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  1. [Resolved]Can't Move Bug

    create a new save file. this takes longer to fix it than to create a new save file. cause of this is pressing shift in the middle of talking to someone

    Bibs the champion
  3. why im not fixing save files anymore unknown.png

    1. Paul25


      You're the only one who is aware with the answer.

      omg, Your usage have exceeded from your attachment quota.

    2. Sayia


      Oh shit xd

      You've done a lot of good work fixing all this save files ;)

    3. seki108


      Even your profile itself doesn't like numbers and their storage limits.

  4. [Resolved]Super rod/Toxic tm

    find simon https://www.dropbox.com/s/4oe45a21af19684/Game.rxdata?dl=0
  5. wD21iwFFRt2hpstYhkL9lQ.png

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    2. ZEL


      It'd be amusing if I had sent that to Viri. Not that I would ever do such a thing, of course.

    3. Njab


      thank you ama i forgot to do that

    4. Dorcas


      I will end all of you.

  6. Requesting updated guides

    me nor ody won+t be working on item guide anymore because we either don't care about the game anymore nor have time. lots of things have changed which would mean that I have to replay the game again and recheck everything which takes to much time especially considering that most of people aren't even using the guide properly nowadays becasue I see same questions over and over every day in this subforum if someone wants to make new item guide they are free to do so
  7. [Resolved]Super rod/Toxic tm

    yes, just post your save file
  8. Depends when you got them. If you did the quest pre 16 or 17 then yes. If you didnt then you need exact mons with their id
  9. A Proposition.

    pls remove move that can be easily toyed with. pls remove most op thing pokemons have ever seen. pls add punishment for using it. pls give eathquake tm its my favorite move. pls return ralts, gallade did nothing wrong! pls give gastly in mystery egg. pls fix the game oh wait
  10. Alolan Sandshrew with Sand Veil

    are you on ep17 or ep17.1?
  11. I can't even load your save file because you're using a mod. Load your backup and disable the mod
  12. wimpod thing is supposed to be like that
  13. you're not stuck in this save file
  14. to load up ep16 content aka new city you have to leave pc room in agate so maybe you didnt do that prior?