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  1. @KingCoin Is it possible to specify all the parameters for your program non-interactively? I'd like to run it from a script which is not possible because it interactively asks for the parameters - I need to skip that somehow.
  2. Dratini is not yet available in Reborn. Once it is it'll likely have a chance to know Extreme Speed as well - just like Pichu has a chance to know Volt Tackle.
  3. Beyond fixing? What do you mean by that? Will it never be fixed? Or it will be fixed later like when E17 comes out? Is it possible to enable the new weather system? I don't know if it's worse than the old one or not but even if it is worse it surely is much better than no weather at all, right?
  4. See the head of the player character (both images).
  5. Double posting is intentional in this case as the second post is completely unrelated and it has been a few days. I have feedback about the fourth Gym battle. Shelly Battle-style: Set Challenge: No-Items Team: Doubles, without rain Result: First I thought she was too strong, I forfeited like dozen times. But when I finally beat her she felt like a pushover. Missing permarain doesn't make much difference as her prankster Illumise fixes that right away. The rain boosts Masquerians and Armaldos Water attacks and Swift Swim Armaldo with Rock Slide is insane. She has her weaknesses covered really well and her team is very fast. However the battle felt way too random - my Luxray never managed to cause paralysis with Spark (30% chance), Illumise kept using Confuse Ray which I hate so I mitigated it with Persim Berries (there are no good items to hold anyway), in one case I lowered Armaldos attack by 3 stages to mitigate his Rock Slide - he scored two critical hits and flinched my Sudowoodo twice so it could not Counter. On the other hand her team was easily crushed after I gave Electric Gem to my Luxray to OHKO Masquerain. Pelipper and Donphan took down Armaldo and the rest of her team was easily defeated by Sudowoodos Rock Slide. In the final battle only used 4 pokemon out of which only one fainted. Issues: It was too easy with Sudowoodo. I'm almost certain that Heather or someone else knew Giga Drain but failed to use it.
  6. Also PULSE-evolutions will most likely be never available to the player. I expect we will only be able to use the original megas. Of course the insanely powerful legendary megas and primals will only be available post-game.
  7. Yeah something is definitely off with the weather. I can now see Drifloon as well (although it wasn't there before). Is it still clear weather, not windy. The weather isn't active in battle either. If I load the same save file in regular Reborn the Drifloon is gone. Also I'm not quite sure what are the requirements for Emolga - in this playthrough she was sleeping there right when I got into Jasper. That never hapenned to me before, sometimes it was gone and sometimes it was jumping on the roofs but never sleeping on my first visit.
  8. @Commander Can you tell me how the weather system currently works in Hardcore? I know there was some discussion about old and new weather system but I don't know what that was all about and what is the result. The thing is that ever since I started playing Hardcore there was always nothing but clear weather - even though the TV said something about light rain every time I tried. How can I change the weather to something different? Shelly completely crushed me so I desperately need some new mons.
  9. If you remember the black doors all over Reborn I'm pretty sure each door will hold one legendary. Of course you will only be able open them after finishing the main story.
  10. Try to redownload the game. If it doesn't help, upload your save file here.
  11. Hmm... well some guides like this one list Beldum as post-Ciel mon and I think I read somewhere else that the evnt is supposed to work only after Agate. Maybe it was just not implemented in the end or it's a planned change for E17? Sorry for the confusion.
  12. You're wrong here. Reuniclus and Solosis are both available after Radomus. Beldum is only available after Ciel which is a huge difference. But yeah, you're right that either Reuniclus should be sooner or Alakazam later. And I agree with you about Arcanine, the problem is that moving it would also move the Mystery Egg thing. Talonflame could be earlier too especially since Gen 7 crushed Gale Wings. Jasper is way too early though. There is also Gardevoir/Gallade who are available way too early (far before Alakazam and Solosis). Ame said whe might move Ralts to Neo Reborn (after Ciel) so let's se if she actually will. However all in all it is impossible to really balance the availability of all mons. And Ame is doing a really good job already, the availability is far better balanced than any other pokemon game. There is also the fact that it makes even less sense to rebalance these with the online trading thing already out - if you wish a good mon early, there will always be someone to give it to you.
