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  1. Welcome to reborn.
  2. Well considering to start in obelisk blue requires either having good connections , being extremely good in duel academia's primary school or just being female because fuck gender, equality I will ende up in Ra Yellow. I would be too nervous too fail and study a lot but more on the pactical siide then theoretical. After that I would be too lazy to climb up too blue and enjoy the simple Ra yellow life (after all I want too come home with a decent grade). Now for the deck since this is GX and most people had decks without clear focus, I would have a hybrid between spellcasters, life point gaining and burn which as center cards Ebon magician curran and white magician Pikeru. Slowly making the gap between my field and the opponents field bigger while having cards like gravity bind or messenger of peace would be quite "fun".
  3. Good game.
  4. I love this idea already. So you can't even trust yourself. I'm in.
  5. help

    Stupid idea but could perish song be used by primarine in conjunction in doubles with partners with abilities like dry skin/ water absorb or even items like absorb bulb?
  6. You (Fair family) posted more than 1000 times. OO

    Congratulations^^ :D 


  7. Welcome to reborn.
  8. You mean like buying a nitendo ds, a playstation 4,... just to play all console games? That argument is basically 'exclusives'. Well I have tried to run age of mythology in the past with no avail I could do on my previous setup (after modifying some of the files) but now I can't.
  9. This is actually very misleading. With each generation of pcs a lot of games fall out of the boat and can't be run anymore. A PC can technically be too advanced for what you are trying to do. You can try to circumvent some of these issues but I'm not sure if it fixes all the problemns and if the hours of work you have to put into it are worth it.
  10. Welcome to reborn.
  11. That is unfortunately outside of what this program does. Right now the program is outside of the reborn game meaning it cannot read any values from the game. The program simulates a button pattern that is specifically designed to do all the breeding steps and deal with the situations possible when breeding. I could find ways to do this but I have no intention to start letter/number recognisation in then near future. Or I would have to rewrite the entire code as a script in reborn if that is even possible. I might look into it when I have more time but not right now.
  12. Huh? My program handles all obligatory walking, dialogue and pc storage with minimal supervision. These things have to be done flame body and oval charm or not. Flame body and oval charm just speed up this process. Well it does more than just walking. On top of that it does accepting eggs from the daycare man, hatching process and drops the pokemon eventually in your box.
  13. Don't they still play games with firends like party games or smash brothers? Also I forgot the argument that I usually make in this argument. Handhelds. Handhelds are extremely portable and can be used almost everywhere: car, train, home,... . Even laptops which are the most portable version of PC gaming cannot match the portabality of handhelds especially when the games demand a mouse (like most do).
  14. Usability, playing a game on console is a lot easier. So when I buy a new game on console I insert the game do the installation (if necessairy) and I can start playing the game. Simple as that. When I buy a new game on pc I first have to make sure I have the specs. So before even buying it I have to see if I can run it. Then I download/install the game (with sometimes the additional download, disk swaps and product key input) and can immediately fix the launch problems. So I'm busy from at least half an hour (easily an hour or more) fixing the game before I even play it after that I have to configure the key settings for my game (sometimes even some obligatory mods) and then I can play. Some of the pc games I bought I simply don't play because they aren't worth the hassle.
  15. Welcome to reborn.