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  1. FairFamily

    Hello Everyone; I'm new here!

  2. 1.not really, breeding is an option. IV's to me, help me give advantage in edge cases but good strategy beats IV's. 2. I think they do 3. Certainly, baby pokemon for instance come with 3 perfect IV's 4. Yes, there are also items which manipulate the passing down of IV's. This is perfectly legal and not that difficult to breed:
  3. Well I'm blessed with an amazing budew.

    1. Wolfox


      Hot Damn

    2. DreamblitzX


      ssh don't let Ame see it (or evolve it quickly, it'll make a lovely roserade) 


      (I think because baby pokemon technically can't breed, they're generated with 3 perfect IV's base like legendaries are)

    3. Candy


      Getting a 5IV with correct IV spread from the event is still hard tho 👀

  4. To me mean/antagonistic rivals aren't necessairely better but I feel they fit my criteria that rivals need to have to be good rivals, easier then friendly rivals. First a rival needs to be challenging. A rival that isn't challenging, is't a good rival. This means that with the lowering of the difficulty of the games and the improvement of player skills in pokemon over time, didn't do the friendly rivals justice which were introduced in the later generations. Second a rival battle has to mean something, there needs to be a stake/reason to win. Mean/antagonistic rivals meet this criteria , because they either have an opposing ideology and/or are just play mean and insult you. Proving them wrong is the reason to win. Fern, blue and red easely fill this but with the friendly rivals this is most of the time lacking. That being said overcomming a chalenging opponent can be a good reason to fight but pkmn tends to not go that route. Wally and Hau are the worst offenders to this principle. Third a good rival, makes you want to interact with him. Here is where friendly rivals easily fall flat on their face, most of the time they are boring. This is also why I think barry wasn't a good rival for me, I didn't like his attitude and behavior. Every meeting with was a test of my patience and I basically groaned when he came on my screen because to me he acted like a hyperactive monkey. That being said the interaction between character doesn't need to be positive: loving to hate is perfectly valid and mean rivals also fit this criteria easily . As long as the rival interactions (with the player) are good it helps being a good rival. So yeah I will not say friendly rivals are bad (Cain is for instance a good rival) but they rarely fit my criteria for a good rivalry.
  5. I'm fighting one of my greatest fights yet, this is a fight that lasts for days and will last for even longer.

    It's me vs character creation.

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      a dastardly foe indeed

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    New Guy here

  7. Damn the people who came up with the stupid password policies at work. My account locks itself every 5 minutes and I have called the help desk 5 times today.

