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  1. how were you surrounded by deoyxs corpses, their whole body is basically the core crystal on their chest and then adam bows out of the plot for the time being, good for him, but not great for your sanity
  2. At last, the prophecy of the full grown murder dragon has come to pass, and its 1st victim shall serve as a warning for all who stand before her. Oh no, the Boat, it has all your favorite NPCs, like the well endowed piano lady, and................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Augustus?
  3. The most important standard duelists lines should be shared with you all


    1. seki108


      I feel so guilty that I keep having to beat her.   Sorry @Jess!        


      .........I'm pretty sure @Wolfox made this joke months ago

    2. Jess


      RIP me

    3. Wolfox


      I did indeed, but with a screenshot

  4. Happy belated beanbeanbeanbeanbeanbean


    1. YinYang9705
    2. Amine Chankey3ft7

      Amine Chankey3ft7

      Did i tell you Happy birday? i forgot tbh.. well just in case i didnt HAPPY BELATED DAY OF BIRTH YIN-SAMA

  5. its finally happened, blacksteeple has finally broken you That makes two rejuvenation runs that have done that back to a comment you made in the previous chapter I have no idea on what 2 stage fire starters have to do with Congolese celebrities, but it certainly was one of the more interesting things I learned today https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fally_Ipupa
  6. Happy Birthday Yin :D, i hope that you will have a great day :) 

    1. Zarc


      Happy birthday :) 

    2. YinYang9705


      thanks, me too

    3. LykosHand


      You're welcome ;) 

  7. i think you might enjoy this


    1. Commander


      With voice acting that bad with the weirdest cards in the series...why is this not a bigger meme than whatever it is now. Ex-President Dorcas Ojama would be proud.

    2. YinYang9705


      I blame the manga for giving him a more respectable deck, and the season that saw him wearing an ojama costume never getting dubbed

    3. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      > he has voice lines for ojama trio



  8. ah basculin, one of the most unremarkable fish in a franchise filled with unremarkable fish, at least yours can hit hard with water attacks, all three of them it can learn via level not counting soak the perils of being a silent protagonist, all of your issues are ignored, while the people who can talk are always innocently stepping all over you, unless they're an antagonist in which case they do so maliciously.
  9. Version -1 | Where Love Lies

    Can't wait to not enter gearen in this game I wonder what the new pokemon obtaining mechanic will be, only one way to find out.
  10. That feel when you learn Dukes main monster is finally becoming a real card


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    2. Wolfox


      I don't think it ever was. tbh I'm happy this card is coming. while not extremely good, Duke is one of my favorite character of DM

    3. seki108


      Clicking on random wiki pages brought me to a page and made me think:  "Whatever happened to me Dark Magician Knight and Knight's Title".   I know I traded somebody for them, but I don't remember trading them away.

    4. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow


  11. V10 - Rejuvenation Bug Reporting Thread

    so, when I exit the station that connects route 2 and gearen, I get dialogue for the love letter quest, I think that is what it is, walk north across the building, get more dialogue, then my movement stops working have some screenshots I took as proof edit: turns out it also happens when I enter the city via truck
  12. Don't you love it when your z list enemies pop out of your friend, turn her into a fancy lawn ornament, then send you on a rescue mission? How the hell does that design count as a dragon? At least Exeggutor-A has the Dragonfruit tree as its inspiration, and Sceptile-M is reptilian. oh, the Valor mountain arc.... Have fun Sean.
  13. What was your first Level 100 in Pokémon?

    My 1st starter, a Jolteon in Pokemon XD, back in battle mountain, because I was to stupid to properly navigate the Cipher research lab.
  14. The real reason Chrono Triggers prison segment works is the same reason Wind Wakers prison segment works: you actually play the game during it >why do people think Victoria is worse than Aelita blind fanboyism or the 10ish episode gap between her appearances That said, Blacksteeple Who thought it was a good idea to have a longish segment in a Pokemon game where you spend the majority of it not playing Pokemon