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  1. A full day farming in monster hunter to get a full rathian armor set to only notice that one of the effects doesn't affect my character.  So unfair.

    1. Zargerth


      Health + is a very bad skill on armor, since you can just eat or use max potion.

    2. FairFamily


      I'm aware of that. I acutally wanted the fire atk+ skill. Alas it doesn't seem to apply to my insects. Still it has the highest base defense stat and I could apply enough atk+ decorations for an atk+ of 10 so I'm fine.

  2. Well I'm from gen 1 pokemon blue. It was my first game. It took me a while and I remember not much from it except the games themselves. I do know I was hooked to the games. I have played gold,ruby, saphire,emerald,leafgreen and a myatery dungeon. After that with a new console I lost interest and took a break until i discovered ds(?) emulators. There I played Platinum, black and black 2. It was there I came in contact with fan content blazeblack which I played a bit. From there I came into contact with fangames tthrouh 9gag with reborn. Never regretted it. I played so much games reborn ,deso, rejuv,... . Standard fangames, doubles fangame, fakemon and even a dangaronpa crossover. So much different experiences. However this is not the end. Pokemon se7en showed me the fun of a new region. So I bought a 3ds (which turned out to be a fantastic investment since I play 4 hours a day) pokemon Y and alpha saphire in preparation of sun and moon. At release I bought sun and I will buy one of the ultra games.
  3. Igneous Takes the Stage!

    Welcome to reborn ingeneous.
  4. Say, you don't happen to know a good place where I can find Speed Nectar in MH4U do you?

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    2. Zargerth


      Which type of Speed Nectar do you need?

    3. Wolfox


      as I'm still pretty early I wanna say just in general

    4. Zargerth


      Try Primal Forest, area 5 and Frozen Seaway, area 3

  5. Oh my that's a lot. I will look into the ones I can breed for egg moves tonight. It's 5:30 AM here and I need to go to work. I can tell you though that I can provide a budew with extransensory and leafstorm "pretty quickly" and a misdreavus with nasty plot in no time tonight.
  6. Its nice to meet you all!

    Welcome to reborn.
  7. And Then i Exist

    @sosobean I knew about it, I'm just too lazy to change it. still:
  8. Question about breeding

    Basically, but you can give a power item to guarantuee an iv to be passed down. The iv that will be passed down is the iv matching the power item of the hoitem. It doe use up one of the 5 iv passed down from parents so in that case 4 iv will be chosen from the parent.
  9. And Then i Exist

    Welcome to reborn. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  10. Hello guys

    Welcome to reborn.
  11. My tribute to ARC-V by performing a pendulum summon into fusion summoning, synchro summoning, xyz summoning and link summoning through the power of my trusted magicians.



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    2. FairFamily


      Well it is every type of extra deck monster. In ARC-V the main focus was on all the extra deck monsters and the main character and his rival could do all of them thanks to the pendulum summon. 


      With vrains link summoning was introduced and all other extra deck types nerfed. So as a tribute I performed all extra deck summons including link starting from a pendulum summon.


      Yu gi oh meta is indeed not that easy to get into but it is not as difficult as it looks. Power creep turns a lot of cards/archetypes obsolete. 

    3. seki108


      ........I didn't even remember the correct name for the extra deck....... :( 


      Considering my knowledge of the game stopped in 2004/2005 (until a few looks into more recent things).......yeah, most things from back then that didn't get some additional support later are probably long since obsolete. 

    4. Wolfox


      It's not too hard to get back into @seki108, the thing that's the hardest is building and learning your deck. and that is something some people can help with (just be happy he didn't show a Pre links Zoodiac board after one turn...)

  12. I slew my first Kelbi in monster hunter 4 ultimate today and to my surprise it just was knocked out. I then took its liver with a sharp knife and suddenly it woke up and ran away. What is going on? Did they try to make monster hunter child friendly? I know I don't play many of the games but still.

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    2. Zargerth


      More like PETA friendly.

    3. seki108


      Did you at least get to keep the liver?

    4. FairFamily


      @seki108I think so, I might have sold it.


      @Zargerth I wonder how a peta friendly monster looks liks. Must be boring.

  13. Do you read video game manuals?

    That thing had a manual? Fml.
  14. Do you read video game manuals?

    I do but games are evolving by giving better toturials or creating more intuitive UI and stopp bothering with creating manuals. Silly story:
  15. @Zarc if death's wish doesn't have one I will look into it. It is not really egg move breeding but rather episode hopping.