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  1. Field effect ideas V2!

    These are probably the coolest fields I've seen a while. Thanks guys.
  2. Pokemon Empire: Official development log

    I personally think you're trying to do to much with the game. I'm too tired to provide an in depth analysis of what I see right now, but just make sure it doesn't become a jumbled mess.
  3. S3 Redemption Sign-Up Thread.

    Make sure to get me when you make you make the next batch of trainer cards. (Not to sound impatient or anything.) My information is on page 2.
  4. [Season 3] Redemption League Rate-My-Team

    I'm bad at giving criticism on the fly, but I could probably help through a battle. I'm usually on the reborn showdown server.
  5. Teetering on the Edge

    @Alaris @Alistair Am all for discussing it elsewhere. Just not here.
  6. Teetering on the Edge

    @AlistairI'm not here to argue so this will be my last reply. No offense, even though you'll probably take offense. Once again, I'm cool with a mod deleting or editing it. But I would at least like the person I'm responding too, to know how I really feel.
  7. Teetering on the Edge

  8. Field effect ideas V2!

  9. Field effect ideas V2!

    IDK to be honest. In Reborn, Rejuv, AND Desolation, there's never been a special effect for the Graveyard which kinda gets me mad.
  10. Pulse ideas

  11. Pulse ideas

    That's cool, but I don't see how my Medusa thing doesn't make any sense. It has multiple heads, Medusa had snakes for hair. Snakes have heads, therefore, she had multiple heads. Sure, it's way less cool and makes less sense that what you suggested, but I'm pretty sure it still has some validity.
  12. Pulse ideas

    What I was trying to make clear was what their effect on the environment, was, is, and will be. If PULSE Hydreigon grows more heads, it's just going to become a cannon, exactly like Clawitzer. We already have an incredibly bulky PULSE Swalot/Tangrowth. I think Hydreigon losing his Hydra theme, and getting more of a Medusa theme is just cooler. Besides, they're both in Greek myth. So it makes some sense.
  13. Pulse ideas

    Yeah, but after Pokemon Insurgence, I think it's time for Hydreigon to actually use his heads instead of just growing more. Besides, there's already a PULSE Clawitzer that's a canon, a PULSE Hydreigon that only grows extra heads is redundant and boring.
  14. Field effect ideas V2!

    Hi again guys. As the title says, this is the second version of this type of post. I think that made sense grammatically and whatnot. Regardless of my D in English, feel free to drop your field effect ideas in here. I remade this thread because my old one has been collecting some dust, but while it was alive, people seemed to love it. So here's another one. As always, I'll kick it off with one of the 23, I mean, of the few field effects I've created that I believe are somewhat balanced. Oh yeah, also, don't make fields needlessly one sided and OP. Remember, the player should be able to use field effects as well. Graveyard- This field would go with my fakemon, Unleashed Spiritomb. Just know that it's op and it can abuse this field. Also, Feel free to come up with characters, stories, whatever you want to go with the field. Fakemon. You name it. It's all fun and games anyway. I love bold, italics, and Italians. Special Message. Very important before posting.
  15. Pulse ideas

    Pulse Hydreigon. Looks like a snake. Heads can turn things to stone.