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  1. So you aren’t afraid of his down air or down tilt? It’s really not his f-smash you should be worried about. It’s his forward aerial, f tilt, d air, and up air you should be worried about. And of course thunder.
  2. You know that feeling when an Anime you like ends a season on a Cliffhanger, and then never gets a second season for a long time?


    I’ve been there.

    1. ShadeStrider


      But hey, the Manga is still ongoing. A lot of the time.


    2. Wolfox


      Deadman Wonderland 😞

  3. So, I started watching this anime called Karneval.


    It's honestly pretty cliche, with Near, except with no intelligence and the mind of a child, Some kid named Gareki, who's kind of another discount Cloud Strife, and a guy named Hirato, and a Yogi, who like Sundowner, is very in touch with his inner child.


    I'll watch it to the end. The Animation looks great, and I genuinely hope the characterization is as well. Hoping.


    Edit: Now we've got a girl named EVA, from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Interesting.

    That being said, Hirato and Gareki are probably my favorite characters in this show.

  4. This is honestly the most anime Metal Gear has ever been.


    Raiden for Smash Ultimate.

  5. I only played Kingdom Hearts when I was little because Cloud was in it.


  6. Unless you accept a challenge. Remake Other M. Your goals are to make it feel like a Metroid game, with exploration, environment, and Atmosphere. And make sure the narrative is at least passable. Other M’s story suuuuuuuucked. Succeed, And you revive the Metroid franchise (Assuming Prime 4 doesn’t do it first). Fail, And you ruin Metroid forever. As well as forfeit Ridley, a character people have requested for so long.
  7. Spoiler Warnings: The Topic.
  8. How would you feel? Would you be celebrating it, Like i’d Be Celebrating the absence of the Ugly Cat? Would you be sad because of no Rex or Pyra? Would you not really care?
  9. Rex will get his chance to be in Smash Bros. 



    If not ultimate, then the next game.

    1. CodeCass


      I hope so. Rex/Pyra were really my biggest hopes for the Smash roster this time around. 

    2. Wolfox


      perhaps they have a chance. but considering the last 2 characters revealed were quite literally on no one's high chance list, we might never know

  10. The Dark Emperor fight in Spirits mode.


    Whoever designed this fight should be given immortality, hung by the neck, while his body is being cut into pieces, stuffed inside a completely metal coffin, and then thrown into a Volcano, into the burning Lava. And since he’s immortal, he’ll burn for eternity.

  11. Make Final Fantasy 6 an Anime.

    1. WSGreen


      id watch that tbh

    2. ShadeStrider




      Just Watch this.


    3. WSGreen


      ok first off, the FMA op for it fits it so well. and second, the person that made this did really well.

  12. ShadeStrider

    Belmont Ranking

    I actually haven't played Castlevania. I can't judge their power levels.
  13. So, the controversy around Rising of the Shield Hero... I don't think it's warranted.


    I knew it would be controversial, just like Goblin Slayer, but this time, I feel as if people are overreacting. Goblin Slayer's first episode was poorly handled. This one? Not so much.


    This anime used an accusation of a crime for a plot point. It's entirely different from using the crime itself as a plot point, especially since the crime in question never actually took place.

  14. What the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess lacks in difficulty, it makes up for in atmosphere.


    And it does this better than Wind Waker.

    1. Wolfox


      a great game needn't be hard, but enjoyable - someone, somewhere.

      twilight princess remains my favorite Zelda. Atmosphere and dungeon theme are, for the most part, handled extremely well. a lot of cool bosses. and need I even mention the music?

  15. Minna, Miteite kure.