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  1. Pokemon Reborn Walkthrough Discussion

    Yeah its complete as far as game progression goes. Think i got probably 95%ish of all the optional stuff. Was getting burned out working on it , so skipped some stuff like shop lists and field effect info in order to just complete it. It took several months and about 3 playthroughs to make sure it was accurate. I thought it would be tough to complete knowing how complex everything is, but it took far longer than I guessed. Need to format it now, since copy pasting it broke all my spacing.
  2. You can go straight to the Celestian Cascade water gym/home if you want to get the next badge now, otherwise there is 1 new sidequest we can currently do. You can also donate to another project in the Grand Hall now. I recommend the Railnet Reconstruction for an eventual Togekiss reward. (new move tutors in peridot market) Each city has a Blue Sign now that leads to a Railnet. Peony Station has a person that will make Shell Bells for you. Kingsbury Station has a person that will give you a Weakness Policy. Shantytown Station has a person that will trade you a Togepi for a Probepass. Fly to the Grand Hall and talk to DJ Arclight near the entrance inside. You will need to deliver some of the Pokemon you bought from 7th Street. Jasper Ward - Loudred (Lillin) Apophyll Academy - Makuhita (Felicia) Lapis Ward - Roggenrola (Mr.McKrezzy) Peridot Ward - Jigglypuff (Santiago) Lapis Ward - Vanillite (Eustace) Put all the sidequest Pokemon into your party and someone that can use Fly. Fly to Jasper Ward and enter the southwest building. Give Lillin the Loudred by talking to her a couple times. Fly to Apophyll Academy and enter the mid western room in the middle area. Speak to the person inside, then fly back to the Grand Hall to get DJ Arclight's autograph. Return to the girl and talk to her a couple times to give her Makuhita. Fly to Lapis Ward and enter the house next to the Pokemart. Speak with the person inside, then fly to Spinel Town. Enter the building here and speak to the guy inside a couple times to give back the Roggenrola. Form a team of Pokemon before finding the next person. It will include a battle. Fly to Peridot Ward and enter the northern alleyway. Quicksave and speak to 1 of the gang members a couple times to enter a battle. After you win, Fly to Lapis Ward and enter the southwest building to speak with the girl you gave the Loudred to earlier. Give her the Jigglypuff and Fly back to Apophyll Academy. Speak with the girl you gave the Makuhita to earlier and Fly back to Spinel town to speak with the Roggenrola owner there. Quicksave and speak with him again to start a battle after getting his autograph. ======================== MCKREZZY (NO FIELD) INCINEROAR STARMIE FLYGON OMASTAR STARAPTOR ARMALDO ======================= After the battle, you will receive TM15 Hyper Beam. Fly back to Apophyll Academy and give the girl his autograph. You will receive the Headphones in return. Fly to Jasper Ward and give the girl the Headphones. Fly back to Peridot Ward and enter the northern alleyway to speak with the gang member again. After talking to him a couple times, you will learn your next destination: Onyx Ward apartments rooftop. Bring a full team again and healing items. This is one of the most difficult segments of the game. You can try coming back here after the next gym. It gives you a great TM called Scald. You will be fighting 2 battles in a row without a chance to heal. As soon as you exit the elevator, you will be thrown into a doubles battle. My Team: Metagross (Air Balloon), Excadrill (Mold Breaker + Earth Plate), Infernape (Fist Plate), Gyarados (Splash Plate), Swampert (Leftovers), Bisharp (Leftovers) ============================ GANG MEMBER #1 AND #2 WEEZING ALOLAN MUK LICKILICKY ZANGOOSE MUDSDALE TSAREENA =========================== ============== EUSTACE MANECTRIC SCIZOR SHARPEDO ALAKAZAM SCEPTILE ================ After the battle, he will return home in Lapis Ward (next to Pokemart). Bring him the Vanillite from 7th street and give it to him after speaking with him multiple times. After that, return to the Grand Hall and speak with DJ Arclight to get your reward. The Mega-Z Ring, lets you mega evolve Pokemon and use their crystal attacks. You must have the required Mega Stone or Crystal though. Fly to Celestian Cascade and enter the Gym. Enter the northern doors to start it. Grab a Pokemon that can use Surf, Dive and Waterfall for now (theres a PC next to the entrance). Dive into the water and take the southern entrance. Follow it around and keep surfacing in the brighter spots and diving back into the water to reach the northern part of the gym. Speak with Amaria at the top of the gym. She will start swimming around underwater (random location???). You can also jump the platforms south of you to get a warp to and from the gym entrance to here. I think the room that have differently changing colors are the ones that contain her. One of the southeastern paths has TM81 X-Scissor at the end of the pathway. Find her a few times, then she will eventually go back to the top of the gym. MY TEAM: Venusaur, Magnezone, Decideueye, Ferrothorn, Alolan Exeggutor, Roserade - find another team that you don't have to grind ============================= AMARIA (UNDERWATER AND WATER FIELDS) SINGLES OR DOUBLES BATTLE SINGLES: ROTOM WASH LUDICOLO MEGA SWAMPERT KINGDRA WISHIWASH LAPRAS =============================== After the battle, you will receive the Torrent Badge and TM55 Scald. It says you can use Rock Climb now, but its not enabled until the next episode. Thats everything you can do in this episode. Theres still all the online sections of the game that you could give a try while you wait for the next episode.
  3. Some new sidequests popped up after beating Adrienn. Go to the Grand Hall and talk to this guy to donate to a project. https://imgur.com/7Ev7vfE You can only donate to 1 at a time and the next 1 will be available after beating the next 2 gym leaders. The rewards for donating to each one are as follows: ======================== Affordable Living in Obsidia: - GUM Key for Water Treament Center (reward is Goodra) - SOLICE Application (Magma Gang only - Gives Pokemon + holding choice item) - Berries ====================== ====================== Railnet Reconstruction: - Iron Plate - Assault Vest - Weakness Policy - Steelixite - Option to turn Shoal Salt and Shoal Shells to Shell Bells - Togepi trade for Probopass ============================ ======================= Azurine Nature Center: - Toxic Plate - Chikorita - Rocky Helmet - Chimchar trade for Delibird (night only?) - Pinsir + Heracross + Bulbasaur - Fly location added here =========================== I recommend the Azurine Nature Center project. Chimchar will help against the next gym and Bulbasaur will help with the gym after that. You will be able to donate again after you finish the next 2 gym leaders. =================================== Make sure you advance the Corin-Rogue sidequest all the way before leaving: 1. Buy the Pokemon in the Grand Hall to have it stolen 2. North side of Peridot house to locate them 3. Obsidia slums (Scrafty building) battle a trainer where you talked to a box a lot 4. Depending on your gang, talk to someone in north Lapis Ward, or northwest of Spyce 5. Depending on your gang, Defeat a trainer northwest of Spyce, or north lapis ward 6. 7th Street southeast corner has a person selling the Pokemon. Corin-Rouge will steal it and run off. 7. Speak with Police Chief in Jasper Ward (after city is restored?) 8. Battle Corin-Rogue in Malchous Forest, northern Peridot Ward and Azurine Lake west of Coral Ward https://imgur.com/Q8gd0bV https://imgur.com/ZtSycV8 https://imgur.com/9yfvlTt 9. Flowers in back of Coral Ward Gym https://imgur.com/OSScJ3x 10.Talk to Corin-Rogue in northern Peridot Ward again (2x?). He will jump on a train and leave for the desert. 11. Speak with the Police Chief again in Jasper Ward to obtain the Safety Goggles ========================================= Thats all we can do for now. Finish up any remaining sidequests you have or Pokemon you want to catch, then head for the Train Station in southwestern Peridot Ward and head into the desert. You get thrown into a battle with Taka as soon as you get off the train. If you don't, then that means you fought him at the Water Treatment Center. ============================ TAKA (DESERT FIELD) KLEFKI MINIOR GLISCOR ALOLA EXEGGUTOR KOMALA CHATOT =============================== After the battle, let Taka join you to accompany you throughout the desert. Healing your Pokemon after every battle is extremely helpful here. You can even take him inside the optional areas. Its also a fantastic way to level low level Pokemon here if you want to go back to town and grab them (just interact with the sign here). ======================== Sidenote: Taka has tons of interesting things if you just talk to him while traveling throughout areas. His dialog changes depending on the area you are in, so always try speaking with him to learn lots of story bits. ======================= ============== DESERT WILD POKEMON: MANDIBUZZ (SURF) GLISCOR (SURF) SKARMORY (SURF) SHELLOS (SUPER ROD) GASTRODON (SUPER ROD) BRUXISH (SUPER ROD) MAROWAK CACTURNE MARACTUS KROOKODILE EXCADRILL DUGTRIO MANDIBUZZ DARMANITAN HELIOISK HIPPOWDON SKARMORY SCRAFTY ==================== In the southwest corner of the area is a Focus Sash. https://imgur.com/5G2PoFi Go north from that to find some darker colored Palm Trees. These are actually Alolan Exeguttor. You can catch 1 if you want, it will be useful after the next gym. You need to either catch/defeat the one here to climb up to a jumping puzzle to reach TM93 Wild Charge. https://imgur.com/T9ahd2U TM08 Bulk Up is a bit below the northwest corner of the map. https://imgur.com/qVWZvTk The very northwest corner has an entrance to Teknite Cave. If you go north in it, you will see a message saying "The stones shimmer with light...". I think you need Earthquake/Power Gem/Rock Smash/Tailwind to do everything here. ========================== Sidenote: If you are ever lost when traveling through the desert and want to go back to town, you can do 2 things. Fly there (without Taka only) or find the train sign based on landmarks. If you are closer to the southern side of the map, look for this https://imgur.com/ZB2AqI2 then follow the train tracks east and then north. If you are closer to the middle/northern area, then go to the train puzzle and find these tracks on the western side. Follow this path directly south (just south, don't follow the tracks) to find the train sign again. https://imgur.com/yQ1ipdv ================================ In the middle of the desert, slightly west is a Stone Plate. Climb up the hill of sand to jump from a pillar onto the rock its sitting on. https://imgur.com/NeATPsq While traveling throughout the desert, you may find a "mirage". It will be some water with trees around it and a Light Shard somewhere also. If you touch the Light Shard, the mirage will disappear. This actually activates a sidequest for the Mirage Tower to spawn. https://imgur.com/vE9WQSe Activate 3 mirages in a row without leaving the area and the Mirage Tower will spawn in the northeast corner of the map. Make sure you don't touch another Light Shard after the 3rd one, otherwise Mirage Tower will despawn and you will have to touch another set of 3 again. You can find mirages randomly in the southwest, west, southeast and east areas. TM27 Return in northeast corner (is it there with and without the tower?) https://imgur.com/uI8nEH7 Surf behind Mirage Tower (come back later if Taka is with you) and go straight north to reach the cliff. Follow it west and quicksave. Defeat the level 100 Alolan Exeggutor next to the lemonade stand. Search the pot afterwards to find a Dragonium-Z. If you have some item in your inventory this shop sells another thing i think. https://imgur.com/TCN1CNF https://imgur.com/S0xKlbT https://imgur.com/B4nRWix Enter Mirage Tower and start Rock Smashing all the walls (don't kill yourself, come back after healing or use potions or psychic type pokemon?). The last one you smash will let you enter it. https://imgur.com/50UrjfL At the northeastern end, you can find a Mimikyu and Poison Memory. Back to the previous floor puzzle. Push the triangle shaped block into the lighter colored circle. You want both triangle shaped blocks to be on each circle at the same time. Proceed up the northern stairs when you solve it. Solve each floor by following these directions: ================= Next floor: left up 2x left down 2x right 2x ================== ================== Next Floor: right all the way down 2x left 2x down 2x right 2x down left all the way down =================== ================ Next Floor: down 3x right up right 2x up right 2x down 2x left down 2x right ==================== ============== Next Floor: right 5x down 3x right 2x down 3x right 2x left 2x up left 3x down right 3x left ================ ================= Next Floor: left 4x down 3x up right 4x down 4x left 3x up 4x left up 4x down 2x ==================== You will end up back outside, but its an illusion. Fish here for Bruxish and Phione with a Super Rod if you want, then keep heading south to progress. At the end, grab Normalium-Z, TM61 Will-O-Wisp and Aegishlash. Exit the room to be out of Mirage Tower. Head to Sugiline Cave, south of Mirage Tower next. https://imgur.com/VcSZKup ======================== SUGILINE CAVE WILD POKEMON: BOLDORE SANDSLASH DURANT CRUSTLE DUGTRIO HEATMOR MAROWAK DRAPION MARACTUS SCRAFTY GIGALITH CACTURNE CLAYDOL (RUIN) SIGILYPH (RUIN) ======================== Drop down the sand pit in the southwest corner. Climb the ladder and drop down the sand pit in the northeast corner. Go up the ladder and follow the path for a Draco Plate. https://imgur.com/u6jOxOP Return to the entrance by dropping down sand pits. Backtrack to the big room with lots of sand pits and drop down the midwest sand pit. You will land on a cliff. Follow the path up a ladder, then drop down the northern mid sand pit. Climb the ladder to your east and enter the cave opening to find an Arceus Statue. Flip the button and leave back to the entrance. Enter the eastern sand pit this time and climb up the ladder. Drop down the northern mid sand pit, then climb the west ladder to find another arceus statue to activate. Return to the entrance and enter the northwest sand pit. Climb the northern ladder and drop down the sand pit. Enter the middle sand pit at the entrance. Climb up the northern stairs and follow the path. Quicksave and you will end up in a room full of Garchomp statues. As you progress to the northern end of the room, more will become active and chase you. If it touches you, you will get thrown into a fight with a level 75 Garchomp. Good place for quick EXP if you have Taka with you. In the next room, proceed to the northern end and grab TM71 Stone Edge, then activate the Arceus Statue. Drop down the midwestern sand pit and find one of the unique colored rocks to place a Pokesnax on. https://imgur.com/kkfI932 Drop down another sand pit then save and come back to the same sand pit you dropped down from to encounter a Gible. Sidenote: Grab the Aggronite in the southern mid area. https://imgur.com/9Pj38f4 ================ TEKNITE CAVE WILD POKEMON: BOLDORE ARON DURANT LAIRON DUGTRIO HEATMORE SANDSLASH TURTONATOR GIGALITH AGGRON ===================== Use Power Gem in a battle to make crystals spawn in the 2nd room. https://imgur.com/bghOw0t Interact with the northeast crystal to make a wall change color. Use Rock Smash to open it up and proceed through. Keep progressing using Rock Smash, Power Gem and Earthquake to proceed. Take the southwest path when you can and at the end grab TM84 Poison Jab. Backtrack and keep going northeast. ================ TEKNITE RIDGE WILD POKEMON: DURANT HEATMOR TURTONATOR LYCANROC PIDGEOT (MORNING DAY MANDIBUZZ SKARMORY BRAVIARY (MORNING DAY TALONFLAME (MORNING, NIGHT) GLISCOR SANDSLASH (DAY MINIOR (NIGHT) ================= When outside, you will see the message "A shifting draft winds through the peaks...". Use Tailwind in a battle here to make the larger jumps. Grab Field Effect Mountain info at the northern end. https://imgur.com/KthhvE5 Grab the egg in the northeast corner for a Decidueye (5 members or less to take it). Ice Memory in southeast corner. Pidgeotite near entrance. Backtrack and take the northwestern path. At the end, you will find TM98 Power-Up Punch. Only thing left to do is the train puzzle in the mid northern area. ============= TRAIN PUZZLE ============ Enter the train near the middle of the southern side. https://imgur.com/s0xepZg Go north to the very northwest corner, east across some ledges, follow the path and find a rock to Rock Smash at the end. https://imgur.com/MLTX2Vr Backtrack to jump off some southern ledges, then follow the path north to a train you can enter. https://imgur.com/G05sgx7 Activate it to move it out of the way. Jump across a ledge then exit out of the train puzzle to the south. Move a bit east, then enter back into the train puzzle through another train. Run east to find the train you unblocked with Rock Smash. Move it across the tracks. https://imgur.com/bHUvqWa Run a bit northeast to find another rock blocking a train. https://imgur.com/StrAGk6 Backtrack all the way around northeast to find another rock to break (this rock should be broken earlier). https://imgur.com/XDVYilb West of that is another rock to break. (this rock should be broken earlier also?) https://imgur.com/j1p9B0j Go back around and enter the western train you just unblocked. Ride it to a Steel Memory. https://imgur.com/KsCCvRG Jump off the ledges and backtrack to the other train this time. Ride it to another train. https://imgur.com/5pDEIqi Exit south out of the train puzzle, then run north along the western side of the puzzle. You will find another train to enter. https://imgur.com/SM4kQsu Proceed and run southeast to another train. https://imgur.com/Rt4rp6C After that, run straight north to another train to enter and follow the path through multiple trains. Break a rock to the north and then backtrack south all the way around to that train and take it across. https://imgur.com/LyRWmMv Run back to the southwest corner and take a train up. https://imgur.com/GXPWgML In the new area, take the train next to you. https://imgur.com/pZpQ7dw Walk up the rails to the north and jump over some ledges to find another train to take to the east. https://imgur.com/rWH12pc Follow the path southwest to another train. https://imgur.com/t6reHTE Run back east and take the train south again. Exit the area to the east. https://imgur.com/KQBuZzA ===================== DESERT TOWN ================= Sidenote: This is the last time you will get to battle together with Taka. If you want to use him to level up or anything else, do not proceed yet. This is a town area and you can Fly here to and from the rest of the map anytime that you want. If you have been journeying with Taka this whole time, you can now go back to any areas that needed Surf or get any Pokemon you wish to catch. Enter the northern train here to find a PC. If you have already been to Teknite Ridge and found the Surf area, then talk to the girl here multiple times for a Houndoomite reward. Enter the eastern train for a Recovery Unit and a shop (if its daytime? otherwise southeast shop?). Talk to Taka in the southeast to progress if you brought him with you. Quicksave and if you have all caught up on the Corin-Rogue quest, you can find him here on the eastern side. https://imgur.com/g6hNpzr You will have to defeat him in battle. =================== CORIN-ROGUE KLEFKI SANDSLASH DELPHOX LIEPARD CACTURNE MAGIKARP =================== After the battle, pick up the Magikarp. Enter out the south train to progress. When you are back outside, keep heading east. The path will split north and south. North will take you to the next gym. South will take you back to the train puzzle which has some more goodies to grab. Grab the Amulet Coin in the southeast. https://imgur.com/iggAfBZ Go all the way west to find another train to take. https://imgur.com/VkQjzqQ Walk along the rails back up and out of the pit. Backtrack to where you took the train to find TM19 Roost. https://imgur.com/08b0Jt3 Go to the very northwest corner of the train puzzle now to grab that item we saw on the way into the new area. Its another Amulet Coin. https://imgur.com/53UwFDX Thats everything for the train puzzle. Proceed to the gym, or do the optional areas/items/Pokemon. Sidenote: If you were traveling with Taka this whole time, you can now use Surf to get behind Mirage Tower. Go straight up the wall to reach the cliff. Follow it west and quicksave. Defeat the level 100 Alola Exeggutor next to the lemonade stand. Search the pot afterwards to find a Dragonium-Z. If you have some item in your inventory this shop sells another thing i think. Follow the path to the northeast train and keep going until you get to a greenery area. =================== ONCE UPON A SOMEWHERE WILD POKEMON: LILLIGANT AROMATISSE ILLUMISE CINCCINO VOLBEAT RAPIDASH AUDINO DRUDDIGON ESCAVALIER CHANSEY ALTARIA FLORGEST ====================== Its an infinite maze here, but just keep heading north and very slightly east to find some stairs going across the screen. Up the stairs and into a new area. https://imgur.com/p151luB ===================== ONCE UPON A SOMEWHERE (OUTSIDE CASTLE) WILD POKEMON: RIBOMBEE (HEADBUTT) FERROSEED (HEADBUTT) MUSHARNA (HEADBUTT) ALTARIA (HEADBUTT) FERROTHORN (HEADBUTT) LILLIGANT AROMATISSE ILLUMISE CINCCINO VOLBEAT RAPIDASH AUDINO DRUDDIGON ESCAVALIER CHANSEY ALTARIA FLORGES ===================== Enter the castle to be in the next gym. Proceed through it until you wake up sleeping in a tower. Keep going either up or down the stairs reading each of the notes. Eventually, some books will appear near the window. Climb out the window using them. Climb up the castle using the vines. Proceed and you will obtain the Sapphire Bracelets. In the next area, go northwest to find a Dragon Fang. https://imgur.com/ZXbdbno Quicksave and go up the middle path to enter a battle. Depending on if you traveled through the desert with Taka or not, you will be fight either Zekrom or Reshiram. Keep heading north for another scene. Up the stairs you will find a Light Shard next to you. Quicksave, use it and speak with Titania to start the gym battle. Sidenote: You can use the hole above Titania for a shortcut back to the town. Go west to get to town, or jump in the hole to the north to get back to the castle area. My team: Silvally (Fighting Memory) Megnezone Lucario Swampert Excadrill Talonflame magical seeds = win ============================== TITANIA (FAIRY-TAIL FIELD) ALOLAN SANDSLASH EXCADRILL MEGA SCIZOR KLEFKI EMPOLEON AEGISLASH WEAKNESS: ============================== After the battle, you will receive the Alloy Badge and TM91 Flash Cannon.
