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  1. I've been playing through up til about the electric gym leader and I figured it'd be awesome to talk with some of you guys about your thoughts on the story. To start things off, I actually find quite a few parts to be interesting. The world that these guys have built is really cool and I like the Shadow Pokemon, dimensional rifts, and the stuff that comes later like SPOILERS: Time Travel. I think flushing out characters that would normally just be static, stay-at-home gym leaders is awesome too and I like the subtle hints from Venam to Melia lol. HOWEVEERRRR I also made this topic to see if anyone agrees or wants to talk about potential criticisms. For one thing, I'm a little iffy about the time and space deities. Also, if their names have any sentimental value then I respect that deeply. But if not, please oh please tell me they're only placeholder names. Space-a? Tiempa? I feel like there's a fine line between mystic sounding and just blechhh. I know there's a lot in the story I still oughta get through but replacing them with Dialga and Palkia or giving them better names really wouldn't cause any harm to the story. I mean hey, there's already sentient, talking Pokemon. If not you could always give say, "Diaz" as a name instead of Tiempa. Diaz kinda like Dialga, also sounds like Dias (days-time) so it fits. On the subject of names, I think some of these names really could be toned down a bit. Case in point I already forgot the name of the woman trapped in the Chrysola Mansion and names like "Anathea" seem just a tad condescending. However that's just my personal taste I don't wanna disrespect you guys it's chill if the names are here to stay. Lastly I feel like Geara and Ren are hugely underdeveloped characters. If Geara has some background info in a sidequest, I think it should be brought into the main story. He's far too involved in the story to have his origin skipped over. It's impossible to really feel anything for him, especially with the scene after you reach the bottom of the lab under Wispy Tower. So he used to live in Goldenleaf, so what? He has no real explained motive after all he's done so he just seems uninteresting. Ren's betrayal is WAY too forced. We're told he has a history of doing things with good intentions and having them end up going south but that only happens twice before he decides to join Team Xen. Like it or not, he doesn't have a good reason as of right now to ever betray his friends. They never betrayed him! He just took things personally and when everyone meets him again after, there's no proper meeting. Melia just gets super pissed and he doesn't say anything and runs. Those are pretty much my only criticisms I can think of atm but what do you guys think?
  2. Save File Troubleshooting

    Wrong one again? That's weird. It appeared after I hit save IN REJUVENATION. I'll just start over my team was lookin a little crappy anyway. Plus I want to see how much progress has happened on everything
  3. Save File Troubleshooting

    This is it I hope Game.rxdata
  4. Save File Troubleshooting

    Attached the wrong one then, hopefully this is the one. There's a bunch labeled the exact same thing. Game.rxdata
  5. Save File Troubleshooting

    I'm stuck in Oceana Pier on top of houses pls halp Game.rxdata
  6. Where do I go next?

    My brain is melted from school, can someone please PM me the location of the odd key?
  7. Pokemon Rejuvenation