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  1. HAWmaro

    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    honestly making a rock type leader hard enough to be worthy of being the ultimate gym leader isn't easy. But I also kinda thought Amaria's gonna be easy and she kinda was to my team but lots of people struggled with her from what i read(for the record Titania beat me enough time for 2 gym leader)
  2. Thx a lot, Phoenix Rising is already on my radar but am waiting for it to get a few more chapters before I play it. Didn't know about Full Moon though will check it out
  3. Hi can you guys give me a new pokemon fangame to play? here's my experiance and opinion about the ones I played: Reborn: Loved it, favorite Pokemon game of all time. Desolation: also loved it, second favorite fangame after reborn. Super Eevee pokemon edition: Really liked it as I enjoy old JRPGs. am down with something similarly unique. Rejuvenation: Actually disliked it, But Melia is the main reason why.(the Devs clearly worked really hard on the game and I love lots of parts of it, the story and melia just drag the whole thing down to me) Zeta: thought it was ok. Am fine with a game not finished but I'd rather it have more 20 hours of playtime or so. Thx in advance
  4. HAWmaro

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    Scizor pretty much solos Rosatta entire team.
  5. HAWmaro

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    So just finished the current version of the game. Here's my feedback: It's amazing and by far my second favorite fanmade pokemon game after reborn with everything else besides Super Pokemon Eevee Edition being far behind. Great twists, great reactivity and great side content. I do however have some criticism: -The encounter rate in certain areas can be pretty annoying(mostly in early areas though). -Some Mons are really overused in boss fights which feels a bit repetetive (Absol is the biggest one, but also weavile on the top of my head...)
  6. HAWmaro

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    So i've been grinding that black-city fight club for the Deino but i don't think am getting elite trainer fights, does high roller matchs no trigger them? do i need to talk to someone after every few matchs? Never mind am an idiot
  7. HAWmaro

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    thx i found a lunk stone in town before balckview(wasn't sure they had them like reborn in this game)
  8. HAWmaro

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    can someone tell me how to evolve trade-based mon, i want a gengar man!!
  9. HAWmaro

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    to add to what he said, another strategy is to roar him or dragon tail him as he gets the typless shinanigans only on the first time he arrives.(haven't tried it but it should work)
  10. HAWmaro

    Rate the avatar above you!

    6/10 not Jolteon!!
  11. Yeah Adrienn( too much of an idiot honestly) and Amaria are on top of my list of executions once my character becomes a dictato- I mean champion... Tania has red hair so she gets a pass from me , no but seriously i used to dislike her but after this episode i think she's allright as a Budget-Saphira.