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  1. Fire Emblem On The Forums: Ashes (IC)

    With two attacks, the wyvern rider is dismounted and brought to the ground with his armor burned and done for. [Player Phase Continues]
  2. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    Emilee looked in awe at the light instead of shielding her eyes, and put her hands together in glee. "Yes! This is a miracle of the Goddess, nothing else could have done this! A bit mean of her not to leave me a staff but... The Goddess works in mysterious ways!" She smiled and moved forward along with the others. Move to Q5, grab one Chest Key
  3. Fire Emblem On The Forums: Ashes (IC)

    (...) "Ooooh, ya wan' me to go raid their pocke's some more. Will do, ya don' have to tell me to steal I've been doin' it since we go' here!" [Player Phase Continues]
  4. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    "Right I'll be careful..." Emilee answered, not fully understanding why she felt embarrassed in the first place but she did. "We should focus on finding a way out of here!"
  5. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    "No, I also care about you." Emilee said with a wide smile. But then she realised how the phrase could be misinterpreted and began blushing and scrambling to correct herself. "And you know I also care about everyone else! You know we are all colleagues and friends and we have so much to do out there so we can't be stuck here forever... I'm just especially happy that you didn't give up, I'm happy for you! O-okay!?"
  6. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    "And you still owe me a strawberry cupcake, don't you forget it!" Emilee giggled.
  7. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    "He's more than half-decent, he is our partner. Our colleague, our friend" Emilee added to Cade's speech. "Cass, you were accused of stealing when you joined us, and I defended you. So now I'm defending Belros, whatever he did in the past he is Belros now. And I like this Belros, so if you try to bully Belros you'll have to go through me first! And also we'll have to get out of here in the first place."
  8. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    "It has to be whoever one of us is the strongest, because they will have to overwhelm the guard with nothing but their hands... Maybe even up again a weapon."
  9. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    Emilee nodded and smiled at Belros. "Just you watch, I'm going to get us out of here." She got up and went towards the front bars. "Guys I have an idea! Have you noticed? We aren't hurt, Belros was really wounded in the battle but he seems to be okay now. I think they have a healer taking care of us. So what if one of us got hurt? If one of us pretends to hurt the other, and I mean pretend don't actually hurt them please! They might come! They didn't answer the first time we made noise, but if all of us make ruckus they will have to come! If we plead them for healing they will have to come! They can't let us kill each other! So then when they open our jail cell we can fight back. If it's a healer then they shouldn't be armed, if they come with a staff I'll even be able to heal us in the following fights. What do you guys think?"
  10. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    Emilee focused all of her energy into her hands, trying to pass on any traces of magic she had. If any of her staff usage stayed with her, if any of her healing was actually her own power and not just sheer luck or the Goddess' help, she wanted to pass it on and heal Belros. Her hands became warm and she held his hands tight. "We're going to make it out of this. And when we do, you owe me a strawberry cupcake."
  11. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    "Then why haven't they killed us yet?" Emilee puffed out her cheeks, not wanting to get mad. This wasn't the time to fight. "We can still live, we can still escape. The Goddess still has plans for us I know it. So just hold on to my hands, I want you to be in fighting shape!" Her hands shook for a moment, but she re-affirmed her resolve. She had to be strong, "Believe in me Belros, we'll get out of this alive."
  12. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    "Belros!" Emilee notices the thief awake, in the cell next to hers. "Belros are you awake? Did they heal your wounds? Are you okay, you took a really hard beating. Goddess, I don't have my staff right now..." She breathed in and out and brought her hands close to her chest. She whispered a few prayers and concentrated making a faint orange light shine on her hands. "Here, hold my hands" She reached out through the bars as far as she could trying to touch Belros. "It can't heal, but this prayer should help comfort you. Come on reach out as well!"