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      A community-wide Spoiler Lock is in effect for Reborn's Episode 17 until 1/1/18.   Please make sure any content/discussion regarding a new episode is enclosed in spoiler tags until that time. Also be mindful of your topic titles, since they show up on the forum index. For instance instead of "Help beating Adrienn" title it "Help beating new leader"   Thank you for being courteous to your other users!


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  1. Stuck......Help please

  2. So I was going to find Crawli with Val and Venam, when I did finally find Crawli I had went to talk to Venam but I had to go do something really quick, but when I came back I was frozen in my spot and kept hearing the noise when you bumped into something.I tried resetting the game but apparently I accidentally quick save there so now I'm stuck there.....Can someone help me with this?
  3. How to Update to episode 15????

    1. TalkingDinosaur


      Extract all content from Ep 15 update you downloaded into your Reborn folder. Then launch the game and you good to go.

  4. How to obtain Rt