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  1. how do we get alolan forms

    1. Youmu9


      Take a trip to hawaii and sun bathe for a few years. You'll be Alola you in no time!

  2. gkhmpg

    Primarina Set?

    You can try Specs, Scarf, as those are the usual sets. Primarina's bulk is not for tanking, but rather taking one or two hit to hit back hard
  3. gkhmpg

    Bug Gym Mayhem 2: The Poisoning [DEFEATED]

    Calm Mind Musharna =)
  4. literally cried out on first ORAS playthrough : ( 

  5. Jangmo-o should be a wild encounter just because how worthless it is


    oh wait USUM out now

  6. gkhmpg

    About a certain quest...

    It's okay fam, being sensitive and emotional is not a crime
  7. gkhmpg

    I ran into a big problem

    You can try searching the file in the whole PC. If no lucks then well...
  8. this is my soundcloud channel in case if you would like to listen to some guitar music

  9. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

    1. gkhmpg


      You're the second person to wish for me today actually :D Thank you!

    2. LykosHand


      Oh i see :D and you're welcome ;)

  10. Just realize we don't have a safari zone

  11. What am I supposed to do with a galvantula without thunder

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. gkhmpg


      I'm still sitting with discharge for now. But only 80 dmg is too "bugging" when thunder's accuracy can go up to 91%

    3. Wolfox


      80 bp is still nothing to sneeze at tho. and with a 30% para rate it's a damn good move

    4. gkhmpg


      > mfw thunder also 30% para rate

  12. gkhmpg

    Trading Center

    Thank you. I've sent you a PM
  13. Found a way to add the hat

  14. gkhmpg

    Trading Center

    Thank you! just joltik and petilil should be okay, just found out I don't have energy ball for vivillon I'll go offline now since it's 0:30 here it'll be cool if you can PM me when you're finish!