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  1. Returning to the Grounds of Theolia (Spheal)

    im pretty sure i found a spheal either right before kristiline town or in the church itself on the roof.
  2. Zygarde

    i also tried with cheat engine, you cant proceed the quest yet fully or fulfill the 100 zygarde cells
  3. Jailers Key

    Anyone figured out what to do with these yet? or is it a new episode meme?
  4. for me i basically thought he got useless as soon as I reached terrajuma. i stopped using him but then someone in the forums told me he will evolve there . and now im using him again for the rest of my game. also if you get heartscales you can get an amazing moveset for vikavolt.
  5. Where do I go next?

    go up and over the walls to the right, thats how you reach the statue.
  6. Where do I go next?

    try using the patch.
  7. Where do I go next?

    i guess no one has figured out the jailer keys yet. guess im done with all the sidequests and event pokemons then
  8. Help.

    they changed it for this ep. you gotta find her a few times, then their will be a cuttable tree to the left of the kecleon (u have to walk a bit), you will have to interact with that tree a few times. and then she will appear in front of the cave.
  9. Mansion Questions/Postgame Quests

    yeah idk man, feels like i got memed here.
  10. Where do I go next?

    anyone figured out what to do with the jailers keys? they dont even show up in the inventory so i have no clues.
  11. Mansion Questions/Postgame Quests

    nah they arent for that sadly.