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  1. future episode spoiler/teaser compilation thread

    Reborn title music Reborn finally gets a proper tittle music music. Thank you Ame and O Colosso. I might not even play the game because that title music is just too good. Make reborn bad again That's right. Ame just ruined the reborn economy. Income is going to be low, people. On the event list Well we can still enjoy our drifloon and fight with the venipede in E17 but who cares about that? More importantly we get Salazzle. http://amethystblack.tumblr.com/post/165578816657/hey-you-know-that-even-with-the-drifbloon-and-the Fern & Lurantis Well Ame gives her opinion on whether Fern gets a Lurantis. Most likely not. Besides stripes make you look fat and no way Fern would be seen with that. http://amethystblack.tumblr.com/post/165578676712/is-fern-going-to-use-a-lurantis-fits-him-rather
  2. E17 new pokemon guesses

    Well we can basically confirm Salazzle not that difficult considering how much episode there are but still, I thought you wanna know. http://amethystblack.tumblr.com/post/165578816657/hey-you-know-that-even-with-the-drifbloon-and-the
  3. Let's Rank the Champions!

    1. Cynthia: what a surprise but yeah. Most memorable character of gen 4, great team, yeah she deserves the spot. 2. Kukui: Great character, decent team with a balance of new and old which I can apreciate. 3. N : Great character with development, decent team but also the setting of the battle was nice. 4. Steven: A bit on the bland side as a character. Good team which with an interesting theme. 5. Blue: Great character, good team. Sadly I never experienced it in gen 1 since well missingno item duplication glitch. 6. Lance: Doesn't deserve the spot. 7. Diantha: Easiest victory ever.
  4. Well I love the new reluinquished support. It let me do silly stuff like this:


    1. Wolfox
    2. FairFamily


      I had to laugh myself when I saw this play out. 4 snatches in one turn and attacking for game with it.

    3. Wolfox


      The one whose shape was snatched would be proud


  5. The ways I deal with the level cap are common candies and giving the pokemon I don't expect to do well (Crawdaunt against the grass gym leader for instance) an exp share. Also I 'm not sure if AI is affected with the level cap. I know the pokemon they have are different depending on the difficulty. For looking up the level cap , just look at your trainer card. It is the number on the space for the next badge. Equiping running shoes you do by pressing space or you can toggle them by pressing S.
  6. Pokemon Spork Blind

    Well my character was called Candina and the team consisted of a Gabite, Pheromosa, Torecat, Vespiquen and female meowstic. Though some changes in the roster were made relatively soon after.
  7. E17 new pokemon guesses

    Pretty sure magnezone can stop a gyarados or something with an air baloon.
  8. Pokemon Riddles

    That was fun. My score was 13.
  9. E17 new pokemon guesses

    @Zander I don't know anything about a dragon cave being implemented. Though caves with dragons are a very common theme in pokemon especially pseudo legendairies. Maybe the word "the" is confusing but I clearly say "unless Ame implements". Also where did I say Amaria comes after Titania?
  10. E17 new pokemon guesses

    Well the question is how much time do we have left? I mean unless Ame develops the dragon cave where all pseudo legendaries dragons are being stored, it is unlikely to release all dragons at the same time. Ame also tends to like progression in teams so those with Megas might be needed to be released a bit earlier. So it wouldn't surprise me to see a Gible at the end of E17 (just after Titania is beaten). It is not that it learns earthquake. Magikarp might be released as well. Ferrothorn I doubt to be honest since it seems like a good counter to Amaria (resists water, neutral ice and freeze dry, has a powerfull grass stab and is slow). Skarmory without roost isn't as dangerous so it might be released. Gengar can be released with the nerfs it received. Talonflame also got a drop in power. For gen 7 non-legendaries that will not appear: UB's are kinda obvious. Kommo-O seems also very likely. Mimikyu might be but I'm not sure since we don't have sword dance yet but it can do other stuff. Toxapex might be put off limit for a while longer as well.
  11. Corpse Manipulator Q-Jei would like to battle !

