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  1. What am I supposed to do with a galvantula without thunder

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Wolfox


      discharge and electro ball then~

    3. gkhmpg


      I'm still sitting with discharge for now. But only 80 dmg is too "bugging" when thunder's accuracy can go up to 91%

    4. Wolfox


      80 bp is still nothing to sneeze at tho. and with a 30% para rate it's a damn good move

  2. In need of some Pokemon.

    No the chance of the egg being larvesta is 1/18. Means that there are 17 else mons that you can get out of that egg
  3. Trading Center

    Thank you. I've sent you a PM
  4. Found a way to add the hat

  5. Trading Center

    Thank you! just joltik and petilil should be okay, just found out I don't have energy ball for vivillon I'll go offline now since it's 0:30 here it'll be cool if you can PM me when you're finish!
  6. Trading Center

    I want to request a petilil, joltik and a vivillon (yes, for amaria) with good IVs I have a bunch of shinies to offer
  7. Is thunder available yet?



    or i can just wait til final release

  9. E17 request to reach a certain place

    Please refrain from multiple posting Try using the Edit button
  10. looking for the fire bug

    It is still in the mystery egg 1/18. You gotta bet your luck upon starting the game Or simply ask someone to give you one
  11. psychic gym

    How did you get a honedge before desert Anyway once you have sword dance shadow sneak on the aegislash then the gym would be a joke
  12. Lost Exp. Share

    cured pokerus
  13. E17 Thoughts. (Spoilers)

    Personally I think that up until now we rarely wait for a single episode to come out and continue playing the game from the previous one (I replayed my games once a new episode came out), so eventually we wouldn't notice the "whatness" in the previous episodes because after those come the explanation for everything, even the little details (there's a dude found some empty pokeballs in the desert, thrown by a certain trainer). I guess that we'll eventually gets our explanation in the latter episodes, and then everything would make sense.