  4. (turtwig around here???) Fly back to the Grand Hall and speak with Ame. You will need to find Adrienn, Victoria and DJ Arclight. https://imgur.com/EfEEhpp ====================== GRAND HALL SHOP UPDATED ========================== As you may have noticed, the entire city is rebuilt. There are new sidequests, Pokemon, items and things to do everywhere. Pretty much the entire bottom half of the map is changed and you can find new hidden items and other things everywhere you look. I'm gonna start by progressing the plot just a little more, then start doing all the optional stuff. You can find Victoria in Beryl Cemetary. Adrienn is next to their gym in Coral Ward. DJ Arclight is next to the Reborn Nightclub in Obsidia Ward. Go back and speak with Ame after you find them. https://imgur.com/9vTZJWY https://imgur.com/fcAQ2FS https://imgur.com/sFZlneF The next story segment is another point of no return for a while. It has some difficult battles in it, so lets get prepared by doing all the optional stuff now. Grab Igglybuff out of your PC and return to its owner in Peridot Ward (north end). You will receive a Luck Incense and Pixie Plate. Equip the Luck Incense and go battle the repeatable trainers in the Grand Hall to earn money, if you ever need it. https://imgur.com/6GmymA0 (archeops, magnezone, silvally (fighting), BISHARP, Metagross, Alakazam and snorlax are great for the double battle repeatable trainer in the grand hall when power leveling lower level Pokemon) will be getting metagross shortly. Fly to Calcenon and enter the northwest house. Go upstairs and grab the Shiny Charm. If this doesn't happen, its because you didn't say no to Blake when he asked for the ring??? Any other way to get it? https://imgur.com/ddhmxvM You should now have all the Stickers. Go on a shopping spree at the Department Store. ============= DEPARTMENT STORE SHOPS ============= Remember the Corrupted Pokeball we obtained in the Underground Railnet? You can now take it to a person in Critical Capture (Obsidia Ward) and open it. Inside will be a Ralts. https://imgur.com/nDDKvG8 Enter Spyce in Obsidia Ward to start a sidequest. Speak to the chef running around behind the counter, then speak with the other chef next to you. They will want a list of ingredients. Gather the following things: Honey (Pikachu house in northeast route 1, or buy from lapis ward flower shop) Tiny Mushroom (Hidden all over Azurine Island) Balm Mushroom (Malchous Forest) Slowpoke Tail (Person on southwest pier in Coral Ward. he wont take any money for it) White Herb (flower shop next to mall) Stick (southwest shop in 7th sreet) sweet heart (girl in onyx ward school where fern was standing) MooMoo Milk (bring oran berry from 2nd floor mall to milktank on route 1) Energy Root (flower shop next to mall) custap berry (10th floor mall) whipped dream (sweet shop obsidia ward) Shoal salt (all over apophyll beach) Your reward is 2x Leftovers. Go to the Beryl Cemetery and talk to Simon. https://imgur.com/DxspfXi Fly to Peridot Ward and enter this building to talk to Simon again. https://imgur.com/2Ha7ioH Fly to the hidden manor (where you fought Noel for the badge). There will be a fisher on the east side of the lake. Speak with him to start a sidequest. https://imgur.com/rPebk1E Dive into the lake and grab the Metronome in the northwest corner. https://imgur.com/45OqNac South of that, search the body to find it doesn't have an ID tag. https://imgur.com/fIhOvZc In the middle of the area, you can search a body for a Spooky Plate. https://imgur.com/9zwgui7 Return to the Fisher and talk to him for a Super Rod. Have 5 or less Pokemon in your party, then use the Super Rod to fish up some Whiscash standing next to the Fisher. Let him examine the Whiscash, then fish it up again. Show him 3 of them and he will find the ID Tag. Return to Simon to recieve TM06 Toxic. Go back to the Fisher and Surf west to find a cave entrance. Inside you can capture a wild Excadrill. https://imgur.com/VIa9JNG =================== North Adventurine Woods cave ================ Now that you have Dive, we can progress further. Follow the path and Dive into the southwest area. TM56 Fling is near the northern wall. https://imgur.com/iEAc7Bz Rare Candy hiding in a rock below it. https://imgur.com/vu9gmhU Find the hidden entrance in the northeast corner and enter. https://imgur.com/4M92yWb Return to the surface and grab the DeepSeaScale, then exit the area. You can grab a Sharpedonite at the eastern end of this area, now that you have Surf. https://imgur.com/CBpJHrq =================== CHRYSOLIA SPRINGS WILD POKEMON: NOIBAT NUMEL PANPOUR PANSEAR ONIX KECLEON SIMISEAR SIMIPOUR GASTRODON (LAND, SURF, SUPER ROD) CAMERUPT SHELLOS (SURF, OLD ROD, GOOD ROD) BARBOACH (SURF, OLD ROD, GOOD ROD) CLAUNCHER (GOOD ROD) NOIVERN (B1F) DARUMAKA (B1F) TORKOAL (B1F) WHISCASH (SURF, SUPER ROD) QUAGSIRE (SURF, SUPER ROD) CLAWITZER (SUPER ROD) REWARDS: ======================= Next up is Chrysolia Spring. Fly to Spinel Town and backtrack to the forest. Go west to find the cave in the northern cliff (might be blocked by a tree until you run into it). https://imgur.com/63UBuEW Head all the way north. Push the boulder onto the small water sprout nearby. The other one will get bigger. https://imgur.com/aVEstLM Surf across the water and jump onto it to be thrown to the upper elevation. Follow the path, push the boulder down the hole and grab the Red Card to the north of you. Drop down the hole. Go directly north of you to find a Razor Fang. Push the rock where you landed on this floor into the northeast path. https://imgur.com/RBRNubN Push it south when you can onto the smaller water sprout. Take the bigger one up to the next floor. Arrange the boulders like the screenshot here and push this boulder all the way to the water sprout. https://imgur.com/YqSnhTr Take the bigger one up and drop down the hole. Enter the door and find a room filled with steam. You need to use Defog (in battle) here, or just look at my screenshot and try to find the locations. https://imgur.com/yGIAcOc Grab the Flame Orb at the end, then leave. Follow the path to the west and jump off the ledge to be back where you started on this floor. This time push the boulder down the southeast path. Theres a Flame Plate here. https://imgur.com/PoJcCa0 Push it onto the little water sprout at the end, then take the bigger one up a floor. https://imgur.com/dH5byry Push the boulder onto the water spout. (You have to push the boulder around the area starting from the north side, then going around west.) Take the other water spout up and enter another room to use Defog in. https://imgur.com/5d3aExc Grab the Magmarizer at the end, then exit the room. Go back to the bottom floor. Push the boulder down the southwestern path this time. Push it onto the water spout, then take the one that raises up. https://imgur.com/W0s2Obv Push this boulder onto the other small sprout and take the bigger one up. https://imgur.com/Y0A6BU5 Push the northern boulder here all the way to the southwestern water sprout. Take the other one up. Drop down the hole and enter another steam filled room. https://imgur.com/f3Nh5P7 Push the 2 boulders here into the water sprouts, then take the bigger one up. Find TM43 Flame Charge at the top, then drop down the other hole. https://imgur.com/nG4YQVk Return to the starting boulder in this room and push it into the northwest path this time. Push it all the way up and around the area to end up at this spot. https://imgur.com/7kOki0P Take the bigger sprout up to find another boulder pushing puzzle. After pushing this boulder onto the sprout, take the bigger one up and enter another steam filled room. https://imgur.com/Kwz4hit Grab the Cameruptite at the end, then you can leave the cave. ========== METAGROSS ========== Deposit all your Pokemon into the Pokecenter, except someone that can use Fly. Fly to the Byxbysion Wasteland (bring a Data Chip from 7th Street vendor) and enter the gym. https://imgur.com/3QORDWy You will find a broken healing machine. Insert the Data Chip to fix it. MAKE SURE TO HEAL AT THIS MACHINE. https://imgur.com/cPmJUgP Fly to the Route 1 Nature Center. Hop on a Tauros, then go into a battle and let your Pokemon faint. You will return to the Byxbysion Wasteland gym, while still riding on the Tauros. Withdraw your Pokemon and someone that can use Flash, Strength and Rock Smash. Ride south (make sure you have like 25+ Pokeballs from critical capture and ultra balls) to the secret tunnel here. https://imgur.com/qbHj28l Take the path behind the western tube and follow it to this room. Push the rock west and exit out the northern side to be outside again. https://imgur.com/QX4XBlL Grab TM94 Secret Power and hop up the ledges to enter another cave. Quicksave and interact with the machine at the end to catch Beldum. https://imgur.com/Z2ctCY2 Go to the small Pokecenter in Peridot Ward. Talk to the old man by the fountain to start a sidequest. https://imgur.com/f8eAlde Theres a Gooey Mulch in the park in Beryl Ward. https://imgur.com/ZK7isNq Stable Mulch in a park in Lapis Ward. https://imgur.com/o9cuKZd Growth Mulch in a park in Obsidia Ward. https://imgur.com/yfA3nsR Damp Mulch in Period Ward (south of gym). https://imgur.com/v7phDMg Return the 4 Mulch to Seacrest. He will give you the Yureyu Key and Insect Plate. Talk to the person next to him to get a Decidium-Z. Go to Beryl Ward and head for Shade's Gym. You will find someone outside of it. Speak to him a couple times and show him the Yureyu Key. He will give you a Zap Plate. Enter the gym. https://imgur.com/euXHD4h Head for the east side and enter the door at the end. You will find a Magnet and TM95 Snarl. https://imgur.com/DLnoIVa Now enter the west side of the gym and enter the door at the end. Defeat all the Eletrodes to activate the machine. Interact with it to catch Rotom. You can also take Magneton and Charjabug to either the west or east rooms to evolve them. Take Rotom to this house in Ametrine to change his form. Requires a Data Chip. https://imgur.com/fnuTJYm Fly to celestine cascade and enter the mountain from the western entrance. go up a floor and use the super rod here to fish up a shellder. https://imgur.com/pMnpXhu TM59 Brutal Swing in Pyrous Mountain. Go up the stairs to find a boulder to push into the hole, then drop down. https://imgur.com/eMLUREv Tepig will be there and run away when you interact with him. Go down to bottom floor to find Tepig again where you drain lava. https://imgur.com/b6xg5a8 Find him on top of mountain to catch him. Use your Super Rod to fish up a charmander also. https://imgur.com/deIfZDR https://imgur.com/SDGWoiv Go to the Coral Ward and enter this house. Talk to the girl to take another quiz. https://imgur.com/4G7SCbH Answers: 15 30 23 0 42 Any number is correct Your reward is Field Effect Fairy Tale Field. ===================== FAIRY TALE FIELD =================== Go to the piers now and dive into the water behind the lighthouse (the 1 touching the pier). https://imgur.com/swb3fC1 Go south and return to the surface. Climb up the ladder to find a Coral Key and an Electirizer. Return to the surface and surf north to the other lighthouse. Unlock the door and go inside. https://imgur.com/aWf6zuk Quicksave and Dive into the water for a battle. Popplio will join you afterwards. Grab the King's rock hiding in a rock and TM68 Giga Impact. https://imgur.com/qCM7AGJ Bring 25+ repels if you want to avoid the random encounters in this section. Start surfing west and on your north you will find a Fist Plate. https://imgur.com/lwTIRKy Fly to Peridot Ward and go to the section before the Underground Railnet to find more water to Surf on. https://imgur.com/iVZ8xui Follow the path and at the end you will find TM47 Low Sweep. Fly to Apophyll Academy and go to Apophyll Cave. https://imgur.com/ETpOMSN Go northwest up the small opening and continue north when the path splits. At the end you will find another King's Rock. https://imgur.com/orQudgl Go back to the path split and keep heading east to find a Sky Plate hiding in a rock. https://imgur.com/jA4uZfy https://imgur.com/9zV1Dq9 Quicksave and be careful of the middle island here. There is a powerful random trainer standing on it (you don't get anything special for defeating her either). https://imgur.com/amVDes6 If you go to the northwest corner of the middle island, you will find a dive spot you can surface in on the other side of the rocks. Just dive near it, then resurface in the brighter area to get over there. The hidden item at the end is a Level Ball. https://imgur.com/Arsl81Q Go inside the cave to see a message saying "A chill settles in the air". https://imgur.com/I5QBZMk Bring a Pokemon with Blizzard here. Defeat the Pakamakyu and grab TM40 Aerial Ace. Go up the waterfall and the western path has a Razor Claw. Go up another waterfall to find an Icicle Plate hidden in a rock. Now get into a battle and use Blizzard. It will turn the water to ice. https://imgur.com/SUbcrXR Enter the western part of the cave. Grab the Alorichium Z and the Audinite. Leave the cave and go Dive into the water again. Azurine Lake has a lot of hidden items underwater. You will find Keys in houses to unlock other houses across the lake. Its 1 giant puzzle. The section you are currently in contains the Kingsbury houses. Make sure you have the following before leaving: Diamond ring (southwest house) https://imgur.com/ZgP0mTe Oval Charm (resurface and go to the southwest dive spot from diamond ring location) https://imgur.com/QdnhDBy K5 Key (north of diamond ring) https://imgur.com/nm9mJUi K22 Key (east of K5 Key) https://imgur.com/ud1Qbyv Splash Plate (north of K22 Key) https://imgur.com/v4PXjwx K2 Key (northwest of K5 Key) https://imgur.com/FFSfJWV F10 Key (north of K2 Key) https://imgur.com/eULKJxp Macho Brace (east of f10 key) Return to the surface and fly to Apophyll Academy. Go to the eastern side of the beach and surf straight north. Keep following the path until you see this opening to go through. https://imgur.com/rYSdgBJ Keep following the path until you see this small Dive spot. Go down and grab TM16 Light Screen. https://imgur.com/CqEgUTo Return to the surface and backtrack to the bigger dive spot. This is the Sunrise section of houses. Go down and make sure you find the following items before leaving: S12 Key (directly next to you when diving down) https://imgur.com/T5Lp1hc K33 Key (northwest of S12 Key) https://imgur.com/jG1yTXH Resurface in the northwest corner to be in a new area. Continue northwest to find a Water Stone. https://imgur.com/oagu3lr Go northeast through the small opening by the Water Stone to find another new Dive spot. This is still the Sunrise area of houses. Grab the following before leaving: S4 Key (eastern house) https://imgur.com/yhLIC0Q TM 44 Rest (western house) https://imgur.com/VJlf1yX Resurface and fly to Apophyll Beach again. Go east and surf along the eastern edge towards the north (not towards azurine island). Follow the path and find a Sun Stone along the way. https://imgur.com/hmutAet Keep going and Dive in this new area to find the Fareview houses. Grab the following before leaving: Thick Club (north of where you dive in) https://imgur.com/ELfJn4M F34 Key (north of Thick Club) https://imgur.com/fj3KZYV Eviolite (east of F34 Key) https://imgur.com/q3X0Hx8 F14 Key (southeast of Eviolite) https://imgur.com/J9Xx63G F1 Key (southwest of F14 Key) https://imgur.com/XeGZBNG S9 Key (north of F1 Key) https://imgur.com/qa2gK9I TM28 Leech Life (north of S9 Key) https://imgur.com/ZkABqmc Resurface and fly back to Apophyll Academy. Surf southeast, then head to the top of Azurine Island. Go north following the western wall of rocks. You will come to a small Dive spot. https://imgur.com/yOqTB2W Grab the following before leaving: Primirium Z (west of dive spot) Field Effect Underwater (same house west of dive spot) ================== UNDERWATER ==================== Resurface and check the rock in the northwest corner to find a Weakness Policy. https://imgur.com/wD8QvvG Fly back to Apophyll Academy. Surf directly north from the Academy and shortly you will find a small cave to enter on the water. https://imgur.com/t3y7PJE Grab a Focus Sash hiding in a rock and a Macho Brace near that. https://imgur.com/amX61Mx Fly back to Apophyll Beach and head northeast back to the Sunrise houses. Dive down in the northern section of Sunrise. Grab the following before leaving: Enter the middle house for Glatitite https://imgur.com/5bYM2OE Surf to the northwest and Dive into the Kingsbury houses section again. Mudkip (K33 house near middle. need antidote) https://imgur.com/N8unJEO https://imgur.com/NFuNoNZ Fly to Beryl Ward. Enter the library here and go into the western room. https://imgur.com/xpbi1A0 Interact with the books in the following order (it does not make a noise when you interact with them): Green Red Purple Yellow Blue White https://imgur.com/HCZBajS The bookcase will slide open revealing a secret room. Enter to find Field Effect New World info and TM22 Solar Beam. ====================== NEW WORLD =================== Fly to Jaspar Ward and enter this house west of you. https://imgur.com/OTz4uQI Speak to the girl inside to receive Classified Information. Fly to Peridot Ward and enter this northern house next to the alleyway. https://imgur.com/lUKCsjQ After the battle, you will receive a Pink Pearl. Grab the Mind Plate and fly to Coral Ward and enter the northwest warehouse. Speak to the girl with the Spoink. She will give you a Crystal Ball. https://imgur.com/Zla3tVZ Fly to Jasper Ward and quicksave. Try to enter the eastern house for a difficult battle. https://imgur.com/dX89Bfp ====================== ACE TRAINER MADDIE AND MATTIE ABSOL AMPHAROS INFERNAPE KABUTOPS TYPHLOSION DHELMISE GOLURK SLOWKING ======================= After the battle, enter the northern room inside to find TM51 Steel Wing. Go upstairs and speak with the girl. You will receive the R Key. Fly to Peridot Ward and enter the northwest factory where you and Amaria broke into long ago. https://imgur.com/UWf7oyf Head down the northwest stairs and find Randall. https://imgur.com/gzMslkw Give him the R Key for a Klefki. On the Klefki he gave you, it will come with a Sanctum Key. Take it off the Klefki and go to 7th Street. Enter the house with the PC and Healing Machine first. https://imgur.com/Q3xBtS3 You can go down the northwest ladder now. Grab TM58 Sky Drop and return to 7th Street. Enter the building northeast of that to get back to the Sanctum. https://imgur.com/2MJpMCl Go into the southern room and enter the western door that was locked. Grab the Dark Material and Field Effect Holy Field info. You can read the book on the table for some very interesting story relevance. ===================== HOLY FIELD ==================== Return to Lapis Ward and Fly to Vanhanen Labyrinth. Enter Iolia Valley and bring someone that can use Surf and Waterfall. Head east into the water as soon as you can and up the waterfall. Interact with the crystal and Rock Smash the wall open. Follow the path and grab the Dark Material. Fly to Jasper Ward and go west into the Malchous Forest. Theres a lot of berries to gather here and a couple items. Grab a Rare Candy in the southwest corner and a Balm Mushroom west of that. Go to Beryl Ward and west into Rhodochrine Jungle. Grab a Meadow Plate and TM01 Work Up from the middle area. https://imgur.com/PluMdSo https://imgur.com/U2dTDuA Inside the cage you were trapped in, is a Dread Plate. https://imgur.com/bwmcZUG Now enter the eastern cave. Inside you will find a Rock Memory. Enter the western cave. Interact with the invisible wall to start a sidequest. Invisible objects will be all over Beryl Ward now also. Fly to Obsidia Ward and enter the Silph CO building. Speak with a person in there and we will finish after progressing the main story. https://imgur.com/i0vc7PE (7th street got a new move tutor???) lets start another sidequest. Depending on the gang you chose, talk to the leader in the northeast or southeast corners of 7th Street. We need to get everyone job applications from various places, then bring them back here. Go grab the following if you joined Aqua Gang: Apophyll Academy (talk to girl in pokecenter room) Sweet CO (northwest obsidia ward building) Beryl Ward Library (application on counter inside) Silph (nothern obsidia ward building) contruction at train station after next gym battle Razzie: Sweet CO Application DeFacto: Beryl Library Application Pierce: Apophyll Application Mannie: Construction Application (must progress storyline first) Archer: Silph CO Application Your reward will be a Litten holding a Choice Specs. ============================================================================ Magma Gang applications: Spyce (north obsidia ward) Medicine (building next to department store in obsidia) Nightclub (north obsidia ward) Circus (application on counter next to tent) Solice (after next gym battle, choose to renovate the obsidia slums) Kriz - Spyce Application Break - Medicine Application Nihil - Nightclub Application Darm - Circus Application Maxwell - Solice Application Your reward will be an Oshawatt holding a Choice Band. ====================================== Metal Coat in Tanzan depths. https://imgur.com/P26mf2g Up-Grade west of it. https://imgur.com/mrga6fX Go inside Corey's gym in Beryl Ward and back to the secret room. Use the Silver Card on the card scanner. A hidden entrance will open in the wall above you. You can find a Toxic Orb and diary inside. https://imgur.com/8vsdySH Go to the upper floor and you will see someone that looks like Corey there. Head to the Factory in Peridot Ward that got renovated. Head to the end to find Corey again. https://imgur.com/TfqdQDR Head to the Magma Gang hideout to find him again. He will turn into a Zorua for you to catch. Go to Peridot Ward western side to find some new shops. EV Reset Discs and Move Tutors. https://imgur.com/0tfLYGe ============== SHOPS + MOVE TUTORS =============== I change up my team a lot here, because of all the new Pokemon we got. My team is Excadrill, Silvally (Fighting), Swampert, Reuniclus, Alolan Muk and Rotom (Heat). I equip Leftovers and attack boosting items on the Pokemon. Head to the Underground Railnet where you need to use Flash to see the room (west part of train tracks puzzle). Bring some Ultra Potions/Full Restores/Full Heals/Revives/Cotton Candy and Common Candy. Always good to come over-prepared when its a point-of-no-return for a while. In the northwest corner of the dark room, you will find Victoria and DJ Arclight. https://imgur.com/L3XZUYy Speak with DJ Arclight to proceed. Go upstairs and enter a battle. Go up more stairs to continue. Enter the southern room and grab the Radio Transciever. https://imgur.com/3O0j1vC Go back in the previous room and go up the stairs. Press the A button to switch the tilesets for this puzzle. You want to walk on the lighted up ones, otherwise you will take damage. Your Ground type Pokemon will not take any damage from this, due to them being immune to Electric damage. Just take it slowly, and keep switching tilesets every couple steps to advance. Keep progressing up the stairs and past the puzzles. Eventually, you will be stuck in a small room with a Healing Machine and a PC. Be careful about saving in this room. You can't get out if this area anymore without going through some difficult battles. If you already did save and find yourself stuck, you have a couple options. First, you can just reload an old save file, or you can just try going as far as you can while getting EXP and leveling up without reloading if you lose. Enter the next room to face Victoria. ============================= VICTORIA (FACTORY FIELD) MIENSHAO LUCARIO GALLADE TOGEKISS ALOLA RAICHU INCINEROAR ============================= After the battle, proceed up the northern stairs. Turn on/off the machines to reverse the direction of the floor panels they are next to. Keep doing this to proceed throughout the area. In the northern part of the room, you will find the circle floor panels again. Just keep running through each one to proceed up the stairs at the end. Quicksave and enter the next room for a fight against DJ Arclight. ============================== DJ ARCLIGHT (FACTORY FIELD) LUXRAY NOIVERN RAICHU EXPLOUD JOLTEON MEGA AMPHAROS ================================== Proceed up the stairs to continue. Grab Pulse info in the middle of the room and progress up the stairs to the north. https://imgur.com/pVmpDLb After the scene, continue up the stairs for 1 more puzzle room. Grab the Light Shard and quicksave before you enter the northern stairs. -could bring a move to get rid of screens -excadrill mold breaker + rapid spin + earthquake = win ============================== ZEL (FACTORY FIELD) AURORUS GLACEON ESPEON UMBREON ALAKZAM PULSE MAGNEZONE ============== After the battle, speak to Zel, then leave. Interact with the machine and exit west. Activate another machine and exit west again. Return to Coral Ward and speak with Adrienn inside of their gym. You will need to find volunteers to help. Finding 5, 10 or 15 gives different rewards. 5 doesn't give a reward (i think?. 10 gives Wise Glasses. 15 gives Ability Capsule, Star Piece and Wise Glasses. 1. Speak with the girl in the tunnel between Coral and Obsidia Wards. https://imgur.com/c6FrWFh 2. South side of Obsidia Ward is a guy with yellow hair. https://imgur.com/h8n7vBp 3. Obsidia Ward eastern wall near park has a girl to speak with. https://imgur.com/PobgBdE 4. Onyx Arcade has a guy with yellow hair to speak with. https://imgur.com/ElxaKek 5. Enter Obsidia Ward from Opal Ward and head south into an alleyway. Speak with girl. https://imgur.com/5a6AHBn 6. Speak with guy with glasses near Grand Stairway in Opal Ward. https://imgur.com/CBm6v0U 7. Lady in a Lapis Ward park. https://imgur.com/wrOHtPn 8. Guy near Train Station in Peridot Ward. https://imgur.com/l3aLHJT 9. Boy with blue hat in a Peridot Ward building. Found Kricketot there earlier in game https://imgur.com/NZqbjeG 10.Girl in alleyway in Peridot Ward. West of Kricketot building. https://imgur.com/rA3e07Z 11.Homeless Shelter in Peridot Ward. Speak to a guy on a couch. https://imgur.com/PoUgUc3 12.Jasper Ward building west of Police Station. Speak with girl inside. https://imgur.com/XCrVb4M 13.Girl on Beryl Bridge. https://imgur.com/lb783Vj 14.Boy west of Beryl Gym. https://imgur.com/cOPr8nV 15.Beryl Library boy. Do Silph Scope sidequest if you can't enter yet. https://imgur.com/TpqEPj0 Silph Scope Sidequest: Enter Devon Corp building again to find some items and continue the sidequest. Go up the stairs and fight a battle to get back to the final room. Grab Electric Memory, Devon Scope Model and TM82 Dragon Tail before leaving. https://imgur.com/mTY8faq Return the Devon Scope to the girl in the Silph building. You will be rewarded with the Silvon Scope. https://imgur.com/XSvIt3e Talk to Beryl Library boy now if you haven't. Enter Rhidocrine Jungle and enter the western cave. Quicksave and interact with the invisible Kecleons to start a battle. https://imgur.com/UFF8V9M After the battles, open the cage, grab the Treecko and TM33 Reflect. Go back and speak with Adrienn after finding all the volunteers to start your gym battle. My team was: Alolan Ninetails, Reuniclus, Rotom (Wash), Alolan Muk, Excadrill, Metagross =================================== ADRIENN (MIST FIELD) GARDEVOIR GRANBULL (MAYBE SWITCH IN METAGROSS AFTER CUZ OF INTIMIDATE) MEGA MAWHILE TOGEKISS WHIMSICOTT FLORGES ================================== After the battle, you will receive the Amaranth Badge and TM99 Dazzeling Gleam.
