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  1. In the Kyogre chamber if I go from the left side and not stand right beside Venam while battling with Kyogre then there is a bugged event after the battle. The character keeps running into a wall.
  2. It seems it was fixed in the latest patch. EDIT: Uh... except that applying the latest patch changed some move IDs or something. My Decidueye now knows Steam Eruption instead of Spirit Shackle. Can you take the save file from my previous post and fix it for me please?
  3. Ok, I think something is wrong with my save file. I didn't get the Magma Stone in Carotos Mountain (it seemed like the more interesting option to not have it). So I went back to the gang, saw Melia fly off and Venam said she wants to talk to Crawli if there is some other way to Valor Mountain. I had some troubles with finding them but eventually found them in the area behind Crawli's battlefield. Here if I talk to Venam the game goes into an endless loop or something and I can't move.
  4. I found this in latest version of Rejuvenation but as it is based on Reborn I assume the same would happen in Reborn as well. If you don't want Reju bugs here (even though it probably applies to Reborn too), feel free to delete this. I had Talonflame use Me First! against enemy Groudon. First round Groudon wanted to use Solar Beam - Talonflame used it first, Groudon second (Solar Beam didn't need charging because of sunlight). So far ok. I tried the same on the second turn. This time Groudon's trainer used Hyper Potion. Since Groudon was not about to use any attack I thought that Me First would fail. Instead Talonflame used Solar Beam again. I can't be completely sure if this is a bug. It's a bit of an edge case so maybe it might work that way in canon too even though I doubt it.
  5. I just beat RorrimB the second time. Now I think I'm supposed to find and fight Crawli but I have no idea where to find him. Rorrim said something about Sheridan but I've no way to go there. Besides he said something about the location being accessible only by a ship and not directly from Sheridan. Where can I continue? EDIT: Never mind. I was supposed to go back to Melia and Venam so we can all go together.
  6. Moonblast Primarina did the trick. She Moonblasted Bewear and two other Marianette's pokemon. After that she overleveled and ignored orders - otherwise she would have easily Hyper Voiced the Pyroar as well. Honestly it felt too easy. I was surprised that the Cinccino didn't have Skill Link. While Primarina could survive a Skill Linked Bullet Seed it would be much closer.
  7. Is there any heart scale available at this point? If I remember correctly there is a move relearner in Sheridan - I'd like her to teach Flame Burst to my Salazzle.
  8. Hi Commander, adding Level Limiter, TM Breeding and No-Items mods would be nice - and it would improve the game quite a lot. On the other hand I think it's a bit too early to make drastic changes like you do in Reborn. At this point Reju is still quite buggy compared to Reborn (no offense meant to Jan and the team, the game is great, just feels more unfinished than Reborn) plus you still have quite a lot of work to do for Reborn because of Gen 7. What I'd really like to see is an option to disable the custom moves that Reju gym leaders are using. They feel very cheap - just a thing they use whenever they don't know what to do. I always feel cheated when they use these moves and for me it drastically reduces the fun I have from the battles. ---------------------------------- 2 Commander's style of Battle Design would be nice. Compared to Reborn and Reborn Hardcore the opponent teams in Reju don't seem to have much personality to them (at least the part of game I played so far). 3a Alternate/Pre-Nerf battles seem like something that should be used in regular Intense mode? 3b This feels like it should be optimized for usage with No-Items + Battle Style Set. It might easily get too difficult when using these if it's optimized to the case when player uses healing items and Switch Style. Personally I prefer the first (or second) variant. (Ideally both as in Reborn Hardcore.) Third sounds like it could be too demanding considering there are limited options to build the team during the game. Challenges like this should be left for the CoM in my opinion. ---------------------------------- 4 Just name it whatever you want. Honestly just rename the Reborn mod too if you wish, you did far more work on it than the original author. Veteran's Mode sounds awesome. 5 I didn't play CoM in Reborn yet but... is there a way to battle just one particular leader of my choice without going through the gountlet? I'd often like to try some strategy against a particular gym leader but there is no way I would be able to reach them normally in the gountlet. If there is no such option, could you please, please, please add it?
