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  1. Swampellow

    Is speed stat kinda bugged?

    He sets up Tailwind with a seed.
  2. Download version 11, that is version 10. The bug was fixed in v11
  3. If I recall you can get to the left side of the door (it was fixed from beta). If you can’t from directly in the building you can from the Ralts area. Being able to surf there may or may not be intentional.
  4. Swampellow

    Audino trainer location

    There is a slightly higher leveled one on route 9. I think that one is the highest level.
  5. http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/forum/189-troubleshooting/ post here with a screenshot of the error error and where you are stuck.
  6. Swampellow

    Lycanroc Dusk Form?

    Trade on Oceana Pier, then evolve between 5-6pm
  7. Swampellow

    Whispers of the Arcana: Tangled in Webs Unseen [lC]

    Faith? That is why this being was here? That was not exactly what she was expecting, there were others that most certainly had more faith in the gods than she did. The answers to the questions she was now having may perhaps come at a later time. “So you are here because of my... faith.” she paused for a moment “because you need my faith to sustain the Celestial.” she said. “I can only suspect that there is more to it than that, as I’m sure you know as well as I, if not better, that there are others who have more belief and… faith in the gods than I do.” she stated. “I don’t however believe that you would tell me what else there is to it.” “So. What else must I do?” she said, standing out of her seat.
  8. Swampellow

    Shiny Starter?

    Right before you pick it up
  9. Swampellow

    Rejuvenation Mono-Flying Run

    Where’s your charmander? It evolves into a flying type so it is valid for the run (and dragon rage is very good)
  10. Swampellow

    Narcissa questline bugged???

    You have to have beaten Souta, then enter the route 9 cave, otherwise then its a bug. Or it was pushed back in one of the patches to prevent a bug.
  11. Swampellow

    audino grinding is a "newb trap".

    Other than the fact that base Chandelure isn’t particularly slow (80 base speed, I don’t remember if the rift has a higher base speed). Typically when you do that quest it is much higher level than your own Pokémon, which would also lend to it outspeeding. regardless the audino trainers are a great resource for any player regardless of the EVs they give out. In the grand scheme of of the game you don’t have to worry about EVs provided you are able to strategize properly. The game is more than bearable on all modes provided you use proper strategy. Yes EVs can help and make the game easier, but they certainly aren’t required. (I’ve never EV trained and been fine for forever). also even 20 Pokémon is a massive rotation, with 50 being even more ridiculous, most people I know of typically rotates between 6-12.
  12. Regardless of what you did or didn’t actually do, Prankster moves don’t work on Dark types, so you wouldn’t have been able to Thunder Wave it regardless. As of v11 I do believe the only way is using detect/protect/quick guard shenanigans.