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  1. I was playing project X zone 2 when suddenly in Sylphie's shop I saw an incredibly expensive item : sylphie's dress (999 000 gold while the rest is 30K or lower).


    Thinking it was pretty good, I decided to buy it. 20 minutes later ... No potions or other restoritives left and almost no equipment. I'm not sure I have enough equipment for the next fight but I had the money.


    So when I bought it Sylphie said: "Aren't you naughty?". I couldn't help myself: I just laughed out loud. Money well spend.

  2. Not even 3 hammer arm misses on cincinno can stop me from defeating Noel. 

  3. Well Serra was disspointing, again.  6-0 with only 2 pokemon: amoonguss and mismagius and I here I thought I would get a challenge.


    In my furst run I could understand because toxic spikess make her evasion/aurora veil strats useless but now I come with this offensive team and she still falls so easily.

  4. Rotom Form Change?

    Don't you need a datachip?
  5. Get to know your fellow Members v2.0!

    Name/Known as: FairFamily Age: 24 Gender: Male Birthday: Octobor 10th Location: Belgium Height: no idea Hair Color: blond Eye Color: blue Lives with: parents and sister Pets: cat Relationship status: Single Dream job: programmer (which I'm actually doing) Currently playing: Reborn, project zone X 2 Favourite Food: belgian fries Favourite Drink: cola light Favourite Color: red Favourite kind of Music: OST of anime/games Favourite Band: - Favourite Album: - Favourite Song:- Favourite Game: so difficult but I guess: grandia 2 Favourite Genre of Game: rpg Favourite Hobbies: gaming Favourite Movies: lord of the rings if any Favourite Shows: Yugioh Vrains
  6. Confusion about stats, possibly field related.

    Speed gets boosted by 2 stages on the icy field.
  7. Quick question about eggs!

    I know that for day care eggs that at acquisition is determined what comes out of it. So I assume this is the same is for event eggs. Guess you will have to breed.
  8. A little advice on space-related team

    Clefairy are said to come from space. Umbreon and espeon are also options.
  9. help with a themed team!

    I wouldn't go to far into the fantasy but still it's your team. For now for possible pokemon (and their respective fairy tail/story): The turtle and the hare: Blastoise, Loppuny King Arthur: Aegislash, Deplhox, The frog prince: politoad Goldilocks: Ursaring Lion King: Mightyena, Pyroar Pinoccio: Wailord, bisharp Hans and grettle: Mismagius, Slurpuff The uggly duck: Ducklet (it literally evolves in a swan). Beauty and the beast: Chandelure, (lycanrock midnight) The little mermaid: Primarina Little red riding hood: lycanrock midnight Personally I think Primarina is the best starter since it is the one that fits a fairy tail the best.
  10. Strongest team

    @Filthy Casual I can see why, I see a lot of ways to manipulate or abuse fields in that team. Alas in reborn my team is pretty weak. I mean a defensive/stall orientated team is just punished so hard by the double battles and field effects since they mostly boost offense or activate abilities which include the status preventers. The update to gen7 didn't help much with seeds. My second would either be in spork (having an UB is pretty sweet) or desolation ( gengar and ferrothorn are just busted). @Vanitas Seems legit.
  11. Strongest team

    So accross all the (fan)games you have played, in which one have you created the strongest team? I want a relatively fair competition so please disregard levels. For me it is difficult to choose but those who know the game will not be surprised: It is full moon. Luna in this game has: Arcanine Latias Mega-Venusaur Azumarril Weavile Excadrill
  12. Funny picture thread!