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  1. Well in that case, I understand. Thanks for not lashing out at me like a lot of people would lol.
  2. I put the Scripts and stuff on an already existing file. So that's probably it.
  3. Nothing is different except for the "randomize" button.
  4. So you can buy Apophyll pancakes for 0 bucks, but you can sell them for 1500. In short, infinite money.
  5. I think I can double post in my own topic. I hope so..., Anyway, make sure to check out Erick and Keta! Narcissa and Florin are next.
  6. game.rxdata (Freezes up after I attempt to enter Forest of Time with Venam)
  7. I actually didn't know Sacred Fire was physical. Just replace it with Blue Flare
  8. Hey dudes. So my cousins are visiting. But currently I'm working on Keta and Narcissa. (BTW) From this point on. The post will simply be edited. So make sure to check that for updates.
  9. game.rxdata Venam isn't appearing in the villa after Melia flies off on Togekiss to Valor mountain. (and yes, I tried going to Valor mountain. Nothing happened, as a result, I didn't get the emotion powder. And I didn't get to change the mountain's anything)
  10. Honestly. Any difficulty of Rejuv is fine as long as it's not easy. I imagine you should do normal because of Fire Leader, but then again, you'll probably have some strat for that too.
  11. The only thing besides updated team and moves is a certain leader who I can say intense REALLY makes the difference on. So yeah. lol
  12. I'm expecting that Rejuv run soon. Nah, just kidding, but good job! I thought for sure Charlotte would stomp you.
  13. Get a Pyroar, a mon with thunder wave, a mon with stealth rocks, and a midday lycanroc. Lead with mon with twave, then go to pyroar and spam noble roar until you're taken out. Go to mon with stealth rocks and get em up. Use howl 6 times with lycanroc and win with Accelerock. (Note, depending on Evs/Nature/Ivs: You might have to use stone edge/Rock slide on Mamoswine.) @Whoeverwashavingtroublewithangie