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  1. General discussion

    Hey everyone! Not sure if we'll be posting a teaser photo of the tavern interior immediately, but we do actually have the interior completed. And actually, those were some really awesome suggestions for the name! I think we've finally settled on one, so we'll have to wait and see how we decide to debut it. Probably going to wait until we have NPC's placed and events and dialogue set up so we can give some more involved screen shots of the various things the player can interact with. And as far as the interiors of other maps are concerned, we should actually only have a few days of map-making left. All of the outside maps are DONE, minus a few unique tiles we need to finish for key events in the episode. And once we're done with interiors, we'll be well on the way to testing and, of course, the launch itself. So all in all, we're actually getting palpably close to the testing phase and wanted to thank everyone who's been here from the start. We'll be able to show more and more tidbits as we start implementing our events and NPCs onto our maps and work on streamlining our product. So stick with us and we'll be doing our best to keep the ball rolling towards launch.
  2. General discussion

    We are currently deciding on what our Hunting Lodge-themed tavern should be called. So if you have a cool name or idea, post it below! You never know; it might actually make it into the game!
  3. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    New post is up on the Pokemon Empire Club Page. If we have anything smaller like blurbs about art or gameplay, we'll most likely be posting them there. Stop by or join if you haven't already:
  4. Strawpoll of the _____

    Wanted to do a poll regarding what types of cool features you would like to see in a Pokemon Empire: http://www.strawpoll.me/14957429
  5. Hey everyone, This is Octavius with Pokemon Empire. Like I said last week, we'll be giving updated more frequently. So I just wanted to give a little spoiler in regards to an immersive feature in Polaris Point: This is Polaris Ice: they are a large water conglomerate in the Telius region that provide products and services ranging from bottled water to indoor plumbing to nevermeltice. Their main factory is in Polaris Point, where they tap into the natural springs present within Polaris Mountain. Rumor has it Polaris Ice is even conducting research and experimental practices within the mountain, possibly alongside other mining and energy companies operating out of Polaris Point. Who knows what interesting things you might learn or obtain when exploring the many ins and outs of Polaris Point? You might even say that this is just the tip of the (Polaris) iceberg. See you all soon.
  6. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    Hey everybody! Just a quick update: we've been diving into a lot of the nitty gritty game development work over the past few weeks, so there unfortunately isn't a whole lot of particularly interesting or sexy things to share with you all. Specifically, we've been doing a lot of eventing, coding, mapping, compiling unique tilesets, and discussing things like character development and dialogue. Ultimately it's a slow process (especially with this being the first episode), but we're going to try and update this forum--hopefully this thread AND the Pokemon Empire club page--more regularly to keep everyone informed (and hyped) about what things we are working on and some of the cool ideas we're kicking around and figuring out how to implement. And one of these cool ideas we're kicking around is having a tavern unique to each town that will have multiple features: both showing off some unique aesthetics as well as affecting overall gameplay. So check back in soon if you want to see just exactly what we have in store for you! Until then, take care everyone.
  7. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year :D, i hope that you will have a great day and even an amazing year ;) 

    1. Octavius


      Wow, thank you very much! Same to you! God bless.

    2. LykosHand


      You're welcome :D and thanks a lot ;)

  8. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    And unlike teasers for some of the other Pokemon in Empire, here is a complete Dex Entry for Santadelie. Wait, what do you mean you don't recognize some of its moves or abilities? Well, Santadelie will have some new and unique capabilities! First of all, it's signature move, "Present" is getting a buff. present now 50 power 100 accuracy ice-type move that replaces opponent's item with a random one and has a 10% chance to explode, dealing 200 damage instead As for the other moves and abilities? Well, you'll just have to wait in see what's in store for yourself! See you all soon and again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!
  9. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Pokemon Empire! As an early Christmas present, we wanted to give everyone's favorite Santa Pokemon a little love! Introducing an evolution for the much maligned and oft forgotten Delibird: Santadelie!
  10. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    Prepare yourself. This is Chemera, the Corrupted Pokemon. While certainly powerful and imposing, Chemera is a very rare and complex Pokemon. It only appears under specific conditions... namely disastrous ones. And even when it does appear, most trainers dare not try and capture one... But why not? As you might expect, Chemera will be available in episode 1. But even if captured, what difficulties lie ahead? What dark truths will you discover about this dangerous and enigmatic creature? Will you find a way to raise a powerful team member and unlock its hidden potential? Or will you cast Chemera aside like the vile monster it is? Find out more in Pokemon Empire: Episode 1, coming soon.
  11. Strawpoll of the _____

    @StoicStone Why do we have the best avatar icons on this entire site?
  12. gastly,axew,froakie

    I thought gastly was also mystery egg, but I could be wrong there.
  13. Best place to grind money?

    To my knowledge, Rejuv doesn't have any actual way to grind money. And not sure why you need money anyways. If you're grinding anything in Rejuv, it's experience. Seriously, the level jumps in that game are outrageous. Instead of money, maybe you're talking about grinding coins for the game corner? If so, the best way to do that is voltorb flip. It's actually a decently fun mini-game and is (largely) not luck-based. So you can actually get coins coming in pretty quickly. Hope this helps.
  14. Pokemon Brotherhood Developmental Blog

    Great set of starters, man! Looking good. Can't wait to see where they go from here. Personally I'd sign up for the squashkin. We absolutely need an actual elephant in Pokemon (no offense, Donphan). And plus, I typically don't like monkeys; so it's an easy call for me lmao.
  15. [Known/Fixed]Unimplemented moves?

    Wow. Your game is all kinds of different from mine lol.