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  1. LeonVermillion

    Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #03]

    "Uno..? Wait... no you're not her." Sena take a step back, before continuing "Sorry, I don't know who you are and what do you want, I still have an unfinished business here. This place still hold prison to a certain pokemon whom I met years ago... until he decide to show up, I ain't going anywhere with you! Verna now Supersonic on that woman!" Verna without any hesitation use Supersonic. Will it work? probably only work as a minor distraction, but that should be enough for Sena to run outside into the forest a long with Verna. He have guessed that it probably watching from the outside.
  2. LeonVermillion

    Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #03]

    Sena looked back at the location he assume the eyes was coming from, when the leader called, he shift his focus on the already finished stage, "looks good." he then mutters the word, "surprisingly..." Sena was caught off guard, she actually manage to create a stage in an already destroyed aquarium. Maybe she have a knack for construction and decor? Who knows, might not be a good idea to ask that. Sena continue to help the Leader by removing some obstacle. As night falls, Sena decide to take some rest after working all day with the Leader, on setting up this whole stage. But even he knows the work is not over. I see... the little guy is still here huh... For Sena, actually have another business aside from the ghost thing, and that is to lure out the watchful eyes, he knows who it is but decide to wait until finally the leader declare that one of them must lure the ghost here. Sena saw this the perfect chance to make the leader go away as he replies, "You go, I'll stay here for a look out." As Sena go look around the places. -after the leader leaves- Right after the Leader left, Sena decide to call for the one that have keeping an eye of him. "I know you're here. no worries, no one here beside me and this Noibat of mine." As he let Verna out of her ball, trying to earn the watchful eyes' trust. He had flashback to that one pokemon that stayed in the aquarium, the one that dislike human yes it's quite the cliche I know. After this aquarium was destroyed due to a Gyarados attack in the past, it decide to stay here waiting for someone or something.
  3. LeonVermillion

    Who is your favourite Champion?

    Cynthia like most people she's surprisingly difficult for a pokemon official game, she really deserve that champion title, her intro and battle theme are also great
  4. LeonVermillion

    Pokémon Floral Tempus - Episode 2.1.3 Released!

    This game has caught my interest, I'll go download it and play em, but now question, is Noibat available? if yes then where I could find one?
  5. LeonVermillion

    Favourite Starter In Each Gen?

    most of my favorite starter mons are mostly either fire type or water type lol Gen 1: that title goes to Charizard just like most pokemon fans hahaha *sigh* Gen 2: Typolotion, gen 2 is probably my second least liked starter pack, dunno why but Typolotion is cool in my book yes the walking crocodile is cooler but I still my fire breathing badger Gen 3: Swampert, gen 3 starter pack is actually my most favorite one with Swampert being my most favorite pokemon... tie with Greninja gen 4: Infernape, gen 4 come second as their starter have awesome design, it's between giant turtle with tree, a steel cool looking penguin, and a kungfu master fire monkey gen 5: uggh... I hate this gen starter mon, but if I have to choose then I'll go with Emboar gen 6: Greninja, I don't really like the other two starter design for some reason gen 7: well well as of this writing, Decidueye is the first and only grass type pokemon I actually like I do like Sceptile but Swampert beat him on that
  6. LeonVermillion

    Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #03]

    "So this is the place you want to use..." As Sena look around the aquarium, his memory flashed a little bit, like some slideshow, showing him a couple bit of his past experience on this location. Bad experience. A choatic situation that no one was able to think anything except for their own safety. He was just a young boy back then, so why does it happen? No one knows... nope they know the danger but for the sake of entertainment they choose to ignore the danger of Magikarp when it evolve. calm down... it's all in the past... it's all in the past... it's all in the past... it's all in the past... he took a deep breath, getting a hold of himself, slapping his cheek to help him focus, which he succeed, but for how long will he able to hold himself together?. "right, I hate this place more than anything... but setting up a loaction like this as a stage might be a good idea" As Sena continue to look around, he feels a sharp eye looking at him, and he vaguely recognize it. after all this time the little guy is still here. Who does he refer to? Who knows, only Sena know who and until he decide to show up, he decide to let him be.

    this bug is absolutely golden lmfao

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      I am the bane of my wallet

      gacha is my body and waifus is my blood 

      I have waited over a thousand decades

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      Oh shit, it's Commander!

      take my like you damn fine gentleman also please keep up your hillarioous great work on that rejuv playthrough I always love reading them

  8. LeonVermillion

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    ahhh it's at 90% finish, noice! inb4 jan decide to stop at 99% and make us wait until next year
  9. alright after going through 80%-90% of ep 18
    all I gotta says is:
    the fuck, this episode is pretty damn trippy but still quite interesting

  10. LeonVermillion

    dept sticker boyfriend location

    ahhh I see alright, thank for the help!
  11. LeonVermillion

    dept sticker boyfriend location

    so anyone know where the guy is? I already have 8 sticker with the only two remaining are the finding the boyfriend can't find him in the aron invested place, and I'm going to battle the fairy gym, thank in advance!
  12. LeonVermillion

    Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #03]

    aquarium? ugghh Sena shuddered a bit, having some bad experience with aquarium made him hate these place, but then again if he decide to agree with the Leader's plan on using parts of the closed down aquarium as the stage, he might be able to search for that pokemon wherebouts, two pidgey one stone he thinks to himself. "sounds like a good plan, but uhhh you have something that could project us some kind a crowd or something? I have a feeling that she might not appear even if we put on a stage"
  13. LeonVermillion

    Mythos S2 Sign Up Thread

    sadly as much as I love Vikavolt, I wasn't able to maximize his performance so I opt to not to use him this time
  14. LeonVermillion

    Mythos S2 Sign Up Thread

    Last time I failed spectacularly sooo les goooooo EDIT: I forgot how to use the spoiler tag lol and forgot that it somehow create an excessive amount of space
  15. LeonVermillion

    Mythos League: Season Two

    ahhh okay should've search for battle bond instead of ash-greninja lol