  9. Thanks for clarification! Still I feel that the possibility to leave should be only enabled after finishing some trial for the maid guarding the entrance (such trial should only be possible to do after Marianette is taken). Do you think I should suggest it to Jan? This way it seems like a bug even if it's intentional - there was no way for the maid to suddenly leave her post.
  10. Well technically I can go back the way I came but that is a actually a bug (reported it today and Jan confirmed the path should be blocked). Story-wise it should not be possible so I don't want to. I remembered what Karen said but I somehow didn't like her and it seemed more interesting to oppose her. Maybe someone would use the book to do something bad later on. :-D Not Fire Blast but Flame Burst... It skipped it because it gained too many levels at once when purifying it and did not learn the moves from the levels between. Yes, I reported this bug earlier today as well.
  11. No way to get Meditite or Charjabug now as I'm at a point of no return. I was a good boy and gave away the Garufa book so no Gothi for me. Lycanroc is Midday of course. Yep, that's the only idea I got myself. It seems a bit cheap to level up over the cap and then reverse candy and evolve. I'm doing that stuff on regular basis in Reborn Hardcore - it seems right to do drastic things to deal with drastic opponents - but since this is not the Intense mode I'd like to avoid such approach. Still I will probably have to use it here...
  12. Remember the house where you find the key to the first gate? You can break through the wall there.
  13. I'm at the first fight against Marianette in Chrysalis Manor after all the trials. This is the first time I played Reju until this point so I had no idea what's coming and my team is totally unprepared for a challenge like this. I'm playing Normal Difficulity. 1) I don't have any fighting type moves. And since this is a point of no return I have no way to get some. 2) Her Multipulse move completely screws all my attempts to use pokemon she wouldn't be able to hit too hard. All stall strategies are out of the window because whenever she doesn't have anything good to use she goes for Multipulse and usually deals a lot of damage that way. 3) Finally I have no way whatsoever to deal with her Bewear. First it's bulky as hell and I have nothing good to use against it. Second it has both Rock Slide and Earthquake?! This early in the game on a pokemon with 125 base attack it's insane - none of my pokemon can survive a hit from this thing. My current team is: Leavanny (34) - she is usually quite helpful when she gets to revenge kill with Fell Stinger. Here however she has way too many weaknesses so is quickly defeated with some random Multipulse. Electrode (33) - pretty much the same problem, can't get a buff from Charge Beam before falling to Multipulse. Fletchinder (34) - the only good move it has at this point is Flame Charge which is too weak against Bewear. Popplio (31) - unevolved because I want to get him to 36 to get early Moonblast. Disarming Voice is water-type because of Liquid Voice ability so no fairy move for Bewear yet. Salazzle (33) - never learned Flame Burst or Toxic because of a bug so the only known Fire move is a weak Ember which reduce Bewear to half HP but no further. Without a good move it's a sitting duck. Lycanroc (31) - fast Rock type is fun to play but once again he can't survive more than one Multipulse. Reserve: Swablu (33) - too weak to do anything, training for a future. All of my other pokemon are low level, many of them Shadow type. Any advice what I can do? This fight feels pretty impossible. Plus I can't go to Mr. Luck to lower the difficulity. (Well technically I can but that's only because of a bug, the path is supposed to be blocked at this point - so I don't want to do that.)
  14. Another thing. When I'm with Marianette looking for the three souls we can leave the mansion. Story-wise I expeced it to be locked? Marianette follows me anywhere so I took her to Sheridan Village. There I talked to her and the game crashed with this: Script 'Interpreter' line 517: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'unlock' for nil:NilClass The known bugs mention ' Talking to Maria after saving Luca can sometimes crash the game. ' - it might be the same bug but I'm not sure - I didn't save Luka yet after all.
  15. I see. Sorry, I'll make sure to check the list the next time.