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  1. If you're wondering about the reborn league...

    Yeah lol. It's wild isn't it.
  2. So it appears Net neutrality isn't a thing anymore. Rip. 

    1. seki108


      Only if they get past the next steps.  It definitely isn't over.

    2. Dypatome


      Not necessarily.
      The decision now must be carried through Appeals, which it has been denied at twice in the past.
      Congress was introduced to a bill earlier this morning that would deny net neutrality's removal.
      The Attorney General of New York currently has plans to lead a multistate lawsuit, which 18 other states have already agreed to be a part of, against the FCC for deciding to remove Net Neutrality.
      It's still going to be a long time before we know anything for sure.

    3. Sceptilespy


      True, but imma start downloading just in case. 

  3. E17 Thoughts. (Spoilers)

    If you want a quick summary of this, then here it is: What. Seriously, once you read it you'll ask why you read it. Second spoiler is more of a question then anything. Also, if I come off as extremely pretentious, know it's not intentional.
  4. Argument that Reborn is Immoral?

    This will probably be my last reply. The discussion was interesting, but I feel like I'm repeating myself and just stretching the topic for no reason. Have a good rest of your life since I don't know what time of day it is for you.
  5. [E17 Spoilers] Once Upon A Time

    The prevailing theory for me is that Lin the sky has a shit ton of chemicals in it and Lin drugs you when you're knocked out. Otherwise, there's no other way to explain it...
  6. If you're wondering about the reborn league...

    So I was right about Lin, just not Bennett.
  7. Argument that Reborn is Immoral?

    Once again, I feel like you're overestimating the official Pokemon universe. You know what would happen if they did unthaw and survive from being frozen? They'd act perfectly normal. Because it's a kids game/show. This has happened in the Pokemon anime before, and it will happen again, since kids are too young to understand stuff like hypothermia and frostbite. Also, it's not really presented in a similar manner to my Team Aqua example since Team Plasma never blatantly said they wanted to kill anyone. Once again, the result of this attack would realistically kill people, but they won't tell you that because Pokemon isn't dark. Just now I was watching a kid's superhero show with my baby cousin where the villain made the moon come much closer to Earth. Now realistically, the tides would go crazy, and probably kill people. Now would you call this show dark? I hope not, because it's a kid's show, and it's presented in a funny PG way. Reborn's "darkest" moments aren't presented in a funny PG way at all, and as such, the Pokemon Universe is much less "dark" then Pokemon Reborn. I won't say that Pokemon hasn't had it's dark moments. but nowhere NEAR the extent of Reborn. Please remember that Reborn was literally made to have a darker take on the Pokemon Universe.
  8. Argument that Reborn is Immoral?

    Regardless, like Imperial said, it's how it's presented. Reborn has people killing themselves on screen, blatantly telling you their dead, showing their bodies, showing souls destroyed on screen. The game delivers this in a dark tone, letting you know that with no subtlety whatsoever. The official Pokemon games never tell you this blatantly. For instance, had Team Aqua flooded the world, a large amount of people would've been killed, BUT, it's not dark because of how it's presented in the game. Now in Reborn, when PULSE Camerupt is about to make Pyrous Mountain erupt, they flat out tell you the goal is to kill people. The difference is, while Team Aqua and Team Meteor's goals both result in people dying, Team Aqua's goal is presented in a more subtle PG way, whereas Reborn is presented in a blunt PG-13 way. I'd like to remind you, Reborn City is chock full of homeless people. The Agate Circus is full of people forced out of their homes due to the sleep spell. At the end of the day, the official Pokemon series is no where near as dark as reborn due to how it's presented. Now regarding your examples:
  9. Looking for Battle Master Thread

    Online username: hoodieninja18 Time zone: UTC-5:00 Availability: I'm available whenever. Usually during 7:00-11:00 Roles/effects: Anything but no field effect. As of me posting this I'd prefer Fairy Tale field, but we'll sort that out when we're about to battle.
  10. Rate my team.

    Normal one if possible to help cover for Greninja's fighting weakness/
  11. Rate my team.

    It's a decent team, but it looks easy to break. For instance, what do you have for ground types once Decidueye dies. What do you have for fire types when Greninja dies? What do you have for flying types when Aegislash dies? During important battles, your team puts too much pressure on one member to carry them is what it looks like to me. I think your team should be the following: Charizard, Greninja, Aegislash, Exeggutor, Gardevior, Crustle. I know you can't get all those mons right now, but you already have half of them. When it comes down to team building, I think you should focus on what you can and cannot break, and what does and doesn't break you. OTHER then that, you have an amazing team.
  12. Argument that Reborn is Immoral?

    I don't think that Reborn is immoral, but saying Pokemon isn't a kids game, or is mature then it appears to be because of a few dex entries no kid will understand is a bit of a stretch. There is nothing in the official Pokemon games that reaches to the extent of Reborn. And on the off chance that it is, there are no consistent events like this in Pokemon. Reborn is murder after suicide after bomb threat. @The Swordsman Yeah, but not to the extent of it in Reborn. Besides, most of the stuff going on in Reborn doesn't happen in Pokemon. Reborn has had people kill themselves on screen. The worst thing Pokemon has done has had a few creepy dex entries. @SilverHelio Well, that's implying Reborn is realistic to begin with. You mean to tell me, a hyperactive trigger happy girl, an "entity", and the batshit crazy woman known as T33ra can actually be gym leaders? Gym Leaders are people with authority and "kinda" power. At least Pokemon has people who actually fill the criteria of a Gym leader. There is no normal Gym leader (personality wise. The normal type gym leader is Noel lol.) in Reborn except for Samson, Ciel, and Noel. And they get some of the least screen time. @The Spaghetti Scaglietti I agree with basically everything you said.
  13. If you're wondering about the reborn league...

    Goddamn lol. That's cool. Also, I think Lin was either an S1 Leader, or a challenger who excelled with Dragon types. I only showed S2 and S3 in my links because that's all I could find. But S1 is a possibility.
  14. E17 kinda wild (MAJOR SPOILERS)

  15. [E17] Mega Ring event aid