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  1. Harry hummed as he finished his treatment, any and all swelling reduced, bleeding stopped, and skin quietly melding back together. "You're gonna want to put some ice on that later, the swelling's only going to stay down for a couple hours. Don't pick at the scabs for like. . . a day, let's say, and make sure you drink enough fluids. If you've got any problems, just gimme a call. If I'm gone? Just suck it up or something. You'll be fine." "Now you should be set. One stamp for your blunt force injury card, well on your way to your complimentary spine reinforcement surgery!" Harry quit his babbling, hopped up, starting a little as he saw the avatar. "Oh--uh, hey, long time no see." He muttered, then turned and began to run. Retreat to B6.
  2. Strider

    [Trespassers IC] Seattle By Sundown: Breaking Point

    "You'll see all sorts. Medieval, futuristic, middle, as well as varying competences with different magics and weirder stuff. But also, you're not gonna really be able to tell perfectly about the places since we kinda pick up stuff from different places to use." Liliya flipped out her switchblade as an example, gesturing to the licking flames that wreathed the blade. "I couldn't have added the fire or anything, but I had Mar help, so now I've got some pretty sweet permanent flames here."
  3. Strider

    Trespassers V2: Tales of the Masks [IC]

    Attack with Long Arm of the Law rifle shooting the Silver Scorpion, dealing 2d8+INT damage, enemy dodge reduced by 10% (if they have a 20% dodge chance, make it 10%). 2 points global damage reduction, 4 points physical damage reduction.
  4. Strider

    [Trespassers IC] Seattle By Sundown: Breaking Point

    "If she ain't from around here, and doesn't know how she got here, she's probably part of this. Seems to happen, right? And if she does know where she is. . . well, she can explain and ditch us or whatever. Doesn't hurt us if she sticks around for a bit."
  5. Strider

    Trespassers V2: Tales of the Masks [IC]

    The stings, Edmond was confident he could avoid, unless the creatures could both leap easily, and pierce metal. Not wholly out of the question. For now he'd just hover a bit off the ground, and hope that they couldn't. The shock system for the suit would have been mighty useful here. He steadied himself, pointing his rifle towards the dented mask on the large scorpion creature. Attack with Long Arm of the Law rifle shooting the Silver Scorpion (aiming at the corroded mask), dealing 2d8+INT damage, enemy dodge reduced by 10% (if they have a 20% dodge chance, make it 10%). 2 points global damage reduction, 4 points physical damage reduction.
  6. "Good job, Frigus, sounds like we need to haul ass back now. I'll buy you a drink next time we're in civilized parts. Harry will shoot the gatekeeper with his ADVENT Plasma Rifle for 3d6+INT damage, with INT% chance for double damage. Use Speedy Prognosis to give Frigus 1d4+13 heal if necessary.
  7. Strider

    Trespassers V2: Tales of the Masks [IC]

    "Bugs, huh? How much further do we have to go, and do we have any knowledge of common trap types the Makuta has used in the past?" Edmond wagered that then answer would be a decisive no, and he knew he'd regret the fact that he hadn't hooked up the non-visual sensor systems to his suit. He couldn't really address that problem on the move though, and they were pressed for time. Hopefully the others would be perceptive enough. He himself settled into retrospection about the events that had unfolded, watching snippets that he'd seen at intervals on the suit's faceplate.
  8. Strider

    Trespassers V2: Tales of the Masks [IC]

    "We didn't know. We were brought together from separate worlds for the most part with nothing tying us together." Edmond coughed out. He wrenched his thoughts away from his own dilemmas--the Makuta hadn't even had the grace to acknowledge his response--and continued to speak. "We-I at least had no context whatsoever. But that's irrelevant. We were given a chance, even if it was one the Makuta plans to laugh at before crushing. So we need to move." There had been no manipulation, no need for it, from the moment Dac--no, Medusa put on the mask. Offers of restoration, the idea of watching the group squirm in search of the Toa stones, the fact that Makuta must have felt something, actual glee at success and new perhaps even friend. And it had worked, the Makuta's pure corrosive honesty as the antidote to the group's own lies.
  9. Strider

    [Trespassers IC] Seattle By Sundown: Breaking Point

    "Sure, lady. You're probably meant to work with us anyway. Tell ya more later though." Liliya followed Solomon into the apartment, as it'd be a pretty stupid idea to start spouting out the trespassers and multiverse stuff while the gangsters were still in earshot.
  10. Strider

