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  1. I tried to open it but is says SaveFileManager.exe has stopped working. I checked to see if I have the visual C++ Runtime installed and I did. I did all the steps it asked me to so I'm not sure why it's not working.
  2. So... I tried to do the multiple save files thing on EP16 and it went like this: First I copied and pasted my save file to my desktop then I created a new game not knowing If I put back the save file (the copied and pasted one) back to my Pokemon Reborn folder it would show up as the one I created earlier and I've spent over 40 hours on the game. I tried to find solutions to fix the problem like go to my saved files but it comes up as a picture instead of those notepad things. If I end up having to start all over again I will cry forever and forever and ever so please help EDIT: Please ignore my pathetic grammar and so on. SECOND EDIT: Thanks for your help!!1! I'm gonna try it out tomorrow since i'm really busy today. THIRD EDIT: So I just wanted to show you guys a picture of my Saved Files because it's different from other people's save files:
  3. Thanks I already have a Pokemon that can learn Magma Drift which is Pyroar (Male) but thanks anyway!
  4. I'm stuck on the part after you get the magma drift and you go back to Tesla villa and then Melia flies away after Valarie comes and say she'll be right back and then I don't know where i'm suppose to go (sorry my English might be weird) (I'm on V6)