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  1. Game keeps crashing

    patch your game
  2. Speed Run Pokemon Reborn

    I'm sorry but you can't call this a "speed run" when using speed up tool and using game time as measure. When you use speed up, your game time will actually be halved. Not to mention that breaks aren't allowed in speed running. In the end it looks like you aren't prepared at all when you're asking people for suggestions on how to do something. If you ever want to do a proper speed run you will need at least months to prepare for everything, sometimes even years. Anyway good luck with this
  3. Everything not fixed will be pixed.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Pμrple


      Not you... come on...

    3. Snowy Amine ( MC Kapper)
    4. Ironbound




      - Viri Solutions Plc

  4. Game.rxdata patch your game Game.rxdata patch your game
  5. Game Froze

    fixed Game.rxdata
  6. Belch mechanics error

    Thank you for reporting
  7. [Resolved]Simon sidequest not there

    fixed Game.rxdata
  8. [Resolved]Simon sidequest not there

    fixed Game.rxdata
  9. you're not bugged. make sure to check all rooms to progress the puzzle
  10. move towards the entrance of this area Game.rxdata
  11. simon quest

    did you talk to simon in tanzan?
  12. stuked in 6th gym

    you need to interact with them again after patching - if you don't see them then leave the area and come back in it