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  1. Seal

    ITT: Post a Smash Ultimate Tier list.

    I love the Donkey Kong series + I haven't seen any gameplay of Diddy yet, now that you mention it he'll probably go down a few notches once I get to play the game. Also was kind of pissed off that 2 of the best characters happened to be locked behind a paywall.
  2. Seal


    marshtolp gibke beldymm and raquaza r bad lol katch finnioon is way bettr digimon
  3. Seal

    You're a Banette for one day. What do you do?

    Sow boxing gloves to my hands so I become a fighting type.
  4. My Smash ballot vote became a real character:




    1. Nebulazure


      I was honestly surprised lol. Never would have guessed..

    2. Seal


      Wasn't expecting a joke character this time around, espacially not this one. His gameplay looks unique and fun though, I think I found a new main. The sad thing is that Piranha Plant serves more pupose in the Mario franchise then Waluigi does.

  5. Seal

    Pokemon you wish did not evolve

    I wish Chansey didn't evolve so it couldn't abuse eviolite.
  6. I always name my Venusaur Nettlebane after the dagger from the Elder Scrolls.
  7. Seal

    Unfezant Concept

    I love this idea. This concept could also be utilized if they were to make literal lovebird Pokemon
  8. Hi there, I'm going to start my first playthrough of Pokemon Rejuvenation and I can't decide which starter to pick. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  9. Seal

    Experienced player, new run: Starters

    I'd say pick up Popplio. Good typing, good move-pool and good stats. Make sure it has Liquid Voice for that nice stab on Echoed Voice and Hyper Voice.
  10. I think falling flat on your face the first time you reach a difficult battle is part of the appeal of this game. It encourages me to plan ahead, use Pokemon with moves I'd never use otherwise and expiriment with field-effects. I'd say just give your friend advice on how to defeat the current boss he's facing (for example using Scrafty for Shade).
  11. Well I forgot to refresh the page ignore the thing I said about Amber.
  12. I tried to follow Alistair last night but I failed. I don't think Amber would lie. His statements didn't really tell me a lot when I asked him something so I think he favors not telling certain information over lying about it. Lia your post is odd to me. In an earlier post I justified my night actions and your response seemed acceptant but now you question them.