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  1. In my experience marcargo's pretty decent, it just has the misfortune of being a postgame mon in its debut generation, then playing second fiddle to camurupt in the next, and then being a mid game rocksmash mon the next time its finally available before the e4. why are the crazy ones always the ones wuth all the magic powers?
  2. Man, who knew the quickest way into your heart was to present you the frozen corpses of people who significantly annoyed you, go figure. Someone else who can use the dimensional rifts, neat, although this makes Zetta infinitely less valuable to Xens plans, whatever the hell those may be.
  3. Speaking of the Lapras segment, if Lapras carrying capacity was an issue why didn't they just take multiple trips? Its not like they're in a rush to go anywhere, the most pressing matter at hand is finding Saki who can take care of herself. Yes I'm aware its an excuse to have a gym leader battle since its been awhile since the last one, but it could have been slightly less contrived.
  4. >masterball off the fucking in game lottery holy shit what a lucky break, Rose truly is luck blessed isnt she wow amber really doesnt deserve all the shit thrown her way, I hope her party goes off without a hitch without any cults getting in the way whatso ever.
  5. And Thus you have rescued saki from some moderately high leveled sharks she should have easily stomped. I'm sure that Frey- person will never be relevant again, nor the whale, so dont worry about it.
  6. YinYang9705

    Happy Birthday Ame!

    Happy Birthday Amethyst, I hope you have a good one.
  7. YinYang9705

    Pokenations Sets n' Trick by Reignited'Light

    Have the eternal meme physical meme physical magnara there wasn't any real game plain for this one, I just wanted to use shift gear and thought it'd be funnier to use magnara over klinklang
  8. Oh shit Rens still alive, fancy that I wonder what new and exciting paths his character arc takes after this chance meeting with his not dead waifu crush >Crawli is the strongest one here I'm sure Would it have been that difficult to put in a variable where she acknowledges that you beat her boss?
  9. Jesus christ, who hurt the team aa leader as a child for them to be this irrationally angry at helping others. >I deserve this more then you What a completely inane thing to say, considering she did nothing to earn it. oh well, he got her just deserts anyways.
  10. a new episode, and a new heart attack from rose, its almost like we're back in the beginning of the game, where your only problems was Melia trying to steal your main character role and team xen were only minor nuisances And then Meila successfully stole your main character role and team xen have become moderate nuisances how things change for the worse
  11. YinYang9705

    Pokenations Sets n' Trick by Reignited'Light

    Simple, if I was gonna go serene grace, I might as well go all out with the secondary effect shit.
  12. YinYang9705

    Pokenations Sets n' Trick by Reignited'Light

    Shame it didn't really work out that way but that's pokemon for you Anyway, have a togekiss build Flinch The Egg (Togekiss) (F) @ Choice Scarf Ability: Serene Grace EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Air Slash - Soft-Boiled - Trick - Tri Attack The intent was to flich hax the other guy to unconsciousness/ disable a supporter mon when things get too hot to handle. Unfortunately in practice, it was outsped by a weak armor kabutops after one of my sweepers was critted to faintedness. But hey, like I said, that's pokemon for you
  13. YinYang9705

    PokéNations 3 Signup thread

    Forum Name: YinYang9705 Obviously Showdown Alt: YinYang9705 Discord: Yin#2006 Timezone: EST--> GMT-4 Favorite Types: Grass And Steel Least Favorite Types: Poison/Ice I guess last 4 digits on my credit card :1000
  14. Happy Birthday, You filthy memer, as a gift, I shall grant you 1 bidoof image

    1. Obi-Wan Kenobibs

      Obi-Wan Kenobibs

      thats beautiful. god bless. thank.

  15. Alas poor Adrian, you were too good for this game. To be quite honest, I forgot about Novae as well, since she's just basically "hey this game has gen7 pokemon now", only as a minor npc instead of a twitter post.