    "Minus points: One of your rivals is a complete dick." I couldn't help but laugh. Anyways, welcome to reborn. My name is FairFamily and I hope you enjoy your stay.
  12. future episode spoiler/teaser compilation thread

    Ame's school for AI Ame is now busy with improving the AI. Of course what does that mean? Well it seems she is teaching the AI how to pokémon. She explains to the AI what each move does and how it interacts with fields. Let's hope the air balloon blunders stop now. http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/29393-what-exactly-is-that-function-code-crawl/&do=findComment&comment=688811
  13. Pokemon Spork Blind

    Well good luck with Spork. This is game is a treat. I feel Pheromosa is fine. It's beast boost should net you a speed increase which is not great considering its excessive speed (unless you are lucky or manipulate EV's and get an attack or special attack boost). This thing is the text book definition of a glass canon with the focus on glass. Still like you said you choose your own difficulty. Either way have fun.
  14. Pokemon Full Moon Blind Run (Complete)

    @Filthy Casual My final team looked like this: Well the mega of the team. Very fun to use and allowed itself to be usefull in a variety of situations. The standard legendary, this can do sweeps or wall stuff very well. Also served as a surf user. This one was very usefull in doubles rock slide + earthquake was pretty good. It also served as the HM user. Having sand force made using Tyranitars a very bad idea. This one came pretty late in the team (zoroark doesn't do well against cheating AI) but served its purpose very well. Tetra was reliable it could easly net a KO somewhere or do some serious damage. This is the last one, I almost boxed him for pyroar (I did for a bit) but after getting flamethrower (using that modest nature) he earned his spot back in the team. I thought I would box him a lot sooner but he proved himself nicely. Very reliable.
  15. Pokemon Full Moon Blind Run (Complete)

    Well I finally caught up. I must say I enjoyed your run and your criticism on the game. So expect some likes ^_^. I choose to save Wilfre so luckely I can follow your run with maybe some extra surprises. Also gold's team is based on the manga version of him not the game version. I loved your legendary montage, mine would be slightly longer but wouldn't have Regigigas. My view on the pokemon choices is a bit dfferent. I like having strong mon options in fangames. The thing is that by systematically barring all the good/broken pokemon throughout fangames you never get the enjoyment of using the pokemon or only for a very short time. In reborn we still don't have the option for mega evolution after 75% of the game and that is a shame. So at best we have 25% of mega evolution left. Latias for instance is endgame and will not be that present in many fangames. So having fangames with broken options is not bad. I mean getting an UB can be enjoyable. For the game in general, this is one of those fanmades where you take the good with the bad. It has some good stuff but it also has a bit of bad stuff which you accept because the good stuff is that good. Most fangames aren't perfect to say but here the bad stuff is a bit more noticable. For the good stuff I would say that gym leader placement was very good, it is a bold move to wait till a bit further in the game to have your first gym. The gyms battles did time pretty decent as well except Arietta's. On top of that the (gym) puzzles were vey good as well except the rotation puzzle (but that is personal bias). Finally map usage was great. The map themselves were good but the way the game used these maps was extremely well. The way the maps interconnect combined with some transportation choices (Chan's dragonite) made the game so much better. The return at fling cove was an excellent usage to start some dialogue. The shortcut to everia harbor allowed for the mother/son dialogue happen. Revisting an area was not bad because it made the world feel a bit more connected. Now onto the bad: sprites. I know they have permission but still it irks me a bit, too see a Samson sprite or a team meteor sprite. Second the story is one of the elements that needs a bit of improvement. The characters are fine but there are some issues with the sotry. Especially the choices and romance. In fact I feel this game does not need choices. The MC has personality (which is another plus) so I feel the game has to focus on telling her story. The romance however is a bit too fast in my opinion and I feel it does not add that much. Finally i feel there should be a bit more respect to the dead. There is more but this is getting long itself and I don't want to sound too negative because this is a good fangame.