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  1. lmao here's a poll for those interested: http://www.strawpoll.me/14446347
  2. My Team After Beating Adrienn

    Eviolite and protector are both available. Protector is in Iolia Valley. Assuming you have all four crystal plugs, go to the upper right cave in the valley, and use the purple crystal to change the path towards where the sableye event is. It should be right outside the cave, right before the sableye event cave. Eviolite is in Azurine Lake. It's available via diving. If you haven't begun unlocking the various buildings/rooms down there, bring your itemfinder and get to work. Eviolite is in building F10, but you'll have to open a number of other buildings and get a bunch of other keys/items before you get there. And I'm sure there are youtube guides to help you figure out exactly where both of these items are. Good luck!
  3. So basically what I'm gathering is people like dragonite as a standalone mon because of its own attributes, but think dragonair should really evolve into something that looks like itself. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!
  4. Daycare Change in Sun/Moon for Reborn

    Ame replied to a similar topic. feel free to check it out:
  5. I was curious about the community's opinion on this: Do you love the way Dragonite looks, or do you wish it retained more of the slender beauty of Dragonair? I came across this image recently https://www.deviantart.com/art/Dragonite-V2-411629213 and thought it was a really great illustration of what could have been. I personally love Dragonair and wish it evolved into something that wasn't so drastically different, but that's just me. What would you prefer?
  6. You and me both, man. Tried playing it through twice. And while I love the maps and scenery, way too many things about that game just end up driving me away. RIP
  7. @Awesome_One Isn't that what stacking shot does?
  8. Credit to @Katiafor this idea: "Perhaps in the interest of saving coding time, a guide could be written explaining what each move does would be in order? That way if people want to know what they are facing they can look it up and for those who don't want to know, they can simply not read it." Found in:
  9. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    Well hello there, cute little fella! Wanna go an adventure with me? Say hello to Muskoat, the tundra Pokemon! Muskoat is a poison/ground type based on the musk ox, and it lives in the colder reaches of the Telius region. When you can eventually reach level 28, this little guy will evolve into a big bristling Musktox. And while both forms have low sp. atk and speed, they have immense utility with ways to poison the opponent, support the team, recover damage, and even hit back surprisingly hard! Once fully evolved, musktox is a formidable physically defensive wall that thrives specifically on hail teams thanks to its snow cloak ability and its useful resistances. Ice, common on hail teams, is weak to rock and fighting. And its Ground attacks can hit Fire and Steel types too! And while it has an awesome specific niche, it can definitely still hold its own as a standalone Pokemon with its other ability, poison point. Want to know more? Well you'll just have to wait and see what he can do yourself! Because this little guy is available starting in Episode 1! Can't wait to see you there!
  10. The furthest Ive ever gotten.....Aya

    Growlithe doesn't learn anything by level up after level 45, so definitely evolve it into arcanine. I'm pretty sure a fire stone is available to the player at that point in the game. iirc, there's one in the bottom floor of the apophyll volcano, I think by the heatmor event? And if not, you can soft-reset until you get one by mining. Other than that, everyone has given good advice here. Not sure if you're dead set on using kricketune for the entire game, but by Aya it has probably already seen its best use and just won't be as powerful as other options. But that isn't a reason not to use it, of course! Good luck with the rest of your run!
  11. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    Also a quick aside, all of the starters will evolve via level up. So to get weavile, dusknoir, nidoking/queen, etc. you will not need specific evolution stones or items. Furthermore, you won't need a specific location to evolve magneton into magnezone, or any other weird evolution methods. Again, every single starter evolution will be by level up. Sorry if there was any confusion about that. Closer to release, we will have the full information about the starters, their level-up moves, abilities, evolution info, and the new moves, abilities, etc. that they will receive. Until then, take care and stay tuned!
  12. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    Yeah, @Commander, we have discussed how absurdly ambitious this project is ad nauseum. But we have a huge development team that's committed to something new (even drastically new), which is something you know nothing about because you have a very narrow vision of how games should be developed. Which is fine, but we please ask that you don't "lecture" us like we have no idea what we are doing and saying that this project will fail because it isn't another Reborn or Insurgence carbon-copy. So thank you for the criticism, but we are well aware of what we are doing. We also kindly ask that you consider not trying to undermine this game and make people think we're idiots way in over our heads. Empire has a dev team of over a dozen very talented, intelligent, and open-minded individuals who are willing to do what Gamefreak won't: re-balance their game, and implement new and exciting gameplay features that increase game re-playability. And yes, people are going to be turned off by all these changes, but if you don't want to try something new and maybe better than what you're used to, then feel free. Reborn and Insurgence (and many others) exist, and they are great games in their own way. But Pokémon Empire is going to be great in its own unique way by doing things no other fangame has done before, and to extents they haven't before. And we have a team of professionals capable of making that more than a pipe dream. So best stay tuned; you might end up saying how refreshingly great a surprise Pokémon Empire turned out to be.
