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  1. Part 20:  Rivals and stuff


  2. DemICE

    Pokemon Memeborn: Ice monorun

    Part 20:
  3. Part 19: The pink wall of fuck you


  4. DemICE

    Pokemon Memeborn: Ice monorun

    Part 19:
  5. Part 18: Miniboss Central


  6. DemICE

    Pokemon Memeborn: Ice monorun

    Part 18:
  7. DemICE

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    filler but a good filler. they got wrecked in all of the 3 notable battles they did xD it was pretty enjoyable. praise craudburry and mah boi seaking
  8. Part 17: Mirror mirror on the wall....


  9. DemICE

    Pokemon Memeborn: Ice monorun

    Part 17:
  10. DemICE

    Opinions on the Gauntlet (E18 Spoilers)

    I see glass gauntlet arguments, meanwhile i found the Fiore Gauntlet when i first played in e15 harder than the first experience of Glass Gauntlet, and i still to this day lose more pokemon when i fight the Fiore Gauntlet than when i fight the Glass Gauntlet, except during the Serra+Radomus one i guess. So hearing people asking to nerf something that is already easier than earlier segments of the game just doesn't sit well with me.
  11. I now want to play Sean's story branch for this segment. Even if the plan failed, i would at least be going with my principles xd. So much for going through deathless only to die yourself in the end. The irony. At least GDC introduces at least 1 likable character.
  12. Part 16: Inglourious Basterds  Finale


  13. DemICE

    Pokemon Memeborn: Ice monorun

    Part 16:
  14. Thanks, and no, its just that Thunder only has 50% accuracy under Sunny Day
  15. Part 15: Inglorious Basterds