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  1. Aboodie

    Item Guide - V18: Void-kissed

    Edited the OP with the Wild Pokemon Items.
  2. Aboodie

    Void Kissed Pokemon Location Guide

    Something to note, you misspelled Tanzan Cave to Tarzan Cave.
  3. Aboodie

    Shelly's AI Bug

    Smh bugging a bug post I know the solution, but it is a bug anyways, gonna add it to the op
  4. Aboodie

    Shelly's AI Bug

  5. Aboodie

    Shelly's AI Bug

    While battling Shelly I encountered this bug, you get stuck fighting yourself if you play solo. Edit: Solution is to add another party member while fighting Shelly to avoid the error popping up and perverting Shelly from switching to another Pokemon.
  6. Aboodie

    Florinia's Gym AI Bug

    When battling Florinia and setting up a Substitute, if it remains active and your Pokemon is behind it while not being seeded beforehand in battle, she keeps using the move Leech Seed every turn on every Pokemon she own having that move taught.
  7. Aboodie

    Item Guide - V18: Void-kissed

    Yeah, apparently I switched it with Mawilite since Galladite used to be a 400 reward in Beta, thanks for the notification. Edited.
  8. There is not any yet. Hope for it to be on the next update.
  9. Aboodie

    Item Guide - V18: Void-kissed

    Forgot to add that, edited. Didn't have the extra time to contiune that, I'm a busy doctor afterall We'll see about it once I have some free time.
  10. Aboodie

    Item Guide - V18: Void-kissed

    Noted and fixed, thanks.
  11. Aboodie

    Lost TMs

    You can get TM Psychic later on Epi.19, you'll be able to get the missed items there by then. As for TM Protect, the guy starts with 5k so if you win him 5 times in a row you get the TM, and the progress doesn't reset leaving the room, it remains, so you best option is just to spam be him till he runs out of money.
  12. Aboodie

    Item Guide - V18: Void-kissed

    Nope, already in the guide.
  13. Aboodie

    Item Guide - V18: Void-kissed

    Thanks, gonna fix it. Kinda difficult to keep track out of everything
  14. Aboodie

    Item Guide - V18: Void-kissed

    Most likely, but there will be some slight differences. I'll be using the PBS file for a reference for that matter.
  15. It's in the generator room, where you fight the Garbodor and Trubish in story.