  13. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    Well, most things are severely damaged when actually struck by lightning, but we probably shouldn't have electric be super effective against normal, bug, fighting, and psychic, too. And while we want to be as realistic as possible with our balancing, we have to pick and choose what we can actually do that doesn't also completely throw the entire game out of whack. For example, I wanted Ice to be super-effective against Water, but it makes too many drastic changes to some Pokemon suddenly becoming way too powerful and others way too weak. And we don't want to completely scratch the current type chart and start over, because that will upset way too many people. We do want to maintain a level of integrity with the canon games, after all. So ultimately, we are looking to make some significant adjustments to help bring about better overall game balance without being unrealistic or completely turning what people know about the current type chart on its head.
  14. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    This is a lengthy post regarding balance changes in Pokémon Empire. This is essentially a teaser for gameplay changes/information that will eventually culminate in a Pokémon Empire Wiki. But until that happens, we hope you enjoy this teaser and thinking about all of the possibilities we have in store for Pokémon Empire! Now before getting into specific examples, there are a few balance changes to key gameplay mechanics that are EXTREMELY important and change how we are balancing the rest of the game. These changes correspond with Empire's overall vision of creating more fun, common-sense, and balanced gameplay that still captures the core identity of the gameplay mechanics of the canon games. We are seeking to improve/fix existing features/problems from the canon games in a positive way. So here we go: Freeze. This status condition has long been aggravating and unoriginal. To bring it in line with its counterpart status conditions: poison, burn, and paralysis, we are changing freeze from preventing the Pokémon from taking any action to "The Pokémon's Sp. Attack is halved. Each turn, the frozen Pokémon has a 25% chance to be fully frozen, rendering it unable to take any action that turn." We believe this, along with new moves that emphasis freezing the opponent's Pokémon, will create more interesting and varied strategies in battle, especially for Ice-types, which have long been maligned defensively. Grievous Wounds. A gameplay element that exists in many other games already, we intend to implement Grievous Wounds to Pokémon as well. In this case, applying Grievous Wounds to a Pokémon will reduce the effectiveness of all sources of healing on that target by 50% for the next 3 turns. It works as a secondary status condition, similar to confusion, so it can be cured by switching out. Grievous Wounds can be applied by the effects of moves or abilities. For example, we have changed the move "Searing Shot" to be a 65 power 100 accuracy single-target Special move that has a 100% chance to apply Grievous Wounds to the target. We have also introduced a new ability called "Vicious," which causes the Pokémon's contact moves to always apply Grievous Wounds. Some Pokémon with this ability are Seviper, Weavile, and Haxorus. Type Chart. We didn't want to tamper too much with this, and it's honestly impossible to fix everything without creating a brand new type chart, but we agreed that leveling out some of the imbalances between type interactions would outweigh the negatives of having everyone be angry that they have to acclimate to a slightly different type chart. Our overall design philosophy is to make types that barely interact with other types (like ghost, normal) interact more, and types that interact with other types A LOT (fighting, rock) interact less. This should give room for more variation in team building instead of always having to have certain types on your team because of how much coverage they give you. Here are a few specific examples, but do not take them out of context. This is not a finalized list of changes, and if you think a type is going to be too powerful, there can be other changes to make it less powerful. Enjoy. Fighting: now neutrally effective against Steel and Poison Normal: now super effective against Fairy, resists Fairy, resists Ghost (no longer immune), and is weak to Dark Electric: now super effective against Steel, not very effective against Psychic, and is weak to Psychic And now for some types of balance changes we are considering: new items, updated items, new abilities, updated abilities, new moves, updated moves, and some specific Pokémon changes. New Items: Terrain Boots: holder is immune to entry hazards Master Belt: holder's non-STAB (same type attack bonus) moves deal x1.3 damage Fake Rock: The effects of Wonder Room, Magic Room, and Trick Room created by the holder last for 8 turns Updated Items: (these are new effects that will replace the current effects of these items already in the game) Full Incense: (consumable) after 5 turns of not switching out or using protect moves or substitute, this item is consumed and raises all of the holder's stats by 1 stage, heals for 25% Max HP, and cures status Wave Incense: holder takes x0.8 damage from neutrally-effective attacks Muscle Band: holder's physical attacks have x1.2 power, but holder can only use physical attacks New Abilities: Opportunist: moves with 40 base power or less gain priority +1 (barbaracle, beautifly) Duelist: boosts Defense and Sp. Defense by 1 stage when you land a Critical Hit on an opponent (gallade, escavalier) Ghoulish: when this Pokémon faints, reduces the PP of the opponent's last move used to 0 (banette, gengar) Pitch-Black: opponent's moves that do not have 100% accuracy decrease in base accuracy x.5 (50% less accurate) (umbreon, spiritomb) Dragon Force: user's Dragon-type moves deal x1.5 damage. User also gains Dragon-type resistance. (gyarados, aerodactyl) Updated