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  1. Afraid you found a bug. I just tried it with my own Mamoswine to confirm.
  2. Did they even announce an english version of F/GO game? I thought it will never happen... They released a first part of F/GO anime though. But to be honest I think it's a bit overrated.
  3. TM

    Not 100% sure but it's probably the yellow ball in this room.
  4. According to the item guide it can be held by wild Paras and Parasect.
  5. I think it's random and you can't really increase your chances. Just keep trying.
  6. Couldn't find any... Looks like the only point of renovating the slums is the key you'll get as reward.
  7. Mybe your song is in a format which the game cannot read?
  8. Actually I think that Ame said Titania wasn't based on Erza Scarlet at all - she didn't know Fairy Tail at the time - despite their striking resemblance. Excadrill, Skarmory and Aegislash are all confirmed. I think Metagross is pretty likely to be on her team as well. This far into the game I don't think that Mega Metagross would be too difficult either. Probably not Lucario (I think both Kiki and Samson had one) but maybe Magnezone, Ferrothorn or Empoleon? I don't expect another Mawile right after Adrienn and Klefki seems too weak somehow. Honestly not sure whether to expect MEGAgross or M-Scizor. But if Scizor was her ace in the online league than maybe that's it. Of course unlike Adrienn, Saphira and Ciel she has many megas to choose from. Summing up this is my guess: Excadrill Skarmory Aegislash Scizor Metagross Empoleon Whoa... looking at the list maybe this is a bit over the edge? This might actually be closer to her Hardcore team...
  9. It's Magikarp.
  10. I'm with Aqua so I can't be sure but based on what you said...
  11. And that's even further increased by the Shiny Charm. Still though 18/100 is a lot. I only got 2 shiny Eevees from over 100 eggs.
  12. I was always an offensive player so I never really appriciated defensive types. In my current playthrough I'm playing more defensively and both Fairy and Water types proved to be exceptionally helpful. Then of couse I always underestimated bugs - until my Heracross literally slaughtered Luna's entire team by itself.
  13. Hmm yeah that does seem like you should have them by now. Either it's a bug or you missed them somewhere. I didn't play E16 from schratch yet so sadly I can't help you. Hopefully someone else can.
  14. > Currently: How was I able to win these battles again? You obviously cheated! :-) ...Maybe the AI is smarter in E16? Looking forward to the CoM release! :-) Just a question, considering how quickly E17 is progressing how much work it means for you to make the CoM update when it's out? Is it the same amount of work all over again as the E15 -> E16 update you're working on now? (I really hope that's not the case.)
  15. Oh... if you upgraded from E15 then you get those when you exit Ciel's room - along with other stuff. If you started a new playthrough with E16 then I don't know. If they're not available right away then you'll likely get them by progressing the story.