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  1. [E16] Line Break Errors

    Thanks! I tried a few of them and they seem to happen reliably every time (with the right font). Hopefully Ame and Marcello will be able to do something about it. Most if not all of these should be already fixed by my patch above.
  2. [E16] Line Break Errors

    I believe I made some progress on this issue. My patch seems to fix most of these cases - more precisely all those that were impossible to reliably reproduce. I know for a fact that I did not fix all the cases. Please report any cases that happen even with my patch applied. (For example the lady in Peridot PokeCenter is still buggy.) You can download the patch here. Just put this into the Data directory of your Reborn E16. It only works for the vanilla Reborn E16, not for mods. Big thanks to Amethyst for her advice how to debug RMXP scripts. She and Marcello already have the change I made so it should be in E17 (unless it causes some other bug).
  3. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    Entrainment is supposed to fail against a pokemon with Schooling ability so that's correct. Returning to Solo form on low HP should happen though.
  4. Episode 17

    Ame doesn't specify release dates ahead of time so the most accurate answer you can get is "when it's done". On the other hand she did say (quoting) "e17 won't take nearly as long as 16. if either E17 or 18 take that long please lynch me." - so it might happen this year. But let's not pressure her. The previous episodes clearly showed that the time we wait is well worth it.
  5. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    Even if it's not a bug it's not a good challenge. It is very unfriendly to some custom runs. I suggest removing it.
  6. Yeah I have it now. I got into the Toy Box but I have no idea what am I supposed to do here to get to the Puppet Master. Any hint? EDIT: Oh never mind. It was the floor in the second room.
  7. Found the shop but all she has are herbs and incenses. And she won't let me into the elevator to see if there is anyone else in the building.
  8. Are you sure we're talking about the same city? Because there is nothing south of the train station.
  9. There is no shopowner there. Guess Audinos are not available yet for me.
  10. nightmare medallion? Where do I get that?
  11. Is there an Audino-trainer somewhere in Grand Dream City? Or a way to get back to the previous areas? With a team 10 levels below Venam I don't stand a chance against her.
  12. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    Reaching the area where I'm supposed to battle Florin for the Grass-type badge requires Surf and there is no way to switch my team before the battle. That means I'm down to five pokemon because I have to keep Brobarel. Please fix this, together with how underleveled I'm at this point + the fact that Florin has an overleveled Mega the fight is pretty much impossible to win.
  13. Ladder Key Item?

    Got it, thanks.
  14. Ladder Key Item?

    I found a Ladder Key Item in the ruins near GoldenLeaf town. What is it used for? I found someone mentioning it's needed to get Narcissa's TM from Amethyst cave but when I interract with the gravestone, nothing happens.
  15. Reborn Hardcore Party System Guide

    No I cannot. I'm long past that point.