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  1. Alright seeing as the league's first season is ending soon, here's a popularity poll. multiple choices ofc.
  2. It's finally here!

    It's back! Hope it's better than before you madmen.
  3. What do you look like?

    Here's a picture of me that I took just the other day! Got bored of class and all
  4. A Letter to Reborn

    Commander's right and pretty much highlighted a few points already that I thought about going over but have fun doing your thing again dude :^) also hi welcome to reborn
  5. [Season 3] X-League

    We boutta Mamo TTT this bitch up
  6. Big News!

    Here ya go, gonna need this steel for ariel so I don't get fuckled
  7. Mythos: A-League

    Welcome to the A-League! Also known as the after league of Mythos, it's purpose is simple, which is to provide a challenge for those who beat Aine. @Shinyrio got past first, but thankfully we got past suspects quickly for the most part! Now what do I mean by suspects? CAPs of course, which are from the Create a Pokemon part of SD. After beating the champ, one gets an option of one of these or an extra legend to switch a team member out for! CAP Banlist: Should be all self explanatory, if something comes up, we'll suspect it asap. Next up is what the leaders get, which is all the ou legends/megas that were banned, they get 2 legends max, and since Acera's the only one with an unbanned mega, she'll get that and her 2 legends. -When B4 or above is reached, the leaders obtain uber megas. -The E3 have free picks among their ou-legends (Limited to 2) -Finally the champ has some exclusive caps, but they count for one of her ou-legend slots. She also gets an uber legend of her choice, with the mega not factoring into this (this might be changed if it's too destructive). However, if she goes for a uber legend, she has one ou-legend instead of 2. Now, for the challengers, you get the aforementioned bonuses post champ, but once you reach B4 and up, you have the oppurtunity to get a ubers that isn't banned for one of your mons Ubers Banlist -Bar that, regardless of the party, you are allowed one CAP at most, and one NFE or LC CAP in addition Also there's new brackets. System's the same as regular with completion. Here's a taste down below Edit: Tapu Lele is a Universal Ban, meaning leaders or challengers can't use it
  8. Big News!

    When you said the endgame was gonna be better than S2's : ^ ). Kinda shocking how you thought suspecting Zeraora for a b1 leader was a great idea. Also sure, I love unnecessary powercreeps and so have several of the playerbase so great job on that. Getting serious here, you trying to make it better made it worse and it's shocking on how this is being handled in Discord. I'd say it's worse than pbood2's server but that's unnecessary and plain rude. I haven't received a proper rebuttal to my argument even which is a bit rude imo. Regardless I've lost my trust in some of you lot seeing as the main purpose was either handling threats and how the stars were based on how a mon synergies with the type. Since the * rating it's based on type synergy I want to point out both of steel's new toys don't even need any other legends due to the massive reward they give. Keldeo not being starred is also shocking as well for similar reasons. Dunno why stakataka is starred either due to it's main reason for it's former ban being based solely on "It's god under tr" as far as I was told. I'm pretty sure Helen has a dislike for multis as well, she's barely used it and I doubt she'd change just because she got a wall. Zapdos should be * since it gives electric quite a few benefits although I'm fairly sure it'd give major rewards for the price as well, correct? Finally if there's one thing worth commending, it's the fact that you gave Lucifer his based Protean Gren back, good on that tbh. tl;dr I feel this was hastily done, since it seemed that these mons either took a day or two to suspect and debate for each of them but hey that's none of my business. Add on: Stakataka also dies to any based 4x stab (and nearly any non stab) after rocks and w/out sand storm does not wanna stay in on any special stabs whatsoever.
  9. Where's your Mega Klinklang up in this Klinklang: Steel -> Steel HP: 60 Attack: 100 -> 120 (+20) Defense: 115 ->125 (+10) Sp.A: 75 -> 15 (-60) Sp.D: 85 -> 95 (+10) Speed: 90 -> 110 (20) Made the drops and boosts nice and even. Notable Moves are Earthquake and Iron Head, Earthquake for steels and fires, and Iron Head for a more accurate stab! This is mainly designed to further augment it's Shift Gear sweeping capabilities in a balanced way. While it remains a singular steel type, it only has to deal with 3 weaknesses and the extra bulk, attack, and speed only allow it to set up easier! It has no recovery which limits it but hey, this has to be balanced in some way amiright guys : ^)
  10. Happy Birthday Az, been good to get to know you recently and everything. Also you're still a cuck and a teen mommy. That's all <3
  11. @Wendel @pyrromanis @OtherWendelists Wendelism is supreme and I will not see it's reputation tarnished as one of the religion's saints. GOD SMITE THESE FOOLS!! Also Stepdad help me re-educate this heretics
  12. I am tilted

  13. Mythos League Weekly

    Ayy an interview without you running away. #FreeRolas but solid shit. Also Brick won't shut up about his Rolas, he said something about either stealing Aine and doing odd things to her or stealing them back from Helen.
  14. Mythos League Weekly

    Not even Adara x Lucifer? Amine has the tastes of a plebeian, naturally no wonder they're into lowkey