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  1. baldr

    Where do I go next?

    During the story of the new episode there were almost no trainer battles and so my pokemon are hopelessly underleveled when I reached the Gym Leader. Can you recommend me any good place to train? Jan, if you're reading this, add some more trainers along the way, please.
  2. In Cella's house when I go to the group near a wall the game takes over my movement trying to move me furthe up but the path is blocked by Melia or Erin.
  3. When I hit the bell in Test of Strength from Agate at Axis High University I got HM 06. Then the clown said that if I hit the bell again he would give me a TM. But when I did he just gave me Dive again, no TM.
  4. baldr

    V10 - Savefile troubleshooting

    You saved my Decidueye! Thank you!!
  5. baldr

    V10 - Savefile troubleshooting

    Hi, can comeone please fix my Decidueye to know Spirit Shackle and not Steam Eruption? It got broken in V9 and I thought it would go back to normal later but she still knows Steam Eruption even in V10 with the patch. Game.rxdata
  6. You can also take advantage of the field instead of destroying it. The field makes her very vulnerable to some threats like Magneton with Mirror Shot. When I tried it against her the Magneton was able to take out 5 out of her 6 pokemon. Then her Froslass singlehandedly decimated my entire team. :-D No need to ragequit. This game is supposed to be challenging. All the leaders have some trick up their sleeves. You need to do your reasearch about how the trick works (using field notes and bulbapedia) and how to counter it. That's what the challenge is about. If a leader seems too lucky with crit, flinch, confusion or whatever it usually means they have some buff you're not aware of - item, field effect, ability or some combination of these. Everything has a reason.
  7. baldr

    Boxing with my development responsibilities

    With this change people will get themselves trapped in HM blocked areas, won't they?
  8. Wow it's finally out!!! This is the best christmas gift. Thank you!
  9. baldr

    [E17] Corrupted pokéball

    Well if you really want her I'm sure you can find someone willing to give you a Ralts...
  10. baldr

    [E17] Corrupted pokéball

    If I remember correctly he is still there, but only in the new Reborn city. Gardevoir was way too powerful for early-game (you always using it just confirms it) so she got the much deserved axe. Now you can try some different psychic and fairy types!
  11. 1 or 6, preferably with clothes of 4.
  12. baldr

    Pokemon Reborn Hardcore [Mod][Discontinued]

    @Commander That's somewhat surprising since you even had plans to make Hardcore Reju quite recently. I never played Hardcore past Shade or so because I wanted to wait for E17 because of Gen 7 and weather so it's disappointing for me. However while disappointing it's completely understandable. The mod is lot of work and even though I didn't have a chance to enjoy it all myself I certainly appriciate all the work you put into it. I most certailny don't feel like you have failed us. You fully deserve your rest. Please enjoy whatever other activities you're doing instead. :-) That said would you be willing to let someone use just some parts of the current Hardcore mod? My personal interest in Hardcore is to have a more challenging game. That means better teams for opponents, no-items run, level limiter and maybe some other minor things. And possibly CoM. But features like Hardcore HQ, Party system and whatever else even though they are certainly enjoyable, I don't think they are completely necessary. This would take out some of the complexity from the mod, making it easier to maintain so it might be more likely for someone to do it. I'm even considering trying it myself but I'm not sure if it's a good idea since I have 0 experience with RPG maker. I'd certainly need a lot of help from someone more experienced.
  13. baldr

    V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    Entrainment is supposed to fail against a pokemon with Schooling ability so that's correct. Returning to Solo form on low HP should happen though.
  14. baldr

    V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    Even if it's not a bug it's not a good challenge. It is very unfriendly to some custom runs. I suggest removing it.
  15. baldr

    V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    Reaching the area where I'm supposed to battle Florin for the Grass-type badge requires Surf and there is no way to switch my team before the battle. That means I'm down to five pokemon because I have to keep Brobarel. Please fix this, together with how underleveled I'm at this point + the fact that Florin has an overleveled Mega the fight is pretty much impossible to win.