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  1. Game.rxdata Game.rxdata Game.rxdata Game.rxdata
  2. Hey, guys. I'm really sorry for the delay about fixing save files. I've been busy with working on other projects and studying for midtems. I promise you that I'll fix them tomorrow
  3. Where you found Reborn from

  4. Rejuvenation Freezing

    lag is usually related to your system. can't be helped most of the time because we can't be sure what exactly is causing it for you
  5. [E16] Azumarill base stats (error, not bug)

    it's supposed to be 100/50/80/50/60/80 because essential uses hp/at/def/speed/spa/spd @Marcello same problem in 17 pbs files ty for reporting
  6. Did you use patch 10?
  7. Visual bug then, leave tje gym and go back in it
  8. did you download the game to new pc? if so then you're missing your saved games folder. simply create a new game then go to this path C:\users\username\saved games\pokemon reborn and paste your current save file (make sure to replace the save file when asked)
  9. will fix save files later today when I get more time Game.rxdata upload zour game.rxdata Game.rxdata
  10. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

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      Happy birthday, Njab! I hope you have a nice day. :D

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      Happy birthday man :) 

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      Happy Birthday! :) 

      Wishing you a day full of wonderful surprises :D 

      O.o I am wishing you after your birthday has already passed....Ugh