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  1. Hitting the road for vacation! Hope everyone has a good rest of the week! Now to commence a 15 hour loop of "Kokomo" and "Margaritaville"!  

  2. CodeCass

    Meet the vets!

    Ok, I'll give this a go! General Info: Known as: Cody Age: 29 years old Gender: Male Birthday: January, 1989 Location: Southern Illinois Height: 5' 8" Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Hazel Lives with: My Wife Pets: One spoiled cat Relationship status: Married Favourite Food: Broccoli and Cheese Casserole Favourite Drink: Diet Green Tea / Tom Collins Favourite Color: Green Favourite kind of Music: Heavily depends on my current mood! Favourite Band: No favorite in particular. Depends on the day! Favourite Album: n/a Favourite Song: "Africa" by Toto....before it was a meme.... Favourite Game: it'll be forever and always Final Fantasy X Favourite Genre of Game: JRPG's Favourite Hobbies: Tabletop RPGs, Monster Taming, Gaming, Fishing, Baseball, Hiking Favourite Movies: Kill Bill 1 & 2, Final Fantasy Advent Children, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Casablanca. Favourite Shows: The Office, FLCL, DBZ/S, Many more anime titles, Parks and Rec, Wilfred. Community questions: So, who are you?: Just a fellow Pokémon fan. Started playing the games when I was 10 and have enjoyed it ever since. I live in a rural area and enjoy nature. I work at an ice cream factory and have been married since 2013 to the woman of my dreams. I'm really just a very simple guy who digs games of all kinds, movies, anime, and doing anything fun. I'm just as happy playing or watching baseball, golf, or fishing as I am with a controller in my hands! Anything you're responsible for? Not really. I used to do some streaming and some Youtubing, and I'd like to again some day. I guess you can say I'm responsible for my channels. Otherwise, really nothing yet. What can I talk to you about? Any and everything. I'm a fairly open book and am a good listener. Always willing to learn and to make new friends! I'm not the best at dealing with issues myself, but hey, if I can help I'll give it a shot! Closing statements? Just that I'm glad to be back on the Reborn forums and to be able to chat with all you kind folks!
  3. So how do the Grand Hall trainers work? Do they get stronger after every fight, or after every badge, or something else? I'm looking for a place to grind for Shade, but I got trounced last time I stuck my nose the Grand Hall, haha! 

    1. seki108


      I think it's by badges, but I don't know if it's every one or just every few.  Probably the latter, though.

  4. CodeCass

    Shin Megami Tensei

    Don't get me wrong. I loved both P3 and P5. I think I have 200+ hours in P5! haha. It's just that mainline SMT games go....maybe not darker....but more mature-ish? I'm not sure how to explain it. I just enjoy their environments and stories a bit more. I do love the Persona games though!
  5. CodeCass

    Shin Megami Tensei

    Of course. Persona is definitely an SMT game. I think P5 dropped the SMT part of the title though, if I remember correctly. Nocturne and P3 were actually my entry-points into the series. I played through P5 last year and adored it! I do tend to like the darker storylines of the mainline SMT games though! However that's just a personal preference.
  6. CodeCass

    Shin Megami Tensei

    Any other SMT fans around these parts? We're going on vacation this week and my wife is stealing my copy of Ultra Sun to help pass the 15 hour car ride to Florida. I'm thinking about restarting on my copy of SMT IV. I'm really needing to finish it so I can give SMT IV: Apocalypse a try! Also need to grab up that SMT: Strange Journey Redux! I'm behind the times! On top of that, once I finish platinuming the new God of War and FFX (I shudder at the grind), I'm going to restart and finally finish Nocturne on PS3! Any of you other fellow Reborn players also delve into the world of demons and apocalyptic Tokyo?
  7. Gonna legitimately miss perusing these forums whilst on vacation this week! As the Ardainian Soldiers (used to) say: "Don't Forget Me!"

  8. CodeCass

    Hello all! :D

    Happy to have you!
  9. CodeCass

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    Oh no! I was late! Sorry Archeric! Now, it's my move! I summon Filthy Casual, in attack mode and play one card face down!
  10. Great job as always. Really fun reading these.
  11. I swear I can hardly keep my Reborn team up-to-date simply because I keep thinking how great it be to have other Pokémon! "Oh Scrafty would be useful!", "Wow a Perish Song Murkrow would be great!", "Hmmm I think I might need a Granbull"..... It's no wonder I can't nail down a team...

    1. Archeric


      then dont

      rotate your team

      dont have feelings for your pokemon 

      think of your future as the reborn champion

    2. CodeCass


      "don't have feelings for your pokemon"


      I don't know how to do that! 

  12. Happy Birthday Lucifer! 🙂


    ….wow that rolled off the tongue easier than I thought it would!

  13. CodeCass


    You'll get it in after completing the Policemen Rescue side quest in the Jasper and Beyrl wards. You'll have a 1/18 chance for it to hatch as Ghastly.
  14. CodeCass

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Could really use some help with Shade. He's always my wall. Any help is appreciated! Here's the current team: Nidoqueen (35) - Poison Point - Toxic Spikes - Bite - Rock Smash - Double Kick Toxicroak (37) - Poison Touch - Sucker Punch - Mud Bomb - Venoshock - Drain Punch Mightyena (37) - Moxie - Bite - Roar - Swagger - Assurance Chesnaught (38) - Bulletproof - Seed Bomb - Rock Smash - Spikey Shield - Bite Zebstrika (35) - Motor Drive - Spark - Thunder Wave - Flame Charge - Stomp Persian (39) - Technician (Quick Claw) - Fake Out - Bite - Power Gem - Swift Some notable Pokémon in my PC are: Magnemite, Yamask, Alolan Sandshrew, Mothim, Meowstic (Female), Staryu, Growlithe, Lilipup, Unfezant (male), Psyduck and Kricketune. Willing to make whatever changes necessary to take this Ghosty Guy down! Thanks so much for any and all help folks!
  15. How viable is Alolan Sandshrew in Reborn? Caught one last night that had great stats. 

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    2. CodeCass


      Great! Well on that same note, are ice stones available in the game? I checked out the Item Location guide in the On the Hunt section, but didn't see it listed. 

    3. Alistair


      The first Ice Stone you can get is in the small part of... Ametrine I think? that you can access from North Aventurine Woods. After that you'll probably have to wait until Neo-Reborn.

    4. CodeCass


      Much obliged. I appreciate the info!