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  1. DeathBoo

    Rate my Ghost Monoteam

    Getting a lot of suggestions on Gengar, is somebody willing to trade? @Faeborn @Azeria @Wolfox
  2. DeathBoo

    Rate my Ghost Monoteam

    Before anything, please note that at the time of writing this I only had 7 badges and was about to face Radomus. Any suggestions are well appreciated -Decidueye -Golurk -Banette * Spirit Shackle * Earthquake * Shadow Claw * Leaf Blade * Stomping Tantrum * Will-o-Wisp * Brave Bird * Dynamic Punch * Hex * Sucker Punch * Heavy Slam * Sucker Punch -Oricorio -Jellicent -Shedinja * Hurricane * Water spout * Shadow Claw * Roost * Hydro Pump * Confuse Ray * Air Slash * Recover * Phantom Force * Revelation Dance * Sludge Wave * Night Slash
  3. As far as I know, In the end of Where Love Lies you get a password or something so you get a riolu, however I'm not sure.
  4. DeathBoo


    I had to learn that Florges isn't grass type, and not in the nice way. It also happened to me with Drapion. Now I've memorized all pokemon Typings exactly, but it was a hell to go through Aya/Adrienn with fire types thinking they were useful.
  5. if double is pronounced as "duh"ble, why is Doublade not pronounced "duh"blade?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Wolfox


      I... have no idea.

      and now @DreamblitzX It's not

    3. DreamblitzX


      so what, it's doo-blade!?

    4. Wolfox


      pretty much, yeah

  6. DeathBoo

    In-game Item Guide V2 (E16-proofed)

    @seki108Thank you for your quick answer! What gym maze? And exactly how soon is it available?
  7. DeathBoo

    In-game Item Guide V2 (E16-proofed)

    is TM81X-Scissor still unavailable?
  8. DeathBoo

    Guide Questions

    In Aya's gym or Chapter 7, you said that Hardy is the leader of Agate Circus, but he's the leader of Agate City, very small detail that is probably worthless tho
  9. DeathBoo

    Taina's Fairytale?

    Thank you so much!
  10. DeathBoo

    Taina's Fairytale?

    Does somebody has the full fairytale of Tania's? I started a new run and I can't have access to the end of her story until I reach her gym.
  11. DeathBoo

    Cotton Candy and Shedinja

    I don't know if this was reported before, but I've tried to use cotton candy on my fainted shedinja and it didn't work
  12. DeathBoo

    Item in the scrapyard?

    How do I get there?
  13. DeathBoo

    NEW sticker guide (Episode 14+)

    How many stickers are available as of E17?
  14. DeathBoo

    "Rare candy" ?

    What do I do with the "Rare Candy"?