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  1. Pokemon Insurgence Discussion Thread

    Spoilers ahoy
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    Yeah, think so
  3. Pokemon Insurgence Discussion Thread

    I know I'm WAAAAY further into the game the most people, but:
  4. What if Flora AND Florin fought you.

    Complaining about how easy it was I mean.
  5. I am annoyed.

    Have you tried the bug fixing/save file troubleshooting thread?
  6. A lot of people complain about the difficulty of grass leaders. I'm meh on Florin. Flora is definitely easy. But what if they fought you together with a revised team. Here's the field we'll be using: Ok nice. In any case, let's start. Remember Flora is defensive, or in this case, support, and Florin is the one mainly doing the damage. Florin's 1st mon Lv 73 Rotom-Mow w/ Life Orb Timid Nature 252 spe/252 spA -Leaf Storm -Thunderbolt -Volt Switch -Signal Beam Flora's 1st mon Lv 73 Ferrothorn w/ Rocky Helmet 252 HP/128 Def/128 Spdef 0 IVS in speed Sassy Nature -Leech Seed -Power Whip -Stealth Rocks -Gyro Ball Well, first off, Rotom-Mow. Leaf Storm for super powerful grass STAB with field boost. Thunderbolt to hit flying types as well as STAB. Volt Switch to get up out if needed, and to be annoying. And Signal beam to handle Grass Types and for the field boost. Ferrothorn sets up Rocks for obvious reasons. (To hurt it's weaknesses), and sets up leech seed to get healed by field AND the leech seed. I gave it Rocky helmet because field basically provides leftovers. Also, Power Whip for STAB, and Gyro ball for stab, and to cover Rotom-Mow's Ice weakness. Florin's 2nd mon Lv 73 Kartana w/ Grassium Z 252 Atk/252 Spe Jolly Nature -Swords Dance -Leaf Blade -Smart strike -Night slash Flora's 2nd mon Lv 73 Roserade w/ Black Sludge Poison point 252 Spe/ 252 SpA Timid Nature -Toxic Spikes -Sludge Bomb -Giga Drain -Spikes First off Kartana. Shaymin-sky is a bad pokemon and I will not be friends with anyone who legitimately advocates the use of Serene grace Air slash. Jokes of course, but I actually do hate Shaymin-sky with a passion that burns hotter then Pre-nerf Orion and Charlotte. Kartana does a lot of damage and stuff. Smart strike helps cover weaknesses and what not. Night Slash covers Roserade's Psychic weakness. Smart strike ALSO beats fairy types who get a massive boost in the field. Leaf Blade with grassium Z boosted with potential swords dance just does damage lol. Next, Roserade. Gets up hazards and helps Kartana. So yeah lol. I'm feeling kinda lazy now. Florin's 3rd mon Lv 74 Exeggutor w/ Sitrus Berry 252 HP/ 252 SpA Modest Nature Harvest -Psychic -Giga Drain -Ancient Power -Hidden power Ice Flora's 3rd mon Lv 74 Gourgeist-Super w/ leftovers 252 HP/ 252 spdef Careful Nature Insomnia -Will o Wisp -Light Screen -Toxic -Seed Bomb Ugh, I don't think grass is my favorite type anymore. It's actually, like, really boring. Anyway. Exeggutor heals with harvest sitrus berry along with field heal and giga drain. It hits Fire types with ancient power and possible boost, and hp ice takes care of flying types. Simple really. Gourgeist is here to help! He already has a chunk of physical defense, so i went all out on special defense and gave him light screen. But I also give it Will o wisp to halve the opponents physical attack, effectively doubling his defense. Toxic to lower health and be annoying. And Seed bomb for strong field boosted STAB. Florin's 4th mon Lv 74 Serperior w/ leftovers 252 Spe/ 252 spA Timid Nature Contrary -Leaf Storm -Subsitute -Dragon Pulse -Leech seed Flora's 4th mon Lv 74 Jumpluff w/ Leftovers 252 Spe/ 252 SpA Timid nature Infiltrator -Sleep Powder -Rage Powder -Helping Hand -Uproot (Flora/Florin's signature move. It's basically a grass acid spray) Serp is just basic subseed set. There might be a guide on smogon. But there isn't I'll edit this and add an explanation. But in short, leech seed+lefties+field heal is cool, especially along with Leaf storm boosts and what not. The heals also help with the health lost by sub. Jumpluff is just there to draw attention and help out Serp. I think it does it's job in just allowing Serp to get up it's sub and start setting up. Florin's 5th mon Lv 80 Sceptile w/ Sceptilite 252 Spe/ 252 spA Timid Nature -Giga Drain -Dragon Pulse -Focus Blast -Leaf Storm Flora's 5th mon Lv 80 Venusaur w/ Venusaurite 252 HP/ 192 Def/ 64 Spdef Calm Nature -Giga Drain -Growth -Sludge Bomb -Leech Seed Uh yeah. At this point, I don't think I have to explain much. But if i do i'll edit it. Florin's 6th mon Lv 78 Gogoat w/ Leftovers 252 HP/ 252 Atk Adamant nature Sap sipper -Bulk up -Milk Drink -Horn leech -Iron Tail Flora's 6th mon Lv 78 Cradily w/ Iapapa Berry 252 HP/ 252 spdef Careful Nature Storm Drain -Curse -Recover -Rock slide -Seed bomb Whoops, put the megas a bit to early. Anyways, these guys set up and fight you. Rock slide on Cradily to hit ice and fire types. And Iron Tail on Gogoat hits Ice types as well as fairy types who receive a nice boost. Yeah sorry, i got a bit lazy with the explanations. But I just moved, and school starts this week, so I should be doing like, anything else. Idk, lemme know what you thought. I think this was good. I wanted to slip Tapu Bulu in somewhere but I limit myself to 1 legendary after the 8th gym in reborn type games. I was interested in Trevenant but I actually hate that pokemon on my everything. Like worse then Shaymin-sky. In any case, feel free to suggest a type I should like because i've decided the grass type simply isn't for me.
  7. I might be on to something. But what does it mean?

