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      Wow, thank you very much! Same to you! God bless.

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  2. Talk about getting blown back. Geez, your argument just flattened me! I was looking at Crawdaunt from an objective standpoint, but your subjective standpoint of placing it the context of the meaningful Reborn fights is far more telling. Also, that's a lot of information you accessed for this reply, and I appreciate you posting it. But while Crawdaunt certainly struggles to 1v1 things, as you point out, that isn't really its role. Instead, it usually serves as a nigh-unparalleled revenge killer with adaptability aqua jet. That is what puts it above most, if not all, of the C tier--and over other Water types, of which there aren't a whole lot to choose from (that aren't terrible, at least) in Reborn. I really like the point you make about Simipour, though. It's very fast and actually turns Cal's team into a joke. Not sure it warrants A rank considering its frailty, lack of KO power, and general lack of usefulness after a certain point, but it definitely stands as the best very early game Water option (outside of some starters). Maybe that's the B tier Water we all deserve. Lastly, I really can't see Lilligant or Leavanny as B tier. I haven't actually used either in Reborn before, but Lilligant legitimately having zero coverage moves and not getting Petal Dance until 46 does not sound like a B tier mon to me. Easily low C tier or worse. On the other hand, Leavanny has horrendous typing, doesn't get it's powerful dual-stab until 39, and doesn't offer anything in terms of utility other than Sticky Web. It has good offensive stats, but again lacks any sort of coverage. It's better than Lilligant, though. *Invites giant fact from someone to cement these two as B tier*
  3. Azumarill: A +Excellent typing +has Huge Power and good bulk +Ridiculous early stab in Aqua Tail and Play Rough +Available very early as mystery egg +One of the best Water-types throughout the course of the entire game -Tricky to evolve -Needs Aqua Jet bred onto it to compensate for poor Speed Staraptor: B +One of the best offensive Flying-types in the game +120 ATK/100 SPE +Close Combat/Brave Bird plows through just about everything +Excellent abilities -available too late into the game to do much with it Alakazam: C +135 Sp. ATK/120 SPE is a lethal combination +Excellent revenge killer -Lots of Fighting- and Poison- types in Reborn, but you don't get Zam until after most of them -Horrid movepool in Psychic, Charge Beam, and Hidden Power, only alleviated somewhat by Grass Knot and Dazzling Gleam end-game -Magic Guard not as useful in playthroughs as it is in competitive battling -Lucky to ever survive a single hit -Generally outclassed by movepools and bulk of the other Psychic-types in the game Tangrowth: A +Great physical bulk +Top Tier Utility with Knock Off, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Grassy Terrain, Infestation +Regenerator, Leech Seed, and Giga Drain make it very difficult to bring down +Decent coverage in ancientpower/rock tomb, nature power, and later tms like bulldoze and brick break +Can go mixed offensively +Available early on -Bad special bulk -Pure Grass-typing isn't the best -other Grass-types like Roserade or Amoonguss are situationally better Yanmega: C +Excellent abilities in Tinted Lens and Speed Boost +One of the strongest available Bug-types +Available on Azurine Island -Doesn't get its dual-STAB moves until Level 54 and 57 without the move relearner -Poor typing, is vulnerable to most coverage moves -poor special bulk Luxray: C +Guts makes it the bane of Corey's existence +The one true savior for Corey's Crobat +Did I mention the hardest gym leader in reborn bends his knee to this beast? +Available early and fully evolves at Level 30 +Very powerful in the early game -Slow and not particularly bulky (especially without Intimidate) -Terrible movepool -Quickly feels useless and outclassed Whimsicott: B +Prankster is OP +Unique Grass/Fairy typing gives lots of useful resistances +Priority Stun Spore, Leech Seed, Substitute, Tailwind, Encore and Nature Power (and even Double Team *shudders*) is really disgusting +Learns Moonblast and Giga Drain/Energy Ball by Level up +Can evolve as early as level 26 (after Giga Drain) if you have a Sun Stone -Obliterated by Reborn's many Poison-types -Held back by poor damage and bulk -It's fast, but already has Prankster -Bad case of 4 moveslot syndrome -Only useful in it's ability to 