  13. Well I would like to look into it but as I have zero experience with RPG Maker I have no idea where to even start and I assume it's difficult to debug this kind of thing - I need to first understand why the AI made certain decision before trying to improve it. Then I might get easily discouraged if the code is badly written and it would take a long time to fix anything. And I tend to cover my own code with tests which is probably impossible here although an AI algorithm would certainly need it. I see. Well it seems that by solving the issue with Steel you just created another one with Rock. If I'm right to assume that aside of Nasty Plot and Hidden Power (Fire) it has a Poison STAB and Flying STAB it means there is nothing to hit Rock with normal effectiveness (never mind supereffectiveness). If the STAB moves are both physical than I understand why the AI went for Hidden Power - Sudowoodo has good Def but bad Sp. Def. so physical STAB would not help at all. Anyway I understand it better now and I can't really see any good solution. Maybe Hidden Power Ground instead of Fire but then again it is only normally effective against Foretress. Looks like I accidently found the best counter-pokemon against the Crobat. In any case great work with Corey's team! I know about the txt file - it is a must have for designing battles. However as a player I prefer to read the information in the game directly and only if I manage to get the field notes before the battle. I like that I have to make effort to get the information needed to better prepare for a Gym.
  14. Found a bug. Under the grand staircase there is a room where you're supposed to break the Crystal Cavern fieldeffect to get the fieldnotes (screenshot below). In the current version of Reborn Hardcore this is broken because when you enter a battle it doesn't have any field effect so no crystals to break. If I transfer my savefile to regular Reborn and try it there it works fine so this bug is Hardcore-specific. The question is, can I safely transfer my savefile to regular Reborn, get the fieldeffect notes, save and transfer back to Hardcore? Or can such action remove some Hardcore variables or something from my savefile? Also I've feedback to the battles I went through in the meantime in Beryl and Jasper. Firstly Taka in Beryl is extremely difficult. Especially his Gligar with Acrobatics this early in the game is insane. It is damn fast, can defeat anything with one or two hits and is weak only to Water and Ice both of which are very rare at this point. And aside from Gligar he has very nasty Chatot, very defensive Klefki and a PULSE on top of that. I was stuck there for a long time and eventually had to train a Pelipper just to get past the Gligar without sacrificing most of my team. Pelipper, maybe some water-type starters and Seel which you don't always get are I think the only available pokes which can counter that Gligar. It felt much more difficult than Julia, Florinia or Corey. Despite the fact that I like a good challenge this was honestly a bit too much - or rather I don't think you can maintain such difficulity throughout the whole game. So yeah, Taka should be nerfed a bit in my opinion. The second reason is that Taka's pokemon actually have higher levels in Jasper than they do later in Beryl for the double battle against Taka + ZEL (a bug in my opinion). Why would he use common candies?? The battle in Beryl was surprisingly much easier even though Taka and ZEL combined are using 9 pokemon (one of which is agains PULSE). The reason is that in Beryl you're on higher level and as I said earlier Taka is weaker here. Plus his Gligar even though it's still a threat it can't kill two pokemon at the same time so it is more managable. If you nerf his mons in Jasper to the same level they have later in Beryl it might be enough to solve this. Corey Battle-style: Set Challenge: No-Items Team: Corrosive Mist Result: Won on third try or so. Notes: Corey was really good. I was planning to use Flame Burst right away to get rid of the field. Well Corey started with Quilfish followed by Nidoqueen both of which could OHKO my fire-type before it could use Flame Burst. Here I learned the hard way that normal field-destroying strategies don't really work in Hardcore - which is a really good thing. Issues: At one point I had Munsharna out against his Nidoqueen. Munsharna was badly hurt and of course much slower than Nidoqueen. There was no point in saving it so I just left it there to faint. Well instead of finishing Munsharna Corey switched out the Nidoqueen allowing Munsharna to use Future Sight which later almost one shot his Scolipede. His switch didn't make any sense and pretty much lost the battle for Corey - clearly an AI issue. Second AI messup happened when I had Sudowoodo out against his ace Crobat. First Crobat used Nasty Plot. A bit odd since he needed to get rid of Sudowoodo ASAP. On the next round it used Hidden Power - "not very effective..." at which point Sudowoodo easily finished it. What type of Hidden Power is he using? And why would the AI use a non-stab weak attack? From weak effectivity to Sudowoodo it has to be Normal, Fire, Poison or Flying - well Crobat has far better options for both Poison and Flying, there is no need to use Normal and Fire would only cover his Ice weakness - it would be better to use Fighting or Steel to cover Rock as well. This just didn't make any sense at all.