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  1. There's still no internet here, but it should be back soon. Some other not so good things happened, but good things came from those things. c:

  2. Picture of my super power <3


  3. I caught my huggu from a friend just a moment ago. All warm. c:

  4. It's been a little tough lately, but I'm getting comfy in my soft things and feeling some love and care.

    1. Felix-


      I'd throw a kitten at you if it wouldn't uh, end badly in reality. Have some warm fuzzies instead.

    2. Sweet Power Baby

      Sweet Power Baby

      A kitten throw is just a gentle toss, and caught on a pillow, so it would be good too.

  5. You seem nice. Welcome to the fun. c:
  6. *Sees profile.*

    About me: "Snacks are bad."


  7. I suggested a profile pic, and my friend says "Just for you dear." I smiled so big my dimples were showing. X3 <3

  8. Mhm, it's really correct. It just makes me wonder why I'm almost always only seeing he, him, and his. My guess would be they're using their own gender, and that's good, but then that also implies something very sad... Yea, I usually only say "it" when I'm talking to people who know I'm just saying that like you would say for a baby who's gender you don't know. X3 I was thinking the same thing about guys and girls, but like I said above, that would mean I'm a very lonely Pokemon player for being a girl... Being here helps, though. I've seen quite characters on Reborn who are real life females. I have a friend who's female and likes Pokemon, and made another female friend when I came here, and we've talking ever since.
  9. Obvi, Pokemon are usually 50/50 male or female. Some have no gender. But, half or more of everybody online I see says "he" when they're talking about a species of Pokemon. Example, a thread is titled "Is Absol competitive in meta game now?" Half or more of the replies: "No, he's-, Yes he's-, Well, he could be-", etc. Sometimes, I don't find a single reply that -doesn't- say "he". I can't remember a time I ever saw "she". Genders aren't important to me. People can call things whatever gender. But, when there's 25+ pages of comments with nothing but "he" instead of "it, he/she, they", etc., I just gotta wonder what it means. I'm so curious. I don't judge people. It's not fair to say "All these people think males are better." Of course, I wonder if some of them think that way. But, I don't assume it unless I know. So, I guess I just wanna know if anybody else wonders why too. Of course I'd feel sad if many really thought females are more boring, but there's no way to really know whether that's true or not, right? What do they call Lilligant?... Do they strain harder and harder as they try to type a female pronoun, ground shaking like an earthquake more and more, before finally the poster just...explodes? e w e
  10. *Something talks bad about sweet drinks.*

    WEEOO WEEOO WEEOO WEEOO unacceptable behavior police! Stop! o:

  11. Reborn has been visited by Bedtime Sweet Power Puff. It will be blessed with fresh, high-quality snacks and best chaise, but only if you comment "Sleep tight, Baby Puff."

    1. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Sleep tight, Baby Puff. 



  13. Rap videos can be so funny. All those wobbling butts. It's like a Spongebob episode!

    > w <

  14. I was making kitty howls. Niiiiiiiiaaaaaaaao~

    Hungry kitty hungry for riiiice.

  15. • Lusamine was stuck with grief and worry for her husband while it seemed her own kids were drifting away from her, not that they would ever purposely wish hard things on her, but of course this event only made things worse. On top of this stress, and who knows what other problems Lusamine had, a mysterious being infected her mind with a toxin which altered her mental state 10 fold. While she still had free will, of course not even her overwhelming problems would have caused her to say and do the things she did while under this poison. It was obviously the toxin that alerted her to think this way, a true showing of her strength and good will. Once the toxin was free from her, she instantly came back to her senses, loving her family, her friends, and the world again. She then went to rest and recover from everything, the poison no longer there to cloud her true, loving spirit. • Disclaimer: Drawing isn't my calling. If a hobby can go pro, I'm just a pro doodler. And yes, I draw paws on humans and alter noses and such - why not replace them with something actually cute? c: I already wrote enough text blocks in this thread, so I'll just explain this real quick. I made this doodle to show I got passed a little problem I had. I'll write out things that might be hard to read. I decided to use a semi-cartoony realism style for this set. So, obvi, this takes place after Lusamine goes back to heal. The other character is me. Hello. It's nice to meet you, Lusamine. I've been a fan of you ever since I found out about you a long time ago. (Yep, forget to introduce yourself, and just keep taking.) Well, long story short, somebody met with me, who said she was your doctor. She said you were healing from something that happened to you. She said you were ok, but still recovering and said you could use a therapy cat, dog, or kid. I then said it sounds fun to be a therapy kid, and she said she would take me with her to check up on you, and that I should be your therapy kid. Of course I said I would love to, if you're not busy. I would just be a little company for here or when you're out. The doctor said having a nice kid around could help you heal. That's why I knocked on your door in case your (head) is a little sensitive, heh. If you still needed to do some things to care for yourself, I can let the doctor know, and I can come back later to check on you. I don't think I'll be needing any therapeutic assistance, but I can tell your tummy is swarming with butterflies, so how about 10 minutes of looking into your dear Lusamine's eyes~ 10 long minutes go by fast when they're awesome.