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  1. Just updated the thing

  2. Theme Tour IV: A new Four

    fyi Toxic Orb Poison Heal is banned as well
  3. 27af62a7c5bd8412a752bac117bd109d.png

    This was on the stream today, just for you

  4. https://www.twitch.tv/hycroxofmemes

     streaming a platinum sololocke now. Come and join!

  5. This is the question that intrigued me for over 70 years so, what kind of bird is a butterfly?
  6. What if Venam was harder?

    memes > grammar
  7. What if Venam was harder?

    that Is hardly any more difficulT than regular venam. She needs the field and all of her mons, even if they seem Janky, tO maKe her an actual challengE.
  8. Happy Birthday, ICSW

    Happy birthday ICSW!
  9. So I've noticed while doing my playthrough with Marshtomp, Woobat and Geodude at level 20 that Venam seems a tad too easy. I mean, she wasn't even challenging. It's almost like my team was completely stacked against poison. So I'm making a more balanced Venam squad! The field is corrosive mist field, but with the following upgrades: So here's the team: Lv 18 Mareanie Eviolite Ability: Merciless Modest nature 252 HP/252 SpA/4 Spe -Recover -Scald -Venoshock -Hidden Power Ground So Mareanie is the lead. Thanks to Eviolite, it is very bulky, and Merciless activates against everything that's not a poison-type, so it hits pretty hard. Recover helps it stay healthy, Scald and Venoshock are its stabs, with Venoshock getting a field boost AND a boost against poisoned opponents on top of Merciless, and Hidden Power Ground is just for coverage against other poison types. Lv 19 Salandit Life Orb Ability: Corrosive Timid Nature 252 SpA/4 SpDef/252 Spe -Dragon Rage -Flame Burst -Venoshock -Hidden Power Water Salandit just has to damage. Life Orb is nice for it in this field, since it adds that extra punch while Eviolite helps with the recoil. Dragon Rage is there just to clean stuff, Flame Burst and Venoshock are its stabs, and the extra damage either of those get is great, and Hidden Power Water helps with Ground-types. Lv 20 Seviper Lum Berry Ability: Shed Skin Adamant Nature 252 HP/252 Atk/4 Def -Coil -Sucker Punch -Poison Jab -Earthquake So Seviper is the setup sweeper. Lum Berry and Shed Skin handle status, and it sets up on attack and defense with Coil. Sucker Punch has priority and it has an advantage against psychic types, Poison Jab is STAB, and Earthquake is coverage for Steel-types. This'll be one of Venam's aces. Lv 18 Nidoking Life Orb Ability: Sheer Force Hasty Nature 4 Atk/252 SpA/252 Spe -Ice Beam -Fire Blast -Superpower -Sludge Wave Nidoking is the wallbreaker of the team. Ice Beam covers dragons and flying-types, Fire Blast covers steels and ice-types, Superpower covvers special walls, and Sludge Wave is its Life Orb boosted STAB. It can cover just about anything. Lv 19 Nihilego Choice Scarf Ability: Beast Boost Timid Nature 4 HP/252 SpA/252 Spe -Power Gem -Venoshock -Psyshock -Hidden Power Ice Nihilego cleans the endgame. Choice Scarf ensures it outspeeds everything, Hidden Power Ice hits ground types while Psyshock hits fighting-types, Power Gem is its rock-type STAB, and Venoshock is its Poison-type STAB. Not much to say here. Lv 20 Arceus-Poison Poisonium Z Ability: Multitype Modest Nature 252 HP/252 SpA/4 SpDef -Recover -Calm Mind -Judgement -Fire Blast And there you have it. Arceus is the final piece of the puzzle. It's a bulky setup mon, as you see, and it's Venam's secret ace. Recover keeps it healthy, Calm Mind boosts its SpAtk and SpDef, Judgement is its poison-type STAB, and Fire Blast is its coverage for steel-types. It can take most hits due to its high bulk, that is also boosted by Calm Mind, and it can fire back with Judgement and Fire Blast. It holds a Poisonium Z in order to get a specially powerful Z move off once in battle: Acid Downpour. It is Venam's secret ace for a reason. So there you have it: a fully functional and well-adjusted Venam team!
  10. One of these status is not like the others

  11. Theme Tour IV: A new Four

    do mind the new poll I just added peeps
  12. check this out guize

  13. Theme Tour IV: A new Four

    Mah bois... this theme tour is what all true heroes strive four Yes, that typo was intentional It's time for the fourth summer theme tour! This time, it's an all-four challenge: Gen 4 OU! The tier, as I just stated, is Gen 4 OU. Besides that, the only restriction is that you mustn't run any items that can restore your HP or PP or that can cure status ailments or debuffs. Besides that, anything's fair game. The theme tour will happen at the 24th of August. Vote here for the time: http://www.strawpoll.me/13676735 Have fun!