  5. Now that you are able to use Waterfall outside of battle, you can go help Titania and Amaria south of their gym. Theres a few Pokemon we can grab before doing that though. Enter the Celestian Cascade though the southern entrance using Surf. Go west as soon as you can and then south across the sliding puzzle. Find TM21 Frustration at the end of the path. Return to the sliding puzzle and head north, west, then south down a waterfall. Find a boulder to push west here. https://imgur.com/EFxSp2R Go back up the waterfall and west to slide down the new path you just made. You can catch Corey's Stunktank here, if you have the Silver Ring. Grab the Silver Card behind it, then backtrack and exit up the northwest ladder. https://imgur.com/cSoXlsw Follow the path, go up a waterfall and go west onto land when you can. Grab the Prism Scale, then continue going up waterfalls. https://imgur.com/IyZR3mD Grab the Amplified Rock, Grass Memory and TM23 Smackdown at the end of the path. Return all the way back to where you surfed into the Celestian Cascade from. Take the southeastern waterfall down this time. Follow the northern path when the path splits between north and south, then grab TM69 Rock Polish at the end. Backtrack to the Celestian Cascade entrance again and head straight north up the waterfall. https://imgur.com/P7qyqOP You will see Sneasel to your east. Surf up another waterfall and go use Rock Smash on the rock its nearby to catch him. https://imgur.com/4iNJQJM Go back down the waterfall, then west across the ice puzzle. Push the boulder west, go back up the waterfall and head southwest to go across the new path you made. https://imgur.com/pPW1WV0 Dive and find a hidden entrance at the end of the path. https://imgur.com/vPxg9gO Keep following the path and When it splits east and west, go west first to find a DeepSeaTooth at the end. https://imgur.com/OU23tdM There is another hidden entrance in the same room. https://imgur.com/o1VyFSC Next room has a hidden entrance in southwest corner. (i think lapras is here on Fridays also) https://imgur.com/3Vuscg6 Link Stone hiding in a rock here. https://imgur.com/Z5npW8g At the end of the path is an Abomasite. Backtrack all the way to the path split. Head east this time. Go north across an ice puzzle when you can. Dive underwater and find a hidden entrance in the southwest corner. https://imgur.com/QTldZ5V Follow the path to the end to find TM05 Roar. Backtrack to the ice puzzle and head west this time. You will find Totodile jumping in and out of the water at the end. This is difficult. You have to interact with the spot that he jumped out of, just as he is about to head back into the water from his jump. You will get into a battle with him if you manage to do it successfully. https://imgur.com/8wlwYQ9 Use an escape rope, or head back to the entrance. Climb up a few waterfalls to the north. When you change maps, head to the southwest and Dive into the water. Surface in the northeast and climb a waterfall. Head east to find an ice puzzle. If you ever make a mistake here, climb down and back up the waterfall to reset it. At the end, head north up the waterfall. Grab the Water Memory and TM67 Smart Strike. If you go fishing with the Good Rod here, you can catch Feebas and Clauncher. Done with everything in here. Leave out the southern entrance and head straight south down the waterfall to progress the story. https://imgur.com/m4r2tR0 ========================= WATER TREATMENT CENTER WILD POKEMON: GULPIN GRIMER SWALOT ALOLAN MUK ======================== Follow Titania south into the next room. Jump across the rocks and activate the machine to lower the water level. In the southeast corner of the room, you will find Field Effect Murkwater Surface info. https://imgur.com/MsAfQ1Y ====================== MURKWATER SURFACE ====================== Exit east and speak with Titania a couple times and give her a Candy. Jump across the rocks west and turn off the machine. Jump across east and turn off that machine. Push the 2 northern rocks east to form a new path to jump across. Turn back up the water level and jump across north. Turn off the machine up here and head east. Push the rock here, then activate the machine in the northeast corner to raise the water level. https://imgur.com/Zq0Cl7x After Titania jumps across, lower the water level and exit southeast. Push the rock here, then raise the water level in the northwest corner. https://imgur.com/QxPIsTh After Titania jumps across, lower the water level and push the rock here. https://imgur.com/GoKEoxe Raise it again for Titania to advance. Lower it and exit south. Turn off the machine, head west and lower the water level. Return to where you just came from and go down the stairs. Push the rocks here and raise the water again. https://imgur.com/vcGMJdO Jump across the new path and turn off the machine. Lower the water level and exit in the southwest corner. In the new room, exit west and turn off a machine. https://imgur.com/LTDOsU8 Backtrack into the northern room where Titania went. Push the rocks here, raise the water level and exit west. https://imgur.com/ntmsAYc Jump across and turn off the machine here. Grab the Quick Ball and Pulse info, then enter the northern room. Grab the Cell Battery, equip it onto your lead Pokemon, then quicksave and examine the Pokeball in the northeast corner. If the Electrode hits you with an electric attack while holding the Cell Battery, it will activate the machine in this room. Examine it after the battle to receive a Fennekin. Exit and enter the western room. Lower the water level and push the rocks here. https://imgur.com/Af6U975 Raise the water and jump across to turn off another machine. Lower the water again and continue east. Grab the Beryl Grid Key on the table and exit south. Lower the water level here and head west (you have to go all the way back around). You can find a Black Sludge here before leaving. https://imgur.com/GFnEQB1 Exit southwest to meet with Titania again. Unlock the northern door and continue. After Titania gets stuck, go back to the jumping puzzle and push the rocks here. https://imgur.com/c1fwv2O Go back up and Titania will raise the water level for you to jump across. Push the next set of rocks here and jump across. Exit in the southwest corner. https://imgur.com/OcD768e Follow this path all the way east and turn off a machine. Continue east and turn off both these machines to find a Pulse. Prankster Murkrow Perish Song = win. After the battle, raise the water level to get clean water in this room. We need to do this for every room to proceed. Continue east and raise the water level. Surf east to find TM39 Rock Tomb. https://imgur.com/rIkGddS Exit northeast and raise the water. Surf north and grab TM37 Sandstorm. https://imgur.com/aOuIng5 Exit southeast. Raise the water and exit southwest 2x, then north. Raise the water here and exit west. Raise the water in this room and exit north. Raise the water here, then exit south and then west. Again, raise the water in this room. Surf around to grab the Scope Lens, then exit to your northwest (not the corner exit). https://imgur.com/xnPeQB0 Take the east path and speak with Titania. She will raise the water here so you can surf into the northwest corner and take the path east. Turn off the machine here so Titania can join you. ===================================================== WARNING This is the only place in the game (as far as I know), that a major plot point is going to have a big split path. If you fight Taka here, or don't fight him, it will decide what path you take in the future. I HIGHLY recommend NOT to fight him here. It will make an area later on in the game much easier and lots of great story bits with him. If you do fight him here, he won't even show up in that section. ================================================================ After the story progresses, return to the entrance. Take the waterfall back up and out of here. A major battle and one of the most difficult in the game is about to take place when you return to their home/gym. On the way to their home/gym, Florina will give you TMX2 Fly (you can't use it until the next badge). Enter to be thrown into a series of difficult battles. If you don't care about losing some money, this series of battles is also a fantastic way to level up any low level pokemon. I think if you grab the Light Shard here, you can continue here after losing, but if you ever heal at the Circus, you will never be able to restart inside the gym again. Restore an earlier save in this case. You can also just buy some Potions/Pokeballs/Cotton Candy from the Circus to spend all your money, so you don't end up wasting any. =================================================================================== My team was: Vanilluxe, Reuniclus, Snorlax, Talonflame, Escavalier +1 extra - try using amoongus, lucario, magneton, hawlucha, clefable, florges, cof next time GRUMPIG LEAVANNY VILEPLUME GOLEM MANECTRIC MACHAMP SALAZZLE PURUGLY NOCTOWL WALREIN HAXORUS DECIDUEYE STARMIE ALOLAN SANDSLASH SCIZOR WEAVILE MAMOSWINE KROOKODILE GYRADOS ROSERADE RHYPERIOR WHISCASH SCIZOR TYRANITAR EXCADRILL MANDIBUZZ GYARADOS GARCHOMP SLOWBRO TOUCANNON MAGNEZONE ========================================================== After the battle, go outside and talk with Titania. Go back to the circus and talk to Samson in the tent. You will recieve Battle Pass Suspension. Talk to Ciel to start the next gym fight. My team was Gigalith, Reuniclus, Snorax, Magneton, Archeops, Vanilluxe ================================= CIEL (BIG TOP ARENA) TOGEKISS MINIOR GLISCOR NOIVERN ORICORIO (BAILE STYLE) ALTARIA (MEGA) ================================== After the battle, you receive the Suspension Badge and TM62 Acrobatics.
  6. Go southwest of the Pokecenter to find the bridge guard. Give him 40,000 to repair the bridge here. https://imgur.com/vyhzNGg After repairing it, keep going and in one of the eastern paths you will find find a cave to enter. Inside grab the Electirizer, Magmarizer and Ghost Memory. Go back to the city and enter the school. Give the teacher the Magmarizer for a Magby. Enter a northern house and give the guy the Electirizer for an Elekid. Now that you can use Dive, go back to the giant frozen wall blocking your path in the mountain and use Dive to get around it. Go straight west when you enter the mountain. Slide across the ice to the north and Dive to proceed. Follow the path until you run into the source of the problem. https://imgur.com/fOnJbAs After the battle, proceed northwest. Follow the path along sliding ice puzzles until you get outside into Ametrine City. =================== AMETRINE CITY WILD POKEMON: SNOVER ALOLAN VULPIX BERGMITE PILOSWINE BEARTIC DRAMPA ABOMASNOW (MORNING DAY) AMBIPOM (MORNING DAY) FURFROU VANILLISH ABSOL (DAY NIGHT) NOCTOWL (NIGHT) ================== Go west and speak with Shelly. Enter the house north of you and interact with the computer. You will receive Field Effect Glitch Field info. =================== GLITCH FIELD =================== Go to the southeast corner of town and enter the house next to the Pokecenter. Quicksave, speak with the guy and interact with the computer. You will receive a sticker after the battles. Slide across the ice puzzle to the south. At the end of the path you will find TM46 Thief. Speak with everyone standing around the sliding ice puzzle, then enter the house northwest of you to continue the plot. You will receive Battle Pass Gravity afterwards. Go outside and talk to Shelly again. Head to the north section of town and enter this building. Go upstairs to find Blake again. https://imgur.com/JWMQ5JK MAKE SURE TO KEEP SAYING NO TO BLAKE AND SHELLY. You will lose out on getting a Shiny Charm in the future, if you say yes now. Saying yes to Blake will get you TMX5 Waterfall now. If you say no, then leave the building for a scene and go back to Blake's room. (you will get TMX5 Waterfall shortly if you said no). Interact with the Game Console to get a Program Disc. Check the trash can next to it for a head of a key. Examine the drawers in the southern portion of the room for a handle of a key. Go back to the cabinet in the northwest to get a power cable. Go to the computer now and interact with the left side of it a few times, then the monitor. Enter in this password: 5083164 Go back to Shelly and follow the path. Find Shelly again and speak with her. Inside the small room, open then case for a Flying Memory. Backtrack to the town. Head to the northwest section this time. Keep progressing up the mountain here. When the path splits, take the eastern path for TM49 Echoed Voice. Quicksave before you enter the cave at the end. If you said yes to Blake earlier, you won't have to fight the upcoming battle. =========================================== METEOR ACE ASTER (SNOWY MOUNTAIN FIELD) SOLROCK GOLURK LYCANNROC x3 PASSIMIAN ================================= After the battle, you will receive TMX5 Waterfall (if you said no to Blake earlier). Continue north for another battle. I go and grind some levels for Pokemon before fighting Blake. Theres some optional stuff we can get on the way back to the Circus also. If you go back to where you found the Pulse, keep backtracking south of it. Surf around and in the southwest corner, you will find a large dive spot. Go all the way to the southeast corner here to find Snowy Mountain field info. https://imgur.com/mHxIoBT ====================== SNOWY MOUNTAIN ====================== North of that, you can find a Water Stone. If you follow the northeast path all the way around, go back to the surface to find the Pulse info. https://imgur.com/gpDXv2a Back at the Circus, you will notice the Ferris Wheel guy has moved. Talk to him at the end of the path to receive Fighting Memory. https://imgur.com/Q6xCVhR My team: Snorlax, Magneton, Gigalith, Escavalier, Reuniclus, Machamp ================================= BLAKE (SNOWY MOUNTAIN FIELD) MAMOSWINE GYRADOS STARMIE WALREIN WEAVILE ALOLA SANDSLASH =============================== After the battle, take the ride back down to the town. Enter the house east of you to start a sidequest that rewards you with Lucario. https://imgur.com/eZfq2fn Speak with the person inside, then leave and head northwest. You will find a Lucario https://imgur.com/7WfA2GS Go back inside and speak with the person again. Leave and head east to find Lucario again. https://imgur.com/JNF8XBZ Head back to the person in the house. Speak with him, then leave and head west all the way to the top of the mountain, but before you enter the cave, head down the western path. https://imgur.com/72s1Rbc Defeat Lucario and enter the cave. Pick up the Fairy memory and the egg (5 or less Pokemon in your party). Go back to the circus and talk to Samson. Talk to him again to follow Terra. ============ mt moon wild pokemon: zubat geodude paras clefairy ================== Follow the path and take the ladder that Terra creates. Grab the Rare Candy in the southeast corner, then take the southwest exit. =============== opal ward wild pokemon: rattata bidoof patrat pidgey meowth ekans ================== Head southwest and take the stairs. progress through the maze and take the hallway exit (ignore the stairs). Enter the middle house. ================ byxbysion wasteland wild pokemon: grimer muk koffing weedle weezing ekans arbok cubone drowzee marowak hynp ==================== Enter the southwest building. Examine the statue to find a switch to press. https://imgur.com/EwDlhsr Take the stairs in the southeast corner and grab the Dubious Disc. backtrack and go in the hallway south of the trainer. ============= citae astrae wild pokemon: porygon =============== Exit south. ========== victory road wild pokemon: onix machop zubat geodude golbat machoke marowak graveler ============== Exit north. ===================== cerulean cave wild pokemon: rhydon electrode marowak venomoth parasect dodrio arbok raichu hypno ===================== Follow the path all the way to a Mewtwo. Prankster honchkrow perish song = win. You can also switch up your party by just leaving the way you came to get sent back to the Circus. Follow the path again to find Terra. Quicksave and speak with her to start the gym battle. MY TEAM: REUNICLUS, COFAGRIGUS, ROSERADE, TALONFLAME, STOUTLAND, SNORLAX REUNICLUS MVP DURING THIS. KILLS NIDOKING. CAN USE TRICK ROOM AND RECOVER. USE ALL X BATTLE ITEMS ON PALOSAND, THEN KILLS GARCHOMP. COFAGRIGUS HAS TRICK ROOM AND DESTINY BOND AS A BACKUP. CAN HOLD FOCUS ITEM? ROSERADE CAN KILL QUAGSIRE/PALOSSAND/HIPPOWDON AFTER ROARING THEM. HOLDS AIR BALLOON TALONFLAME USES FLAREBLITZ ON EXCADRILL. HOLDS CHARCOAL STOUTLAND IS HERE TO ROAR EVERYONE. CAN REPLACE WITH POLIWRATH? HOLDS FOCUS ITEM? SNORLAX CAN USE YAWN + BODY SLAM + BELLY DRUM + REST FOR BACKUP. HOLDS BERRY FOR SLEEP OR FOCUS ITEM? ============================ TERRA (GLITCH FIELD) NIDOKING WEAKNESS: GROUND WATER PSYCHIC ICE HIPPOWDON WEAKNESS: WATER GRASS ICE QUAGSIRE WEAKNESS: NONE (GRASS IF SWITCHES OUT) EXCADRILL WEAKNESS: FIGHTING GROUND FIRE WATER PALLOSAND WEAKNESS: NONE (GHOST WATER GRASS ICE DARK IF SWITCHES OUT) GARCHOMP WEAKNESS: ICE DRAGON FAIRY =================================================================================== After the battle you will receive the Gravity Badge and TM78 Bulldoze.
  7. Return to Amaria and Titania to get TMX3 Surf. Go outside and all the way south to find them again. After the scene, surf across the water west. Continue and go up the stairs you find. Another jumping puzzle. To start, head east. https://imgur.com/XZmYPwd Grab the Reaper Cloth at the end. Go back to the stairs and head north into Citrine Mountain. ====================== CITRINE MOUNTAIN 1F WILD POKEMON: WOOBAT SWINUB CUBCHOO PILOSWINE SWOOBAT PHANPY SANDSHREW BEARTIC DONPHAN GOLDUCK (SURF) WISHIWASHI (SURF) LUMINEON (SURF) OCTILLERY (SURF GOOD ROD) REMORAID (OLD ROD BASCULIN (OLD ROD REMORAID (GOOD ROD CLAUNCHER (GOOD ROD ===================== Head all the way to the east (surf across the water) to find a ladder up to the 2nd floor. https://imgur.com/Vdzz3Xl Follow the path all the way around the map to the north, then go west when the path splits between east and west (east takes the shortcut back to the circus). Meet up with the group. Afterwards, head northeast into Route 3. =================== ROUTE 3 WILD POKEMON: MIENFOO (MORNING DAY URSARING STARLY (MORNING DAY STARAVIA (MORNING DAY BRONZONG GRAVELER BRONZOR GLIGAR STARAPTOR (MORNING GOLETT (DAY NIGHT) GOLURK (DAY NIGHT) ABSOL (DAY NIGHT) NOCTOWL (NIGHT) =================== =================== ROUTE 3 CAVES WILD POKEMON: GRAVELER SHIINOTIC RHYDON KANGASKHAN DRUDDIGON PILOSWINE BOLDORE =================== Head east to team up with Aya. Continue into the cave at the end. Make your way to the northern wall and enter the room there for a Metal Coat and leave. Take the southern ladder down now. Exit out the southern door. Examine the rock in the east for a hidden Rare Candy. https://imgur.com/OJdnzEi Enter the cave east of that. Follow the path to the northern exit. Activate the machine and leave out the new path. Follow it around and take the ladder up to the next floor. Keep following the path to end up inside the Team Meteor base again. Quicksave and enter the next room. I have done this battle so many times and still don't have a solid way of winning. Using Escavalier and Machamp with Wide Guard seem to help. No other ideas. ==================== ASTER & ECLIPSE SOLROCK LUNATONE PASSIMIAN LYCANROC LYCANROC (MIDNIGHT FORM) VILEPLUME KROOKODILE ORANGURU MILOTIC GOLURK ==================== After the battle, enter the southwest room for TM86 Grass Knot. Leave and enter the southeast room. Follow the path to Route 4. =================== ROUTE 4 WILD POKEMON: FINNEON (OLD ROD) GOLDEEN (OLD ROD) LUMINEON (GOOD ROD) WISHIWASHI (GOOD ROD) BASCULIN (GOOD ROD) AUDINO PILOSWINE SNOVER COTTONEE (MORNING DAY BLITZLE (MORNING DAY ZEBSTRIKA BRONZOR (MORNING DAY BRONZONG (MORNING DAY ABOMASNOW PAWNIARD (DAY NIGHT ABSOL (DAY NIGHT NOCTOWL (NIGHT) PHANTUMP (NIGHT) ======================= Follow the path and near the middle of the area you will find Field Effect Burning Field info. Proceed northwest into the city. https://imgur.com/GtEkc5c ===================== Burning Field "The Field is ablaze!" End of turn FIRE damage when grounded and not Fire type. Immunity to field damage when one of these abilities is active: Flame Body, Flare Boost, Flash Fire, Heatproof, Magma Armor, Water Bubble, Water Veil. Field damage ^ when one of these abilities is active: Fluffy, Grass Pelt, Icy Body, Leaf Guard Created by Grass + Fire Pledge FIRE attacks ^ x1.5 when attacker is grounded. GRASS attacks v x0.5 when target is grounded. ICE attacks v x0.5 Destroyed by these moves... Continental Crush, Defog, Gust, Hurricane, Hydro Vortex, Muddy Water, Oceanic Operetta, Razor Wind, Sand Tomb, Sludge Wave, Sparkling Aria, Surf, Tailwind, Water Pledge, Water Sport, Water Spout, Whirlwind Destroyed by Sand and Rain Activates certain abilities... Blaze, Flare Boost, Flash Fire Will O Wisp's Accuracy -> 100 All Pokemon -> FRZ Smokescreen effect ^ Certain moves + FIRE... Clear Smog, Smack Down, Smog, Thousand Arrows Certain moves + FIRE... Smack Down, Thousand Arrows Certain moves ^ x2... Clear Smog, Smog Restores FIRE after Burn Out Nature Power -> Flamethrower Camouflage -> FIRE Secret Power -> BRN Activates Elemental Seed... Boosts Attack, Special Attack and Speed, but applies Fire Spin to the user. ==================== ============== CALCEON CITY ================ Enter the Pokecenter to find a trade for munchlax with qwilfish. Enter the western house to proceed with the plot. https://imgur.com/7n359LI Enter the gym for a scene. Talk to Saphira and Hardy to continue on the western side of the city. Exit the city to the east. After the scene, you can enter the gym. For this gym puzzle, you need to switch all the floor tiles color to red/orange. 1st solution: https://imgur.com/IAuSn44 2nd solution: https://imgur.com/Y2JlSoS 3rd solution: https://imgur.com/OSUP01Q My Team: Gigalith Sandstorm + Rock Slide + Trick Room/WIDE GUARD swept the gym. Just keep Gigalith alive with your other Pokemon. ==================================== CHARLOTTE (SUPER HEATED FIELD) TYPHLOSION DARMANITAN DELPHOX VOLCARONA ROTOM (HEAT FORM) NINETAILS ===================================== After the battle, you will receive the Cinder Badge and TM35 Flamethrower.
