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  1. lucari

    super rod event

    thank you @lia
  2. lucari

    super rod event

    no ....i dont think so
  3. lucari

    super rod event

    i completed the ep 18 ....but somehow i didnt trigger any simon quesGame.rxdatats' previously and in this episode too....could u please do something about it ... thank you
  4. lucari

    super rod??

    I already finished the episode
  5. lucari

    super rod??

    there are huge icythings on my way ....is there any way to move em???
  6. lucari

    super rod??

    the person whose beside the people laying in some beds(i think) is he the guy u r rerfering to.....if so i did talk to him
  7. lucari

    Too Many 5 perfect iv mons for trade

    ill take a bagon ( 6iv or 5iv one) and if u happened to have a 6iv magnemite (or evo) id appreciate it..... thank you .....BTW do u have any poipoles....???
  8. lucari

    super rod??

    i dont remember that ...sry
  9. lucari

    super rod??

    is there anyway to get a super rod now'?? i cant see simon anywhere ........and A trade of 6IV magnemite/any evolution is much appreciated ..
  10. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  11. lucari

    We Will Be Arriving At Our Destination Shortly

    Wowwww...awesome bgm ...nd nice polished gameplay .....love u ame nd team
  12. When ep 17 is gonna come out........haha sry .....can't withstand the temptation .........we're fans of ur creation ...ms Amethyst .....dont keep us waiting ...........
  13. lucari

    Looking for Battle Master Thread

    Anyone ready to battle PM me...