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  1. you could do it with cheat engine after ur first pokemon evolved but then u would have only 1 eevee
  2. Where do I go next?

    go up and over the walls to the right, thats how you reach the statue.
  3. Where do I go next?

    try using the patch.
  4. Where do I go next?

    i guess no one has figured out the jailer keys yet. guess im done with all the sidequests and event pokemons then
  5. Mansion Questions/Postgame Quests

    yeah idk man, feels like i got memed here.
  6. Where do I go next?

    anyone figured out what to do with the jailers keys? they dont even show up in the inventory so i have no clues.
  7. Mansion Questions/Postgame Quests

    nah they arent for that sadly.
  8. Where do I go next?

    its a bug, try the patch or try to use old version of the game.
  9. Where do I go next?

    valor mountain, get the item from the dude. then changeb ack
  10. Where do I go next?

    just use old mons and try again
  11. Where do I go next?

    maybe ur using new pokemon?