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  1. The Infamous Harry Potter Fanfiction known as "My Immortal" has a higher goodreads rating than Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter". That fact is almost as funny as My Immortal itself.


    One of these books is really poorly written, with overly long descriptions about peoples clothing, and the other is My Immortal. 

    1. Kuro von Einzbern

      Kuro von Einzbern

      Pfft. That's amazing

  2. Suddenly, He gets out of his seat, and slits the throat of the pilot. And he throws the co-pilot out a door. Daddy Sakurai then threatens to dunk the plane into the Pacific ocean unless you- yes, you, a random stranger on a plane- make a decision. Bring back Pre-Patch Bayonetta, Melee Fox, and Brawl Meta Knight in Smash Ultimate, signifying the death of Smash Ultimate's competitive Meta. OR Geno and Isaac will never have an appearance in Smash Bros ever again. Make your choice.
  3. ShadeStrider

    Devil May Cry V

    This time it's OG dante, right? Not "Donte"?
  4. Well I heard there was a sneaky gent

    who yearned to be in Smash Ultimate

    then learned he wouldn't be able to wahhhh


    Who made the cut, the nerd, the prude

    the never was, the always nude 

    the ones who never uttered 



    Wallelujah, Wallelujah

    Assist Trophy, Waluigi


    But Baby I've been here before

    You opted for the Pterosaur

    Some Squid thing showed up

    and the fans said Booyah.


    I said an echo would be fine

    but you said "Too bad. Daisy Time!"

    It's a cold and it's a broken



    Wallelujah, Wallelujah

    Wallelujah, Waluigi


    Now maybe I'd be way too strong

    I'd top the tier list all day long

    but even so, who the heck asked for Pichu!


    Why won't you let me make my case

    to punch some mascots in the face

    Ahh go assist yourself, bah Wallelujah









    I actually didn't copy and paste this.

    I typed out the whole song by memory.



  5. So, Wobbling is actually a dance.



    Is there also a dance called Infinite Chain Grabbing?

  6. ShadeStrider

    Pokemon Reborn Metagame

    I'd honestly like to wait for the game to be completed before we start developing a Metagame. And speaking of the competitive meta, we should have a system that prevents Pokemon with Illegal moves from participating.
  7. Fixed. I think I posted this once before Waluigi came to attention, and back then It was just Goku, Shrek, and Sakurai.
  8. The Situation: Goku's friends are in danger. Someone messed with Shrek's swamp. Waluigi is angry at Sakurai for not putting him in Smash Ultimate, and angry at Shrek and Goku for... no apparent reason. Someone leaked the rest of his newcomers, and Sakurai is pissed. Who wins this epic clash of Ideals?
  9. It's ideal for fooling the theorists. I can't begin to count the number of theorists who were fooled by a cardboard box. I'm not exaggerating, the relevance of your theory hinges on how you interpret that cardboard box. But in the end, A cardboard Box only has images. Handle your theories with care or they won't be true. Don't think of it as just another box. Treat it with love... Don't be rough. Okay?
  10. ShadeStrider

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    It took me a few seconds to picture where everything was. But nice map.
  11. ShadeStrider

    Character ideas smash ultimate

    Fox (20XX) version. All of his moves are Shine, except for his Aerials, Smash Attacks, and Blaster.
  12. I hang around Gamefaqs a lot, and I can tell you this. Vergeben has Spoken. Incineroar is in Smash Bros. I desperately hope that he's wrong. I also want Decidueye over that Ugly piece of trash. But Vergeben did say that Ridley and Simon Belmont are in the game, as well as the return of Snake, Ice Climbers, and Wolf. He's got a pretty good track record, as of now, albeit he's never actually Leaked anything other than Info.
  13. One of my biggest Regrets during this Generation of Video Game consoles was never owning a PS4. Far too expensive, my dad said. So, I stayed quiet and just got 7-10 dollar used copies of titles for my PS3. When I finally got a Job, I saved up quite a bit of money. I had a decision between a Nintendo Switch and a Playstation 4. I went with the Switch because It was cheaper, and I was pretty sure that economically speaking, this product's lifespan would go beyond the PS4's. I don't regret buying the Switch, as I got Breath of the Wild (Good game, even if it wasn't as charming or atmospheric as it's predecessors: I call this MGSV syndrome), Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Super Mario Odyssey, and Octopath Traveler. And I'm anticipating the Pokemon for Switch (Not Let's Go, That's an embarrassment), Metroid Prime 4, the new Fire Emblem, and Bayonetta 3 (Still have yet to play 1 and 2). That being said, I still have plenty of Money, and I am going to buy a PS5. With that said, here are some things that I want. BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY WITH THE PLAYSTATION 4. Not the Playstation 3, as I already have a PS3. But their are so many Playstation 4 titles that I regret not owning. Nier Automata is something I got to play at a friends house, and I'm In love with this game. Everything about it is incredible. I want to get my own copy of the game... but what use is it if I don't have a system to play it on? I also never got to play Final Fantasy 15. I know I could just get the pocket edition for the Switch... but I just want the original version. Probably the most optimal way to do this would be to just create a far more powerful version of the PS4, that can support PS5 games and has more power as a console. By making the PS3 completely different from the PS4, Sony kinda ruined any hope of backwards compatibility with PS3 games. Don't make that mistake with the PS5. And... Crossplay. Sony has been frustratingly backwards with it's policies on Crossplay with other platforms. And... for me, that's really it. I just want a system that can play games. It probably will have 4K resolutions, or probably even something better, I don't know. So, what do you want from the PS5?
  14. When I was little, I used to watch a lot of PBS Kids.


    A few of the shows that I watched were stuff like Dragon Tales, Maya and Miguel, Cyberchase, Barney and Friends, and Caillou.


    I recently dug up a few of those shows and decided to see if they hold up.


    Barney and Friends was something that I watched... I don't remember if I enjoyed It. All I know is that If you want a Big, Purple, Villain character in the next Smash Bros, then we have three options: Ridley, Thanos, and Barney. There were even a fair amount of Ballot requests for his inclusion, although it never really caught on as a meme like Shrek, Goku, and Spongebob. Oh, and reflecting on it now, the show is lifeless and boring.


    Maya and Miguel is... ehh? The animation is good, and each episode had a conflict and resolution. The character design is a bit boring, but honestly, I don't remember this one all that well. It's not outright terrible like Barney, but I'm mixed on it.


    Dragon Tales is decent, apart from taking the Giant Fire Breathing Dragons I thought Charizard, Dragonite, and Metal Gear RAY were and turning them into friendly, fun-loving dragons. It was a decent, feel-good type of show. 


    Caillou is infamous for being outright terrible, and I am not denying that. Even as a child I was bored and irritated at this show. Nothing actually happens, and I swear that Caillou's parents are high on drugs the entire time.


    But my Favorite of these shows, and the only one that I tuned in regularly to watch, was Cyberchase. I adored this show. And looking at it now, It still holds up. The characters are likable, It manages to make mathematics seem interesting, and each episode had an actual plot. It's kind of like ReBoot for little kids.

    1. Kuro von Einzbern

      Kuro von Einzbern

      Cyberchase and Dragon Tales were good shit. There's a couple others I'm sure I'd have fond memories of, but those are the two I remember specific details and episodes of. I need to relive them some time

  15. Simply to troll Smash Bros fans, my friend.