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  1. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    "Ow..." The blow left Emilee reeling back eyes closed clutching her wound. But when she looked again, her attacker was dead! "Thanks Karik, you are a life saver!" She closed her eyes for a second, whispering a prayer for the departed soul and then reposition to join the others. Move to H22
  2. Yuki in a rare moment of embarrassment Yuki got dressed behind a curtain and came out only when she was ready in her Rhythm Next Coord. Cheerfully she walked up behind her sister, and placed both her hands on her shoulders. "You're gonna do great." Yuki reassured her twin. "All of us are going to be there to back you up, we'll make this show a success!"
  3. Fire Emblem On The Forums: Ashes (IC)

    "I'm plenty resourceful, I be' I could survive longer up there than you could. If I liked the cold that is..." "... Of course not! It was simply a joke! Terrin understood it was a joke! I would never suggest stealing a priceless tome that would advance my studies of magic beyond measure! I'm a respectable senator yes." He crossed his arms and nodded as he said this. Then he took another sip of his tea, and thought for a few moments. "Well, if you are intent on meeting with the Ignis and her spouses. Oh! The current Ignis is a woman by the way, a young girl named Ignis'Efari. Her husband is Sol'Fael and her wife is Lua'Magi. I don't know much about them, as I wasn't part of the committee that originally chose them. But dealing with the Ignis might as well be dealing with dark magic, one wrong move and they will have your heads." The senator paused again, considering how his words were coming across. "Not to say that they are cruel, in fact everything I've heard about them indicates otherwise. But like all people of Caelum they are proud. And pride will dictate their actions. As a show of pride the Ignis will never directly speak to you, instead letting her spouses do the talking. You must do the same, whoever is the center piece in your meeting cannot speak either. If you get the Ignis to speak, it will show that she is truly interested in what you have to say, and from there you will be able to negotiate on your own terms. Next, go in armed. The guards won't try to stop you, these royals have been taught to fight from the moment they could hold weapons and they won't be scared of anyone who comes in. They will have their royal weapons with them, so you should show pride in your ability as well." He took a long sip from his cup emptying it and putting it down. "Finally, be challenging. In Caelum meetings are battles of will. I have no doubt in my mind that you two must have fought you ways into Natarjah considering how it looks outside these walls. Treat this like any other battle, you go in there to survive and get what you want. I think this is the best advice I can give you."
  4. Fire Emblem On The Forums: Ashes (IC)

    "How abou' Yukihawootsits. I hear' it's always snowin' is i' true?" "Oh I see the Ignis the Sol and the Lua." He calmly took a sip out of his tea and put the cup down. Then much more loudly and surprised he exclaimed. "The Ignis the Sol and Lua!? I doubt even I could get an audience with them. And I've tried! Numerous times, listen Terrin my boy you hold love for your dear old teacher don't you? I must ask something of you, the Lua she holds something of great value an ancient treasure, a tome older than this country. A weapon wielded by the great prophet, it's of incredible value. The powers that tome wields, the secrets within them: I MUST KNOW THEM. So in your meeting, could you possibly steal... Ahem I mean... Borrow this tome and return it to me? Obviously if you get caught I will do everything in my power to get you out safely."
  5. Fire Emblem On The Forums: Ashes (OOC/Recruitment)

    Recruitment actually finished a bit ago, I'll announce the next time we get a free slot.
  6. [Interest Check] The Once In a Lifetime Fighting Festival!

    1. PMs. Should have mentioned that in the main post. Example: We start round 1, I open individual pms with both players, each one mails in their move. I announce in the IC "Player 1 Slashes Player 2 Counters: Player 2 is the winner." Then RP wise, Player 2 would write exactly how they counter attack write their blurb how they kick ass blah blah blah, player 2 responds with their characters reaction to the damage or none at all, and then once the situation is back in neutral the whole thing repeats. 2. Not strictly at all. I want the "themes" to be there, but since I am ultra inspired by Senran Kagura right now I can point to a lot of ninjas that aren't actually very ninja. However the general themes of these schools will be to built around the original tenants of Samurais/Ninjas: The samurai school will preach to protect the weak and fight the honor, the ninjas will preach to be quick efficient and merciless. So in terms of exactly how the character acts, looks or even fights they can be far from ninjas samurais. However something probably drew them to that specific school and not the other one. 3. In terms of technology the setting is in modern days. However, in terms of how far people can go I want this to be really anime. REALLY ANIME. I'll allow pretty much anything and we'll simply call it a Ninja Art/Samurai Technique. Even incredibly feats of technology are allowed, assuming this was built by your character and they are some sort of maniac genius ahead of their time. Obviously the limit will be set in stone, and mechanically your character being able to open a black hole in space and time will be just as effectives as a really strong punch (Let's even say.... One Punch). 4. I am still thinking on the specifics in terms of how to deal with this. For now, yes. There will be a "speed" tag and that will be the way to make sure that you win throw/slash trades. However I'm still thinking about this, and right now am considering having a player choose a "strong" aspect to their character and that will affect their speed in a specific move. 5. There will be a fair amount of stats, I didn't go into more examples as not to overwhelm the IC, but all of them will be attatched to other selectable tags. An example would be an "Armored" tag. This would allow a slower move to absorb the damage of an attack without flinching and still go on with the attack leading to the victory of the armored move. And in direct counter to the armored tag would be the "Multihit" tag that would give a slash move enough hits to beat out an Armored attack. Tags can also be specific to either Slash Counter or Throw, and don't necessarily apply to all three. 6. I'm still not sure. I'd like combat to not be too drawn out, but I'd also like it to be exciting and I have a lot of things planned to be able to counter momentum. For now let's put it at 5 one sided RPS victories to defeat the other person, but also assuming you used up resources during battle as you get them. 7. Again to make sure combat doesn't get dull, it will be more like a 65% social 35% combat. It will be more exciting if it happens less. 8. Yes, both schools will be put in the same dorm for roleplaying reasons exactly to force interaction between players of opposing factions. Another thing I'd like to allow is for spontaneous combat, if two rivals suddenly feel like duking it out I think that would be extremely fun!
  7. Fire Emblem On The Forums: Ashes (IC)

