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    I love Pokémon, acting, writing, traveling, and learning languages! I speak four languages: English, French, Spanish, and Arabic (I'm currently taking Spanish 4 AP in high school!) I'm currently learning German and Japanese. I'm a national level martial artist and a competitive basketball player (I'm on my school's basketball team! I also play the recorder (which is a type of flute). Hope we get to know each other! ;) If you guys think there's anything else I should add, let me know. Also, if you want to be friends or just want to talk, feel free to add me or PM me! :)

    Also, I think I can rap, yeah...

    Also, the song "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani, I think best describes my username and me (Cool Girl, get it!)

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  1. [D&D][OOC/Sign-Ups Closed] Valkyria: Scales of War

    Due to circumstances, I will no longer be participating
  2. OOC: 6013 Void Rangers

    Due to circumstances, I will no longer be participating.
  3. What're YOU listening to?~

    Remember the good old times?
  4. Norma is annoyed at herself Great! I'm with these buffoons. Nonetheless she does her best to chime in with her team-mates.
  5. I don't know why but I always get this feeling that Melia is in love with the MC. So yeah, maybe it might go in that direction I don't know.
  6. S3 Redemption Sign-Up Thread.

    Alright finally! Just in time! Here's everything. Sprite: Trainer Card: Grass Theme Team: Thanks!
  7. [Season 3] Redemption League Rate-My-Team

    @Wolfox and @pyrromanis Ok, I will try and make the changes. Question: so you guys say I should go with the first team sample for redemption league? Or which one should I pick in your opinion? EDIT: Based on people's feedback, I have decided to go with the first team sample. Also, thank you for the help. I really appreciate it!
  8. Hey guys would love help and feedback on redemption team pls ASAP: 


  9. [D&D][IC] Valkyria: Scales of War

    "Answer me one thing." Althea then shows the vial of Richard's blood that she has: "Do you know how to revive him?" she asked.
  10. [Season 3] Redemption League Rate-My-Team

    Hey guys, so I built three sample teams, but I'm stuck on them. Also, the reason I built three teams is because I was going to test them all out and see which one is better for the redemption league (singles, doubles, triples...) So yeah, I really could use your help guys in finishing the teams (we can use legendaries so yeah). Also, let me know out of the three which team is better. This is a list of 'mons I'd like to put on the team: https://pastebin.com/Wr2qzUmq And here are the teams: Sample Team 1: Gardevoir - Psyshock - Hyper Voice - Thunderbolt Scizor - Roost - Bullet Punch - U-turn - Defog Donphan - Stealth Rock - Rapid Spin - Ice Shard - Earthquake Hydreigon - Dark Pulse - Fire Blast - Flash Cannon - Draco Meteor Gyarados - Dragon Dance - Waterfall - Crunch - Substitute Sample Team 2: Excadrill - Rapid Spin - Rock Slide - Iron Head - Earthquake Manectric - Switcheroo - Hidden Power [Ice] - Flamethrower - Thunderbolt Gigalith - Stealth Rock - Wide Guard - Rock Slide - Explosion Sample Team 3: Gigalith - Stealth Rock - Wide Guard - Rock Slide - Explosion Garchomp - Fire Blast - Rock Slide - Dragon Claw - Earthquake Gothitelle - Trick Room - Psyshock - Thunderbolt - Taunt Tsareena - Rapid Spin - Trop Kick - Aromatherapy - Synthesis Araquanid - Wide Guard - Toxic - Leech Life - Liquidation