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  1. Pom-Pom Oricorio is totally fine, any of its form would do, actually. The nectars to change the forms are right in Lapis, so it wouldn't take too long. Thanks a lot for your help!
  2. Hello. I wanted to start a second run, monoflying this time. The thing is I'm kinda tired of running Charizard, so maybe could I get a Jolly Starly and Timid Oricorio in this file to start with? Thanks in advance. Game.rxdata
  3. Lionsguard

    New episode, new run, new team. Thoughts?

    @TrufaUsername is kuroni. I will the waiting for the request.
  4. Lionsguard

    New episode, new run, new team. Thoughts?

    Delphox it is then.
  5. Lionsguard

    New episode, new run, new team. Thoughts?

    I like those ideas! Special Attacker Lucario is something that didn't cross my mind to be honest. Perhaps a Rotom-Heat would be better to replace Arcanine instead of Houndoom, so I don't overlap on dark typing with Houndoom and Weavile? Also going to accept the mons, it's very kind of you to offer it.
  6. Good day/afternoon/night, fellow players. o/ As usual for me, I started a new run to enjoy the game from the very beggining and discover it's changes along the story. This time around I decided to have some fun with wonder trade in early game and have a base team now, but would like thoughts on it and help figuring out new team mates to go around my current weakness. With not much else to say, let's go to the team! Serperior (M) Ability: Contrary Timid Nature - Cut - Leaf Tornado - Leech Seed - Wrap No secrets here. A scratch of the usual Serperior build we often see. Vibrava (F) Ability: Levitate Jolly Nature - Rock Slide - Earthquake - Dig - Crunch Wonder trade material, probably my favorite member. Earthquake for STAB, Rock Slide to deal with what usual screws Serperior. Dig is for on demand Escape Rope, placeholder until a physicial dragon move. Crunch for pesky Psychic pokemons that threatens our next ally... Scolipede (F) Ability: Speed Boost Jolly Nature - Steamroller - Rollout - Poison Tail - Protect Another wonder trade here. I like having this pokemon around because reminds of when Shelly had one named Cain. Anyways, Steamroller and Poison Tail are our STABs and they do a good job with it. Rollout deals with flying and fire types, common threats overall, and other bug types. Protect to get that safe speed boost. I like the moveset as it is, Scoli can deal with his own weakness most of the time. Growlithe (F) Ability: Intimidade Jolly Nature - Fire Fang - Rock Smash - Take Down - Close Combat The newest addition of the team. I was divided to take Growlithe or Houndour from Magma Gang. I just like Arcanine more, so Growlithe it is. Close Combat deals with rock pokemons, which threatens both Growlithe and Scoli. Take Down probably becoming Strenght eventually, Rock Smash for TM bot. Don't know if Growlithe stays forever (as I actually prefer to stick with six pokemons the whole run) or change to something else. But helps overall to manage levels as overlevelling is a common issue in my runs. Weakness! - Flying types: can go around Serperior and Scolipede with relative ease. Only way to deal with them right now is Rollout and Rock Slide. - Ice types: can go around Vibrava and Serperior. Rollout and Rock Slide covers, Growlithe as well (if she stays). Extra note for water types having ice type moves like no tomorrow. - Rock types: can go around Growlithe and Scolipede. Don't consider it as big of threat compared to flying and ice because Serperior will do great damage eventually thanks to Contrary + Leaf Storm. Plus Vibrava. Still something to consider, I guess. - Fire types: can go around Scolipede and Serperior. Similar to rock types weakness, I think I can trus Vibrava (Flygon) to be enough to deal with those. - Physical defensive pokemons: with three physical attackers, any physical defensive pokemon along the way can drag the battle for too long, which is dangerous. Possibly fixed by filling the last two spots with special attackers. After this huge text, what you guys think? Any particular pokemon that could fill the gaps? Anyone who should/could be changed? My current idea is to try for a rock type, which will help with flying, ice *and* fire weakness, then either a water for extra coverage against rock and fire or eletric for flying types. Thanks for your time!
  7. Lionsguard

    NEW sticker guide (Episode 18+)

    Is the sticker from the Railnet missable? I finished EP16 without collecting it, came back to Reborn City, but he is not there. His girlfriend still says he is missing, tho...