  8. Leave Iolla Valley. WARNING - POINT OF NO RETURN (for several badges) If you proceed with the story right away (heading directly north from the hedge maze), you will be locked out of all areas you have been to for several badges. Make sure you caught all Pokemon you would want up to this point. Collect any stickers you missed, buy items at the Department Store and events you haven't finished. Things of that sort. I will list my recommended things to have before proceeding: Sidenote: The next area basically has shops for everything you could want to buy except evolution items. Hopefully you got your Link Stones beforehand, otherwise you will be stuck with the amount you currently have (there are a couple hidden ones in the next areas though). ===================================== DONT FORGET - Bring the following: Check every floor of the mall for any items you want. You can currently go up to the 8th floor if you have got every Sticker by this point. You won't be able to buy any Battle Items in the next area, so it would be good to buy around 10 of each. The 8th floor has some good items. Big Root, Focus Band and Quick Claw. stoutland, Stunfisk, solosis, Cyndaquil, Litwick, Mystery Egg Pokemon, Starter Pokemon, Growlithe, Piplup, Vanilluxe, Roserade, Nidoking, Malamar, Amoongus and the Murkrow with Prankster and Perish song are all the Pokemon I bring. Ice Stone to evolve into alolan ninetails Vulpix trade - bring a stunfisk A Gym battle will needs to use moves that switch opposing Pokemon out, or have Pokemon that can use Field Terrains. (stoutland/roserade) Grab any hidden Link Stones and Heart Scales you can find. You won't have any access to breeding your Pokemon for the next several badges. You can't change any of your Pokemon Natures like in 7th street until afterwards. The Magma/Aqua gang leader fights in 7th street give TM11 SUNNY DAY AND TM18 RAIN DANCE Don't forget the Lucky Egg from buying all blackmarket Pokemon in 7th street. The Exp Share in Spinel Town furniture sidequest. Grooming your Pokemon for happiness. You can still buy Pokesnax there to increase it. Any hidden evolution stones or fossils revived. ======================================================== If you go back to Tanzan Mountain, you can complete another optional thing now. Go to the room Saphira came from when you last met here (she broke through the wall near South Adventurine Woods entrance). Interact with the crystal here, now that you have the Crystal Key, it will change the room. https://imgur.com/8GkWqxf Follow the path and jump down from the ledge onto the wall here. https://imgur.com/2PUO2kD Follow the path and exit through the southern door to be outside. In the next room, push the northern boulder east 2x to proceed. Next room, push all 3 down to proceed. Big room this time. We will split this into 3 sections. I will take a screenshot of what each section looks like completed to progress. The tree above you will vanish and a new door passage will appear. Left side: https://imgur.com/dicleGr Middle: https://imgur.com/3V1SaHY Right side: https://imgur.com/mQ0Y2aO Go west down the ladder. Drop down the hole to the east. Push the boulder east down the hole and drop down also. Push the boulder east and go up the ladder. Head east and go up this ladder. Push the boulder west down the hole and drop down also. Go east and drop down the hole. Go west and drop down the hole. Go east dropping down 2 holes. Go up a ladder and push the boulder east down the hole and follow it. Keep going up the ladders. Once outside, go west and pick up Field Effect Inverse Field info. ================== INVERSE FIELD ==================== Now go all the way east and enter a hidden northern passage behind the big canister. Interact with the big canister here to find Solosis. Check to make sure you have everything you want from the previous (don't forget) list, then proceed with the story by going north of the grass hedge Labyrinth. ================== CIRCUS ================ ======================= CIRCUS SHOPS ================== You will end up at a circus with a ton of shops around you with nearly everything you could need. Theres also a repeatable battle trainer here, as well as some puzzles that reward you with Pokemon. If you go back into the checkpoint building you just came out of, you will find a trade upstairs. Talk to the clown a couple times to trade a Stunfisk for a Vulpix. Stock up on Ultra Balls and Hyper Potions in the shop near the entrance. You probably want at least 10 of everything he sells really. If you don't have any Revives or Cotton Candy, stock up on a couple of those in the other shop. Theres a Move Relearner in the southeast corner and a Pledge teacher above him. West of that you can find a puzzle to do. Reward is a Cover Fossil. https://imgur.com/mY0Byxk Give a Pokedoll to the little kid next to the puzzle (you can get them from High Striker northwest of them). You will receive Field Effect Big Top Arena info. ============= Big Top Arena "Now presenting...!" Certain moves -> Striker Moves... All physical fighting moves, Body Slam, Bounce, Brutal Swing, Bulldoze, Continental Crush, Crabhammer, Dragon Hammer, Dragon Rush, Dual Chop, Earthquake, Giga Impact, Heat Crash, Heavy Slam, High Horse Power, Ice Hammer, Icicle Crash, Iron Tail, Magnitude, Meteor Mash, Pound, Sky Drop, Slam, Smack Down, Stomp, Stomping Tantrum, Strength, Wood Hammer Striker Moves -> random damage... Damage rolls set multipliers between x0.5 and x3 Striker Moves roll high when the attacker has one of these abilities: Sheer Force, Guts, Huge Power, Pure Power Striker Moves roll based on Atk... Boosted Attack increases the chance of high rolls. Lowered Attack decreases the chance of high rolls, regardless of ability. Acrobatics -> always full damage Sound-based moves ^ x1.5 Payday BP ^ x2 and payout ^ Certain moves ^ x1.5... Acrobatics, Fiery Dance, Fire Lash, First Impression, Fly, Petal Dance, Power Whip, Revelation Dance, Vine Whip Encore lasts 6 turns Certain stat moves' effect ^... Dragon Dance, Quiver Dance, Swords Dance Sing's Accuracy -> 100 Rain Dance lasts 8 turns Belly Drum increases Def/Sp. Def Spotlight boosts Atk/Sp. Atk of both the target and user. Dancer boosts Speed and Sp. Atk when a Dance move is used on its own turn. Nature Power -> Acrobatics Camouflage -> NORMAL Secret Power -> lowers Sp. Def Activates Synthetic Seed... Boosts Attack and applies Helping Hand to the user. ================ You can buy Ability Capsules west of that. North of you is a PC and Pokecenter. Keep going west to find a Name Rater. On the west side of the circus is another puzzle. Your reward is a Plume Fossil. Another puzzle east of that and you get TMX6 Dive. https://imgur.com/AHmhenY https://imgur.com/XSBVIp6 Slightly northwest of that is another puzzle. Your reward is a Timburr. (is there any easy method to solve this?) https://imgur.com/iGwHXUS Play the High Striker next to it and keep going till you win a Clefairy and TM87 Swagger. Lastly, exit in the southwest corner and speak with the kid. Give him Cotton Candy, Air Balloon and a Pokedoll to receive a Sticker. To progress, talk to the person on the stage in the northwest corner. Talk to Samson next, standing directly next to High Striker. https://imgur.com/gmHQPy7 Speak with him again slightly northeast and enter the circus tent. Enter the eastern door next and speak with Aya. Leave the tent and buy a Powder Vial in the new shop east of the tent. https://imgur.com/lA4FhxN Exit in the southwest corner and follow it to Route 2. ================ ROUTE 2 WILD POKEMON: RUFFLET (MORNING DAY HAWLUCHA (MORNING) MEDITITE BOLDORE RHYHORN URSARING (MORNING DAY ROCKRUFF MACHOKE DONPHAN (DAY NIGHT) MIENFOO (DAY NIGHT) RHYDON (DAY NIGHT) ABOSL (DAY NIGHT) NOCTOWL (NIGHT) ===================== Continue west though the jumping puzzle and end up in the northwest section. Walk north to the green tree and interact with it to put some in your Powder Vial. https://imgur.com/mlKGGQQ Walk north to the cave to lure out a Crustle. Interact with it to put it to sleep. (If you ever need to wake it up and move it out of the way, collect powder from the other tree instead). Push the Crustle east and drop it into the hole. Go grab more Sleep Powder, then climb up to the jumping puzzle in the southeast corner. https://imgur.com/dy05NAD Jump once west and then jump south to make your way to a hidden Link Stone. https://imgur.com/BgKRoXe Return to the start of the jumping puzzle and make your way northwest. Be careful near the end as there is a loose rock that will make you drop your Sleep Powder. Lure out the Crustle here, put it to sleep and push it into the northern hole. Go back and grab some more Sleep Powder, then make your way through the jumping puzzle you were just at. Head east and put another Crustle to sleep. This one is a bit tricky to move around, but push him west first, then south, then east and down the little slope near his cave. Return to the ground where you got the Sleep Powder and make your way to the start of the jumping puzzle again. This time head northeast. You will eventually find the Crustle you just pushed down the slope. Push him into the northern hole. You can't do anything with this path you just made, but it is a shortcut for the future. You could catch some new Pokemon though. ========================== AMETRINE MOUNTAIN 2F WILD POKEMON: CUBCHOO SPHEAL BERGMITE SEALEO BEARTIC DELIBIRD SANDSHREW SANDSLASH CRYOGONAL SNORUNT FINNEON (OLD ROD) WISHWASHI (OLD ROD) REMORAID (GOOD ROD) HORSEA (GOOD ROD) QWILFISH (GOOD ROD) ======================= Continue south and go up the western stairs. Follow the path southeast to another jumping puzzle. Keep following it until you find the stairs to the ground level of the puzzle. Grab the Sleep Powder north of you and put the Crustle to sleep north of that. Push him all the way into the western hole. Go back to the stairs leading up to the jumping puzzle, but jump south instead before climbing them. You will find Rock Field info. https://imgur.com/8Reypcx ================ ROCKY FIELD ================== Go back up the jumping puzzle and jump across the new Crustle. Follow the path to the stairs in the southeast that lead to another jumping puzzle. First jump east to the Sleeping Powder above you. Use it on the Crustle nearby and push him off the southern ledge. https://imgur.com/ocZ9Go7 Go back to the jumping puzzle and jump across west this time. Find a hidden Fire Stone in the rock. https://imgur.com/a9vhamw Grab the Sleep Powder nearby and use it on the nearby Crustle. Push it off 2 southern ledges. Go back to the lower ground on the jumping puzzle. Grab the Sleep Powder north of you and use it on the nearby Crustle. Push him off the southern ledge. Take the jumping puzzle northeast and climb down the stairs. Follow the path and push the Crustle off the south ledge, then into the northwestern hole. ===================== CELESTININE CASCADE WILD POKEMON: SAME AS ROUTE 2 + THE FOLLOWING: FINNEON (OLD ROD) WISHWASHI (OLD ROD, GOOD ROD) LUMINEON (GOOD ROD) REMORAID (GOOD ROD) ===================== Follow the path all the way northwest to a house/gym and enter. Speak with Amaria, then go upstairs and speak with Hardy. Go outside this room and grab Field Effect Water Surface info. Go downstairs and obtain Battle-Pass Fury. Run all the way back to the circus. ================= WATER SURFACE =================== Speak with Samson multiple times in the circus tent to challenge him. My team Talonflame, Archeops, Flygon, Magneton + 2 extras ============================ SAMSON (BIG TOP CIRCUS) HARIYAMA HAWLUCHA LUCARIO BLAZIKEN CONKELDURR MIENSHAO WEAKNESS: ============================= After the battle, you will receive the Strike Badge and TM31 Brick Break.
  9. Exit south out of the castle. Go to the southwest corner for a scene. Go up on top of the hedge and your goal is the northwest corner to get back down to the ground. Your next goal is to talk with the Magma/Aqua Gang Leader that you joined with a couple times. They will give you access to 7th Street. Depending on the gang you chose, you will have 2 different entrances into 7th Street. Aqua Gang entrance: https://imgur.com/maxGUon Magma Gang Entrance: https://imgur.com/zaVZsqw =================== 7TH STREET ===================== ============== 7TH STREET SHOPS ================== You can buy Ability Capsules here. They cost Blue Shards, but I would hold off until you bought all the illegal Pokemon in the southeast corner. https://imgur.com/qQoj9NK https://imgur.com/4uxwPlt Here you can buy the following: Cyndaquil = 9 Red Shards Jigglypuff = 5 Green Shards Makuhita = 3 Green Shards Vanillite = 3 Purple Shards Loudred = 5 Blue Shards Lickitung = 7 Blue Shards Roggenrola = 3 Red Shards Abra = 8 Purple Shards If you are low on Shards, you can buy Blast Powder in 7th Street to have another chance at mining rocks you already mined. Soft Reset until you find a Shard in one. You can also find Shards as hidden items scattered across the world. If you manage to buy every Pokemon here, you will be rewarded with a Lucky Egg. SIDENOTE: DO NOT GET RID OF THESE POKEMON THAT YOU BUY. THEY ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO A FUTURE SIDEQUEST. IF YOU DO HAPPEN TO GET RID OF THEM, I THINK THE ONLY WAY IS TO TRADE OTHER PLAYERS FOR IT. The person next to the blackmarket Pokemon seller will continue the stolen Pokemon sidequest. Buy it to continue. After you leave the Illegal Pokemon section, you will run into your gang leader for the start of a sidequest. Go back to Lapis Ward and to Craudberry's house. Speak with him and go inside. After the battle, speak with your gang leader again to receive tm18 Rain Dance (aqua gang) and TM11 Sunny Day (magma gang). Go back to 7th Street. In the house north of the blackmarket Pokemon, you can find the Pokemon Psychologist. He will change the Nature of a Pokemon if you bring him a Heart Scale. https://imgur.com/qv4jfOW East of that, enter the small area and find a hidden Black Glasses on the floor. You can find the opposite gang leader here and talk to him for a difficult battle. I would come back later to fight him. https://imgur.com/JC14Mph ============== AQUA GANG LEADER ARCHER PELIPPER RELICANTH BLASTOISE SHARKPEDO ================== ================ MAGMA LEADER ===================== =========================================================== Speak with the person over here (if you joined Aqua gang) https://imgur.com/lovCrwg Enter the Building slightly northwest of you to find a Recovery Unit and PC. Leave to find Benett walk into the eastern area. ============================================================ Speak with the person over here (if you joined Magma Gang) https://imgur.com/4i7rx6K Talk to the shopkeeper in the southwest corner after that. Then speak with the middle magma gang member to continue. Enter the northern room with the Pokecenter and PC. Leave and you will see Benett walk into the eastern area. =========================================================== Enter a secret passage over here to find another sidequest. https://imgur.com/eQBLzxd Quicksave and speak with the girl to start a battle. Afterwards, tell her you want to help out to continue the sidequest. Your reward will be a Type: Null/Silvally. She first wants a Carvanha. You should already have 1 from the Aqua Gang if you joined them, otherwise go to their hideout and fish there. Next she will want an Unfezant. Don't forget to remove your Exp. Share if you were leveling up an earlier form to evolve him. Last, she will want a Luxray. Sadly, this is only available from the Arcade. You can either spend your money to buy the coins needed, or play Slots/Voltorb Flip. You need 100,000 if you directly pay for it. You can sell some of your high value items like Stardust to get more money if you want. After you give her the Luxray, leave 7th street and back into Lapis Ward. Then time will progress and you can return to her to finish the sidequest. Quicksave before speaking to her and bring lots of Great/Ultra Balls to catch the Pokemon. Go into the eastern section to progress. Talk to Bennett, then leave and enter the newly revealed door. https://imgur.com/tdp0RhW Go east and mine the rock. If you use a Blast Powder on it afterwards, check the rock it was behind to find a hidden "Rare Candy". Go back into 7th Street and someone will steal it from you. Find him in the southwest corner. https://imgur.com/e95Rsfy Afterwards, head into the northeast room and give this person your "Rare Candy". You will receive a Piplup. https://imgur.com/ILthBML Go back and enter the newly opened door again, but this time proceed west. You will be thrown into a prison cell. Read the book to proceed. ============= SUBSEVEN SANCTUM ===================== Head up the stairs for a "puzzle". You need to sneak around the area avoiding everyone's line of sight. Some of these will be cutting it VERY close. Just quicksave after you are sure you are in a safe area for some fast retries. Follow this to get through the area: East North (not the nothern passage by the entrance) East North and enter the eastern room Grab the Spell Tag on the table and leave. You can read the books here for clues on how to solve a puzzle later. https://imgur.com/8pG0K6P North West West past the first southern hall https://imgur.com/NyW0CVr South West South (just to be in a safe area, then go back up and west) https://imgur.com/Kkj5InV South west South West West North North East https://imgur.com/A7SYju7 Make sure you quicksave here. This spot is very difficult. Quickly make your way north around this guy. Head up the northern stairs to finish. There are 4 Arceus statues you need to interact with here. The solution is: Southwest (Green): 3827 Northwest (Blue): 1605 Northeast (Red): 2303 Southeast (Purple): 0204 Enter the middle area now that you opened the gate. After some story, you will obtain the Crystal Key. Go back to the altar that Luna was chained down on. If you have a Soul Candle (where was this from?), a wild Litwick will appear. Back in 7th Street, this building will now be unlocked. https://imgur.com/UwK3c4I Show him a Helix Fossil (don't revive it, otherwise he won't give you a sidequest). He will give you a Sail Fossil (Amaura) or a Jaw Fossil (Tyrunt), if you complete his sidequest. Next destination: Iolia Valley. Go back to Radomus Castle maze, and find the tree in the northeast corner. Walk into it from above to find the hidden entrance. https://imgur.com/YepH7WJ ================== IOLIA VALLEY WILD POKEMON: FINNEON (OLD ROD) GOLDEEN (OLD ROD) SEAKING (GOOD ROD) LUMINEON (GOOD ROD) ALOMOMOLA (GOOD ROD) WYNAUT BEAUTIFLY (MORNING DUCKLETT LEDIAN (MORNING TRANQUILL SILCOON (MORNING SKIPLOOM (MORNING DAY PETILIL (MORNING DAY SEEL SWANNA HOPPIP (DAY PIDOVE (DAY WURMPLE (DAY DUSTOX (NIGHT) ARIADOS (NIGHT) CASCOON (NIGHT) HOOTHOOT (NIGHT) NOCTOWL (NIGHT) ===================== ==================== IOLIA VALLEY CAVES WILD POKEMON: GRAVELER WOOBAT SWOOBAT BRONZOR CARBINK BRONZONG ==================== Interact with the crystal at the end to make the wall change color. Rock smash it 2x and enter. Follow the path to be outside. Take the path directly south of you and activate the crystal at the end. Break open the wall and follow the path to find another crystal. Follow the path to the end to find an upgrade to the Crystal Key. You can now activate Green Crystals. Return to the beginning of the area. Activate this crystal to make some breakable crystals spawn (Rock Smash). https://imgur.com/LLlmOZD Continue south and activate another crystal. Break open the wall to proceed. At the end of the path, you will find another Crystal Key upgrade (Blue Crystals). Return to the beginning again and take the eastern path to find a new crystal. https://imgur.com/gTS3gVT Walk across the new ice bridge and go north to find another crystal. Find another crystal after following the path. Break the wall and enter. At the end you will find another crystal to activate. Backtrack and take the southern path near the ice bridge this time. Activate more crystals and walk across the new ice bridge. Keep making ice bridges, breakable crystals and break the wall at the end to proceed. Get the final upgrade to your Crystal Key at the end of the path. You can now activate purple crystals. Activate the 1 next to you and continue south. Keep progressing and activate the final purple crystal at the end to make it look like this, then backtrack to the beginning of the area. https://imgur.com/mGVOtyP When you get back to the very first ice bridge, take the northeast path again. Inside the cave is another purple crystal. Activate it and take the new path east. https://imgur.com/DwisQNr Pick up the Protector and progress through the northern wall. Pick up the Dark Memory and Field Effect Dark Crystal Cavern info. Get into a battle and use Dark Pulse to change the field. Your next encounter will be a Sableye. Return to the beginning of Iolia Valley after catching him. https://imgur.com/VmSWxGA =================== Dark Crystal Cavern "Darkness is gathering..." Certain attacks ^ x1.5... Aurora Beam, Dark Pulse, Dazzling Gleam, Doom Desire, Flash Cannon, Luster Purge, Mirror Shot, Moongeist Beam, Night Daze, Night Slash, Power Gem, Shadow Ball, Shadow Bone, Shadow Claw, Shadow Force, Shadow Punch, Shadow Sneak, Signal Beam, Technoblast Certain stat moves' effect ^ ... Flash Dark Void's Accuracy -> 100 Moonlight recovery -> 75% HP Synthesis/Morning Sun -> 25% HP Prevents these moves... Solar Beam, Solar Blade Becomes Crystal Cavern when the weather is Sunny, for as long as the sun lasts. Becomes a Cave when Bulldoze, Earthquake, Magnitude or Tectonic Rage is used. Certain attacks ^ x2... Black Hole Eclipse, Prismatic Laser Enables Aurora Veil Certain abilities lower damage... Prism Armor and Shadow Shield reduce incoming damage by x0.5 Nature Power -> Dark Pulse Camouflage -> DARK Secret Power -> lowers Accuracy Activates Magical Seed... Boosts Sp. Def and applies Magic Coat to the user. ====================== Take the middle of the 3 southern paths near the entrance and activate the purple crystal you come across. Return to the entrance again and take the path directly south. Follow it to find a Dusk Stone at the end. https://imgur.com/2vq047f Return to the previous purple crystal (middle of the 3 southern paths), activate it again, then return to the path directly south of the entrance, to have it take you to a new area. Quicksave near the Light Shard and proceed. =================== BENNETT VOLCORONO FIRST FORM BUTTERFREE DUSTOX YANMEGA OTHERS... ================== After the battle, quicksave again, grab the Light Shard and continue north. MY TEAM: Scrafty, Escavalier, Archeops, Talonflame, Magneton, Flygon - could replace Talonflame with something? ============================= LUNA (DARK CRYSTAL CAVERN) BISHARP HONCHKROW SABLEYE TYRANITAR MALAMAR UMBREON WEAKNESS: ============================ After the battle, you will receive the Eclipse Badge and TM97 Dark Pulse.