'cheese' or hax opponents Also I would certainly give Crawdaunt at least B tier. You don't have a single Water-type in B tier or above that isn't a starter or Clawitzer, and Crawdaunt is (arguably) better than Clawitzer. You get Crawdaunt way before Clawitzer, on Apophyll Beach, and Adaptability Aqua Jet gives Crawdaunt guaranteed viability, especially if you don't have another priority move on your team. This is especially prevalent late-game, where people like Blake and Charlotte are carrying a lot of coverage moves (Solarbeam and Energy Ball on multiple members of Charlotte's team). So if Clawitzer is B tier, which I don't disagree with, then Crawdaunt should certainly be B tier. I would also argue Swampert and Heracross for S tier. Swampert is the best Water starter you can take: insane natural movepool, insane defensive typing, able to 1v1 just about anything without a grass move. It's hard to go wrong with Swampert. And for Heracross, the only downside is that ridiculous quest to actually obtain it. Close Combat, Megahorn, and Moxie are S tier traits, and it isn't outclassed by any other Bug or Fighting type in the game.
  4. Hi Shingo! Stumbled across this thread just now. Your portmanteau puzzles look like quite a riot! And if you really do somehow have the mons you say you have (and this is for reborn and not rejuvenation or any other lovely game), then I would certainly like to play! Especially if you really do have a Gible... (or a honedge or scyther if you don't) So if this thread is still active, feel free to hit me up with a puzzle! Thank you, sir.
  5. #edited. Thank you so much! This spot is excellent! Can you confirm this only applies to episode 16 post-reborn restoration? Also not sure that there are any quagsire/wooper spawns in the hot springs.
  6. Hello everyone! This is an Episode 16-friendly guide for places to EV train your pokemon by stat, meant to expand upon and supplement Simon's Pokemon Reborn EV Training Guide V2 (Updated for Episode 15). If you're looking for a guide because you're thinking, "I want to EV train in Attack and Speed, if only I knew the best places to go..." then this is the place to find it. Additionally, I am not including training areas via headbutt, fishing, rock smash, etc. as they take far longer to grind than biking or surfing. And if you know of other good places, please contribute! PLEASE NOTE: IF AN AREA IS LABELED PRE-EPISODE 16, YOU DO NOT NEED A PREVIOUS EPISODE OF REBORN TO EXPLOIT IT. This simply means Reborn must be in its unrestored, pre-16 endgame state to utilize it. If you have not restored Reborn to its beautified state, ignore the following exploit and enjoy EV training as normal. If you have restored Reborn to its episode 16 beautified state, then use the following exploit to access the appropriately labeled (PRE-EPISODE 16) training areas: Simply use the Pokemon Center nearest the area you wish to EV train in (for example, if you want to train in the Pre-16 Team Aqua Hideout, first heal at the Lapis Ward Pokemon Center), then use a pokemon with TELEPORT to teleport to that pokemon center. Doing so will revert Reborn City to its broken, unrestored, PRE-16 state until you pass through a significant building. Don't worry when it reverts, Reborn will return to normal when you come back out of most buildings! (Also, this does not work for Mr. Seacrest's Garden. RIP best HP training spot.) If an area is labeled POST-EPISODE 16, that means Reborn must be restored per the events of episode 16 to access the area. HP: Attack: Defense: Sp. Attack: Sp. Defense: Speed: There are also a number of areas that predominantly yield only two EV types: HP + Attack HP + Speed HP + Defense HP + Sp. Attack Attack + Speed
  7. Octavius

    [E18] Un-stuck Me! The save file fixing thread

    Thank you so much! That was so fast and you guys are so wonderful!
  8. Octavius

    [E18] Un-stuck Me! The save file fixing thread

    I defeated Terra and don't have the tm for Waterfall, so I can't progress in the storyline. I have the same problem as someone else where I apparently confronted Blake on the mountaintop without first visiting him in his room, so I never received the Yes/No scene where he supposedly trades you waterfall for the ruby ring. And now I can't fight Aster for it either and Eclipse's dad still won't say anything. So I'm completely stuck and my old save files before Radomus and between Luna and half-way through the Glitch Field are nowhere to be found on my computer. Here's my current game data. Would appreciate any help! Thanks. Game.rxdata