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  1. That 97% really lifted my day up after finals smacked me in the face and put me in the dirt. Seriously, when will I use half the stuff I'm being taught? I wasn't taught my basic human rights until late 8th grade, but I knew a guy in china from 5000 years ago in 5th grade. That's smart.
  2. I tried to help out with Buzzwole. I didn't help out. I'm sorry. (who made that sprite, we need to talk)
  3. Here's all the completed sprites for Wishiwashi. I feel a bit bad, because looking back on it, you made 3 out 4 of them what they should've been in the first place. Well, I still feel good for helping out. It's time to leave the aquarium... I would also like to release my claim on Litten. But if it helps, here's what I was doing. Numerous errors I know. But it was rushed because life remembered it hates me again. In any case, this was fun! I hope there will be other chances to help out with development.
  4. Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me lol. Then I'll snag Litten
  5. Aww, blubbernuggets. Guess I'm done then.
  6. Crap, I would've scooped up Litten over Marshadow. But hopefully I'll still have a chance if my Marshadow or Wishiwashi gets approved. Btw, I made a Crystal Necrozma if anyone likes it. Thought I'd work with it, and it is a cool mon to work with.
  7. I don't think there's anywhere you shouldn't load up the newest version. Oh and also, all I can say about Emily is that it's a stupid battle. It's not hard. It's not a challenge. It's freaking stupid. Her Pokémon are to fast and hit to hard with the electric terrain up. There is literally no reason for her to have Jolteon AND Manectric on the same team, but the combined speed and power was to much to resist for a gym battle. Not to mention the Manectric is Mega! So if you didn't choose choice scarf when you beat all the ranger quests in Addenfall, then you're royally screwed. And It's not like her team is frail. She has Rotom and Elektross. Both of which just happen to have levitate. Fortunately, Rotom is easy to deal with via grass type. Right? Wrong. It'll simply volt switch out into something that can take it on, enter, AV Elektross. Who will take 0 from your hits and deal 8,000,000 in return. Emily is the most poorly designed battle in the game after Tristan. And the ONLY reason Tristan takes the cake is Mega freaking Lopunny. First spoiler is a mini Tristan rant, and the second spoiler is help with the Emily fight. The third one is a gym leader rant.
  8. LOL. Lucky me I guess. Especially luckier since I did some before hand. But Jan was right about dark colors turning white, I had a lil bit of trouble on this trying to make the shading just right. No particular inspiration unfortunately. Anyways, here's silver marshadow:
  9. Well Dang. Fish tank is almost deserted now. Nam Fish was sent back out to war. Emo Fish is living the sweet life right now. Angry Fish ate Polluted Fish and got sick and died. So that only leaves lonely Torpedo fish... In any case, if that's cool. Can I claim Marshadow?
  10. :[ you'll pay for bamboozling me
  11. I think that's pretty cool. Here's another field effect (iinspired off graveyard): "The souls of the dead return..." x1.5 boost to Ghost type moves "The spirits aid the attack!" x0.5% decrease to Dark type moves. "Ghosts don't fear the dark" Drought and Sunny Day fail. Pokémon with the ability Cursed Body get their defense and special defense boosted by 1 stage upon switchin. Curse's stat boosting effects are raised one stage with the addition of not lowering speed. Pokémon with the ability levitate get their speed raised upon switchin. Beat up hits 7 times at max. Will-o-wisp does 40 special damage and is ghost type with the addition of burning. Blast Burn turns the field into Hell. x2.0% boost to all Bone moves. "Skeletons rise up to power up the attack!" Wish only heals 25% of hp.
  12. The Fish tank without Post-Nam Fish or Polluted fish. Angry fish ate them.
  13. Definitely
  14. I took Wishiwashi @DreamblitzX I prefer hot.