  10. (Link Stone shop is gone after this?) Head back to Tanzan Mountain. You will see the Pokemart near the entrance. Go inside and buy the Medicine and Great Balls if you want any. If you talked to the lady in Spinel Town near the Pokecenter bench (clear day), you can bring the Medicine to her in the northwest corner of Chrysolia Forest (the Medicine will be available for purchase again after giving it to her). Go back to Spinel Town and talk to her again to receive a Sticker. Go back to the Pokemart and buy another Medicine to give to Anna. Back at the hideout, give Anna the Medicine you purchased from the teleporting Pokemart. Afterwards, go outside, quicksave and speak with Noel. You must fight 2 battles in a row here. One will be either Sigmund or Sirius depending on who you fought at Yureye Building? My team: Vanilluxe, Archeops, Magneton, Talonflame, Flygon, Malamar - could use escavalier? ==================== TEAM METEOR Toucannon Ferroseed MAGNETON EELEKTROSS VIBRAVA SLOWBRO LUXIO ====================== ================================= Sigmund/sirius (Sirius here) Minior chandelure seviper golisopod toucannon tyrantrum ================================ After the battle, speak with Saphira to continue. Head into Tanzan Mountain again. Go south down the stairs and into the eastern path to find Saphira again. https://imgur.com/Xfpj0bO Follow the path to end up in a Team Meteor base. Enter the door to find a colored floor puzzle. It's actually simple. Just head straight up until you stop, left once, then keep going up again to find the switch. Turn it off, move right once, then down until you stop, then up to turn off the other switch. Move left once, then down all the way. Walk across the floor rotater and enter the northern door. Follow the path and enter the southern door. Grab the Pulse Dex for Abra, leave and continue west. https://imgur.com/1ooGsxd Use the Light Shard if you need it and talk with the prisoner. Leave and enter the northern door. Follow the one way path and you will end up back where you were. Keep going and this time the floor rotater will take you up. Head east into the square to teleport down. Take the floor rotater into the southern room again and this time the next floor rotater will take you into the eastern side of the room. Enter the door and grab the Rare Candy. https://imgur.com/BwG9DAs Exit north and meet up with Saphira in the eastern room. Grab the Revive in the room, then exit west and the floor rotater with take you to a new path to your north this time. Defeat the 2 scientists blocking the machines and then turn them off to open the gate to the north. Talk to the Team Meteor in the southwest corner here (might start the sidequest later, not sure). Enter the northern door for some more plot and be thrown into a dark cave. Use Flash to brighten the area if you have it, otherwise head west and enter the next room. There will be a Recovery Unit halfway through the room to your west. Head north in the next room and exit to finally be in a lit area. https://imgur.com/unH2mUj =================== TANZAN DEPTHS WILD POKEMON: ONIX GEODUDE GRAVELER SANDSLASH DIGLETT ARBOK DUGTRIO HIPPOPOTAS DURANT ===================== Go all the way north to speak with Saphira, then backtrack. There will be a new path that opened up. head east to meet up with Saphira again. Backtrack and head south in the new path. Afterwards, quicksave, backtrack and head east into the newly opened path. You will get thrown into a battle against a level 75 Steelix. Prankster Honchkrow/Paralyze/Sleep + Fighting/ground/fire/water = win. After the battle, go back into the Team Meteor base. Head all the way back through it and quicksave before entering the final door. You will face a level 75 Pulse Abra this time. Prankster Honchkrow + perish song = win. After the battle, return to the hideout and speak with Anna. Go outside and speak with Noel to start the next gym battle. My Team: Scrafty, Magneton, Vanilluxe, Nidoking, Shuckle, Escavalier - could replace someone with Archeops? - use fire on field? fire pledge? ========================= NOEL (GRASSY FIELD) PORYGON-Z SWELLOW GIRAFARIG BEWEARE CCINNO CLEFABLE: WEAKNESS ========================== After the battle you will receive the Standard Badge and TM10 Hidden Power. Go back inside and speak with Noel a couple times. Afterwards, head inside Tanzan Mountain. Go down the stairs and take the western path. Follow it to meet up with Saphira. Continue north to be in a new area. ========================= SOUTH AVENTURINE WOODS WILD POKEMON: COMBEE (HEADBUTT) SWABLU (HEADBUTT) TAILLOW (HEADBUTT) PINECO (HEADBUTT) KOMALA (HEADBUTT) WORMADAM (HEADBUTT) BUNEARY (MORNING, DAY LEDYBA (MORNING PASSIMIAN PANPOUR PANSEAR PANSAGE LEDIAN (MORNING PACHIRISU (MORNING DAY PRIMEAPE BEWEAR SUDOWOODO (DAY PARAS (NIGHT) SPINARAK (NIGHT) ARIADOS (NIGHT) KRICKETUNE (NIGHT) =========================== (you can go back to Tanzan Depths for a Seviper. When exactly does this spawn?) Exit north. Quicksave and follow the path to get in a battle with Fern. ================= FERN (GRASSY FIELD) FRAXURE RHYDON WEAKNESS: ROSERADE DECIDUEYE KROOKODILE SCYTHER ===================== After the battle, grab the Light Shard to heal. ===================== ROUTE 1 WILD POKEMON: DEERLING (MORNING DAY CHERUBI (MORNING TAUROS BOUFFALANT MILTANK (MORNING DAY STANTLER MUDBRAY SKIDDO (MORNING DAY AUDINO CHERRIM (MORNING GOGOAT (MORNING DAY MUDSDALE PONYTA (DAY NIGHT) LINOONE (DAY NIGHT) ARBOK (NIGHT) KARRABLAST (NIGHT) RAPIDASH (NIGHT) ====================== ========================== NORTH ADVENTURINE WOODS WILD POKEMON: SAME AS SOUTH WOODS + ORANGURU AT ALL TIMES SECRET WATER AREA HAS DEWPIDER + ARAQUANID (joltik around here???) ========================================= The whole area is split between north, south and middle areas. The puzzle interlaps with all 3 sections. You will find logs blocking your progress. To get rid of them, defeat a Tauros (Tauros and Buffoulant are next to each other throughout the middle area). The Buffoulant will charge off and crash into a log in whichever direction it is facing. If you defeat a Buffoulant, you will be able to ride a Tauros. You will need to do this to jump over ledges that you can't while controlling your character normally. In the northeastern section, you will find a house hidden in the trees. You can give the person inside Candy (from sweet shop in obsidia) and he will give you honey. I suggest buying about 20 candy to complete all puzzles, or buy honey from flower shop in Lapis Ward. You will see unique looking trees throughout the areas that you can stick honey on to summon a Pinsir and Heracross. Defeat the Heracross to break logs that Buffoulant can't reach. Defeat Pinsir to break down the giant spider webs. Thats a basic overview of the entire area and what to do. Your main reward for doing all this is a Sticker and a Heracross/Pinsir to pick from at the end. I'm going to skip this area for a little bit and come back when we open up a shortcut back to town (shortly). Skip to the section further down if you want to do it now. Head east as far as you can, taking Tauros and using Buffoulant when necessary. Head south at the end to find the Vanhannen Labyrinth. ========================== VANHANEN LABYRINTH WILD POKEMON: GIRAFARIG PONYTA DEERLING SKIDDO KECLEON STANTLER FURFROU ====================== Follow these directions: Go south till you hit a wall West wall take south path west immediately south all the way west to find Field Effect Chess Board info. https://imgur.com/CxzE6Xp ================ Chess Board "Opening variation set." Certain moves -> Chess Attacks... Ancient Power, Psychic, Strength, Continental Crush Chess Attacks ^ x1.5 Chess Attacks + ROCK Chess Attacks ^ x2 when the target is confused, or has one of these abilities: Klutz, Oblivious, Simple, Unaware Chess Attacks v x0.5 when the target has one of these abilities: Adaptability, Anticipation, Telepathy, Synchronize Certain stat moves' effect ^... Calm Mind, Nasty Plot Trick Room lasts 8 turns Certain attacks ^ x1.5... Fake Out, Feint, Feint Attack Queenly Majesty damage ^ x1.5 Destroyed by these moves... Stomping Tantrum, Tectonic Rage Nature Power -> Ancient Power Camouflage -> PSYCHIC Secret Power -> lowers Defense Activates Synthetic Seed... Boosts Sp. Atk and applies Magic Coat to the user. ================= Return to the entrance and follow this path: East follow south path all da way east south west as soon as you can south skip first north path and enter 2nd north path western path all the way to building Enter Vanhannen Castle Gym. Quicksave and go north. Speak with Luna and eventually, you will be thrown into a battle with Cain. My team: Flygon, Escavalier, Vanilluxe, Magneton, Nidoking, Scrafty ================ CAIN Alola Muk Mimikyu Alola Marowak Meowstic Primarina Nidoking WEAKNESS: ================== After the battle, go south and talk to Radomous and Cain. Backtrack through the area and head all the way to the western end to find the Nature Center building. Theres a Recovery Unit inside. Wide Lens on top floor: https://imgur.com/vMgsfum Itemfinder by talking to person left of Wide Lens: https://imgur.com/mxb7os0 Person on roof during clear weather trading Tyrogue for a Dunsparce. Afterwards, Go all the way south to enter a new area. Head west inside the giant gate. Talk to Radomus to jump down the hole. Keep following the 1 way path. Once you meet up with the group, examine a rock in the northwest corner to find a hidden Shiny Stone. https://imgur.com/oO87zuL ================ CITAE ASTRAE WILD POKEMON: UNOWN DROWZEE BALTOY ELGYEM CLAYDOL HYPNO ================= Enter the door in the middle of the area. Inside, enter the last door on the right. Southwest = Dark Northwest = Dark Northeast = Light Step on the newly lit up circle to proceed. In the next room, go in the southeast corner circle to teleport. Keep going and pick up the Rare Candy at the end. https://imgur.com/lIrumhg Backtrack and proceed through the door. In the next room, proceed through the northeast door and into another puzzle. Southwest = Light Northwest = Dark Northeast = Light Southeast = Dark Proceed. Quicksave, grab the Light Shard and meet up with El in the middle of the next area. ====================== CITAE ASTRAE WILD POKEMON: UNOWN NATU XATU SIGILYPH ======================= Arceus battle: Prankster Murkrow Perish song = win. You can lose and still progress with the story if you sided with El. Backtrack through the entire area and back into the gate on the outside. Follow the group. Go to the broken down gym in the Coral Ward to progress. You can go back to the castle to challenge the gym instantly when they give you the option, or you can finish some optional stuff first. Theres a Tauros going crazy near the gate on Route 1. You can ride him all the way to the other end of the area instantly. Theres another Tauros on the other end to ride back. https://imgur.com/3MOTKXy (buy floral charm to catch florges on route 1 specific flowers) https://imgur.com/CVpda5T Starting from the Grand Gate (remember to bring about 20 candy (obsidia ward sweet dream shop, or just buy 20 honey from lapis ward flower shop), you can walk up to the Nature Center without doing any puzzle related stuff. As soon as you start going east, every northern and southern entrance will have something to do. Keep making your way east useing Bouffalants to move logs and Tauros to jump ledges. Once you find this Hiker, enter the forest north of him. https://imgur.com/5gki4kQ Move a log out of the way and continue north. You will find a house with a Pikanium-Z hiding behind it (just walk around the tree). https://imgur.com/lp2tsld Enter the house and talk to the person upstairs a couple times. He will heal your Pokemon and give you Honey. Get about 20 Honey from him (you can also get mega stones from him with blue moon ice cream). https://imgur.com/FjIQoaA With the Honey, you will want to stick in on trees to summon pinsir and heracross. https://imgur.com/r2OZlRG They will break logs and spider webs. To get them to spawn, leave the map and enter battles a few times, then come back (is there a better method?). Attack the 1 you don't want to use (you can catch 1 of them later). I would just go around the map sticking Honey on all the trees that you can, instead of waiting for them to spawn. After opening up the path to the west of his house, you will find a cave at the end. https://imgur.com/L13V6hb ========================== CELESTINE MOUNTAIN B2F WILD POKEMON: BUIZEL SWINUB CUBCHOO PILOSWINE BEARTIC FLOATZEL SANDSHREW SANDSLASH DELIBIRD FINNEON (OLD ROD WISHIWASHI (OLD ROD REMORAID (GOOD ROD CLAUNCHER (GOOD ROD QWILFISH (GOOD ROD ============================= Enter and slide across the ice puzzle to find an Ice Rock to evolve your Eevee. Pick up Field Effect Icy Field info next to it and continue down the west stairs. ================= Icy FIELD =================== Grab the Ice Stone on the north path, then leave the cave. https://imgur.com/KGXs4wC Southwest of the Pikachu house, you can find a Leaf Stone and TM07 Hail behind a log and a spider web. https://imgur.com/smqJlCC https://imgur.com/2XQDeIT East of the Pikachu house, you will find a guy that gives you Field Effect Grassy Terrain info. https://imgur.com/wPjiUg1 ================== Grassy Terrain "The field is in full bloom!" Pokemon + 1/16 HP when grounded Created by Grassy Surge, Grassy Terrain (5 turns), Bloom Doom when not in Forest or Flower Garden fields (3 turns) GRASS attacks ^ x1.5 when attacker is grounded. FIRE attacks ^ x1.5 when target is grounded. Activates Grass Pelt Certain attacks ^ x1.5... Fairy Wind, Silver Wind Certain attacks v x0.5... Earthquake, Magnitude, Bulldoze, Muddy Water, Surf Grass Whistle's Accuracy -> 80 Certain stat moves' effect ^ ... Coil, Growth Nature's Madness damage -> 75% Floral Healing heals 100% Max HP Becomes Burning Field when Eruption, Flame Burst, Fire Pledge, Heat Wave, Inferno Overdrive, Lava Plume, or Searing Shot is used in the absence of Rain or Water Sport. Becomes Corrosive Field when Sludge Wave or Acid Downpour is used. Nature Power -> Energy Ball Camouflage -> GRASS Secret Power -> SLP Activates Elemental Seed... Boosts Defense and applies Ingrain to the user. ==================== East of that you will find a Sharp Beak (is lower right corner here glitched with tauros???). https://imgur.com/37qgrvr This is the area you can fish up Dewpider also. In the south area of Route 1, you will end up finding Tech Glasses at the end of the puzzle/path. Theres a hidden Link Stone right next to it also. https://imgur.com/Vnim6sd https://imgur.com/gMIp1Yg Keep progressing all the way to the southeast corner of the area. You will eventually find a Heracross and Pinsir fighting each other. Grab the hidden Silver Powder near them and Link Stone. https://imgur.com/9e9dkEM https://imgur.com/PuF6gZX Attack the Pokemon that you do NOT want to obtain. The other one will join you after the battle. Return to the Nature Center and give this guy the Tech Glasses. He will reward you with a Sticker. https://imgur.com/eLN84Jr ================ PSYCHIC GYM ================= Enter and keep going north, until you find the machine that gives you advice. Enter the western room from there and grab the Psychic Memory. You can talk to the person here to learn the rules of Chess. https://imgur.com/ywxEZh0 Go back to the first room to start solving this gym's puzzle. Put the black side in checkmate to solve each room. Refer to the pictures. Room 1: https://imgur.com/ZRhxlQg Room 2: https://imgur.com/bDjMmXP In the 3rd puzzle, you need to move the pawn all the way to the other side of the board and transform it into another Knight. Room 3: https://imgur.com/MxgXvdp 4th puzzle, transform the Pawn into another Bishop Room 4: https://imgur.com/uYOIOp1 I switch to Malamar, Escavalier, Talonflame, Scrafty, Cofagrigus, Archeops. (I lead off with Talonflame and Archeops to dish out damage until they set up TR) ================== RADOMUS (CHESS FIELD) REUNICLUS GALLADE SLOWKING METAGROSS MALAMAR GARDEVOIR WEAKNESS: ======================== After the battle, you receive the Millenium Badge and TM92 Trick Room.
  11. Make your way to this opening (northeast of the Byxbysion entrance). https://imgur.com/dDfcFBH If theres no boulder in that room, inspect Kiki's grave here to make it spawn: https://imgur.com/FLUij78 Make your way east and drop down the hole. Push the boulder west and enter the opening. Quicksave and examine the tombstone. Win the battle to receive Misdreavus. I used Prankster Honchkrow Perish Song. Afterwards, head all the way back to the Underground Railnet (Peridot Ward). You can now go get the Dragon Memory and TM41 Torment in Apophyll Cave past the Strength boulder. Theres also TM32 Double Team in Citrine Mountain past the Strength boulder (south of Shade's gym). At the Underground Railnet, meet up with Cain and push the boulders out of the way with Strength. Enter the northern door and go up the stairs. Exit outside and check the rock above you for a hidden Link Stone. Enter the building to your west. https://imgur.com/Mb4j3k6 Team up with Cain and go upstairs. Turn off the machine past Team Meteor and enter the western stairs. https://imgur.com/oCw8Cr4 Keep going and meet up with Charlotte, then go back downstairs for Shelly. Continue upstairs after that. You have a choice here, battle Sigmund or Sirius. (next team fight sirius to see what happens at tanzan hideout later) =================== SIGMUND MUSHARNA DRAMPA ALOLA RAICHU ROTOM HYPNO ELECTIVIRE ==================== ==================== SIRIUS MINIOR TYRANTRUM SEVIPER GOLISOPOD TOUCANNON CHANDELURE ==================== After the battle and more story, grab the Railnet Key in the lower right corner before leaving the area. Go back to the Underground Railnet and unlock the door to the east. https://imgur.com/73lfnqT ===================== UNDERGROUND RAILNET (EASTERN SECTION) WILD POKEMON: NOIBAT KLINK GEODUDE GRAVELER MAWILE SKORUPI DRAPION KLANG ========================= Head east until you reach the darkened portion on the wall here. Use Rock Smash to break it and enter. Grab the House Key. It gives you access to the Move Tutor in Onyx Ward. Theres a Revive on the floor when you exit also. https://imgur.com/mNTdQ7p https://imgur.com/SBcGc7h Head south, then west when you can. Another Rock Smashable wall. Grab the Iron Ball and exit. https://imgur.com/Ub0AFFH Go west, then south when you can. pass the first intersection and go west at the 2nd intersection to find another Rock Smashable wall. Grab the Corrupted Pokeball inside and exit. https://imgur.com/PRSZXMf Be very careful with this item. Don't accidentally get rid of it. You will need to hold onto it for a long time and eventually it will turn into a Ralts. Its safest to just store it in the PC. Go all the way east, then south to find another wall to break. Inside is TM83 Infestation. https://imgur.com/R2SAWFc Theres 2 puzzles in this area. One leads to an optional area and the other progresses the story. Lets start with the optional one. Go to the northwest, until you reach here. Flip these switches to open the gate next to you: The one near you https://imgur.com/V9Gkn6U The one to your east (2x) https://imgur.com/FMWkTQa The one south of you (2x) https://imgur.com/G5JjMIR west of that (2x) https://imgur.com/OoK3nvg south of that https://imgur.com/6rw377I Go back to the gate you started by to enter a new area. Another dark area, but this time we will get the TM for Flash here. Hug the north wall and head west to find a rock you can break. In the northeast corner you will find a person to speak with. Return to the Obsidia Ward Pokecenter and speak with him again to receive another Sticker. Continue hugging the north wall while heading west. Break open the wall and head inside for an Ability Capsule. https://imgur.com/weempVH In the southwest corner, go down all the stairs. Near the western wall you will find a Dusk Stone. https://imgur.com/3fdtXyM Break open the wall on the eastern side of the metal pole. You will find TMX8 Flash! https://imgur.com/hE5ZM0N Break open the wall on the west side of the metal pole for Field Effect Cave info. ============= CAVE FIELD ============== You are able to Headbutt the metal pole next to you to encounter an Aron. It has a low chance, so keep doing it. https://imgur.com/G1YdH2L Back to the train tracks puzzle in the previous room. Head to the eastern side where the group of people is and flip the switches in the following order: Next to you (2x) https://imgur.com/a4cjHGE north of you https://imgur.com/uvzGzKe north, then west past another switch https://imgur.com/l6KKcGB south of you https://imgur.com/6H8fRWC south (2x) https://imgur.com/wQWzXqm east https://imgur.com/OeAOBvB south, then west (2x) https://imgur.com/YOzrcnR Go back to where the group of people was and exit east. First, you want to head north into Tanzan Mountain. ===================== TANZAN MOUNTAIN WILD POKEMON: GEODUDE NOIBAT SANDSHREW ONIX KECLEON SANDILE ===================== Up the stairs and west you can find Lunatone/Solrock. https://imgur.com/w0x31io Keep progressing north and go down the path Charlotte is next to. ============================ TANZAN COVE WILD POKEMON: GOLDEEN (OLD ROD) SEAKING (OLD ROD) BASCULIN (GOOD ROD) MANTYKE (GOOD ROD) LUVDISC (GOOD ROD) CUTIEFLY DUCKLETT (MORNING DAY) AUDINO LEDIAN (MORNING) ORICORIO POLIWAG (MORNING) RIBOMBEE POLIWHIRL (MORNING) TOGEDEMARU (DAY, NIGHT) COMFEY (DAY, NIGHT) SWANNA (DAY) DEDENNE (DAY, NIGHT) PARAS (NIGHT) ARIADOS (NIGHT) PARASECT (NIGHT) =========================== Go east and around, then find a hidden Heart Scale near the house. Pick it up, then enter. https://imgur.com/eD89lAa You can head upstairs to rest at the bed, or use the PC downstairs. After you are done, backtrack through Tanzan Mountain and head east into Chrysolia Forest. ================= CHRYSOLIA FOREST WILD POKEMON: TAILLOW (HEADBUTT) CHATOT (HEADBUTT) PINECO (HEADBUTT) SPINDA (MORNING, DAY) PIKIPEK FURFROU LEDIAN (MORNING) TOGEDEMARU DEERLING (MORNING, DAY) FARFETCHD AUDINO MINCCINO (MORNING, DAY) SPINDA TOUCANNON (MORNING, DAY) TRUMBEAK (DAY, NIGHT) PARAS (NIGHT) VOLBEAT (NIGHT) ILLUMISE (NIGHT) ================= This place is a maze. Trees disappear after you go down specific routes. Start by going east all the way, north, then around west. You will end up back at the entrance. Don't go all the way, but start heading towards the entrance and the southern tree will vanish, allowing you to progress. Just follow the 1 way path all the around and back to the entrance again. Now head east all the way for a new path. Go south at the end and in the southeast corner, walk into the big tree on your right to make it vanish. Enter the cave at the end. https://imgur.com/TPMPaba ==================== MYSIDIA RAILCAVE WILD POKEMON: GRAVELER NOIBAT SANDSHREW KECLEON ONIX SWINUB SMEARGLE ===================== Another maze. To start, keep entering the door where train tracks are not leading towards, even if it looks like you are going out the entrance/exit again, just go in anyways. example: https://imgur.com/kh4dZSz If you do it correctly, you will end up in this room. https://imgur.com/VldYWu7 Grab the Eevee and read the diary if you want, then leave. Go out the entrance and back into the cave. Follow the path with the rock closest to a door this time. You will end up in this room if you did it correctly. https://imgur.com/5h3QcGs Grab an Ability Capsule, Field Effect Psychic Terrain info and TM100 Confide. ========================== PSYCHIC TERRAIN ========================== Exit out of the cave and head all the way west. Follow the path around and you will end up in the northeast this time. Go between these 2 trees for a hidden path. https://imgur.com/rdDGMyd Theres a hidden Ability Capsule here. https://imgur.com/n1VT3Ar ============================ CHRYSOLIA FOREST (MOSS ROCK AREA) WILD POKEMON: SPINDA (MORNING, NIGHT) TRUMBEAK FURFROU LEDIAN (MORNING) WEEPINBELL (MORNING) DEERLING (MORNING, DAY) FARFETCHD AUDINO MINCCINO (MORNING, DAY) LEDIAN (MORNING) SPINDA (MORNING, DAY) WEEPINBELL (DAY, NIGHT) GLOOM (DAY, NIGHT) PARAS (NIGHT) VOLBEAT (NIGHT) ILLUMISE (NIGHT) ========================== Enter the southern area to find an Ill-Fated Doll and a Moss Rock for evolving Eevee. Exit and head back west, then follow the north path around. You will see a tree vanish this time and you can go up the western side of the small mountain. Head directly north to get into Spinel Town. =================== SPINEL TOWN ==================== Walk into the first tree you see blocking a house. It will vanish and you can find the Good Rod inside. (I think you can go to Tanzan Cove now and fish up Luvdisc to find heart scales and trade for the Darumaka back in Apophyll beach). https://imgur.com/r1TNnhB Go inside this house next and all her furniture will vanish. Go around the town interacting with them to get it back to the house. https://imgur.com/laPv2Tq Try to enter the Pokemart to make it vanish. South of that, you can find the missing TV. https://imgur.com/H7DP10U Enter this building and touch the table to get it back to the girl. https://imgur.com/As1WStr Enter the building next to it and talk to the guy multiple times for a trade. You can trade a Shelmet Or Karrablast to get their evolutions. Trade the Karrablast to recieve an Accelgor and trade the Shelmet to recieve an Escavalier. https://imgur.com/iTFLhHj Touch the bookcase next to the building to make it teleport. https://imgur.com/pV2oqPR Enter the museum at night north of the bookcase. Speak with the Team Meteor grunts and they will run to Tanzan Mountain. https://imgur.com/wzgwAj0 Go up the stairs and talk to the guy next to the machine. He will revive any fossils you got from mining. Give him 1, leave the museum and talk to him again with a party of 5 Pokemon or less to receive your revived fossil Pokemon. Exit out the southern door and enter the building here. https://imgur.com/hFADZ9f Grab the Eevium-Z on the table. Touch the dresser to return it. I recommend stocking up on Strawberry Ice Cream from the vending machine. Its the best healing item currently available. It will be displayed as Berry Ice Cream in your menu (incase you are looking for Strawberry. I'm assuming its a text length limit issue). You can also grab a Vanilla for the Vanillite Pokemon. Touch the house to the southeast to make it vanish. Touch the chair to make it return. https://imgur.com/1Orj1al Theres another chair north of it to return also. https://imgur.com/18GdI0D On a clear day, speak to the girl sitting on the bench near the Pokecenter. Walk directly south of here to make her vanish. https://imgur.com/gjDUA7M Head inside the gym afterwards. Speak with Serra and Bennett multiple times to progress. You can now challenge the gym by going through the northern doors, but theres a few more optional things to do first. Go up the western stairs and enter the southern room. Touch the bookcase to return it. Grab the Weakness Policy and the Bug Memory, then leave. Enter the door above you and grab TM54 False Swipe. Exit the room and move to the eastern side. Enter the door above you. Grab the Silk Scarf and leave. Enter the southern door and grab Field Effect Mirror Arena info. ======================== MIRROR ARENA ==================== Leave the gym, return to the town entrance and enter the first house again. Touch the bed to return it. That will be all the missing furniture. Return to the girl with the Kadabra and speak to her to receive an Exp Share. Let 1 of your Pokemon hold this item to receive a portion of EXP without even taking part in the battle. Great way to level up lower level Pokemon. Leave the town and enter the house you can see to your west. This guy wants a Mothim and will trade you a Flygon. Remember to take off your Exp. Share before trading. If you forget to, restore an earlier save file. The only other way to get an Exp. Share is from the Lottery. https://imgur.com/wM4iJGc Go east from his house and follow the path southwest to a water fountain. Interact with the water fountain to catch a Remoraid https://imgur.com/TQBoIA5 Touch the tree below it to make it vanish and reveal a hidden path. Heart Scale hidden in this rock. https://imgur.com/W46OjoK Rare Candy hiding here. https://imgur.com/k3EqBpV Enter the train right here. https://imgur.com/JEPKiFI Go inside, read the Diary and take the egg. It will be a Maractus or Cacnea. Go east of the fountain, north, then west to exit the area. Head north into Tanzan mountain to find the Team Meteor that were at the museum. https://imgur.com/0TWD9HQ ================== TEAM METEOR SOLROCK LUNATONE ACCELGOR ALOLAN GOLEM ESCAVALIER SEISMITOAD =================== After you beat them, head back into the forest and go south. Follow the path around until you come to this tree. Touch it to make it vanish, then enter chrysolia springs https://imgur.com/d8OS5El =================== CHRYSOLIA SPRINGS WILD POKEMON: NOIBAT NUMEL PANPOUR PANSEAR ONIX KECLEON SIMISEAR SIMIPOUR GASTRODON CAMERUPT SHELLOS (OLD ROD, GOOD ROD) BARBOACH (OLD ROD, GOOD ROD) CLAUNCHER (GOOD ROD) ===================== Grab the hidden Link Stone. https://imgur.com/yTJooOv Theres also a Mystic Water in the northwest. Afterwards, leave and head back to Spinel Town. (if you want Pokeballs, you must wait till you beat the next gym, or go back to the Underground Railnet to get back to a shop.) Return to the Musuem and talk to the person that was next to Team Meteor previously. He will give you a Plume Fossil (Archeops) or a Cover Fossil (carracosta). Take the fossil upstairs and give it to the guy by the machine. Exit the museum, re-enter and talk to him (with a part of 5 or less) to get your Pokemon. ============== ICE GYM =============== You need to Rock Smash the mirror at the top in a place where the symmetry of the room breaks. Having said that, I still don't understand this puzzle. Anyone explain it? Can I use earthquake to break whole room? Break the mirror in the first room here: https://imgur.com/QeabGvO Quicksave before entering the next room. You will be challenged to a battle by Benett. Next room: https://imgur.com/GJ3qjLo ================= BENETT (MIRROR ARENA) LARVESTA VENEMOTH VIVILLION MASQUERAIN DUSTOX BUTTERFREE: WEAKNESS ========================= Last room: https://imgur.com/xT2NvbQ Quicksave and speak with Serra to begin the gym battle. My team is Talonflame, Magneton, Malamar, Escavalier, Flygon, Cofagrigus ========================= SERRA (MIRROR FIELD) GLACEON ALOLA NINETAILS JYNX ALOLA SANDSLASH AURORUS FROSLASS ============================ After the battle, you will receive the Rime Badge and TM70 Aurora Veil.
