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  1. Fire Emblem On The Forums: Ashes (IC)

    Ecquis misses Rosay hits twice [Player Phase Continues]
  2. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    "Oh Belros! Hold on I've got an idea." Emilee walks up to Belros, and removes the cutlass from his hand. She then reaches into his belt and places one of his poison knives on his hand and then hands back the cutlass. To top it off, she heals! "There. I think they might attack you from far away so you should have your knives out. That's just my intuition though." Move to M18, tradehax knives, heal Belros.
  3. FEF: Verdant Wings (lC)

    "Yeah you get 'em big brother!" Lyla cheered him on, and then turned to Gavan. "Isn't he just the coolest?" She didn't wait for an answer as she moved forward to strike at her own target, there was a battle to fight after all. Move to I5 and attacc.
  4. Fire Emblem On The Forums: Ashes (IC)

    Klaren's bolt brings the cavalier down! Meredith switches to her heavier glaive, but with a strong footing she swings the glaive around in an arc and slams it hard against the cavalier unmounting him and sending his body into the river. Hoshiko shoots two arrows, the first one shining brightly and staggering the Bandit as it pierces into his chest, the second one hitting his thigh instead. However, he recovers and stands upright breaking them off and chuckling. "We serve someone greater than the Goddess, little Ishikawa. You don't have enough arrows for what's coming for you." Cheat Sheet: [Player Phase Continues]
  5. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    "I'll be fine I can dodge most of their hits. I came to help, because if you are gone I'll never get that cupcake." Emilee smiled. She listened to Cadence and nodded. "It's sad but... These bandits have strayed very far from the Goddess' light. Too far. We'll put a stop to them at any means necessary, it's our duty." She sighed, it was hard to witness the death of someone even evil men. But somehow, it was becoming more normal. Or maybe it was just got easier because she had the comfort of her companions. "Belros, Cade. I'm counting on you two. Let's bring justice to this village."
  6. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    Move to M17 heal Belros
  7. FEF: Verdant Wings (lC)

    "Operation save Gavan is a go, starting now." Lyla moved after her brother once more, using the opportunity after his strike to land a blow of her own. Move to H4 and attacc
  8. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Deceitful Turnabout [IC]

    Move to D7 and perform Doran
  9. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    "Oh... I would have liked to know more but I guess I got a bit over excited." Emilee giggled. "Thank you by the way. If you ever need anything just ask, I can sew, I can cook, I can clean and I can heal. So anything you need just ask away! Oh I am also qualified to perform marriage rites if you ever need to get married to anyone."
  10. Fire Emblem On The Forums: Ashes (IC)

    Fire and javelin cross paths in the air, and hit their respective target! Cheat Sheet: [Player Phase Continues]
  11. Fire Emblem On The Forums: Ashes (IC)

    Using the cover of the forrest, Mercer successfully lands an attack on an unaware cavalier, and retreats before he has a chance to counter attack. Cheat Sheet:
  12. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Deceitful Turnabout [IC]

    Move to E6 perform for Tekeshi
  13. Greetings from hell

    Nice Order of the Stick avatar. Welcome aboard
  14. FEF: Verdant Wings (lC)

    Move to H7, attack Initiate 1
  15. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    Emilee closed her eyes are the last card came up. She had said all those nice sounding things before, but she truly didn't wish for a bad future. She hoped that everything was okay, and that she was on the right path. When she opened her eyes and confirmed it, she smiled and beamed with joy. "So this means I am going to meet a Prince after all! Yes!" She smiled wide and placed her hands close to her chest. "I wonder how he'll look like, I bet he's strong and super handsome. I'm sure he's the kindest most gentle man ever, and takes care of those in need." She daydreamed. "What is his name? Can the cards tell me that? What about his hobbies? Can he ride a pegasus?"