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    I love Pokémon, acting, writing, traveling, and learning languages! I speak four languages: English, French, Spanish, and Arabic (I'm currently taking Spanish 4 AP in high school!) I'm currently learning German and Japanese. I'm a national level martial artist and a competitive basketball player (I'm on my school's basketball team! I also play the recorder (which is a type of flute). Hope we get to know each other! ;) If you guys think there's anything else I should add, let me know. Also, if you want to be friends or just want to talk, feel free to add me or PM me! :)

    Also, I think I can rap, yeah...

    Also, the song "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani, I think best describes my username and me (Cool Girl, get it!)

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  1. Asahi picks up the feather pan and goggles What the hell is going on?! Asahi thought to herself. She then wears the goggles and picks up the feather pen.
  2. "Yeah...."Althea then declared back. She then thought about her family while she was growing up.
  3. Kadabra
  4. Just in case you haven't heard, R.I.P Chester Bennington. Your music will never be forgotten and the people you've touched with your lyrics and stories will never be forgotten. What a sad day :( 

    1. Smogoon Josh

      Smogoon Josh

      Yeah, even though I wasn't the biggest fan, it is still sad what happened and I wish the best for his friends and family. R.I.P.

  5. Groudon
  6. It's really good! Keep practicing and keep up the good work!
  7. "Who are you?!" Asahi tries to ask calmly the humanoid figure
  8. Althea sighs and with that, she is about to take her leave. But then...she remembered she wanted to ask the council member something...."Councilmen, excuse my intrusion, but if I may, of your parents...human? You and I seem to be the same." And once she got the answer to the question, she leaves the room. Hmmm, might as well buy some stuff while I'm at it Althea thought to herself. She also noticed that she got separated from Richard, but then while she went to the market square to get supplies, she noticed Richard and runs to him: "RICHAAAARRRRRDDD!!!" She then hugs him: "Thank Ioun you're okay!" She then pauses and holds his hands in a gentle way: "I don't blame you for losing your cool, but you can't do that! 'Cause if you lose your cool, then they'll would've won, 'cause you managed to give in to your emotions! I understand you, and I'm just as disgusted by what they did, but it's important that we stay calm!" She then pauses again: "Promise me! Promise me you'll never lose you cool like that!" With that, Althea then changed the topic to something a little more positive: "Oooooo....interesting...I see you're doing a little grocery shopping here. Man, can't wait to get my hands on cooking these. Oh may not know, but I actually know how to cook some things, so leave the cooking to me, okay? " she said very excited Althea then changed the topic again while shopping for her supplies so that she can cook for the others as well: "You know, I went to see the councilmen...about how we can get more info...he said to ask around and hopefully we can get more info on where those hostages might be...." Althea then changed the topic yet again: "Welp, that's all I got! I'm gonna go to the alchemy and medicine shop to get some things. Well....since you're protecting me and all of I did promise to teach some things about medicine and all that....wanna come?" she asked Richard "We can ask around for info while we're at it too if you want"
  9. Oh ok I was just wondering. Sorry....
  10. Bienvenue à Reborn! We hope you enjoy your stay! Hope we get to know each other!
  11. @lifesapity Um....I think you forgot about Althea seeing the councilmen Sorry....
  12. Ugh....this is really frustrating Althea think to herself. "Well, I'm heading back to the councilmen's office. I don't know what to do now 'cause we don't even know where they're keeping the hostages! Gonna have to talk to the councilmen to see what's next?" And with that, Althea went back to the councilmen's office with a knock on the door before entering: "Sorry to bother you, sir" She then sits down. "I have tried to interrogate the prisoners. No matter what we did, they won't budge. We don't know where they're keeping the hostages? What should we do?"