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  1. drought vulpix? and HA snivy with hiden power rock?

    Is this one to your liking?
  2. Lucky egg

    You can get one when you get to 7th street
  3. Hooligan's Beldum Smuggling - Beldum Market

    @Hooligan I am online and waiting for request right now my ID is xpoko EDIT: Thank you!
  4. Hooligan's Beldum Smuggling - Beldum Market

    Beldum - 31/31/31/5/31/31 I would like this one, if possible my online ID is xpoko, pm or reply me when you're ready. Is there anything that you would like to have in return ?
  5. Spending money?

    Actually I enjoy every minute of grinding lmao Thank you though! I find pickups pretty tedious especially when I have to get to 100 just for picking things that I can just buy ... Much appreciated I think I'm gonna get the balls and potions from 50 to 100, haha
  6. Trade me a Misdreavous please?

    ermm... pretty sure the thing's at kiki's place in bybyxsion

    you Alt + Print Screen to screenshot the window only and then simply paste it in the comment section
  8. Spending money?

    Well I'll get right into the point What should I spend these on? Like every time I'm grinding a new mon, after EV I would go to the clowns or the trainers in hall, and I would get 23k for each battle with the clown ._. I don't want to waste the 23k which I'm supposed to get just because I have too much money T.T
  9. Unfinished sidequest?

    the story of those sisters is in the main story line though ...
  10. holy fak new dev blog update

  11. Um. Where can I heal before arc [e16]?

    Ahhh yes I confused myself a bit, sorry. I did have to swap some teammates before going up against both victoria and arclight, so yea you're going to have to go back if you're seeing yourself having a tough time
  12. still no dev blog update :(

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    2. DreamblitzX


      guess AI still hecked rn then.

    3. gkhmpg
    4. gkhmpg


      was about to check dev blog again then I see your reply ...

  13. Um. Where can I heal before arc [e16]?

    I can never figure it out which point of the game that people wants to point out by "E16 arc" or anything of the sort, heck I cant even remember the gyms because there are too many O_O Can you be more specific, you're talking about the P-Swalot right?
  14. God damn a lvl 1 larvesta for starter lul You can Alt + Print Screen button and then just paste it into your post for screenshots like this:
  15. How do I get rid of the uploaded photos =.=

    1. seki108


      Click on 'my attachments'.  There is a garbage bin icon next to or on the photos, which delete them:



    2. gkhmpg