    Trespassers V2: Tales of the Masks [IC]

    Edmond blanched. He'd been hoping to leave that behind, those actions. He'd convinced himself they'd been necessary, that he'd had no way of knowing how they would turn out. But, if he looked carefully at his actions, there was no arguing that everything he'd done contradicted with what he'd told Lexiel. It was all about sacrifices for the greater good, for the most payoff. As the Makuta continued his attempts to sway the others, Edmond stared at the ground silently, lost in thought. When the being had finished, Edmond spoke up. ". . .I think that's highly debateable. Selling people out was never my intent, and I believe firmly that I didn't really." The biggest moment would be that when he stayed behind as the group fled the cops. But that, that had a purpose. If they failed to escape, or became wanted, they'd have needed a man on the outside, someone without criminal stamped across his forehead. Maybe had he stayed with them, things in the Arcology would not have been so bloody. Almost certainly. But how could he have known that? He'd taken the courses of action that had seemed right at the time to him; there was never any intent to sell them out. "You have the wrong impression of me, I don't want pawns, and a way to be at my allies side? Tempting, yes. But you set the price too high. I have others who can teach me, without requiring that I become an agent of their will." "Also, I make a point to be polite to everyone if possible." That had stung, and Edmond knew that Makuta knew it had hit home. How could it not have? Still a little caught up in the internal argument he was having, Edmond asked a final question, hopefully as a distraction for the being from his internal turmoil. "So Makuta, I have a question for you. Can appear in a shadow any size? Like, do I need to be worried about you appearing inside my toolkit because it doesn't have an internal light?" He hoped that Dackly would be able to see the answer even if Makuta did not respond.
  11. Strider

    [Trespassers IC] Seattle By Sundown: Breaking Point

    "See? It's pretty easy. If that's not enough for the Lexiel fanclub, we can try more complicated options. They might not be as much fun, but we could do it without anyone touching you, and it shouldn't hurt long as you aren't a thief. Or, yaknow, maybe that satisfies them. They seem reasonably upstanding city folk." "Anyway, you're not from around these parts, if I had to hazard a guess?" Either that or she was an extremely inexperienced thief. Like, at the very least the girl should have checked her exit locations, and would have a better excuse as to why she'd stepped through a wall.
  12. Strider

    [Trespassers IC] Seattle By Sundown: Breaking Point

    "Or, and hear me out here, this polite fella," Liliya gestured to the one who seemed to be speaking for the gang, "Can have a look at what the woman is carrying. We'll all sit down real polite like, she'll show what she's got, and we'll see whether anything looks stolen." "Now Ms healer, if you haven't stolen anything, that should be perfectly fine, right? And we'll all be here as witnesses, so there's no need to fear these folks doing anything to you. Of course they wouldn't but, now there's even less reason to worry about it." As she speaks, Liliya walks out into the middle, on alert for any warning signs that the situation might end with her getting shot or injured in the very near future. (Liliya will walk out if "I've got a feeling of some sort" doesn't tell her that she's about to be murdered)
  13. Strider

    Trespassers V2: Tales of the Masks [IC]

    "I. . .thanks, Cell. It's fine." Was he interpreting this correctly? Did they have no source of light save these light stones? They were mechanical beings, but did they run off of some form of electricity or something else? There were a number of things to solve--At the encroaching darkness, Edmond gripped the candle more tightly, uncertain whether to shield and protect the flame, or let it display it's full brilliance. "Oh sh--Hello. Makuta? Nice to meet you." Edmond said offhandedly, before attempting to whisper to Halhi, "Have you ever heard of a magnet? Lodestone?"
  14. Strider

    [Trespassers IC] Seattle By Sundown: Breaking Point

    "So it's a gang fanclub for Lexiel? Just tell them we're friends, right?" It might not be that simple, but Solomon couldn't go around asking for ideas if he didn't explain why it wasn't as simple as that, Liliya told herself. "If not, we could maybe pay them off, offer them some weird magic or tech that we have on hand. Bribes ain't the best long term, but we're not gonna be here long term. . . " The current goal seemed to be intimidation, but well. . . she'd just watch a bit to see how that went over.
  15. Strider

    Trespassers V2: Tales of the Masks [IC]

    "Speaking of light, do we get any of those things you have there? In case we get separated at any point?" The lights were rather faint, and it made Edmond wonder whether it was merely by way of energy conservation, or if they were incapable of producing any light brighter than the stones which Nuparu was carrying.