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  1. CodeCass

    Devil May Cry V

    You know it! This one takes place after DMC2 evidently and Dante, Nero, Trish, and Lady are all back at it. My devil trigger has been pulled many times since that first trailer! haha. So hyped. Love the song too. It and "Devils Never Cry" have been playing in my car a lot lately.
  2. The new Dante trailer for DMCV looks amazing! Lady's back and looks great!

  3. CodeCass

    Devil May Cry V

    Can we talk about Devil May Cry V please? I'm dying to talk about Devil May Cry V. This newest Dante trailer has me hyped beyond imagining. On top of my already falling in love with Nico, now my *first* love, Lady, is back and looking better than ever! Not to mention Dante and Co. are all sporting new designs and are looking great! The newest Devil Trigger looks great as well. I couldn't be more excited. The only thing I'm not overly impressed with is Dante's new theme "Subhuman". Otherwise, I can't wait. This will be the first game in years I'm going to drop the cash for on whatever super-mega-collector's edition comes out! What are you all feeling about the new game!?!
  4. CodeCass

    Today I Learned

    Today I learned that Mark Hamill did the voice for Goro Majima (my favorite character in the series) for the English dub of the original PS2 Yakuza game.
  5. Started up the Devil May Cry HD Collection. Forgot how hard these games can be!

  6. All these great JRPGS coming to or already on the Switch and I'm still waiting on SMT 5! 

    1. Wolfox


      shin megami tensei?

    2. CodeCass


      Yes sir. 

  7. I really enjoyed it. I played it about two months ago as part of my Metal Gear franchise playthrough. Played MG, MG2: Solid Snake, MGS, MGS2, MGS3, MGS4, and now I just have to play Peace Walker and replay MGSV and I'll have accomplished my goal! haha. Also considering a replay of MGR sometime.
  8. CodeCass

    Video Games you Played When you Were Younger

    Too many to name, but I will say Monster Rancher....lots and lots of Monster Rancher.
  9. CodeCass

    Book/Novel Recommendations

    The best standalone book I've read in years has been The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson. Just an all around great book. Very funny, well written, and some really memorable characters and a good core message. If I had to compare it to something at face value, it's very Forrest Gump-ish in a way, but also quite different. Also I highly recommend Stephen Kings The Dark Tower series. This one almost goes without saying nowadays. An epic adventure with some of my favorite characters ever put to paper. I adore this series. Finally my personal favorite series has to be the Agent Pendergast series by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It's a series about a very unique FBI Special Agent who solves mysteries involving serial killers. The series takes lots of nods and pays homage to the Sherlock Holmes series numerous times. Really, it's sort of a modern-day Holmes series in a way. Hope these help! Happy reading folks!
  10. Started Divinity Original Sin 2 on the PS4 last night with my wife. Loving it!

    1. Wolfox


      now that's a good game. cant play it myself sadly cuz my laptop can't run it well enough, but for what I managed to play it was amazing

    2. CodeCass


      I'm really digging it so far! My wife and I adored the PS4 version of the first game. We have a hard time playing games together as our tastes are so different, but Divinity seems to have enough we both enjoy that we can spend hours couch co-oping. I find DOS2 a really great upgrade so far. Lots of little changes and upgrades I enjoy from the first game. Plus I enjoy the characters much, much more! 

    3. Wolfox


      maybe I'll check out the first one someday, hopefully my laptop can actually run that one

  11. CodeCass

    Yakuza Series

    After sitting Kiwami down for a month to finally do my Metal Gear Solid franchise playthrough, I picked it up again last night. Immediately remember why I love these games so much. I can't recommend them enough.
  12. CodeCass

    What games are you folks playing at the moment?

    About to finish Metal Gear Solid 4 for the first time. Also playing Octopath Traveler!
  13. Had my solo first experience catching, cleaning, filleting, and cooking bluegill over the weekend. Turned out great!

  14. Trying my hand at filleting and cooking what fish I catch tomorrow! Wish me luck! 

  15. CodeCass

    Reborn User Puns 2

    I'm insanely curious how this would work with mine.