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  1. By the next episode we will have 21 starters. Finding balance will be implausable and very time consuming. It also has to be considered that mega evolution isn't available yet. So either will the mega ring be put early or each mega is late game.The last must mean that mega blaziken must be weaker then mega infernape. Another thing to consider is that some starters are available outside the grand hall, so this mean that those starters won't be picked anyway.
  2. Welcome to reborn.
  3. So after a few tries and a lot luck, I finally got to defeat ciel with the given team, the first is to switch some items around. Noivern should absolutely get silk scarf for boomburst. I also gave klingklang metal coat. The second thing was common candy the entire to lvl 75. Finally some move changes gigalith gets stealth rock, simipour gets icy wind. Trick room was veru usefull. To be honest, I think it is best to change some members of the team, I think will not be able to compete against future challenges. Game.rxdata
  4. went to a jobfair today, it quickly became a day out with friends.

  5. From what I understood/remember, so don't quote me on this, will pokemon with base alolan forms be avilable in the wild or events like normal pokemon so alolan vulpix will be a different encounter then the normal vulpix. But for pokemon that evolve into a different form like pikachu I thought you needed external influence (like a special room).
  6. Welcome to reborn, hope you enjoy your stay.
  7. Welcome to reborn, we serve friendly members, puns and memes. Feel free to leave your sanity at the reception. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  8. intro

    Welcome back.
  9. Rose incense anyone? I really want my budew for my mono poison run.
  10. sturdy + potion PP spam seems more reliant.
  11. Are you really that passive? Letting people die in your organisation while knowing you have the power to change things? Well for me. I would like to think Corey.
  12. Welcome to reborn. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  13. It's probably because Anna didn't say a lot of meaningfull stuff in the past and mostly talked only about Nomos,Nostra and Charlotte's scars. I mean the scene where the orphans try to find a way underneath the mountain was a clear example. Noel said something and Anna just acted like Nomos said. Another scene is when she talks about Charlotte scars. Only Charlott and maybe her sisters might know what that meant and Charlotte certainly wouldn't tell anybody. Do thse scenes a few times and people will think she's weird/crazy. The player however gets a more unbiased scene when Anna (in secret) gave solid advice about Shelly, could actually see the glowness when she unlocked the door ,got a lot of insight in Shelly's friends and contacted Shade (or maybe it was the reverse). Another good example is this interview: http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/11601-finding-interviews/&do=findComment&comment=523817. She was acknowledged her skills but she just talked about a shadow and a doll. Not many people would see the real implications of that.