  12. Quicksave and head back to the Underground Railnet. Speak with Victoria. Afterwards, head to the Coral Ward piers. Speak with Cain. After that, head back to Peridot Ward Blacksteam Factory. https://imgur.com/5FfH9Kq Speak with Amaria. Head up the newly formed stairs and inside. Follow Amaria and then follow the path Team Meteor forces you to go. You end up in a room full of Pokemon trapped in cages. Speak to the follow Pokemon in this order to get out of here: Loudred Abra Cyndaquil Loudred Jigglypuff Cyndaquil Loudred Abra Cyndaquil Abra Vanillite Loudred Jigglypuff Vanillite Loudred Abra Vanillite Abra Roggenrola Loudred Jigglypuff Roggenrola This will break open the bars and free you. Theres 2 more things you can do with all these Pokemon though. Speak with the following Pokemon to get a Rare Candy: Loudred Abra Vanillite Abra Lickitung Lickitung Speak to them in this order to obtain Ditto: Abra Lickitung Abra Makuhita Makuhita Ditto Leave the cell and go in the western door. Its dark in this room, but keep hugging the upper wall to reach a Magnet Powder at the end. https://imgur.com/qdjbmGN Return to the entrance and then take the middle branch west to find Pulse info about Muk. Finally, take the southern branch west for TM77 Psych Up. Leave the room and continue east. Go all the way east in this new room and go in the upper area to find a machine to activate. Go directly south out of the room to find yourself back in Peridot Ward. Feel free to go to a Pokecenter to heal up, or buy some items or switch Pokemon for an upcoming boss battle. https://imgur.com/egrsM8n Enter the factory again and head west. Grab the Super Potion in the northwest room and head south. Enter the first door you come across heading west. Theres a Revive in the western room hidden. https://imgur.com/gAp3Tvx Theres a Thunder Stone in the northwest room. In the Northeast room, interact with the machine to open a gate in the previous floor. Go there now.Head west in the previous floor and interact with the machine to open the last gate. Quicksave and head in the room for a boss battle against Zel. https://imgur.com/Xr4HGU1 ===================== ZEL - FACTORY FIELD GLACEON ESPEON UMBREON PULSE MUK ====================== After the battle, you will receive the Harbor Key. Exit the Factory and go to Coral Ward. Unlock the warehouse in the northwest. Get on the boat to head to Apophyll Beach. ======================== APOPHYLL BEACH WILD POKEMON: Grimer (Old Rod, GOOD ROD) MUK (GOOD ROD) SKRELP (GOOD ROD) Geodude (Rock Smash) Shuckle (Rock Smash - Rocks south of Academy) Binacle (Rock Smash) Sandygast Krabby (Rock Smash) Corphish (Rock Smash) Palossand (Northwest section of beach) ========================= Continue west to find a Wave Incense. https://imgur.com/uLbd4GA (can find corsola here during rain???) Head northwest to find a big building with a Pokecenter inside. Talk to the person next to the Pokecenter counter to find a shop. ==================== APOPHYLL BEACH SHOP ====================== Theres a trade on the eastern deck right before you enter the building. Talk to this girl to trade a luvdisc for darumaka. You can't catch a luvdisc yet, so come back later. https://imgur.com/behtuDB In the middle open area of the gym, there are 3 rooms on each side and can be easy to miss. https://imgur.com/66cZnfq Go inside the northwest room for a Black Belt. Speak with the girl in the bottom left room to start a sidequest. Return to the Pokecenter room, go up the stairs and quicksave. Interact with the TV to start a battle. Return to the southwest room and speak with the girl. She will reward you with a Sticker. Back in the middle area, enter the southeast room to find a person that will tell your your pokemon's hidden power move type. Enter the above room and speak to the person for a Pure Incense. In the northeast room, the guy wants a Protein. There was one for free in a small home in northwest peridot ward, or you can buy it from the 5th floor of the Obsidia Department Store. He will reward you with Field Effect Ashen Beach info. ====================== ASHEN BEACH ===================== Theres a machine in the north room with some gym advice. Speak with the girl blocking the door, then exit the gym and head south. Speak with Kiki twice to progress. https://imgur.com/Sf55PVi Return to the room with the girl blocking the door. Enter for some more story. There are 2 people in the northern upstairs room and 2 people in the southern upstairs room reading books. Study the book with all 4 of them, then speak to a person on the western roof for a Meditite https://imgur.com/WPELo3x Afterwards, leave the gym and head all the way northwest to find a cave. Enter. https://imgur.com/hBgfepB =================== APOPHYLL CAVE WILD POKEMON: GRAVELER CRABRAWLER NOIBAT NUMEL STUNFISK GEODUDE (ROCK SMASH) NOSEPASS (ROCK SMASH) ======================== Go up the northwest ladder. Use Rock Smash to break the northeast rock and check the floor for a hidden Revive. https://imgur.com/Yb02Lnk Theres some more hidden items and mineable rocks scattered around. Leave the cave and head southwest when you finish. Enter Pyrous Mountain. =================== PYROUS MOUNTAIN WILD POKEMON: DIGLETT NUMEL SLUGMA SAWK THROH NOIBAT GRAVELER DUGTRIO MAGCARGO ==================== Take the eastern ladder down. Go southwest and take that ladder down. Use Rock Smash on the column to drain the lava above you. Back up the ladder and break the column east of you. https://imgur.com/DLPwDCk Back down the ladder, break the column again. Back up the ladder, then go straight back down it to reload the map. Quicksave and break the column again to be throw into a fight with a Turtonator. Catch it if you want, then go back up the ladder. Go to the northeast portion of this room and drop down the hole. Pick up the item for Field Effect Super-Heated Field info. ===================== SUPER HEATED FIELD ==================== Go up the ladder. Jump down the ledges and take the southern path this time. Go down the ladder at the end and examine the western rock for a Charcoal. Pick up the Fire Stone before leaving and run back to the Pyrous Mountain entrance. https://imgur.com/lLWUeYz You can go back to the Pokecenter if you want, the lava will still be drained from the floors. Take the new northeastern path (was blocked by lava previously) and go up the ladder. Keep following the path and go up another ladder. One way path still. Jump over a ledge and go down a ladder. Break another column in the southwest to drain the lava. https://imgur.com/esdcHIN Go down the eastern ladder and break another column in the southwest. https://imgur.com/kMQtNhO Go down the eastern ladder and break another column. Backtrack all the way up the floors to get back to where the lava blocked you previously. Go up the northwest ladder and outside. Quicksave, grab the Light Shard and head up the northwest path for a boss battle. ======================== CAL (Super Heated field) BARBARACLE WEAKNESS: CHARIZARD TYPHLOSION MAGMORTAR HAKAMO-O TURTONATOR STRATEGY: X SPEED DONPHAN = win ======================== After the battle, use an Escape Rope or leave the mountain and head back to the gym. Heal up at the Pokecenter and quicksave. Go to Kiki's room at the top of the gym. Speak with Victoria and leave. Try to enter the southern door and Victoria will challenge you to a battle. ==================== VICTORIA GALLADE MIENFOO PANGORO WEAKNESS: ALOLAN RAICHU INCINEROAR ===================== After the battle, head to the middle area of the gym and challenge Kiki. My team is: COFAGRIGUS, TALONFLAME, DONPHAN, TANGROWTH, TOXICROAK AND EMOLGA ====================== KIKI (ASHEN FIELD) MACHAMP LUCARIO HITMONLEE TOXICROAK GALLADE MEDICHAM STRATEGY: EMOLGA WITH X ATTACK = win ====================== After the battle, speak with Victoria and Kiki. Quicksave, heal up and its time to sail your ship to Azurine Island. =================== AZURINE ISLAND WILD POKEMON: GRIMER (OLD ROD, GOOD ROD) MUK (GOOD ROD) SKRELP (GOOD ROD) BURMY (HEADBUTT) PINECO (HEADBUTT) EXEGGCUTE (HEADBUTT) FOONGUS PALPITOAD WOOPER (MORNING, DAY) SHELLOS (MORNING, DAY) GLOOM (MORNING YANMA (MORNING) QUAGSIRE AMOONGUSS SHELMET (DAY) SKORUPI (NIGHT) ZUBAT (NIGHT) PARAS (NIGHT) GOLBAT (NIGHT) PARASECT (NIGHT) ARIADOS (NIGHT) ==================== (try amoonguss???) Catch a Shelmet here for a trade later to receive an Escavalier. You can find Cain's earring just south of you. https://imgur.com/S3gOje0 Take the western path across the water to find TM88 Sleep Talk at the end of the path. https://imgur.com/KD61ozb Backtrack and use Cut on this tree to advance. https://imgur.com/RCCCX1j Follow the path northeast and jump off the ledge at the end. Continue northeast, then find a hidden path to the water between 2 trees. Follow it north and around to find a Thunder Stone (hidden in the rock). https://imgur.com/Z5zXSKu https://imgur.com/dbjgER4 Backtrack to where you were and take the southwest path across the water to find a Shiny Stone. https://imgur.com/8uuz3NY Afterwards, head east across the water and jump down the southern ledge. Head northwest when you can across the water to find Field Effect Swamp Field info. https://imgur.com/5MXPxVy ===================== Swamp Field "The field is swamped." Pokemon's Speed v each turn. Pokemon immune to slow when airborne. Created by Water + Grass Pledge Ingrain damages user unless user has Poison or Steel type. Dry Skin slowly restores HP Aqua Ring recovery -> 1/8 HP POISON attacks ^ x1.5 when target is grounded. Certain attacks ^ x1.5... Brine, Gunk Shot, Hydro Vortex, Mud Bomb, Mud Shot, Mud Slap, Muddy Water, Sludge Wave, Smack Down, Surf, Thousand Arrows Prevents use of these moves... Explosion, Self-Destruct Sleep Powder's Accuracy -> 100 SLP Pokemon damaged each turn Gooey effect ^ x2 Activates Water Compaction each turn. Strength Sap recovery ^ 30% Nature Power -> Muddy Water Camouflage -> WATER Secret Power -> lowers Speed Activates Telluric Seed... Boosts Defense and Sp. Def and applies Ingrain to the user. ====================== Walk across the water to the southwest island now. Follow the 1 way path until you can go north to more grass, or south across the water. Go south first to find a Miracle Seed. https://imgur.com/9NfA0Ua Go northwest across the island and follow the path west. Continue south and go across the water east. Quicksave, grab the Light Shard and enter the house for a battle. ================== ASTER & ECLIPSE SOLROCK LUNATONE PASSIMIAN LYCANROC LYCANROC (OTHER FORM) ORANGURU ========================= After the battle, interact with the wall here to open a secret passage. Heal your Pokemon inside, quicksave and prepare for another boss battle. https://imgur.com/SnZP3K5 ===================== TAKA KLEFKI ALOLAN EXEGGUTOR GLIGAR CHATOT ======================= After the battle, don't forget to grab the Pulse info for Camerupt on the table. https://imgur.com/mzizBRx Head back to Apophyll Beach now (just take the northwest path for a quick trip to your boat) and go to Kiki's room in the gym. After some storyline, heal up and head to Pyrous Mountain to meet with Cain. Afterwards, Victoria will join you as you enter the mountain and make your way to the top. Great time to level some low level Pokemon if you want. At the top of the mountain, you get thrown into a nearly unwinnable battle against a Garchomp. Theres a couple ways to deal with it, but I use my Prankster Murkrow with Perish Song to win. I don't think it changes anything currently for winning, but it probably will in a future episode. Don't worry about it if you lose. After the story progresses you will receive TMX4 Strength. Afterwards, go back to Obsidia Ward to find Cain again. Quicksave and speak with him to start a battle. https://imgur.com/azdgiap =================== CAIN ALOLAN MAROWAK PRIMARINA MEOWSTIC NIDOKING ALOLAN MUK ======================== Afterwards, go to the Obsidia Pokecenter to heal up. You have to travel through the next area before finding a Pokecenter, so might as well heal now. Enter the Byxbysion Wasteland after that. ======================== BYXBYSION WASTELAND WILD POKEMON: GEODUDE (ROCK SMASH) NINCADA (ROCK SMASH) GRAVELER (ROCK SMASH) PINECO (HEADBUTT) UNOWN (HEADBUTT) INKAY (HEADBUTT) - HEADBUTT TREE IS NEAR FIRST BIG BUILDING TRUBBISH (MORNING, DAY) ARBOK (MORNING, DAY) SKORUPI (MORNING, NIGHT) EKANS (MORNING, DAY) MUNNA (MORNING) MUK (DAY, NIGHT) KOFFING (DAY, NIGHT) WEEZING (DAY, NIGHT) CUBONE (NIGHT) DRAPION (NIGHT) Venipede (Jumps out of trees at you) ========================= Head southeast. Jump down the ledge. Slide down the Steel Beam by the person. Enter the building to the north. Go up the stairs and exit. Jump off the northwest ledge here. Go west to find a hidden Ability Capsule. https://imgur.com/8uaOc4k Go northeast and turn the machine red, this will activate an event later. https://imgur.com/tHJ7lEw Go back west and jump off a ledge at the end. https://imgur.com/vKAv6uz Backtrack to the big building and this time slide down another steel beam to the east. Go slightly south and jump off the western ledge. Turn this machine red. https://imgur.com/5Rr8Ie2 Grab the Field Effect Wasteland info hiding behind the rock. https://imgur.com/AJvSH3c =============== WASTELAND ================ Jump off the western ledge and backtrack to where you were. Go southeast to find a machine to interact with. https://imgur.com/HdBDHo8 Go northeast from here to find a hidden Poison Barb. https://imgur.com/jKVB4Vi Slightly northwest is another machine to turn red. https://imgur.com/Z68gqEm West of that is a building to enter. https://imgur.com/F7pojDO Examine the broken statue on the other side for Black Sludge. https://imgur.com/KtnWy4o Backtrack to the southeast portion of the previous area and enter the building. https://imgur.com/Aopy4iN Slide down another steel beam. Head south and slide down another steel beam to the west. https://imgur.com/nWT7Ies Examine the rock to the east for a hidden Heart Scale. https://imgur.com/XjcNCGO Turn the western machine red and jump off the northern ledge to backtrack to where you were. https://imgur.com/ripSjPX Grab the Lax Incense and head south. Slide down another steel beam to your east. https://imgur.com/TS7lz4Z Turn another machine red in the northeast corner. https://imgur.com/pxLCWzN You can now enter the big building west of the machine to challenge the gym, or do some more optional stuff. If you enter the Gym, make sure to quicksave in the first room. You will be challenged to a battle when you enter the western room. (would be better to take screenshots with flash enabled) After turning all the machines red, a door will open up if you backtrack a bit. You can now enter the western building. https://imgur.com/jpToafI =================== BYXBYSION TUNNELS WILD POKEMON: TRUBBISH ZUBAT GEODUDE KOFFING ONIX GOLBAT MAWILE ====================== Another place you need Flash to see properly. Go all the way west and enter the hall at the end. The random encounters actually change in this room. ========================= BYXBYSION TUNNELS WILD POKEMON: TRUBBISH ZUBAT GEODUDE KOFFING NIDORAN (MALE) NIDORAN (FEMALE) NIDORINO NIDORINA ========================== Exit out the west end again to be outside. Slide down the steel beams. Follow the path and jump off the ledge at the end. Enter the hall above you. https://imgur.com/6Ng5wGd Go all the way east and enter the hall at the end. Go east, head down the stairs and exit out the eastern hall. Back outside, jump off the eastern ledge and find a hidden Sticky Barb. https://imgur.com/UBsZaR3 Continue east and pick up a Poison Barb. https://imgur.com/gnztIfd Now enter the western passage. https://imgur.com/xaK7c3A ================= BYXBYSION GROTTO WILD POKEMON: TRUBBISH ZUBAT GEODUDE KOFFING ONIX MAWILE =================== Turn the last 2 machines here red (1 west and 1 east), to move the bookcase on the northern wall. Enter. Go all the way west to find a hidden Sun Stone in a rock. https://imgur.com/X1DcpBj Enter the next northern passage to the right of that. If you have an Odd Keystone (only obtainable from mining), you can insert it to catch a Spiritomb. https://imgur.com/sdRdWLp Exit and enter the next northern passage to your right for TM66 Payback. Quicksave and go all the way east and north for a battle. defeat Mr. Bigglesworth and grab the Pulse info to your north. If you have Blast Powder, you can obtain a Dawn Stone on the east side of the room. You need to mine the rock once, then use your Blast Powder on it to access the Dawn Stone. The western side has TM09 Venoshock. Exit south 2x to be in the room with the 2 red machines. If you go up behind the western machine, you can enter a secret passage. Exit west in the next room and near the door is a hidden Focus Sash in a container. https://imgur.com/oL3sPgo Continue all the way west and exit to be outside again. Slide down the steel beam and grab the hidden Moon Stone in the rock. https://imgur.com/WcjbcQ6 Exit north. Go up the ladder and exit south to be outside again. Slide down the steel beam to your west. (squirtle somewhere around here???) Thats everything we can do for now, so backtrack all the way to the gym. Quicksave and head west to be throw into a battle with Fern. Put Tangrowth back into my party temporarily, to beat Fern. =============== FERN RHYHORN ROSERADE KROOKODILE SCYTHER DECIDUEYE WEAKNESS: ====================== After you defeat him, heal up, quicksave and speak with Aya. My team at this point: Emolga, Malamar, Toxicroak, Talonflame, Nidoking, Magneton. - Could replace with Zangoose Toxic Boost ====================== AYA (WASTELAND) NIDOQUEEN TOXAPEX DRAPION SALAZZLE DRAGALGE VENUSAUR WEAKNESS: ========================== After the battle, you receive the Blight Badge, can use Strength outside of battle and TM34 Sludge Wave.
