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  1. FairFamily

    Hey There!

    Welcome to reborn.
  2. *Watched new Vrains episode*


    *Smacks head against the wall repeatedly*

  3. FairFamily

    Hi All!

  4. FairFamily

    The Life Sentence

    Fun fact, I actually got a warning point for that, don't know how long it lasted, pretty long though. I don't know like I said the image was fine even on the source site. It's just that I could click on the link ofthe image which directed to the site of picture. That site had on top of the picture, pornographic advertisement maybe the person took a link from a site that post images based on links as well, maybe he had a good add blocker.
  5. FairFamily

    The Life Sentence

    I'm not so sure about this. I sure see the benefit of setting up a setting a system that allows for permanently banning people. However I don't see it being implemented with the current system. The first issue I have is that just as etique based mishaps non-etique mishaps happen as well. Some of the rules aren't clearly specified so people might get permanent warning points because they misinterpreted the rules. Second sometimes people are a bit innattentive and make mistake that involve infracting content. To give two examples: the first is of someone who posted an innocent image which source link redirected to a site containong phonographic advertisements. The second one is of a danganronpa video where one bear is licking the face of another bear. With this video was quoted "Lick me harder, daddy". In both cases the content got removed which I assume was for inappropriate content both caused by inattentiveness. These are both cases that are bound to happen from to time and will result in people racking permanent warning points until they inevitably reach the ban hammer even though the person just made some mistakes. Also I feel from the examples and the implemented system that you are using a cannon to shoot a fly: a mismatch between solution and problem. The system punishes single infractions while your examples clearly indicate multiple infractions. So why not simply build a system based on how many times a person racks up multiple warning points? Something like: -if you build up 7 warning points 2 times in a year (365 day time period) or 3 times 5 warning points in a year you get banned.
  6. FairFamily

    The Grand Master Has Arrived !

    Welcome to reborn.
  7.  I'm not sure if this is appriopriate in this forum so yeah :


    My friends are one of a kind. I suggest to play d&d and an half hour later they have plans to play as child raping pillagers.


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    2. Wolfox


      ... what?

    3. FairFamily


      Friend (who is kinda a player): "I'try to woo everyone. "


      Me:" You have to be good in charisma."


      Me other friend: "or strength."


      And it went downhill from there.

    4. Wolfox


      I repeat: ... what?

  8. In order for the upcomming Link Vrains episode I have little present.

    Behold the potential of trickstars.



    I wish I could do something similar for Soul burner but alas no Salamangreats yet. Also I don't think I have the passion for it since I don't like Soulburner that much. Still may the best duelist win.


    Who am I kidding? Soulburner will win no matter what because Lost incident/Ignis bias.



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    2. FairFamily


      I think they will become collectors bait or a theme deck. Salamangreat is an archetype without focus. They have bunch of random effects that barely synergise with each other. The effects themselves are not great either while lacking in some crucial aspects. They have not a single card in the deck that searches for instance.


      The salamangreat boss monsters are OK but are a bit too restrictive in their requirements. The requirements of the boss monsters prevents the addition of generic cyberse  support which could have pushed the deck a bit.

    3. Wolfox


      interesting. we've only seen 3 duels worth of them so who knows, maybe Soul Burner has the really good cards hidden from us for now

    4. FairFamily


      Doubt it, trickstars were meta with the cards from her first duel. Altergeist and gouki just needed a little push from their first appearance to become truly good.


      But Salamgreat doesn't seem to have that potential especially since soulburner has the bad habit to gain lp for that sweet burning draw. Lp gain has never been good so no luck for him.

  9. FairFamily

    Longtime Lurker here

    Welcome to reborn. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  10. FairFamily

    What Do You Do For a Living?

    software developer.
  11. FairFamily

    Hidden ability: Insomnia

  12. FairFamily

    Pokédex sites

    I'm a pokemon db fan. I used to breed a lot (i still do) but also planned pkmn far ahead so I need a good and quick oversight of a pkmn with the option to look into breeding moves. Also moveset searcher is amazing for finding pkmn concepts.
  13. I would say yes and no. If you want to see pkmn pushed to its extremes than fangames are your thing. This appeals to veteran players which are a bit bored with the easy, same story core games. However almost any fan game is not a good entry point for players into the series. The lower difficulty, simple railroaded hero story might appeal to players who aren't familiar pokemon. That being said the core games do some things better than fan games. Lore, world building and pkmn design. We all know the shtick of drifloon, electrode, arceus, ... . That kind of world building I see seldenly challenged by fangames. Also speaking about bugs, I feel this kinda difficult to judge because pkmn games dictate whether something is a bug while the players are just reverse engineering. For all we know scald was meant to have a 10% to burn or gen 5's weather wasn't meant to be permanent. We just don't know and accept them. Bugs just become features. Also the buggiest pokemon games are still the gen 1 games.
  14. Do they really expect to throw that pokeball all the time? I play my portable console games on the train so that would be silly. Not the worst (that right is reserved for fire emblem) but still a hindrance to the portability of the switch. Secondly I see that the game is another gen 1 remake. I'm not too disappointed just worried. One of the core features of gen 1 was exploration. With how railroaded pokemon has become, I'm worried that one of gen 1's core features is removed. It also raises the question about z-moves and mega pokemon. Speaking of core feature removed, random encounters seem to be removed for wandering pkmn. Do you know what it means : NO MORE ZUBAT CAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very nice. Finally the last feature ,which I'm very excited about, is the easy multiplayer mode and not for the reason you think. With this mode I can make the game play double battles all the time (unless the game still make the enemy send out a single pkmn even when the enemy has multiple) which is something I missed from the base games.