just make it clear I'm not going to try and "expose" anyone or try to make a statement about reborn. ^My edgy monologuing. In any case, I'm not deleting my account or anything. I'm not sure if you even can. It's just that I'll probably never say anything again here, but I'll be on discord. I didn't make this for pity, because I'm not a bitch, and The only person who I named here who's active in the reborn community is Ame. This wasn't made to create beef or anything like that, and if you take it that way, then it's your fault and I suggest for you to grow a pair. If you disagree with my reasons for leaving, dm me because I'll definitely respond. DEFINITELY. MOST CERTAINLY. 1000%. Like I said above, I was just rambling, and i wasn't very active to begin with, and I may be back, but it's whatever to me. Don't let what I say spoil the forums or the discord for you. Remember, I was a toxic user in my own right, and you get what you give. Peace. It was okay. -Sceptilespy
  12. Sceptilespy

    V10 - Rejuvenation Bug Reporting Thread

    Two Gearen City help quests have dialogue errors. Basically, you're told to go to the wrong building consistently. It's the salon quest, and the Love letter quest. Losing money to mewtwo is also an actual bug.
  13. Hello person moderating this. 

    1. mde2001
    2. Sceptilespy


      Do you think I can get a different mod everytime I post?

  14. Sceptilespy

    Mythos League Restart Thread

    Normal league restart-
  15. Sceptilespy

    Rejuvenation | Dev Blog [Status Thread]

    Beta Testing will probably end in 2-3 weeks.