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  1. ok, so i had to traduce it from fahrenheit to celcius Poison/ghost "You are the regular jokester aren't you? You love being silly, you love pranking people, and others come to expect that from you. Every moment you can be found having fun and making things less boring. At work, at school, at home, you make people smile. It's easy being you, especially when you love to smile!Unfortunately, when those around you criticize you, you don't take that lightly. You can easily become depressed, or saddened by other's words. You surround yourself with so much positivity, that any negativity is highly rejected. Poison & Ghost. You are a good poison, one that spreads fast and is welcomed by many. You may be revered as weird or strange, but those around the same table like you just how you are. It takes a special person to like you, and someone even more so to love you!" this describes me fking perfectly
  2. I couldnt even answer the 1st question. Not everybody's from the US... -.-
  3. I will unclaim Alomomola I cant do it...
  4. If nobody has taken it yet, i'd like to claim Alomomola
  5. UPPADEITTO (Update in bad japanese : P) New Vanillite And Backsprites Look, Jan, About Vanilluxe, the chocosyrup shine is supposed to be that white-ish. If you search "Chocolate syrup on ice cream" you'll see that BTW, can I use these shinies I made for my game? its ok if you say no :-P
  6. They're awesome! The alternate backsprite has more sense than the other. Some veins in the eyes would be also good : )
  7. Before you ask: Yes, I was hungry Im still making the back sprites...
  8. I'll do it : ) Thanks
  9. Meh... I think i want the Vanillite line
  10. Hello! I'm trying to develop a Pokémon Game. So I want this community's opinion about my spriting skills Well... Here is the only sprite i've done for it, did it in like 15 mins: Her arm looks weird because of the site's grey color... So, if you have any tips, please say it. Tips are always useful : )
  11. oh... i thought it was an event Thanks
  12. you Joined aqua or magma? i joined aqua. Where did you exactly encountered it?
  13. well it certainly isnt it lapis ward and i cant find it in North Obsidia. What hours start and end the day? (I had way too many troubles with the night time, since in the game the night starts at 8PM but in my country is already super dark at 6PM)
  14. if i didn't caught Houndour before E16 events, will i'll be able to get it? i can't find it in what was Magma Gang Hideout