Abilities: (these are new effects that will replace the current effects of these abilities already in the game) Symbiosis: after this Pokémon faints, heals the next-Pokémon switched in by 1/4th Max HP (before entry hazards) Anger Point: raises the user's Critical Hit Ratio by 1 stage when an opponent uses a status (non-attacking) move Speed Boost: raises the user's Speed by 1 stage at the end of each round if the user is not holding an item Vital Spirit: when the user is above 50% Max HP, its attacks deal x1.2 damage, but consume double PP Battle Armor: user takes x.5 damage from attacks when below 50% Max HP, but can only use attacking moves New Moves: Sandblast: Ground-type, 70 power, 100 accuracy, Special, deals double damage if opponent has no held item (palossand, claydol, flygon) Bedrock: Rock-type, 40 power, 100 acc, Special, changes target's ability to truant (corsola, cradily, aurorus) Hallucinate: Psychic-type, disables your opponent's Special attacks with less than 100 base power for 2 turns (beheeyem, dusknoir, shiinotic) Dragon Fire: Dragon-type, 70 power, 100 accuracy, Special, deals Fire-type damage (but still applies dragon type STAB) (hydreigon, altaria, noivern) Soul Sucker: Ghost-type, 75 power, 100 accuracy, Physical, restores 100% damage inflicted as health to the attacker if it knocks out a Pokémon (trevenant, banette, drapion) Updated Moves: (these are new effects that will replace the current effects of these moves already in the game) Rock Throw: now deals double damage with 100 accuracy if stealth rocks are on your field. Using this move twice removes stealth rocks Worry Seed: now works as an entry hazard that changes the ability of non-Grass type Pokémon switching in to Insomnia Withdraw: now raises Defense and Sp. Attack by 1 stage Razor Wind: now Flying-type and executes in one turn Astonish: now 40 base power and works like Fake Out Updated Pokémon: (these are new effects that will replace the current effects of these Pokémon already in the game) Masquerain becomes Bug/Water type and gets the abilities Levitate, Intimidate, and Disguise Qwilfish gets Rough Skin instead of Swift Swim and gets +10 HP and Sp. Defense Various Normal/Flying type Pokémon become pure Flying type: includes, but not limited to Braviary, Staraptor, Fearow Flygon becomes Dragon/Bug type, has its Attack and Sp. Attack stats switched, and learns Dragon Pulse by level up Beartic gets remodeled so it looks much more intimidating, gets +5 Speed, and Weak Armor as an extra ability New Pokémon: (More Information will be released when these Pokémon become available in-game) Volcarona gets a pre-evolution (after Larvesta) and Volcarona itself becomes a Pseudo-legendary Pokémon (600 Base Stat Total) Hoothoot evolve into Noctowl at Level 30, Noctowl gets +18 Defense and Hoothoot gains an alternate evolution called Philosiphowl (Flying/Psychic type), which has high Special Stats and a brand new ability Dewgong gains an evolution called Colosswhal. It has massive bulk and attack, its design is based on a narwhal, and it has access to 3 excellent abilities and a variety of 'horn' moves Many Pokémon that need evolutions will get them. Examples include, but are not limited to: Corsola, Magcargo, Spinda, Pachirisu, Emolga, and Cherrim New Custom Megas and re-balanced current Megas will be introduced. Mega Butterfree and Cofagrigus are confirmed, and Mega Kangaskhan gets -10 Attack, +10 Speed, and the second attack from Parental Bond deals x.3 damage instead of x.5 And that's all for now! Again, apologies for the excruciating length of this post, but we wanted to let you know the types of ideas we are considering and how we intend on implementing them. It's a lot of work, but we are absolutely confident that we can make changes like these feel natural and make Empire into the best Pokémon game you've ever played. And as always, we're here to field your questions, listen to your criticism, and consider your opinions. But most of all, we hope you're getting (or staying) hyped as we take you through Pokémon Empire's development process every step of the way!
  15. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    About a week ago, @ssbCasper said he would be making a post in regards to some of the balance changes that are coming in Pokémon Empire. Casper has given me the opportunity to share some of those with all of you. So first of all, Pokémon Empire is looking to create an environment where (almost) every Pokémon can do well on a team, even if it's only in a specific niche. And while we aren't trying to make Dunsparce as powerful as Blaziken, we believe we are carving out better identities for many Pokémon that could use room for improvement, while at the same time dialing back the power a bit on some Pokémon that are so good that they make many similar Pokémon feel completely useless by comparison. This is not a crazy overhaul where just give a bunch of base stats to bad Pokémon to try and make them better. We are carefully looking at typing, stats, abilities, moves learned by level-up, evolution methods, and every other possible facet that makes a Pokémon a great team member. We even have ideas for incredible new moves, abilities, and even evolutions (both mega and normal evolutions)! BUT we want to make sure to keep things as close to the canon games as possible, and only give updates (buffs/nerfs) to Pokémon that feel absolutely natural and even add to that Pokémon's overall appeal without detracting from their core identity. We hope you will all be pleasantly surprised by some of the balancing directions we are taking to create a more fun, interesting, and interactive game where you can use some of your favorite Pokémon competitively without feeling like you are handicapping yourself by doing so. I will have a follow-up post with a few examples of the types of changes we are looking to make, including some of our ideas for new abilities/moves and updates to abilities/moves already in the canon games. See you all soon.