    "Alright well, who are you meeting with? Traditions can be complicated here in Caelum, as you know, and it's not always clear cut exactly what you should do." "Eeeeh? So ya traveled? Any funny stories?" Cherry asked enthusiastically, completely brushing off Ecquis' kind comment too.
  8. Fire Emblem On The Forums: Ashes (IC)

    "Oh a larger group? So you take after your mother Terrin? I can't say I blame you, the married life in Caelum is very attractive. And you have chosen a beautiful main wife, yes indeed!" He pours some tea on to three cups, and takes a sip out of one of them. "But well if you aren't getting married to your larger group of wives and husbands what are you here for? Did you come to hear about my wonderful discoveries?" "Ya know, I never left Nohr lands, just wen' from city ta city and merchan's are all the same. So are criminals, dey are all scared and whimps." She hesitated to say the next part biting her lip for a second. "Thank you for worrying abou' me... Ya don' need to, I've taken care of myself for a long long time, bu' it's still nice I guess."
  9. Ayyyyy back at it again with an interest check that might not even come to fruition but I'm making it anyways because I'm curious about it right now. You know what I've been addicted to recently? Senran Kagura. DUmb game about cute ninja girls (with large breasts) fighting each other. Anyways, part of the plot is different high schools fighting each other and this is a concept I've wanted to make an RP for for quite a while. And today I had an idea for a system go along with it, to combine another thing I've always put into an RP! Fighting game mechanics! Mechanics So what about plot? Well the basics of what I have in mind will be two high schools specialised in training fighters competing in a tournament that happens every 100 years. It would be very Japanesed styled, one school training samurais and the other training ninjas. Players would choose which school to go to and compete against each other in the tournament, but also interact on a day to day. So both a happy slice of life-y game and a combat game. Thoughts?
  10. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Deceitful Turnabout [IC]

    Move to H13 and perform for Viola
  11. Fire Emblem On The Forums: Ashes (IC)

    "Didn' find out much, jus' makin' sure they know I'm in town." She smirked, equal parts innocent and mischievous. "Lesson one of survivin' people can' hur' you if they are too scared to figh'. Warnin' them you are dangerous is a good place to star'." "Oh... OH! Lucky man, lucky man!" He elbowed Terrin lightly, teasing him. "Of course your girlfriend... I mean your friend girl is more than welcome in my house! Any girlfriend... I mean friend girl of Terrin's is a friend of mine! Please enter!" He leads them inside the manor, which is still very much smoking and fuming. He enters the kitchen which is in the worst state of all, but in the middle of one of the counters is a kettle, with perfectly boiling water. He pours it in a tea set, putting it on a tray and bringing it to the living room. It's clear that it was messy and scattered with books and papers before, and now with this explosion it looks even worse! He opens all the windows, and then sits on a couch gesturing his guests to do the same. "So what brings you two to Caelum? Terrin are you here to uhm... Tie the knot so to speak? Oh and where are my manners, what's your name lass?"
  12. Fire Emblem On The Forums: Ashes (IC)

    The senator looked in Terrin's direction and rubbed his eyes just to make sure his eyes didn't deceive him. "By blazes, is that? Terrin?" He ran up to him, and spread his arms around Terrin mustering all the strength to show his love for the mage in a warm hug. "Terrin my boy, it's been a while! Too long! Come, come! Let me show you my latest experiment, you see I was getting annoyed at how long it takes to boil water to make tea. So I had the brilliant idea to use fire magic, however fire spirits alone are far too dangerous so I thought I could calm them down and focus their energy with other types of spirits. It seems that in this heat and humidity the fire spirits are still far too strong and overpower other magics, which created the explosion you see here." He waved his hand in the direction of his smoking manor. "On the other hand I'm sure the kettle is at the perfect temperature, would you like some tea?"
  13. Fire Emblem On The Forums: Ashes (IC)

    As Terrin and Hoshiko come closer to their destination, people seem to be going in the opposite direction running away from the senator's house. They see the house, a large manor two stories high and build with a rather large space from other buildings. However from every window, chimney and door large pillar of black smoke gushed out escaping the house. The main door burst open, and a familiar face came out coughing his lungs out. "That was, the wrong approach for sure... Perhaps I recited the wrong verse? No, no no it must have been the humidity. This blasted heat will always mess up my every attempt at mastering the magical arts, if the spirits can't come together and unite how will I ever-" You have a feeling that if you do not interrupt him, he will be rambling to himself for ages.
  14. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^