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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  2. lía is the smelliest auth we don't need a voting for this zzz
  3. ZEL

    Set or Shift?

    I've always used set, though not actually for any difficulty-related reasons or whatever - it's just that when I was a kid I always found it super annoying to be asked if I wanted to switch out my Pokémon, and so made sure to always stay on set. It was just a silly preference over saving time, and I didn't realize until many years later that there could be tactical reasons. Simply never changed my habits. I do think I'd find it a bit boring to be able to switch out my 'mons with no consequences, though. Both make perfect sense to me gameplay-wise; if the opponent has to select a new 'mon after one got knocked out, there's reasonable time for the player to switch their own out as well. Solid reward for defeating something. I don't think of it as an unfair advantage, rather I'd say it's the other way round, with set just being a slight increased difficulty setting.
  4. ZEL

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    I, too, would like to explore the depths of Tarzan Mountain.
  5. ZEL

    So why did the rivals change?

    Maybe I'm misremembering, but I vaguely remember Cain already having a mixed team before, didn't he say something to the extent of not wanting to fight Radomus with a team full of Poison types, and thus having made some changes? I feel like I remember that from my first playthrough, which was in E14. That said, I think a mixed team makes sense for his character. It'd be symbolic of him running away from home and abandoning the responsibility as the reserve poison leader. He might've wanted to break out of that old life, including dropping the monotype.
  6. ZEL

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    fixed that for ya :] marc is a WEAK NERD
  7. ZEL

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    "I had to burn everything!" Well, y'see, that's exactly how Sirius likes it :] Edit: They still confuse Sirius and Solaris with each other, huh? Sirius didn't kill Kiki u_u
  8. ZEL

    How did you do your Mono-Type run?

    I've done Psychic, Ground and Steel, have a Normal/Flying run that I haven't played since Luna because E18 distracted me, and am currently doing a Dark mono that I started for alpha testing. If you're not sure how well you would do I'd definitely pick a type that has a good early availability. Psychic was my first pick because it's one of my favourite types, and gives you a decent number to choose from even early in the game. There's a lot of variety in second typings and your access to new mons grows steadily. It also benefits from Psychic Terrain - a move that you get access to with Musharna and Beheeyem (and can breed onto Drowzee and Fennekin, among others). Having a move that can overwrite existing fields and give your typing an advantage is pretty significant. Personally I also found Dark to be an easy type to play with early on because you can throw together a team right away (the alleyways alone give you three different Pokemon already) and because Mightyena with Moxie is actually amazing. Depending on what type you pick and what 'mons you use I'd consider at least some half-hearted EV training, though. I've not bothered with it in my mixed run when I first played, but I've had battles where the investment really paid off. In my Normalbird run, for example, the Speed EVs on my Swellow determined whether or not I could beat Serra. (Untrained I got outsped by Froslass, trained I did not.) You may also have to warm up to the idea of rotation, and occasionally raising 'mons you don't necessarily want to use. Sometimes it really is that much easier to grab a temporary team member for a battle you're stuck on. It's a lot of fun, though! You're sometimes forced to get creative in ways that you wouldn't if you could just pick up anything convenient, and I like that about challenge runs. It also doubly makes you consider mons you'd have ignored previously (hello, Wormadam :'D)
  9. ZEL

    LF Natu/xatu

    A'ight, I'll go online and send you a request, then! Edit: If you want your 'mon back do let me know, though! ^^ Wasn't expecting that one aha
  10. ZEL

    LF Natu/xatu

    I don't have any Natu with particularly high IVs at the moment (that's why I asked if it'd be important^^), but if you prefer to trade in 12-ish hours anyway then I can certainly try to breed some better ones. I don't think I can get you anything perfect, though. Right now the best I have is 3/19/22/15/22/19.
  11. ZEL

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    "OWO get rekt" - Chandelure (2018) Shame about Mo not getting the Laura team-up, though. Would've liked to see that happen.
  12. ZEL

    LF Natu/xatu

    I got a bunch of Natu, if you don't mind the fact that their IVs aren't anything awesome I could send you one over for "free" (read: whatever random 'mon you can part from). Online name's Ama, just let me know if you're interested and when you're online.^^
  13. How the hell did I only see this thread now? Your art is gorgeous and I adore that Ciel drawing! The pose is amazing, and the light effects - wow! The way the light scatters looks so cool. (I also love Altaria's squishy cheeks~) The composition of the Amaria drawing is also very lovely. I see I've already been beaten to suggesting ZEL like, twice, but I'll just make it the third time then :] Their actual aces are technically their eevees, but y'know, I quite love the design of PULSE Magnezone...
  14. The night after a party is the worst time for finding out my family got me sick w/ flu

    1. Abyssreaper99


      Get well soon Ama

    2. Wolfox


      rip. get well soon (I mean, finding that out at the party might be worse?)

  15. ZEL

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    We're all about shared fun here, so you can substitute the drinks with juice, potato chips, mossy pebbles, or anything else that floats your culinary boat. I will be the last person to discriminate based on the legality, morality or price of consuming actual alcohol.