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  1. Based on some feedback other people gave on Patreon Ame might end up redoing most if not all the Meteor Grunts. With more focus on their pokemon variety, which grunts work for which Meteor Admin, to have each grunt keep his teams across multiple encounters, keeping their pairings for double battles and so on. I can't be sure if this will relly happen but if it does it might mean some more work for you (if you choose to preserve these concepts). I don't quite follow what you mean here. You previously said you'll postpone the CoM Gauntlet until E18 I think? I have not finished Hardcore yet so I don't quite know what the Gauntlet thing even is and how it differs from regular CoM. Don't understand how this would help you and whether it's something other people can help you with. You don't have to explain though. I'll probably catch up once I play through the CoM and the Gauntlet.
  2. Is this correct? I mean between Luna and Samson there is only the Agate Circus and Route 2. Maybe you meant some other leader than Samson? Also what's the Altered Path if you don't mind me asking? How much work does the Gen 7 mean for you when E17 is out with all the new pokes and alo-forms + Z-moves to be distributed between NPCs? I just hope you won't burn out. Thanks for your hard work!
  3. I don't get to play them regularly but sometimes I organise a meeting with friends where we play a few good board games. We mostly enjoy very complex games with minimum (or none) random things like cards/dices. From the top of my head Imperial 2030 and Terra Mystica are good examples. Can recommend more if needed.
  4. It should be available in the wild on Azurine. It's just very late in the game. You need to beat Adrienn, renovate the island, complete a side-quest on the island and then you can (very very rarely) encounter a wild Bulbasaur.
  5. Damn this sounds awesome. I'm really sorry I can't give you my feedback because uh I just don't have time to play this at the moment. Once I do I'm sure I'll spend over 100 hours on it which is more than I can afford at the moment. I had to prioritize some stuff in my life because I couldn't get some things done for over a year. I really have to sort out those priorities first. This is just to let you know that I'm still reading this thread and really appriciate all you're doing. Reborn is my favorite game and this will be like playing for the first time again. Thank you!
  6. Maybe your game got corrupted when downloading. Try downloading it again and report the result.
  7. Well it is a bit early, but you only have one. And it's hidden in a place where you don't have an Itemfinder yet so most people just miss it anyway. Lucky you!
  8. Just an item. I don't remember any event requiring a Hyper Potion, only one that needs an Ultra Potion.
  9. Afraid you found a bug. I just tried it with my own Mamoswine to confirm.
  10. Did they even announce an english version of F/GO game? I thought it will never happen... They released a first part of F/GO anime though. But to be honest I think it's a bit overrated.
  11. TM

    Not 100% sure but it's probably the yellow ball in this room.
  12. According to the item guide it can be held by wild Paras and Parasect.
  13. I think it's random and you can't really increase your chances. Just keep trying.
  14. Couldn't find any... Looks like the only point of renovating the slums is the key you'll get as reward.
  15. Mybe your song is in a format which the game cannot read?