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  1. I started the Forest quest talked to Adriann then when I went inside the train station she wasn't there nor was the forest open when I traveled. I tried restarting the quest and now she doesn't show up in front of the train station at all, and the quest helper says that I haven't started a quest. I included my save file. Game - 1407 - Stebo - 444h 20m - 12 badges.rxdata
  2. Does anyone know where the room opens in the underwater level? I think it is what I am going in but if that is the case there is a bug because nothing is in there except a zap plate.
  3. stebo

    River's End

    Yeah but you need access to River's end to start the quest.
  4. I am stuck in the eastern part of East Gearen City, I got a dialogue of having something to do with Eric and Cameron and then my character moved up 6 spaces and now can't move. I am including my game data. Game.rxdata