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  1. [Day 2] Circus Mafia

    if I had to guess the silencer role, it would probably be gypsy or mime tbh but, you know what they say about guesses
  2. [Day 2] Circus Mafia

    Well, time to jump on the nickcrash bandwagon Eliminate NickCrash
  3. [Day 2] Circus Mafia

    anyone got anything useful to tell us?, or is day one just going to be a cavalcade of random lynches or the role reveal, I choose Gypsy
  4. [Day 2] Circus Mafia

    who what where why oh, mafia Sure I'll join, why not
  5. so the year one anniversary event has started, so I figured it would be a good time for a thread on for thoughts on how the game has been through out the past year/several months/however long you've been playing, and your hopes for future events also featured is complaints on how strings is too easy for a God Card event Personally, I'm shocked on how much I've enjoyed the game for the two months I've been playing it, what with the battle city qualifiers dice game, and the Yami Marik events, and zane, I guess so yeah, go crazy seriously, it took me an hour to get Ra and only 3 minutes to get Slifer, why is strings so weak
  6. Oprah Winfrey for President?

    Oh please God no Adding on to this, if Oprah really does run for president, it would set a horrible standard, basically inviting any celebrity with any amount of popularity into trying to run, turning the election process into a farce, or even more of one depending on your views In short, please don't let the elections turn into a celebrity popularity contest, I beg of you God
  7. Enter Hell Kaiser

    well I won two of his Cybertech Overdragons, so he clearly enjoys me.
  8. how do you kill a goddesses anyways? well, only one more evil role to go probably we can do this


  10. Anything that has the DOMA arc in it can't be called the best also season one dueling was less card game based, and more like an RPG so that might explain some of the stupider moves Cough Cough Catapult turtle
  11. TCG/OCG AMA series: the banlist

    UNBAN STR- oh wait, someone already mentioned that, hmmm what do you think of card repints that allow monsters to come of the banlist?
  12. are we bandwagoning amber? it seems we are, so Lynch DigitalAmber
  13. alas poor anti, I thee well anyways people are winning, we need to stop that, shame I don't got any leads
  14. This is why you replace the classic xcom rifle as soon as possible