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  1. Finally beat Zero Isle South in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. I can already hear Destiny Tower laugh at me.

    1. Kiteruguma


      oh god destiny tower


      I once nearly made it through there until bullshit happened at like floor 70 or 80


      never tried again

  2. Such fun, fun, fun.. no, seriously.. what did they do to Metagross?



  3. Didn't expect that many people. I'm taking challengers again this evening. (Which is about nine hours from now, I suppose.)
  4. That moment when Microsoft Edge starts advertising itself when you boot up your computer.


    "Microsoft Edge is 13% safer than Google Chrome."




    One day, one day. I shall get annoyed enough uninstall those two programs. (Turns out I can't uninstall Edge, kek. Screw this.)

  5. I don't get it, but thanks anyway, Bohemia Interactive. <3 DayZ Standalone is such a great game.. except it isn't. Not at all. Just.. ugh.. just finish it already.



    1. Bearadactyl


      It'll never leave Alpha.

    2. Lagspike


      Maybe one day.. hope I'm still living when that day comes. Probably not.

  6. Well, never got confirmation from Anthony. Maybe I didn't wait long enough. Kinda excited. PM sent! Haha, I'll hurry up with the next Pokémon. Maybe you'll get a shot at this one, but I'm not exactly good at competitive, heh.
  7. Yes, exactly. If you had read what I wrote up there, you'd know. Interested?
  8. So, I'm more of a lurker. I rarely ever comment on anything at all, I'm just like that. But since I'm still waiting to play Sun & Moon, and kind of developed a strong urge to have some competitive battles in non-competitive enviroments (That was a weird way of wording it. I'm German, okay? My English isn't perfect, nor will it ever be.), I decided to offer shinies to people who can beat my teams in Pokémon Reborn. Now, this isn't exactly going to be another trade thread, I suppose. I'm just going to list a Pokémon, add a couple of fancy screenshots and there you go. First come, first serve. I generally almost always have time, I'm not exactly a busy person.. (Yeah, alright. That may be subject to change, one day.) Ah, and I'm really passionate about breeding. Though, I will limit the battles to one per week, as I'm also kind of a lazy person. If you need breedjects of any kind, just PM me. I generally don't want anything special in exchange, though, I still appreciate other breedjects with egg moves. Also, I think that the online battle feature in Pokémon Reborn isn't used as much as it should be. (Hey, I could be totally wrong about that.) The OT for the Pokémon will always be "Leon". We'll battle using the online battle feature in Pokémon Reborn, if I haven't clarified that already. Make sure to have a competitively trained team, otherwise it won't be that easy. That being said, let's get to the rules: 1. You can basically use everything you want. I'm not going to tell you what Pokémon my team consists of, that'd be pretty boring. 2. Scrap rule #1. Now that I start thinking this through, I'm going to ban Blaziken from this. Nyeh, hate me! (You should totally, like, try using Mienshao or other fancy Fighting types. They are fun to use.) 3. If you see that one person posted, please don't leave another comment. If the person lost, I won't post anything. If the person won, I'll continue on with the next Pokémon. Finally, I'll go over some questions that may or may not come up: How long will I be doing this? And when? As long as there is demand, I'll just add Pokémon at my leisure (In a new post, I probably won't be editing this one. Unless there's anything wrong with it.. let me know, I guess.) and send a PM to the first person that wants it. What kind of IV's can we expect on those Pokémon? I generally try to go for Pokémon with 5-6 IV's, since I'm also working on adding to my rotation while I'm doing this. Yes, that can be rather time-consuming, so don't expect me to offer too many Pokémon. If I lose against you, can I expect any kind of consolation prize? Nah, if you lose, you're out. (For the duration of that offer, of course.) It's that simple. You can however just send me another PM and ask me for breedjects of the Pokémon that I offered, because I will gladly give you one of those. Will you always use the same team, or will you change things up a bit? So, yeah. I was thinking about always using the same team, since assembling decent teams can be tedious and also time-consuming. I'll probably switch some Pokémon here and there, but that's all I'll do, I guess. And I'm not exactly the best competitive player, y'know. Why are you doing this? I was bored. Also, I felt like being a nice person and encouraging people to use their teams that they trained up, since my teams are essentially just rotting while I lie in wait (eagerly as always) for the next episode. Guess it's no different for most other people. And yeah, I've never done anything like that before, and I'm also not exactly the most active member of this community, nor does anybody really know me. But it just sounded like a nice concept while I imagined it. So, yeah.. don't be too mad with me in case I'm doing anything wrong. Will the Pokémon have any egg moves? If I deem them useful, yes, certainly. I'll include an example right in this post. What will be the field we're fighting on? Random. For extra fun and gambling. Alright, that concludes the tiny Q&A thing. I'm trying really hard to keep this organised, since I've never done anything like that before. Also, my English skills are kinda limited. Guess I'll have to take another class at some point. Ah, and I obviously didn't think this through, so I didn't come up with any kind of form just yet. Guess I'll just make something up. Here goes, the first Pokémon. Consider this an example of what it's going to look like.. why am I nervous, anyway? 1. Chansey Nature: Bold Ability: Natural Cure IV's: 31/14/31/31/31/31 Moves: Growl, Pound, Aromatherapy, Seismic Toss Item held: Leftovers (Heck, you probably want some if you're going for that Blissey..) Alright, let's see how this is going to play out.. I'm really not that good at organising things.
  9. The Normal typing, obviously. Huge movepools, only one weakness, one immunity. Everything else hits for x1 damage. Did I mention that one of the most annoying stallers has the Normal typing? Jeez, I love it. After I found Chansey, my whole experience with competitive got a little better. (Though, I'm still not exactly good, heh.) There's also other Pokémon. But it seems that there are a few popular Normal types, with the rest being useless and forgotten. It's a bit weird, I suppose. Most Normal types in competitive play usually have a secondary typing which is the main reason why people use them.
  10. My normal team. (Probably the best team I have right now. Yes, I use Chansey over Blissey, for obvious reasons.): My relatively small rotation:
  11. Sheer Force Mawile is taking Life Orb damage after using Sucker Punch in Pokémon Reborn. Is that already a documented bug? The E15 "Wall o' bugs" shows that Sucker Punch is all kinds of broken. Just thought I'd mention it, though. Maybe it's also just normal, never used Mawile.

