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  1. [E17] Corrupted pokéball

    Well if you really want her I'm sure you can find someone willing to give you a Ralts...
  2. [E17] Corrupted pokéball

    If I remember correctly he is still there, but only in the new Reborn city. Gardevoir was way too powerful for early-game (you always using it just confirms it) so she got the much deserved axe. Now you can try some different psychic and fairy types!
  3. Chaptr 17.

    It's currently in Beta so community release should be available soon-ish. As one of the alpha testers my personal guess is december for community release and around christmas for stable release. The question is, which year. Also by asking you just pushed a release date further.
  4. Nice design. If there were alternative in-game sprites like this for Dragonite I would definitely use them in my playthrough.
  5. I checked in RMXP. Gothitelle only appears if the flag "Third Gym Done" is set. And this flag is switched on only after Corey is beaten. Too bad. I feel like using Gothorita against Corey would be the only reason I'd ever try training her. Getting her just after Corey is pointless.
  6. Isn't Gothita only available after Corey? I wanted to use it against him once in the past but the sidequest was not available until after I defeated him... It might have been changed in some later episode though.
  7. E17 release?

    From what I know alpha should be pretty much done by now, Ame already fixed most of the reported bugs so Beta might begin soon-ish? However she is now well aware that a week for each phase was too optimistic. There is simply too many new things in E17 for that. And trust me, you don't want to play against the current AI. Waiting for a more stable release is well worth it. My personal estimate is for E17 to be released around christmas with the community release a bit sooner than that. Also by asking this you just delayed the release again. But on the bright side it means we have more time for testing. RIP Greninja. I always disliked it anyway.
  8. 1 or 6, preferably with clothes of 4.
  9. Pokemon Reborn Hardcore [Mod][Discontinued]

    @Commander That's somewhat surprising since you even had plans to make Hardcore Reju quite recently. I never played Hardcore past Shade or so because I wanted to wait for E17 because of Gen 7 and weather so it's disappointing for me. However while disappointing it's completely understandable. The mod is lot of work and even though I didn't have a chance to enjoy it all myself I certainly appriciate all the work you put into it. I most certailny don't feel like you have failed us. You fully deserve your rest. Please enjoy whatever other activities you're doing instead. :-) That said would you be willing to let someone use just some parts of the current Hardcore mod? My personal interest in Hardcore is to have a more challenging game. That means better teams for opponents, no-items run, level limiter and maybe some other minor things. And possibly CoM. But features like Hardcore HQ, Party system and whatever else even though they are certainly enjoyable, I don't think they are completely necessary. This would take out some of the complexity from the mod, making it easier to maintain so it might be more likely for someone to do it. I'm even considering trying it myself but I'm not sure if it's a good idea since I have 0 experience with RPG maker. I'd certainly need a lot of help from someone more experienced.
  10. suggestion online trade

    I don't think that limiting trading is a good solution for this. If you want to play a balanced game then don't trade at all or just for regular far from perfect mons, or perfect mons of species that would normally be too weak. That's how I play Reborn. I don't see a reason to limit the trading system for other people even if I don't personally use it. A good way to keep things balanced would be to add more difficulities to the game. Then if you have perfect mons you should use a higher difficulity setting. Previously we had Reborn Hardcore for this but it's unfortunately discontinued now.
  11. What would be the best eeveelution

    As for other options: Leafeon is extremely weak because of its type and bad moveset. The most useless eeveelution ever. Umbreon is ok but you can only get Toxic and Foul Play very late in the game and these are both essential for Umbreon. Sylveon is a very good choice and you can get one early. Espeon is good but some of the best moves like Shadow Ball are still unavailable. Jolteon is helpful too with it's god-like speed but can only do electric attacks. Flareon has very good attack and can be very useful in some situations. Glaceon is decent but is by far the last one to become available. And there are many cases when ice type is no good. Overall for Reborn Vaporeon is the best with Sylveon as close second.
  12. What would be the best eeveelution

    Vaporeon is the best of all of them. Plus you can get a Water Stone very early in the game. Trust me, my last Reborn run was eeveelutions-only and Vaporeon proved to be the best many times. Especially when I started using two of them in doubles - two Vaporeons with Surf + Water Absorb are pretty much invincible.
  13. [E16] Line Break Errors

    Thanks! I tried a few of them and they seem to happen reliably every time (with the right font). Hopefully Ame and Marcello will be able to do something about it. Most if not all of these should be already fixed by my patch above.
  14. [E16] Line Break Errors

    I believe I made some progress on this issue. My patch seems to fix most of these cases - more precisely all those that were impossible to reliably reproduce. I know for a fact that I did not fix all the cases. Please report any cases that happen even with my patch applied. (For example the lady in Peridot PokeCenter is still buggy.) You can download the patch here. Just put this into the Data directory of your Reborn E16. It only works for the vanilla Reborn E16, not for mods. Big thanks to Amethyst for her advice how to debug RMXP scripts. She and Marcello already have the change I made so it should be in E17 (unless it causes some other bug).
  15. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    Entrainment is supposed to fail against a pokemon with Schooling ability so that's correct. Returning to Solo form on low HP should happen though.