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  1. New games.

    Oof.. I'd recommend looking into the Fire Emblem franchise, or playing Chrono Trigger. (Seriously, go get your hands on that one. You won't regret it.)
  2. Your Hero

    Ike from Fire Emblem.
  3. I want to see a Pokémon game that has you play as a Pokémon and use humans to fight other Pokémon.




    Don't look at me like that.

    1. Wolfox


      still nto the weirdest idea I've seen. I was thinking of a Metroidvania pokemon game

    2. Cepheus


      wasn't there a gif of a game like that... like Keckleon send in May against Brandon... May used Kick in the .... .... Brandon fainted!

      or something like that...

      But females would be OP because we, as Gentlemen, would never hurt a woman :D

  4. Since it's your game and you alone are playing it, I don't think you should be considering it cheating.
  5. This divine lightning shall pierce the skies.

  6. Dried fruit is disgusting, but I can't stop eating it.

  7. Appreciated. And I don't mind, I can change 'em.
  8. Finished watching The Legend of Korra. Gotta say it's been pretty good, really. Hope there'll be another entry to the Avatar franchise sometime in the future.

  9. Team meteor theme

    There's a very, very simple way to replace music in the game. First, you get your .mp3 file, then you go into the Audio folder of your Pokémon Reborn, then you look up the name of the track you're going to replace, once that's done, delete that one and rename your .mp3 file the exact name of what the old file has been named and move it into the BGM folder. There, done. No coding, no nothing. ... However, giving the Team Meteor grunts two seperate themes that change at some point in the game might take a bit more effort than that.
  10. Dimensional Rift problem.

    Same place where you fought it first.
  11. Is all of Gen 7 in v 1.9?

    Are you talking about all of the data? Yeah, probably. I don't see why not. Are you questioning if everything is available (Pokémon, items)? No, probably not.
  12. Eh, sure, I'm a masochist. Might as well say that I'm interested in it.
  13. Iroh's cameo in LoK gave me a minor fangasm.

    1. seki108


      I think everyone experienced that one, it the earlier callbacks didn't hit you.

    2. Wolfox



  14. Is it bug or?

    Get + apply the newest patch of the game/current version. It's also better if you reverse to an older save-file and play through the events in Amethyst Cave again once you've applied the patch.