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  1. Alright, so I'm gonna be completely honest. With how things are going, there's no possible way that the demo will be out this year. My schedule is PACKED and I've been incredibly busy with school, commissions and keeping up with streaming, so it's been very hard lately to properly sit down and work on the remainder of the graphics... Not to mention that my motivation has been dwindling quite a bit because tbh? The last stretch IS SUCH A DRAG. And i feel kinda bad about promising release dates, so uh. no more of that. i'm really sorry. I could rush things and finish them off quick quick quick and still get something out on my birthday, but it'd be so incredibly rushed and most likely full of bugs, so I'd rather avoid putting out something lackluster in favor of a delayed but polished game. When it'll be out is gonna remain unknown for a while though, but I'll make sure to post something once Alpha testing has started, so you guys can get an impression as of when to expect the game to release to the public! but to make up(?) for the delay once again, i'll let you guys hear a song that i initially really didn't want to let you guys listen to before the game would be out as I wanted to keep it a surprise, but i felt so bad about constantly having to disappoint people with the release... So here it is anyways! The music you'll hear when you fight against the final mon of a gym leader! And to top it off, here's some fancy trainer sprites that the lovely @Atticus has done! He's been working super hard on getting all of the OW sprites fixed up as well so they don't look as awkward while moving around in the maps. YOU'RE DOING GOD'S WORK, THANK YOU SO MUCH AAAAAAAAAAAA Updated Youngster Female Ranger So yeah, things are still progressing... Just rather slowly. I really hope the long wait will be worth it though ;;
  2. Okay but here's the thing Having something progressive in the game does not mean it's directly inspired by Reborn for that reason. Games can be progressive without it directly being inspired by another game for that reason y'know :V Besides, as someone who's actually LGBTQ+ I don't feel like the character's statement is attacking at all. Not to mention that when I first played the sidequest myself, I was like "oh hey, cool that's a gay couple that's kinda cute" Also, why make such a big deal out of a minor gay background couple? It's completely harmless to my knowledge and I don't think it had any real big political ideas behind it. The fact that it's picked up as "uncommon" and "not normal" is entirely on the person though, so perhaps that's why you feel alienated by it? (No offense intended of course)
  3. new song new song new song it's the song for in the pokelab! however, with this song released, i'm gonna tell you guys that you won't get to hear the alcrea town music until the game's release :^) that one's gonna remain a secret for a while. Other than that, another song off the list! Only two remain...
  4. So out of sheer curiosity, what are you guys expecting so far of the game judging from the progress so far? I'm mostly curious because the game's first demo has been in development for quite a while now. Do tell 👀
  5. these are just test events so they're not final in-game footage but here i got something fancy for y'all to look at :^) yes im aware the voltaic badge looks slightly off on the corners i don't know how to fix that since the script does that automatically
  6. thanks soundcloud for notifying me of that i posted a song

    1. DreamblitzX


      Ame would probably need this feature if she posted to soundcloud

  7. SO because i'm cool like that and almost felt bad for joking about the game being dead (i'm not sorry) i'm sharing another song with you guys that I finished today! This is the song that'll most commonly play in small caves you'll get to explore. It's the first song I've made from scratch in MONTHS because holy fuck music blocks suck major ass but hey, I'm starting to get back into it so yeehaw I'll maybe post another song later, but there's only a few more remaining and maybe I shouldn't spoil the remainder...? It's up to you guys if you want me to spoil you guys a bit more or not :^) Enjoy!
  8. hey baws

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      can i habe da pizza blease

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      hey baws. can i habe da working code ples

  9. Happy Birthday Marcello

  10. bincho noobo you're stealing from jan's v9 thread aren't you. with the status bar and everything. smh ://// (good luck my dude) ((also you guys, please don't repeat the V9 thread and actually stay on topic this time and don't post for the sake of posting to keep the thread alive, thanks))
  11. hi i'm late but here's a post with art i've made in the past few months!! figured i'd post these here so people who missed them on discord can find them here :^) so yeah it's kind of a long post, but now everyone's back up to speed on it :^) i'll try to keep this thread up to date from here on out again!
  12. why is thinking of music compositions so hard

    send help

    1. ChaoticStreamer


      I study in a music college

      soooo need any help or something?

    2. Zumi


      mmm well it's mostly just i need to think of 5 more songs for my game
      but i just can't seem to think of anything?? it's bad

      you'd think that after 35 songs i'd still be able to think of something but rip

      i'd feel bad asking other people to make songs as well tho ;v; and i got a certain standard of quality i want for the music so sadgksdfjk it's so hard to find people for it at all

    3. ChaoticStreamer


      eh you don't need to rush it at all

      take your own pace and you'll definitely figure something out; I mean, you already did 35/40 lol

      Good luck with it :') I know you'll do a great job as usual~

  13. y'all asking about whether certain pokemon are going to show up but as if i'm going to tell you :^) in fact it makes me even less likely to add them at that point in the game so shhh
  14. more progress is being made! Should be easy to guess which place this is, right? c: Mapping is getting closer and closer to being done! Only a few more remain :^)