    1. pyrromanis


      Sheer Force negates LO's damage only if you use a move with a secondary effect (aka a move that gets boosted by SF). Sucker Punch doesn't have any secondary effect

    2. Lagspike


      Ah, now I get it. Thanks for explaining.

  12. So, I'm on a heroic quest to find a Quilfish in Pokémon Reborn. The Pokémon Location Guide is saying that I'm supposed to look in Celestine Mountain and/or fish in Ameritine Mountain, but after about 20 minutes of searching in both areas, I'm starting to doubt that it's in either of those locations. (Even though the PokéDex is showing that it's supposed to be there.) Is it just really rare? I'm searching in Episode 15, just in case.

    1. 5hift


      I can confirm that they do exist.


      Fishing with the Good Rod in Ametrine Mountain got me mine.

    2. Lagspike


      Thank you very much. Will continue searching there, then.

    3. Anstane


      Yeah, I found a bunch of them in Ametrine Mountain while fishing for Horsea (Specifically, while fishing for a Dragon Scale), including at least three shiny Qwilfish.

  13. Sitting in front of a computer. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... That is all. Sounds fulfilling, eh? Honestly, though. I should probably do something more special while I still have free time. But right now, I'm stuck in my room since there's too much snow outside. It's pretty to look at, but annoying to deal with.
  14. Dropped to -17°C at night. I never had my window frozen shut. Amazing.

    1. Maelstrom


      Putting the wonder in winter wonderlands.

  15. It's -2°C outside, it's windy, and I'm shivering. At least I have socks. Someone, give me an Ice Heal, I'm freezing. :c Screw this season.

    1. Njab


      -2 is nothing

    2. Lagspike


      Ah, well. It dropped to -17°C tonight. Wonder if it'll get worse than that.