  13. Theres a new sidequest at whichever gang you joined. Speak to their leader to start it. Now, go to the other gang's hideout and defeat them all. =============== AQUA GANG LEADER WARTORTLE PELIPPER SHARPEDO ================ ================ MAGMA GANG LEADER =================== Defeat the Aqua Gang Leader to receive a Houndour from the Magma Leader. Aqua rewards??? You will notice a new circle of People in North Obsidia Ward. The top person in the circle of people will be selling Link Stones. You can use them to evolve Pokemon that need to be traded to be evolved. Its expensive at 10,000, but it might be worth buying 1 in case of emergency. You will find some hidden ones for free as you progress. This shop will leave later (not sure when, i think around ice gym). (department store sells later???) ============= GRAND STAIRWAY =============== Back to the Grand Stairway for some optional, but important things. Bring a Pokemon that you can teach Rock Smash to. Down the ladder and take the eastern path up. Break a rock and enter the northern door. Walk up and speak with the person to receive a Mining Kit. https://imgur.com/BlDYuYL Examine one of the glowing rocks to give it a try. Mining gives you some fantastic rewards. Rare Fossils that can be revived into good Pokemon, STAB boosting items to hold, Evolution Stones, Heart Scales, Max Revives, lots of good things. The method I take when doing mining is this: I quicksave at a rock, then try and get a new item/ a good rare item/ or a Heart Scale. If I don't get any of those, then I reset and try again. Heart Scales show up frequently, so I wouldn't leave a rock until at least getting 1 of those, if not a better/rare item. Use the hammer to break open lots of spaces to find an item, then switch to the Pickaxe to chisel out specific spots. If the crack at the top of the screen goes all the way across, then you can't search the rock anymore. After mining all the rocks, return to the previous room and break the rock near the ladder on the western path. https://imgur.com/LGLhv9p Grab the Amplified Rock down the ladder (LUNATONE CAN SPAWN HERE) and return up again. Go down to the room with the 4 paths again and go down path 2. Break the rock here and examine the hidden space for a Rare Candy. https://imgur.com/WTHrUaO Go up the western stairs for more mineable rocks. (I won't be pointing these out in the walkthrough). Go down path 4 to find a rock surrounded by breakable rocks. Examine the rock to find a Rare Candy. https://imgur.com/wpJZt3W Go up the ladder and now you can break the rocks to catch the solrock (wont be there if lunatone spawns in other room). Remember, the 1 not here will be catachable later in Tanzan Mountain. Theres nothing down path 3, so go up the ladders or use an escape rope to exit. https://imgur.com/0rHsKEj ====================== BERYL WARD CEMETARY ====================== Go to the Beryl Ward Cemetary now and break open these rocks to enter a cave. You need the TM for Flash to be able to see properly, but its worth going through now. https://imgur.com/pSpFGN5 ============= BERYL CAVE WILD POKEMON: Scatterbug Morelull Bunnelby Noibat Spewpa Shiinotic Diggersby Vivillion =============== (taking screenshots with flash enabled would be better) In the southwest corner is a ladder to descend. Next to the western cage is a Rock Incense. https://imgur.com/haUqut4 Theres a switch inside the western cage that will unlock the door to the eastern cage. You can take Nidorina here, thanks to the Silver Ring. In the rock next to Nidorina you can grab a free Link Stone. https://imgur.com/tpjRo3i Descend the western ladder. Go all the way south to exit outside. Quicksave. You can fight a level 55 Shiftry here and some nuzleaf (when its windy????). Tm 20 Safeguard is also here. If you have an Ill-Fated Doll, you can interact with the Totem Pole to capture a Pokemon. Baltoy, Elgyem, Golett, and Natu all show up if you bring more Ill fated dolls. (natu w/o one?) https://imgur.com/Rytom4K ============================== If the weather is Sunny, a Tropius will be here also. It requires a Pokesnax ========================================================== Backtrack through the cave and go all the way east across Beryl Ward bridge. Theres a rock you can smash now at the end. Go inside to enter Citrine Mountain. ====================== CITRINE MOUNTAIN WILD POKEMON: Woobat Swinub Cubchoo Phanpy Alolan Sandshrew Donphan Alolan Sandslash Beartic ========================= If you go straight east all the way when you enter, you can find a hidden Ability Capsule here. https://imgur.com/rx00GE3 Keep heading towards the southern portion of the area to find Corey's Croagunk. Thanks to the Silver Ring, it will join you. https://imgur.com/sR1hwDr Enter the cave at the end of the southwestern path. Inside you will find a level 57 Beartic and a Smoochum. If you defeat the Beartic, you can obtain the Smoochum. Grab the Never-Melt-Ice before leaving. https://imgur.com/2N7ygOS Hug the western-most wall and go south. You will end up with Field Effect Short Circuit info. https://imgur.com/5QM81OV ======================= SHORT CIRCUIT ========================= Now use an escape rope or backtrack to the entrance and leave. Go back to Peridot ward and into the Underground Railnet. ========================= UNDERGROUND RAILNET WILD POKEMON: (PAST THE ROCK SMASH ROCKS) Noibat Klink Geodude Graveler Skorupi Mawile Klang ======================= Rock Smash your way to the east. In this southeast corner of the room, you will find the Dull Key. With this you can return to the area where you found all the scraggys and open the locked door. You will need to fight 2 level 45 Pangoro and a level 50 Pangoro. Your reward will be a Scraggy. He is very useful for the next gym. https://imgur.com/RiZJ2o5 You can either proceed with the story to level up a bit more before trying to get a Scraggy, or head there now. If you have a couple revives and potions, Emolga and a Prankster Murkrow with Perish Song should be able to do most of the work in taking down the Pangoros. Read on if you want Scraggy, otherwise skip the next section and do the storyline, then come back later. In the Obisidia Ward, go to the southeast and enter the big building (where you found the scraggy gang before). Backtrack till you go up some stairs and can enter a northern door. https://imgur.com/KaifOmk You can now unlock this door with the Dull Key you picked up earlier. Pick up the Super Repel and exit through the western door. The same Pokemon as in the previous area, just higher level now. Jumping Puzzle: Take the far west path first. Theres only 1 way to jump, so just keep going up. Quicksave and head straight up to enter a battle with a level 45 Pangaro. The way I beat him was having Prankster Murkrow use Perish Song, then switching to Emolga and using Nuzzle + Acrobatics. Revive your Pokemon after the battle to repeat the strategy for the other 2. Or just escape rope out and use a Pokecenter. Flip the switch where the Scraggy is and backtrack across the jumping puzzle the way you came. This time take the 2nd from the far right path. Quicksave and head north to defeat another Pangoro. Flip another switch near Scraggy and head southeast. Pick up the Sun Stone laying at the end of the path. Backtrack the way you came and head up the far left jumping path. Go west and around to reach the walkway below the jumping puzzle. Walk through it until you reach the middle platform heading up. Quicksave and prepare for a level 50 Pangoro this time. After the battle, you will receive a Scraggy. He's extremely helpful for the next gym and he starts at level 30. You can train him up to level 39 if you want to beat the next gym with little to no difficulty. After all that, return to the Grand Hall. Quicksave and speak with Fern for a battle. There are repeatable trainer battles right near him if you want to level up first or after. ========== FERN KROOKOROK RHYHORN DARTRIX WEAKNESS:: ================== After defeating Fern, head to the Beryl Cemetary. Quicksave and speak with Cain to start a battle. https://imgur.com/tazpCVN ============= CAIN BRIONNE NIDOKING ALOLAN GRIMER ALOLAN MAROWAK ====================== After defeating him, head to the Lapis Ward gym. Up the stairs for some dialog, then exit the gym. Head south for some more dialog. Back into the gym and up the stairs, then talk to Cain. Now, quicksave and enter the big building in the middle of Lapis Ward. After the battle, Shelly will tag along with you throughout the area. This means, its time to level a low level Pokemon (Croagunk/Scraggy for me), since you will get healed after every battle. Go up the western stairs to continue. Defeat the trainers and they will close a gate in front of you. Go back downstairs and speak with Anna. Enter the northern door and head west. Head south and interact with the machine to open the gate upstairs. Grab the Data Chip next to you and head back to the gate. Head up all the stairs and defeat the trainers at the top. Interact with the machine to open all the rooms. Go downstairs and speak with Noel. He will mention to meet up with Anna again. Grab the Parylz heal on the way downstairs. Go inside the door Cain was blocking earlier. Interact with the machine to progress. Open the other door and speak with the kid multiple times to get a Rare Candy. Go south to progress. Examine the corner here for an Odd Incense. https://imgur.com/BEmocdO Return to the previous room and go in the other door. Head north into the door again and exit west. Interact with the machine and head all the way upstairs again. Scene. https://imgur.com/zSrR3sC Back outside, head back to Onyx Ward first. Enter the gym, go upstairs and enter this room. Now that you have a Data Chip, interact with this computer to encounter a Porygon. Catch him and leave. https://imgur.com/ZYoRCHp Go to the Underground Railnet to advance the story a bit. Rock Smash the rock so the group can progress. Go northeast and speak with Charlotte. Now, exit the way you came. Go to Bery Ward and cross the bridge to the east. Enter the gym at the end. ==================================== ABAONDED POWER PLANT WILD POKEMON: MAGNEMITE KLINK YAMASK DUSKULL VOLTORB KLANG ============================= Use the flashes of light to see around the gym. Theres 4 machines you need to activate, 2 on the western half and 2 on the eastern half. Afterwards, return to the gym entrance, head north, quicksave and speak with Shade. https://imgur.com/cPj89jE My Team: Tangrowth, Emolga, Stoutland, Drapion, Toxicroak, Donphan Strategy: X phys attack power item + sucker punch toxicroak = win ============================= SHADE (FACTORY FIELD) GENGAR ROTOM DHELMISE BANETTE DOUBLADE MIMIKYU WEAKNESS: ========================= After the battle you will receive the Omen Badge and TM65 Shadow Claw.
  14. Few things to do before entering the Jasper Ward. First is getting Petillil. Go to Obsidia Park when the weather is Sunny to find it. It requires Pokesnax. https://imgur.com/hIubijX Go to the northwest corner of Peridot Ward and enter this building. Talk to the Snubbul/Stufful trainer to obtain him. https://imgur.com/JEXo9f1 Now enter the Jasper Ward (northwestern exit in Peridot ward) ================ JASPER WARD WILD POKEMON: bEEDRILL SEWADDLE SCATTERBUG PIDGEY CARNIVINE PIDGEOTTO ===================== Head into the Police station in front of you as you enter the Ward. Talk to the Police Chief to start a sidequest. Exit and continue west. Enter the next building you can. Head straight up and exit out the doorway to reach the Pokecenter. On clear or windy days, you can cut down the tree south of the Pokecenter to find an Emolga. https://imgur.com/48yA1Fk Now head back into the previous building and continue west through it. Outside, continue west into the next building (walk into the shadow on the ground). Continue through the building and once outside again, cut the tree and exit west into the Malchous Forest. ==================== MALCHOUS FOREST WILD POKEMON: Beedrill (Morning, Day) Sewaddle (Morning) Scatterbug Fomantis (Morning) Ledyba (Morning) Pidgey (Morning, Day) Pansage Oddish (Day) Bellsprout (Day) Carnivine (Day, Night) Hoothoot (Night) Paras (Night) ========================== Head west and pick up the X Speed, then take the northeast exit. Enter this building to rescue the first police officer. Head west back into the forest and continue northwest. https://imgur.com/yc2HN9u Theres a Revive in this rock. https://imgur.com/BnVAe9d Continue south and grab the Light Shard if you need healing. Follow the path and jump off the ledge here. https://imgur.com/gITCKD7 Theres a Big Root you can grab. Jump off to the east again and backtrack to where you were. Go south, quicksave and grab the Light Shard before jumping off the edge again. Boss fight with Taka. =============== TAKA EXEGGCUTE CHATOT PULSE TANGROWTH ================ Quicksave and continue east after the battle. Theres a hidden path that leads to an egg right here. The egg can hatch into Nincada, Deerling, Skiddo, or Stantler. https://imgur.com/VlFQvbz Exit out the northeastern side again. Enter the easternmost building and go up the now working elevator. Speak to the girl to start a sidequest. Run back to Peridot and enter the first house east of the Jasper Ward tunnel. Speak to a girl inside to get another Sticker. Now go back to the Jasper Ward Pokecenter and continue east. Go into the first building you see and inside the elevator is the Forest Field information. =============== FOREST FIELD =============== Parlyz Heal and the next Police Officer slightly southeast of the Field Effect info. East of that, you can enter a building and find a Mareep. Requires a Pokesnax. Exit north into the Beryl Ward afterwards. =============== BERYL WARD WILD POKEMON: Pansage Pidgeotto Spearow Scatterbug Sewaddle Bellsprout Oddish ======================= Run all the way east and collect the hidden Pokesnax. https://imgur.com/0dBoVin On a windy day, you can find a kid and a Drifblim here. Catch it (or defeat it) and talk to the kid. This will start another sidequest. https://imgur.com/EXGj8g6 Continue west now. Enter the only house you can for an X attack. Afterwards, exit west into the Rhodochrine Jungle. =================== RHODOCRINE JUNGLE WILD POKEMON: Ledian (Morning) Sewaddle (Morning, Day) Scatterbug (Morning, Day) Spearow (Morning, Day) Pansage (Morning, Day) Ledyba (Morning) Gloom (Day) Bellsprout (Day) Tangela (Day, Night) Hoothoot (Night) Ariados (Night) Paras (Night) Spinarak (Night) ========================== Head west and fall down the trap. You have a choice here, I don't think it effects any major changes in the game, but just to be safe, don't make Fern let you out. Wait in the cage for about 2 minutes (press Fast-Forward to make it go faster) and a Chatot will come open the cage for you. https://imgur.com/GCESkJ0 Continue south down some stairs first. Cut this tree and examine the rock at the end to find a Rare Candy. https://imgur.com/tIzilMk ======================= RHODOCRINE JUNGLE CAVES WILD POKEMON: SCATTERBUG MORELULL NOIBAT BUNNELBY ========================= https://imgur.com/Lzo5wMc Head inside the western cave first and flip the switch to rescue a Police Officer. Go inside the eastern cave next. Grab the Hyper Potion and flip the switch to the right at the end. Leave the cave and start going north now. Don't exit east when you can, instead continue following the path south and up the stairs. Cut the tree and flip the switch. https://imgur.com/fPl0rKL Great Ball at the end of the western path. Now, take the eastern exit to get back into a new section of the Beryl Ward. =================== BERYL WARD ==================== Enter the building here and talk to the person to heal your Pokemon. Continue up the stairs walking along the bookcases to reach the Field Effect Corrosive Field info at the end. https://imgur.com/TNBLEv3 ======================== Corrosive Field "The field is corrupted!" Deals POISON hazard damage when grounded and not Poison or Steel type. No hazard damage when one of these abilities is active: Immunity, Poison Heal, Toxic Boost, Wonder Guard Ingrain damages user unless Poison or Steel type. Grass Pelt damages user unless Poison or Steel type. Activates certain abilities when grounded, activates Poison Heal and Toxic Boost. GRASS attacks + POISON Certain attacks + POISON... Mud Bomb, Mud Shot, Mud Slap, Muddy Water, Smack Down, Thousand Arrows, Whirlpool Certain attacks ^ x1.5... Mud Bomb, Mud Shot, Mud Slap, Muddy Water, Smack Down, Thousand Arrows, Whirlpool Certain attacks ^ x2... Acid, Acid Spray, Grass Knot Certain stat moves' effect ^... Acid Armor Activates Venom Drench Activates Venoshock Certain moves' Accuracy -> 100 SLP Pokemon damaged unless Poison or Steel Type, or has Wonder Guard. Toxic Spikes can't be absorbed Becomes Grassy Terrain when Seed Flare is used. Activates Merciless Corrosion damage ^ x1.5 Floral Healing + PSN Nature Power -> Acid Camouflage -> POISON Secret Power -> PSN Activates Telluric Seed... Boosts Attack and applies Baneful Bunker to the user. ========================= Walk down the stairs nearby and into the door. You can find an Ill-Fated Doll, an arcanine (talk to it twice) and examine the hole to find a dead Police Officer. Now leave, cut the tree to your west and enter the building. =================== RHODOCRINE JUNGLE ================== Back into the jungle, flip the final switch, then backtrack until you can take the newly opened path. =============== BERYL WARD ================ Continuing east, enter the building at the end. Inside, rescue the police officer, then exit and continue south. https://imgur.com/JttqEML Important note: If you want a glowithe, you must do it now, otherwise you will have to beat the next gym in order to get one. You should have saved all Police Officers by this point. Go back to Jasper and talk to the Police Chief to be rewarded with a Growlithe. Talk to one of the growlithes nearby to obtain him (MAKE SURE ITS FEMALE, otherwise you will have to wait till later when you can get a Ditto). Put the female Growlithe in the daycare and another (male) pokemon from the Field (Egg Group). After some walking around (I walk to the train station and back), the two pokemon will make an egg. Talk to the man at the Daycare to receive the egg. Take this egg back to the Police station. Talk to the officer behind the counter, then the one below him a couple times to give him the egg. He will reward you with a mystery egg that is dependent on your save file what will hatch out of it. This egg has some extremely good Pokemon and is worth doing right away to see what you get out of it. ====================== POSSIBLE MYSTERY EGG POKEMON Azurill Mareanie Staryu Togepi Sneasel Shroomish Gastly Axew Vullaby Pawniard Phantump Drilbur Cottonee Vulpix Elekid Starly Rockruff Larvesta ======================= Afterwards, go back to the Beryl Ward where you found the last police officer and continue south. Quicksave, cut the tree and grab the Light Shard. Probably the most difficult battle yet is coming up. ===================== pulse fight Glaceon Exeggcute Espeon Umbreon Chatot Pulse Tangrowth Strategy: arcanine and herdier lead off. kill glaceon, then espeon. Bring in kricketune and emolga. Nuzzle and fury cutter the rest. ===================== After the battle, quicksave and continue north. After the story events, head east and enter the first building. If you go up to the rooftop on a Sunny day, you will find a Helioptile. Requires a Pokesnax. https://imgur.com/xKA4Koh Exit and continue south afterwards. New items in the Pokemart if you are interested. ========================== POKEMART SHOP BERYL =========================== Super Potions, Super Repels and Pokeballs are always worth stocking up on. Pokecenter is east of that. If the weather is clear, you can find a Pokesnax shop here. https://imgur.com/CdbriT4 Before going north, go south back to Jasper Ward for another sidequest. Quicksave and head west to find a little kid surrounded by Pokemon (if you did the Drifloon event). After the battle the kid will run off, but the sidequest will have continued. You can find him again later. Return to Beryl and head north. https://imgur.com/jqaIlof If you go west of the Beryl Ward Gym, theres some new pokemon to encounter: ========================== BERYL WARD & CEMETARY WILD POKEMON: Pineco (Headbutt) Burmy (Headbutt) Aipom (Headbutt) Fearow (Morning, Day) Spearow (Morning, Day) Doduo (Morning, Day) Fletchling (Morning, Day) Phanpy (Morning, Day) Ekans Bunnelby (Day, Morning) Arbok Meowth (Night) Noctowl (Night) Hoothoot (Night) =========================== If you go here at night and interact with this grave, you can find a Shuppet. https://imgur.com/3nJRDJJ After that, its time to head inside the gym. Talk to the Police Chief to get the Field Effect Corrosive Mist Field info (if you saved all officers). ========================= CORROSIVE MIST FIELD =========================== You will see 6 containers in the middle of the Gym. You want to turn them all blue to open a secret door. Interact with them in this order: Bottom left Bottom Middle. The door will open in the wall. Enter and speak with Corey (is he still here if you didn't save all officers???). He will now return to the top section of his Gym. Quicksave and speak with him to start the battle. My team: Stoutland, Donphan, Numel, Koffing, Drifloon, Emolga. Numel flame burst. Emolga acro/nuzzle. donphan rollout. Stoutland crunch. ================= (can fight on 2 different fields depending on how many police officers you saved) COREY SKRELP STUNKTANK WEAKENSS: TOXICROAK MARENIA Crobat ======================= After the battle, head to Beryl bridge (east of the tunnel entrance). After the story scenes, head back to Corey's gym. Go inside the secret room again to find the Silver Ring. This will allow you to capture Corey's Pokemon that he released. https://imgur.com/7QCSoIK After that, go back to the Beryl Library (backtrack through the jungle again to reach it). Speak with the Gothitelle inside to start a sidequest. It wants you to clean up everything on the floor, so go around picking up everything you can. While cleaning, pick up a Twisted Spoon inside a room. https://imgur.com/NYp3Nve After you finish, talk to Gothitelle again and she will give you a Soul Candle. You can also talk to one of the little Gothita to obtain it. If you go back to the Beryl Graveyard with the Soul Candle and interact with a pumpkin, you can catch a Pumpkaboo. https://imgur.com/zz6ZPCX If you didn't get the growlithe (MAKE SURE ITS FEMALE) yet, now is a good time to go back to the Police Chief and receive one. Head to the Obsidia Ward Daycare afterwards to make an egg to give the officer (read earlier section). Sidenote: the repeatable trainers in Grand Hall have leveled up now, which make it the best place to grind out levels if you ever need to. Afterwards, continue north of the Grand Hall. ======================== NORTH OBSIDIA WARD ======================== The western house is the Move Deleter if you want to get rid of any moves. West of that house you can trade a Sunkern for a Mime Jr. Head all the way east and down the path below the Spyce restaurant. Examine the rock for an Ability Capsule, then enter Spyce. https://imgur.com/ii3B02F You can buy Lemonade here which is much cheaper than ice cream or super potions and heals for the same amount. Recommended to stock up on a few. Examine the bucket in the lower left for a Full Incense, then leave. Head north, up the small stairs, then enter the building slightly west. Grab the Telluric Seed, then exit. Continue west to have a small chat with DJ Arclight, then head all the way back east and up into the alleyway. https://imgur.com/SWIzWZY ================== MAGMA GANG HIDEOUT WILD POKEMON: Trubbish Poochyena Yungoos Stunky Espurr Mightyena ========================= This is home of the Magma Gang. You have a choice here. Join the Aqua or Magma Gang. If you join Magma, you get a Buizel and Oshawatt. If you join Aqua, you get a Ponyta and Litten. You get them all at different times throughout the game. Whichever rewards sound better for you, go defeat the group at the entrance, then speak to their leader to join their gang. They will want to meet up at a home in Lapis Ward during the night to continue the sidequest. Outside of the Magma gang hideout, after joining a gang, a new character will appear that continues the stolen Pokemon sidequest. Depending on the gang you chose, you will either fight or talk to him. The aqua member is in Lapis ward. magma: https://imgur.com/6ETMzv3 aqua: https://imgur.com/krOqLpp Return to where all the people gathered around the bombing and go up the western stairs. Follow the path to Lapis Ward. ============== LAPIS WARD =============== Head north and speak with the purple haired girl in front of the door to a big building. She will leave and now you can head east into the Aqua Gang hideout. https://imgur.com/3Iq82Ok ======================= AQUA GANG HIDEOUT WILD POKEMON: Trubbish Rattata Meowth Stunky Espurr Raticate Persian Barboach (Old Rod, GOOD ROD) Carvanha (Good Rod) ===================== On a windy night, you can catch a murkrow here (if you join Aqua Gang now). MAKE SURE IT HAS PERISH SONG. YOU ALSO WANT PRANKSTER BUT YOU CAN USE ABILITY CAPSULES. THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS BESIDES HIM IF YOU DON'T GET PERISH SONG. https://imgur.com/wpUDSgw Leave the Aqua Gang hideout and head northwest. Inside this house, you can get a sticker by talking to the kid's mom if you completed the previous 2 parts of the sidequest (Drifloon and Scolipede events) https://imgur.com/2JppFO4 West of that you can enter this house to continue the Gang sidequest. Speak with a person inside, then enter the house below the Pokecenter. https://imgur.com/c91OdTI After a couple battles, you will get a Water Stone and Buizel or Ponyta depending on the gang you chose. Go back and talk to your leader after that. Go inside the Sweet Scent Flower Shop (northwest lapis ward). Speak with a person inside to get a Walimer Pail. Talk to the person in the top left to solve a puzzle for Spritzee. Exit and head northeast. https://imgur.com/PbgrE02 You can enter the building up here for the Pledge moves. Very strong moves that only starters can learn. They also can change field effects if you use more than 1 during a battle. Now, go to the group of people in the northeast section of town and speak with Shelly (purple hair girl next to Victoria) to get the story moving again. Enter the gym afterwards. Head up the stairs and speak with Victoria, then leave the gym and head back to Craudberry's house (where you did the gang sidequest). Speak with Craudberry and leave. The Police Officer will give you a bike voucher. Enter the building directly below you and get a Bike. After that, exit and head east. Go to the big hole where the bomb went off and theres a ladder there now. Quicksave and go down it. https://imgur.com/DZOKGRR ================ GRAND STAIRWAY WILD POKEMON: SANDSHREW GRAVELER DIGLETT NOIBAT GEODUDE CHINGLING GRAVELER UNOWN (B2, B3) DUNSPARCE (B2) ======================= You might want to bring some Super Repels for this place. Diglet can Arena Trap you and force you to fight instead of run away. Continue south down the ladders a couple times. In the larger room, head east when you can to pick up a Dire Hit. https://imgur.com/7xphtdJ Heading south again, there will be a bunch of ledges to jump off. If you count the pathways from left to right, there would be 4 and the 3rd one is the correct path to advance. The others have optional items. Path 1 has some hidden items, but nothing important. Path 2 has 2 staircases as you follow the path. Head up the western one first. Find a hidden path on the left to find TM63 Embargo. https://imgur.com/x71iJ6J Continue north and talk to the guy at the end to recieve TMX7 Rock Smash. You can't use it until you beat the next Gym though. Backtrack to the split in the path again and this time go east. Examine this spot for a hidden Pokesnax. https://imgur.com/j7DPcwV Move east and jump off the southern ledge. Go down path 4 this time. You can find a Focus Sash off to the right. https://imgur.com/0SbwuSQ Continue down the path and enter the eastern door in the next room to see the message: "The crystals glitter with fissures..." You need to wait for a wild pokemon here to use a move that breaks the crystals in a battle. Example would be Diglett useing Bulldoze. You can also use a move to break the crystals if you have any. A stairway will form and you can go up the stairs and grab Field Effect Crystal Cavern info. https://imgur.com/kF5iPCl ====================== CRYSTAL CAVERN ====================== Exit and continue north. Climb up the ladders and grab the Magical Seed on the right. You can also find a Solrock or Lunatone here. Whichever one doesn't show up will show up later in Tanzan Mountain (during day???). You still need the next badge to use Rock Smash to reach it first. Examine the rock here for a hidden Heart Scale. https://imgur.com/X8Ru0Ey Ability capsule on the left in the next room. https://imgur.com/8KUuF0m Now, follow the path north, around and back to Path 3. At the end of path 3, you can grind a bit on the wild Unowns here if you want. They can go up to a high level, are pretty easy to beat and theres a Light Shard here when you are ready to progress and heal up. Quicksave, head west and start a battle. ==================== ASTER & ECLIPSE SOLROCK LUNATONE ROCK PUPPY THINGS ======================= After defeating them, use an escape rope to exit the area (or climb out). Return to the Lapis Gym. Speak with Victoria, then exit and enter the big building in the middle of the Ward. After the story events, return to the gym. Quicksave and speak with Shelly. Return downstairs and try to enter the eastern door. Victoria will want a battle. ================= VICTORIA =================== Afterwards, enter the eastern door. Examine the machine for some advice and get ready to start the Gym Puzzle. Basically, your goal is to get all the monitors on the back wall activated, then turn on the front 2 and finally go back to Shelly's Room, out the door there and activate the final monitor to cross the top of the bookcases. You can also talk to the trainers here to get hints. Lets number the monitors on the back wall from left to right 1,2,3 and 4. The solution is: bottom right monitor, 2, bottom left monitor, 1, turn off both bottom left and bottom right, 3, 4, turn on both bottom left and bottom right, and finally the monitor outside Shelly's Room. Walk across the bookcases and go south to grab the Leaf Stone. Shelly is all the way to the north. Quicksave and speak to her. https://imgur.com/PY3TBZI I used Camerupt, Donphan, Pyroar, Weezing, Emolga and Stoutland. Just keep Emolga healthy to win. ============================== SHELLY (Forest Field) Illumise Masquerain Yanmega Anorith Araquanid ================================ Defeat Shelly to receive the Cocoon Badge and TM76 Struggle Bug. You can now use Rock Smash outside of battles (breaking rocks with it).
