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  1. I just unintentionally hatched a shiny eevee yesterday in Ultra Moon... Okay! 

    1. Wolfox


      Wow... congratz

  2. Interesting to read this, never seen thoughts on this topic before. I think it's a good place to stand on this subject.
  3. Howin


    Ahaha, of course it leaked. Bout to start playing it myself, which is surprising cause I had no interest in it as of like a day ago.
  4. So there was a super VIP big boy only forum huh? Makes me want to snoop around in it but I'm sure my curiosity outweighs how interesting it actually is... I think rest in peace
  5. Working out to the Tekken 7 OST is magical


    YEAR OF THE (1)7's HYPE

  6. Howin

    Summer Party 2017

    This sounds legit, I'll have to rejoin!
  7. Howin

    E16 Public Release now available!

    Is the soundtrack still compressed in this release? If so, do you ever plan in listing an alternative non compressed download? Thanks for everything!
  8. The thing that interested me the most about this field was Doom Desire. Considering the lore behind Jirachi and what it has done in the official Pokemon story it would be interesting to see what would happen with a Jirachi in the wrong hands in this world, let alone a pulse one. I'm too rusty on the details of the story in Reborn at this point,m since it's been too long since I've played, so I'm not sure if there's anything obvious that will happen with Jirachi that I'm unaware of.
  9. Howin

    Fanning the Game-Flames

    Congrats you two!