    True, it's much more likely that it's Volta, but just some food for thought.
  8. I don't really like theories because most of them are annoying, full of holes, and WAAAY to surreal to be true (which is what this will be full of probably.) BUT WAIT. I THINK I'M ON TO SOMETHING. Ok, so V is basically an important person in bladestar right? The V8 cover has 3 people on it. Flora, Florin, and an unknown person. I think you see where I'm going with this. V IS THAT UNKNOWN PERSON. I know it's not groundbreaking or anything, but wait. Flora ALSO works for Bladestar. That's really my only supporting evidence lol. Help me out. I'd also like to mention, Bladestar has a green color theme. Grass types are usually Green. Flora, Flora, and unknown person's hair are green. It's trivial at first, but I'm just saying things look a little to coincidental to there not be a connection. I imagine V uses grass types as well. Just think about it. I'm sure there's some stuff I haven't said as well. But even if I am right. What does this mean for the world of Rejuvenation. What are Cassandra's goals, what are V's goals? OH I'M SO EXCITED. Leave comments down below. I'll be upvoting every single one. (<- when you need people to talk to.)
  9. Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1 [FINAL PATCH]

    It's a shame. Desolation would've had Version 5 and would've likely just been starting development on version 6. I understand he has real life problems, but damn, I just wish it wasn't left at this. I wish Caz opened a Patreon or something. Then we could all donate and help him out.
  10. Ren is a stupid and bad character. His motivation for joining Team Xen is stupid. His anger at our so called betrayal is stupid. I'm honestly convinced anything Ren has said or done is just stupid. Except for the bit in the beginning of Amethyst cave. But he was to stupid to use water pulse on the Galvantula. My respect is at a negative and lowering every second for Ren. I can't wait for my many more chances to curb stomp his team and make him feel bad for being stupid.
  11. Rejuvenation hard stuff showcase

    Ah, the truth hurts lol. But I just kinda make teams up. In any case, Venam was the first battle I really tried to buff. In any case, thanks for the advice. I'm hoping to make my own fangame. But in any case, practice makes near-perfect. Again thanks, hope you liked the other teams lol.
  12. I've done a lot of making stuff in Rejuv harder. So i figured, I'd just round it all up here and see what you guys think. OH yeah. Stuff is in different formats sometimes because i made these all at different times. I mean I COULD edit it, but....., nah, I'm lazy. Venam- (With Corrupted Cave and not that nerfed field. Oh btw. Idk why, but i'm a bit overly aggressive with my word play down here. So viewer discretion is advised. Or something. I also mess up a few things but please bear with me lol.) Keta- (My least favorite Gym Leader. God I hate this guy, his team, his story, his daughter, her team, etc.) Neved- (Did you know he's my favorite Xen admin now. Did you? Did you care? Please.) Puppet Masters- (Am I spoiling? I hope I'm not spoiling) Damien- (Dark type guy we haven't fought. Dark Crystal Cavern field btw.) And those are the ones I'm proud of. I've made others, but I definitely regret Erick with Zekrom and Keta with Marshadow, so this will prob be it. Might add more.
  13. Sec was cool and all, but I'd rather have his dialogue chopped down to clever trolling. Very slick shots that take Aelita a minute to get. Stuff like that. Honestly, right now, SEC to me is just a signal to start textskipping.
  14. Herdier and Stoutland shiny sprite

    The colors are done pretty good individually. But, together, that bright gold with the dark grey, and the hideous purple outside just don't work.