  15. Exit the gym and speak with Victoria. There are 2 more Pokemon you can get before progressing. Go southwest to the train station while its raining to find a Numel. It requires a Pokesnax. If you don't have a fire type starter Pokemon, then I would use him. The next gym is grass, so having a good fire type is gonna be effective. https://imgur.com/zgQE4qz Talk to the person slightly east of the train station. Go northeast, then enter this house. Talk the person inside, then go back and talk to the person next to the train station. Again, go back inside the house and talk to him to receive an Onix. https://imgur.com/DW31m7U Go back to the Grand Hall and speak to this person to find the Rainbow Field info. You will also notice there are some new repeatable trainers to fight if you feel like it. https://imgur.com/9hgF66c =================== Rainbow Field "What does it mean?" Secondary effect chance ^ x2 Created by Fire + Water Pledge Created by Sun + Rain Cloud Nine slowly boosts stats Activates Marvel Scale Wonderskin always activates Special NORMAL attacks ^ x1.5 Special NORMAL attacks + ??? Certain attacks ^ x1.5... Aurora Beam, Dragon Pulse, Fire Pledge, Fleur Cannon, Grass Pledge, Heart Stamp, Hidden Power, Judgement, Mist Ball, Moonblast, Mystical Fire, Prismatic Laser, Relic Song, Sacred Fire, Secret Power, Silver Wind, Sparkling Aria, Tri Attack, Twinkle Tackle, Water Pledge, Weather Ball, Zen Headbutt Certain attacks v x0.5... Dark Pulse, Never-ending Nightmare, Night Daze, Shadow Ball Certain stat moves' effect ^... Cosmic Power, Meditate Wish recovery -> 75% HP Nightmare and Bad Dreams fail SLP Pokemon recover each turn Sonicboom damage -> 140 Destroyed by Sand and Hail Enables Aurora Veil Soul Heart also boosts Sp. Def Prism Armor lowers damage x0.5 Nature Power -> Aurora Beam Camouflage -> DRAGON Secret Power -> random status Activates Magical Seed... Boosts Sp. Atk and applies Healing Wish to the user. ================ To progress, go to the upper walkway around the Grand Hall to find Florina. You can battle the new trainers around the walkway before speaking to her for some EXP and money. https://imgur.com/k0FaVQc (zangoose around here???) ============= OBSIDIA WARD ============= You can head into the first building you see to the east called the Central Obsidia Salon. Talk to a person here to pay and raise your Pokemon's happiness level. This is limited to once per day, but you can change the date on your computer. This is useful for evolving Pokemon that only evolve from raising their happiness levels. It does cost 1,500 though, which is quite expensive. You may want to hold off doing it for now. Theres another person that will give you a Soothe Bell for showing her a Pokemon with high happiness (usually your starter works). You can go into the next building to the east, called Critical Capture, to find some different Pokeballs. I wouldn't bother buying any at this point. They will be more useful later and just stick to regular Pokeballs for now. ==================== CRITICAL CAPTURE ======================= Head north up the street to find a Pokecenter on your right. Next to it is the Obsidia Daycare. Quicksave and talk to the people multiple times to start a battle. You don't get any reward yet for defeating them, but it starts the sidequest for the Daycare. Come back later if you want. =================== DAYCARE COUPLE ======================= Go west across the street to find a Pokemon trade. You can get a Castform for a Furret. Furret isn't obtainable at the moment, but you can catch a sentret soon. https://imgur.com/jVbQkhT If you continue up the pathway west, you will end up back in the Underground Railnet. Nothing you can do at the moment, except catch a Klink in the dark spots on the ground. Go back to the main street and continue east. You will see the Devon Corp building next. Theres a basic shop inside if you want anything. ===================== DEVON CORP SHOP ===================== East of that is the Sweet Kiss Candy Shop. Theres another shop inside and a puzzle you can solve to get a Swirlix. If you bought an ice cream outside the Grand Hall during a sunny day, you can give it to the little kid blocking the vending machine to make him move. Buy a Vanilla ice cream from this machine to get a Vanillite Pokemon. Swirlix puzzle solution: https://imgur.com/oXCi5Tg ================== SWEET KISS SHOP ==================== ================= SWEET KISS VENDING MACHINE ============================== =============== SOUTH OBSIDIA WARD ===================== Head south until you can see Victoria, then enter the building on the right. Speak with the lillipup trainer to start a sidequest. You won't be able to finish it until later, but you can progress it now. Starting location: https://imgur.com/LgYcUNL https://imgur.com/finATRs https://imgur.com/im2V7Qs https://imgur.com/pmbzwKL Afterwards, quicksave and speak with Victoria to start a battle. =========================== VICTORIA RALTS TORRACAT: WEAKNESS PICHU =============================== After defeating her, enter the building at the end of the path. You can also catch a Hoppip here on Windy days. https://imgur.com/iY3qwT5 ==================== OBSIDIA SLUMS Wild Pokemon: Pidove (Evolution) Trubbish Pancham Yungoos Mankey Makuhita ======================= You can see an egg in the southeast corner as soon as you enter. It can be a Drowzee, Ducklett, Bronzor, or Cacnea. You won't be able to pick it up, unless you have 5 or less party members. We will be able to reach it later. The yellow object in the top left is called a Light Shard. It completely heals all of your Pokemon. Interact with it if you want, then exit north. https://imgur.com/pOXNjhT Small jumping puzzles in this room. Solution 1: https://imgur.com/SoO1iUT Solution 2: https://imgur.com/xW22M7Z Move down and go east when you can. Jump right 2x (stand next to the fence) to reach a Moon Stone. Head back west and exit south. https://imgur.com/0ZjkfCL Ignore the stairs and grab the Great Ball to the southwest. Exit through the hole in the wall. Interact with the box a couple times from either side to move it out of the way and exit north. Another jumping puzzle. Solution part 1: https://imgur.com/4Vl4m1o Solution part 2: https://imgur.com/iOEEZz5 You can grab the egg in the next room. Remember, you need 5 or less Pokemon in your party to pick it up. Backtrack to where you moved the box out of your way. Exit west. In this room you can find TM60 Quash. Exit back east, south, then west up the big stairs. https://imgur.com/iYP9PLJ Use the Light Shard if you are low on health, then continue north through the door. Another small jump puzzle. Solution: https://imgur.com/WZbyG9T Follow the path and interact multiple times with the box in your way to make it run out of the room. Quicksave and talk to the person south of you to start a battle. It continues the sidequest with the stolen Pokemon. Exit north. ============= STOLEN POKEMON SIDEQUEST BATTLE FEEBAS DRILLBUR SWINUB ==================================== Continue down the stairs west. Quicksave and use the Light Shard here before entering the next room. You will need to fight a Pokemon Gang full of Scrafty and Scraggy. If you have any Fighting/Flying/Fairy moves, then use them. You can use Thunderwave on the Scrafty if you have having trouble. ==================== POKEMON GANG SCRAGGY SCRAFTY ======================= After you defeat them, follow the path north and back outside to the city. =================== SOUTH OBSIDIA WARD ===================== Nothing to do here but exit south to Coral Ward. ================= CORAL WARD ==================== Head west and enter the building here to take a quiz. The answers are 4, 7, and 31. Your reward will be the Field Info on Misty Terrain. ============= Misty Terrain "Mist settles on the field." Pokemon are immune to status Created by... Misty Surge, Misty Terrain (5 turns), Mist (3 turns), when the attacker does not hold an Everstone. DRAGON attacks v x0.5 FAIRY Pokemon's Sp. Def ^ x1.5 Activates Marvel Scale Dry Skin slowly restores HP Pixilate power boost -> x1.5 Certain attacks ^ x1.5... Aura Sphere, Clear Smog, Dazzling Gleam, Doom Desire, Fairy Wind, Icy Wind, Magical Leaf, Moonblast, Mist Ball, Moongeist Beam, Mystical Fire, Silver Wind, Smog, Steam Eruption Certain attacks v x0.5... Dark Pulse, Night Daze, Shadow Ball Soul Heart also boosts Sp. Def Certain stat moves' effect ^ ... Aromatic Mist, Cosmic Power Sweet Scent lowers Def & Sp. Def Wish recovery -> 75% HP Aqua Ring recovery -> 1/8 HP Destroyed by these moves... Defog, Gust, Hurricane, Razor Wind, Supersonic Skystrike, Tailwind, Twister, Whirlwind Becomes Corrosive Mist when Acid Downpour is used, or when one of these moves is used twice: Clear Smog, Poison Gas, Smog Prevents use of these moves... Explosion, Self-Destruct Activates Water Compaction when Pokemon is sent out. Nature Power -> Mist Ball Camouflage -> FAIRY Secret Power -> lowers Sp. Atk Activates Elemental Seed... Boosts Sp. Def and applies Healing Wish to the user. ============= https://imgur.com/swEoVPU You can find an Ultra Potion on this rock, but it should probably be used to recruit a Pokemon we are getting shortly. https://imgur.com/frpvHp2 If its raining, you can find a Lotad on one of the western piers. It requires a Pokesnax. https://imgur.com/x7yMKu6 Don't talk to the person with green hair yet, we will be coming back shortly. Head southeast and enter this house to give that Ultra Potion to the girl inside. You will receive a Skitty for it. https://imgur.com/o8EKmmP After healing your Pokemon, quicksave and speak with the girl in the northwest. You will end up in a battle with Cain. =========================== CAIN ALOLAN GRIMER NIDORINO POPPLIO:WEAKNESS CUBONE =============================== After defeating him, head back up to South Obsidia Ward. ==================== SOUTH OBSIDIA WARD ==================== Go inside the Salon and speak with the girl near the door to start a sidequest. Another person can increase your Pokemon's happiness, but it is more expensive than the other Salon. Complete the sidequest to lower the price. We will do this in a moment. https://imgur.com/pFPpgDQ Exit and continue northwest until you see Florina and Amaria. Speak with them to recieve TMx1 Cut. Teach it to a Pokemon (I throw it on Kricketune). Ignore the tree above you for the moment and cut the tree down to the west instead. Keep heading west and enter the other Salon. Speak with the person that raises your Pokemon's happiness to continue the sidequest. You may need to change the date on your computer if you already paid for it today. After finding out the price, head back to the other Salon and speak with her again. Your reward is a Glameow. Interact with one running around the Salon to obtain it. If you put the Glameow in your party and run back to the other Salon, you can do another sidequest. I don't recommend doing this yet, because you are thrown into a level 45 Tsareena battle. If you feel like trying it out, quicksave and show the Glameow to the person wanting to see your Pokemon's happiness levels. If you win the battle, you recieve a Bounsweeet. Good Pokemon, but this battle is too difficult currently. South of this Salon is another tree you can cut. Go south and enter the alley to your east. ================ OBSIDIA ALLEYWAY WILD POKEMON: TRUBBISH YUNGOOS KOFFING POOCHYENA ===================== If you go to the location in the screenshot a Plusle or minule will come out and want a Pokesnax. Give it 1 to obtain it if you want. https://imgur.com/pbCfMtl Quicksave before interacting with the Mightyena at top. ================== MIGHTYENA X2 WEAKNESS: ========================= Try paralyzing them and using fighting/bug/fairy moves. If you defeat them, you will obtain an elektrike. Tree to cut: https://imgur.com/Lh6gqVs If you are here during the day, you can find a Litleo. Interact with it and it will run off. https://imgur.com/YydzU5p Go back to the Pokecenter and take the western path into the building to find it again. Quicksave and chase it down the stairs. You will be thrown into a battle with a level 35 Klinklang. Tough fight and you might just want to come back later. Try to use fighting/ground/fire moves on it. Defeat it and you will get litleo. ======================= KLINKLANG ========================== You can find Spoink here during the day with clear weather (east of Amaria and Florina). https://imgur.com/YWLi5mw It will run into one of the Coral Ward warehouses, which we can't open yet. Go back to Florina and Amaria. Cut the tree to the north. Quicksave and then walk up to start a battle. ================ PULSE TANGROWTH =================== Pulse Tangrowth is the first of many Pulse type Pokemon you will encounter. I lead off with Trubbish and spam Acid Spray to lower his special defense, then use special attack moves to finish off the Tangrowth. After the battle, go talk to the little kid near the Salon in South Obsidia Ward. Tell his mom in the Obsidia Pokecenter that you found him to receive an Ability Capsule. These change your Pokemon's ability. They are rare, so don't use it unless necessary. https://imgur.com/s5YZX8U Theres some new wild Pokemon in the park after you defeated the Pulse Tangrowth: ================== WILD POKEMON Buneary (Morning, Day) Bellsprout Oddish Sunflora (Morning) Sentret Slakoth Venonat (day, Night) Bonsly (day, Night) Hoothoot (Night) ======================== You can find a Heart Scale here. https://imgur.com/NKW9m94 You can also find the Warehouse Key in the house slightly northeast of the Heart Scale. Go back to the Coral Ward and unlock the warehouses there. You can find the Daycare Couple behind the western one. You can now go back to the Daycare and start breeding Pokemon if you want. Theres a Sea Incense and the Spoink from earlier in the southeastern warehouse. Spoink will be in one of the boxes hiding. Theres a Happiny hiding in the warehouse next to it. Go back to Obsidia Ward and all the way north to the Onyx Ward tunnel. Head west before entering and find a Cotton Candy here. https://imgur.com/GgkULLw Now enter the big building back east. This is the Department Store. You find stickers throughout the world and take them here to reach the higher floors. The higher the floor, the better the items that are sold. Your first sticker is given to you with your Membership Card by talking to an associate here. Stock up on some Pokeballs or Potions if you need them, then leave and head up the tunnel on your right. ============= DEPEARTMENT STORE SHOPS 1ST FLOOR 2ND FLOOR ============================= ============= ONYX WARD =============== Head to the northwest section of the ward and enter the door. After the scene with Fern, exit and enter the eastern entrance to reach the Pokecenter. Now that you are healed up, you can explore the Ward a bit. Return to the Ward entrance and go inside the Onyx Arcade. You can't do much of anything here yet without a Coin Case (we will be getting it shortly), but you can play the Lottery by talking to the westernmost person behind the counter. The more Pokemon you have, including ones in boxes, the better chance to win. The best prize is a Master Ball and you can change your computer clock date to play multiple times (unconfirmed) MASTER BALL EXP SHARE PP UP MAX REVIVE FULL RESTORE Exit and enter the next building to your west. Talk to the lady on the left side of the room multiple times. You already rescued the Day Care couple, so she will reward you with an egg contain: Remoraid, Spheal, Clamperl, Seel, Frillish, or Clauncher. There are some great Pokemon here, so take the time to hatch the egg and see what you get. Exit, head west and interact with this rock to find a Pokesnax. If you found all of Lillipups hiding places earlier, you can finally obtain him here also. https://imgur.com/IaXFlBO Head back to the Pokecenter/Gym. You can read all the books for clues on how to solve this gym puzzle. You will input answers into machines later on in the gym. Head east and up the stairs. Enter the first door and talk to the person to recieve a Coin Case. You can go back to the Arcade now if you want, but be prepared to spend hours to get any of the good rewards. You can find coins scattered on the ground and from talking to people. Voltorb Flip is the best way to earn the highest amount of coins. Theres a website that solves it for you. Just Google Voltorb Flip. ========== ARCADE REWARDS slugma nidoran luxray =============== ============= arcade tm rewards ================ Continue west and enter the door. You can find Protective Pads in this room and a computer you can't do anything with just yet. Talk to this student from his right side and he will knock over the plant on his left. The teacher will open up the door leading to the 3rd floor. Go into the door and up the stairs. https://imgur.com/voIXDIT Grab the Field info for Desert Field, then go back to the 2nd floor and continue west. ================= DESERT FIELD ================= Back on the first floor, go up, around and exit east to get back to the Pokecenter. Talk to the girl to get a Telluric Seed. Interact with the machine to open the gate. Continue west to find all the machines that hold this gym's puzzle. Machines starting from the eastern most side and going west answers: 1 367 True 410 True 37 15 True Quicksave and continue west to run into Fern and a battle. ============== FERN SANDILE ROSELIA ROWLET: WEAKNESS Strategy: All I did was use Kricketune's Fury Cutter to win ==================== After beating Fern, a new shop will appear in the Pokecenter. Talk to the guy to buy Super Potions. He is only available now and will leave after Florina is defeated. Buy a couple now, or some Chocolate Ice Cream. You won't have proper access to Super Potions for a while still. https://imgur.com/u9DepGu The other thing to do is go into the building near the Arcade again. Speak to a new person in there and they will give you access to the elevator. Take it up to the rooftop for more wild Pokemon: ================ WILD POKEMON: Tranquill Bellsprout Pidove Spearow Bellsprout Venonat ====================== You can also find a Pichu hiding in the tree when the weather is Clear. It requires a Pokesnax to be there. https://imgur.com/jQ79vM5 Head back to Florina now. I'm using Koffing, Mightyena, Kricketune, Noctowl, Elektrike and Herdier -keep trubbish instead of koffing and noctowl/tranquill ================================= FLORINA (Desert Field) Maractus Breloom Ferroseed Cottonee Cacnea Cradily WEAKNESS: OTHER OPTIONS: The Tranquill we just gained access to could help here a lot. If you manged to get Litleo already, he will work great too. Any Fire Pokemon or starters. STRATEGY: Kricketune can really sweep her whole team. Koffing/Trubbish are great backups. Don't use Toxic Spikes, unless you have a reliable way to deal with Breloom. (use sleep berry for breloom???) ================================ You will receive the Canopy Badge and TM96 Nature power. She will also upgrade your Pokegear with a Pulse Dex. This gives info on the Pulse Pokemon you will encounter.