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  1. Buff the Leaders

    Just a few thing: Porygon2 should be holding "eviolite" to make thins a bit harder, and yes, while delcatty is a good option, is just not that good. Is better to stay with her Heliolisk IMO. Great analisis you made there!
  2. 15 days is close enough, ok?

    Oh boy... I can already hear Route 111 remix here... Or maybe Relic Castle v.II! OrJustUse vI,NobodyWillNotice This is a question that have been lingering in my head for quite some time ago... What about the Terrain Extender? Will it replace the Amplifield Rock? or viceversa?
  3. Best pokemon?

    Shedinja was so OP in rejuv that it got nerfed SHEDINJA IS REJUVENATION'S HARAMBE No jokes, Ditto is a very good one, but you must know how basically every pokemon works, so its hard to use him. Gotta love SexSlave Ditto
  4. Team help please! :D

    Alakazam is a Very powerful Glass Cannon. Nidoking is very good early-mid game, not late game. As stated by Blontary, for fairies "you can always point at their second type". Or just teach Steel Wing to Decidueye. Or Poison Jab to Pangoro ...Actually, dont do that, that would be suicide for Pangoro, but you get the point. Try to teach Steel or Poison moves to your current team. Electric types usually are all about speed, so if you have a special bulky, you'll have little to no trouble to them. Hope i helped you! and good luck!
  5. Cant find waterfall help!

    Afaik is in Agate Circus
  6. Not bad, but some things are just weird, like its legs and its head. I think you should stay with just recoloring mewtwo but with this color scheme. If you could make the tail and shoulder? green instead it would be perfect (since madelis said the green aura was "its true power"). I wanna see more of your work in the future
  7. Are there any vendors in Grand Dream City

    Yes, there is the Underground, but it only sells "illegal stuff" like dusk balls and stuff You must go to the Shopping District. Right from the Central Square.
  8. Game frozen

    Your savefile should be something like "Game.rxdata"
  9. Where to level up high level pokemon

    Got it, thanks!
  10. Where to level up high level pokemon

    May I ask what is this high leveled trainer you're talking about and where?
  11. Cosmia and Comet

    Maybe they're able to make clones of themselves? Since iirc "Melia","MC","Aelita" and "Erin" were on the News of the Tournament's finals.
  12. Where to get wishiwashi

    You can get it from the Mystery Egg at route 3. But you might get something else.
  13. Ruby Museum

    if for "why" you meant "where", then you must go to Akuwa town, at the labs near the shore.
  14. Crawli should be argueing with Venam in Kakori Depths (Where you battled him, keep going forward)
  15. If I give the Mamga Stone to Cera, will I be able to get Magma Drift?