  8. FairFamily

    I have mixed feelings

    This is a great breeding mon. perfect HP, defense and special defense IV's are desired by most pokemon.
  9. So the day of the session was arriving but disaster struck our session : our country got in the small final of the world cup. So they wanted to watch it which means 2 hours down the drain. I understood that it was a very exceptional event so I didn't made a big fuss about it. Still it worried me a little. So the day of the session has arrived and took my final preparations. I had packed: the starter set, my extra dice, a folder with my printed preparations including a map made in RPG maker, some figurins of monopoly, a pencil with a build in eraser, a sharpener and a notebook. Armed with those and my experience watching dnd youtube videos, I took the train to my friends. Ready for my adventure as DM. On the train I took the the time to reread the rules and the campaign/session setting. So when I arrived at my friends house , i was welcomed with a few problems: one of the players was still reading the rules and another one hadn't printed his character sheet, at least they all had their own set of dice. One even had bought the full manual, "if you go in, you go big.". Still I feared him flipping through all these pages.All these were bad signs on the wall, maybe it was stress, maybe I was right to worry. Still the match helped me drive those pesky thoughts away. So when the match was over, we all took our place at the table. I took the word by saying my role as DM (narrator/judge) and that I had a few expectations of the game. I told them that since this was a simple starter set to test the waters, I hadn't the material too make stuff from scratch and expected too more or less stay on track. They could deviate somewhat but they couldn't just abort the campaign goals. I also told them that I expected that since it was our first session/game I expected not perfect but at least some effort in roleplaying. I also asked if they had any expectations of the game. One asked how combat heavy this module was, I told them it was pretty combat heavy but there was some room for roleplaying and creativity as well. I then started to ask the closed person to introduce his character. So our cleric is a male dwarf, a cousin of Gunther Rockseeker. He was part of a warband but was disgusted by their abuse of power and split off. Eventually he need to do odd jobs to get around and help the orphans. Eventually his cousin asked after years of not meeting him if he wanted to do an odd job again. His clerical symbol was first going to be on his clothing but eventually changed to a signet ring. When I asked the player how his character became a cleric especially since he had a problem with his faith (not knowing if the gods cared about mortals), he didn't really had a answer so I told him to think about it. The next player to introduce his our character, which I feared to be the problem player, surprised me pleasantly. His rogue was a female halfling which was part of a gang named the redbrands. Eventually she was betrayed by them, and was forced to flee for her life, leaving herself with only her gear. She then heard of the job Gunther had, she made her application not by a meeting but rather by sneaking in and planting a solicitation letter. Needless to say she was hired. It was tep up from the criminal activities she had to hide from her aunt. Though the player set the aunt was suspicious. I kinda liked the backstory so I gave my player an inspiration point. I was very happy with the fact that the rogue did roguish things outside of combat. I told them this and also told them that I didn't want commoners in the street and warriors/wizard and rogues on the battlefields. So after that it was time for the noble human warrior, he had modified his backstory to being a young noble, which dressed in old but well made clothes, whose family lost all his fortune. So to win back the money he resorted to gambling something his father dissapproved. Eventually he wanted to reconcile with his father, broke (partially) with his gambling habbit and told his plan to assisst Gunther rockseeker as a liason. His father as a sign of his trust gave his son the family heirloom: a greataxe. At first the player wanted that the father wrote thesolicitation letter but we convinced him that it made more sense that his character worth sens it with a carrion pidgeon. This let us to the discussion whether a carrier pidgeon would be a good way of transportation and even came to the conclusion that someone obsanely rich might have a carrier dragon (which must be epic). Stil the backstory was well thought out so I gave him an inspiration point. Still when I prodded into his flaw (asking if he had debts, enemies, would it affect his judgement), I have plans for it after all, he began to temper it in which I vocalized. So eventually the cleric's player had his backstory planned and started on a spiel where one of the orphans got sick and he couldn't cure it. He then got approached by a shady person on the street. At this point I could see where this was going (a convoluted backstory whith the holy powers interfering) and interupted him. After all it really didn't tie in with his flaw and said that to the player. My player really had problem with this cleric, couldn't they just give him a simpler flaw like alcolism. After a small discussion about religion in dnd we decided for a far more fitting (and less complicated backstory): basically his warband just put everyone through the rites of becomming cleric and he succeeded for some reason. Finally we were going to end with the elven wizard. The backstrory was the same as on facebook but still I wanted him to say it. However during this I remarked, that the other players were all not paying attention. So I paused the wizard player and told the others to pay attention to the wizard player and that it wasn't fair to him. They quickly apoligized, still I understood it was boring if you already read/heard and went through the backstory relatively quickly. So when discribing the elf we had a bronze skinned highborn elf with an arrogant streak. He was obsessed with knowledge but again wouldn't hamper the team ( I prodded there as well). When discribing him: he went barefoot had darkgreen silken robes on his chest, he had a scroll as the sign of his god . I asked him if it was his spellbook which he said no, the spellbook was tied on his back. The spellbook/grimoire of an 'old' elf interested me, so I went a bit more in detail there (it was also his bond). We came to the conclusion that the book must tbe massive (I used the starter set box as a reference. One of the players jokingly asked how big is his handwriting which the player said small and I as a dm gave him a freebie: he could use mage hand to help support the massive book which must be a hilarious/unsettling sight. He also got an inspiration point. I noticed in character creation one genereal problem: My player's character didn't have flaws but rather minor inconviniences so I asked them for the next session to work out these flaws. Still we ready for our first adventure.
  10. Playing a defensive/stall team in Reborn is really a test of patience.

    1. Perish Song

      Perish Song

      What difficulties it has barring levelling them is extremely annoying? I dont think battles are a problem 

    2. FairFamily


      Early game options are quite limitted (poison,poison and look more poison especially since they took my meowstic away) and the early gyms counter them incredibly hard .  The facts that fields tend to boost offense doesn't help either. Let's hope mid game does better. 

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    Easy Pisy from Italy ~

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