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  1. 15 days is close enough, ok?

    Oh boy... I can already hear Route 111 remix here... Or maybe Relic Castle v.II! OrJustUse vI,NobodyWillNotice This is a question that have been lingering in my head for quite some time ago... What about the Terrain Extender? Will it replace the Amplifield Rock? or viceversa?
  2. Crawli should be argueing with Venam in Kakori Depths (Where you battled him, keep going forward)
  3. If I give the Mamga Stone to Cera, will I be able to get Magma Drift?
  4. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    In the Komala event, if Komala fainted or ran away, it says "Stufful went back to rest inside the shoot"
  5. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    Um, idk if it was reported or not, but i am able to enter every EV room, even without their respective cards
  6. Is type null shinylocked???

    You can get it shiny. Mine is shiny: The shiny encounters are increased, yes, but is still hard to find one.
  7. What choices did you make? [SPOILERS]

    1. Did you beat Amaria/Amanda & Ren in your first battles? Yes 2. Did you defeat Dimensional Gyrados? Yes 3. Who did you team up with in Amethyst Cave? (Against Zetta & against the Dimensional Rift Galvantula) Venam 4. Did you beat Shadow Mewtwo? Yes 5. Did you receive Anju's pendant in the Marble Mansion? Yes 6. Did you beat Madame X? Nope 7. Did you free Kreiss or not? Yes 8. Did you choose to hand over the Magma Stone or not? Not 9. Did you snoop through Kanon and Melia's diaries :V Yass 10. Who did you attempt to free: Maria or the Police Officer? Maria 11. Were you able to save Dimensional Garbador? Yes 12. Who did you team up with in Darchlight Caves: Florin, Flora, or Erin? Erin 13. Did you expose Flora? Yes 14. Which ribbon did you choose for Melia? Blue
  8. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    Herbal Tea isn't working
  9. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    OOookay, found 2 bugs, and idk if they were reported or not, but i didn't saw them on the list so... Something weird happened after i beated the 8 Kimono Girls, after The last one gives me My Eevee and Ice Stone, a text window appears, making it impossible to continue the game (RIP eevee, Ice Stone ;-;) And Apparently Golem can learn Volt Switch and Charge Beam. Alolan-Golem should, but not Normal-Golem. @PMDrax "This player can use magma drift with no actual fire-types in their team. Rejuv. Devlopers hate them! Click here to find out"
  10. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    you surely pressed Alt or Alt Gr. It makes the game FPS way faster. Is not a bug.
  11. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    Oricorio Pom-Pom has Pa'u's Cry and Viceversa
  12. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    idk if it was reported or not, and this is a minor text bug. When flash fire is activated, it says "PokeName's Flash Fire !"
  13. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    You have to talk to Venam inside Tesla's House Also, minor text error: If you ditched Flora and ask Melia for advice against Florin, she at some point says "her" instead of "his".
  14. I dont think it was moved, but if it indeed was moved, then you won't be able to have it until you have TM surf.