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  1. Wasn't the bug gym leader blind?
  2. She has a twitter and tumblr and probably a faceook but I'm not really interested in the latter since she posts her relevant of reborn via twitter .
  3. Devellopping a breeding program for pokemon reborn, desolation and rejuvenation. Exploiting/testing said program for my mono poison run. Playing other games. Stalking Ame on social media about future pkmn reborn episode and posting the acquired info on a trophy thread. Oh and also doing thesis work.
  4. I think but not sure that is a reward for doing ranger jobs.
  5. Spinarak can be found in keneph caves (caves of the brainwashed people), stunky can be found in the grass just before blackview and duskull should be found according to the dex in weeping hills. If i recall correctly the odd key should open a locker in Cellia which I think we haven't found yet.
  6. Welcome, welcome. I hope reborn is to your fancy.
  7. Welcome to reborn, hope you enjoy your stay?
  8. Welcome to reborn , I don't have any snacks to share though. I ate them all.
  9. Just exttact the new files and run it.
  10. Sure I like her acharacter and I think she has some potential left.
  11. Dawn stone is available, you should get from helping the crippled girl tied to the hand of Arceus with her traveling problem in blackview. I'm 100% sure about the acquisition method but I have the stone and it's position in my inventory dictates that it should be by that method.
  12. EDIT: oops didn't read post above.
  13. For ralts I fixed the corrupted Poké Ball, The Jaw fossil is available in an event i the 7th street and Lopunny was by evolution/move tutor.
  14. I have 2 runs and no reserves so I will put them both (and in spoilers to shorten the post): Team 1: Team 2: