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  1. So... Hey all. I am the bearer of some unfortunate news, at least for those who have been following the development of the game all this time. After weighing my options and assessing my current situation, I've made a choice that might not be fun to hear about, but... I have chosen to put the work on Xenogene to a halt and put the project on an indefinite hiatus. Why?! My interests have shifted over the course of time, and my motivation to work on the project has been low, even though I was super excited about it a few months ago. This is not the result of a short bust of demotivation though; I've had multiple moments where I've thought about doing this, even before I got to eventing. If I were to force myself to work on the game while being incredibly unmotivated to do so and simply forcing myself, I'd produce a game that would not meet my own standards -- or anyone else's for that matter. I also have school, commissions and a different project I've recently started working on that require my attention, so I'd much rather be focusing on that without having to worry about that I'm not working on this game. A different project? Yeah... I've started on something else. It's a webcomic I've been working on and preparing for lately, something I currently have way more interest in and motivation for than Xenogene. This is because of multiple reasons, but the biggest reason is that I won't have to rely on an existing concept and/or franchise to tell a story. With this comic, I can finally create something completely original. ...Not that I necessarily need the Pokemon universe to tell the story of Xenogene, as I could probably tell it in a different context too, but the Pokemon universe just happened to be a good one to tell it in. However, the urge to create something entirely original has been creeping up on me for the past year or so, and it's reached a point where I can't really ignore it anymore, hence why I've decided to stop with Xenogene for the time being. I know I've spent a lot of time and effort on this game -- not just me, but the development team members too -- and it's been a real struggle to make this decision to put it on hiatus to begin with. However, keep in mind the game is not cancelled! I'm still going to keep all of the files as, in case the motivation returns to work on the game, I'll be able to pick up where I left off. ...If I'm entirely honest, I really hope the motivation will return someday, just so I know the amount of time spent on the project won't have gone to waste, but only time can tell if that's what's going to happen. I hope you guys understand the reasoning behind this decision... And thank you for following and having supported the development of Xenogene all this time. May we meet again someday! Much love and thank you, Zumi
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  3. Zumi

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    It's been a week, and y'all know what that means -- MORE SPRITE UPDATES! This should be the last batch of them! At least, for existing characters. Some of the sprites got a bigger makeover than others, but regardless, they're still updates! As for new characters in V11... I'm afraid those VS sprites are gonna remain a secret for now.
  4. Zumi

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    Since I'll be busy this weekend, I'll go ahead and post the next batch of updated VS sprites in advance. Hope you're ready for some more of these OLD vs NEW comparisons :^) Guess you can call this a Sheridan village edition?
  5. I don't think it'd be fair/polite to compare Desolation to Xenogene, just as how it wouldn't be fair to compare Reborn to Rejuvenation! I think Xenogene and Desolation will be pretty different from each other, plus I don't even have the demo out so there's not even anything you could vaguely compare it with, anyways. Each game is unique and has its own pros and cons, and shine in departments where others don't, yet are still different enough in many places that it'd be strange to compare them, especially when stories can differ so much.
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  7. Zumi

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    IIRC, the quest was there for the sake of being there and there was no actual progression with the quest afterwards. Narrative wise it just didn't make a lot of sense for it to be there anymore, so it got removed.
  8. Zumi

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    Let's start this thread off with a bang, shall we? V11 brings a large scale overhaul for a majority of the game's VS sprites! Here's some old vs. new comparison of the first set of characters: More coming soon...
  9. Thank you very much for the kind responses!! ;v; I'm happy that everyone's understanding of how long it's taking to create the first demo, so I'll do my best to live up to people's expectations for how long it's taking. On a slightly related note, TODAY IS CRUNCH DAY SO HHHOOOOOORHHHHHGH im gonna fuckin. knock celandine out of the fucking park today and finish story eventing for that city HHHH there's some roundabout work i have to do because i realized something during the last time i was working on it, but it won't be too much effort, plus it's gonna cause less lag in the end as well, so it's a you win some you lose some situation i guess???? but that's aside the point ah, yes. another thing. as a thank you for being patient with me and horribly chaotic planning, i shall tell you one thing; some graphical things will not be entirely as you expect them at first. but what? that's up to you to figure out :^) i promise you it's a positive thing though! but i'll leave the rest up to you guys' imagination. ALRIGHT TIME TO FUCKIN GET TO WORK AND kinda perish midway probably but let's do this!!!!!!!
  10. so! i initially wanted to post this yesterday, but well, the forum was under maintenance so i couldn't really post anything, which was rather unfortunate. i hate to admit it, but as a lot of people probably already expected, i could not finish story eventing before the end of the month. This wasn't really because i got lazy, but rather that i ended up suffering from a burnout for a short while from overworking myself.... oops????? i took a short break though!!! and now i'm back and with a lot more energy than before!! i'm going to finish up the remainder of my smaller art commissions i still had open (which should be done today), then I'll be able to start eventing again. I hope to get a decent chunk of work done during the upcoming week, which is the last one of my break, but I'm not gonna push myself to the point of getting another burnout. i'll be honest, i really do feel kinda bad for taking so long on a singular demo. however, this is still a project i'm doing mostly for myself, because i want to write and tell a story! While the progress of actually getting the game finished is slow, not all the time I've spent on the game has been actually working on the game itself. I've also spent quite some time planning ahead as of where the rest of the game will go storywise! That encompasses fleshing out ideas and characters, so I know exactly what i want to happen in the game in the future. V1 development for me has been, like.... 80% preparation & writing?? And about 20% of the time has actually been spent on creating the game, so mapping, eventing, etc. However, of course there's been moments where I just got lazy and stopped working on the game for a while. That, or I ended up getting blocked from working on things, like being busy due to commission work, streaming, school, or some kind of health issue (both mentally and physically), so all in all there's a lot of factors that just slowed down the game's development process. I know at this point this all sounds a bit desperate since I constantly have to explain myself as of why the process got delayed again, but I still really want to bring out a demo eventually! I put too much effort into this project already to just drop it, so I will keep working on it. I hope you guys still look forward to the game despite all of this!!
  11. bibs why is your username ojama again LOL

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  12. It's up to the 2nd gym! Kinda needed to get it going up to that point to get the setting established, y'feel? Also I will, no worries c:
  13. hi!! it's been over a week since i last posted an update, but know that development is deffo still going on! i'm done with almost done with story eventing for celandine!! so i've been making significant progress on the game. I'm going to get the story out of the way first before doing any NPC's & trainers, which will still take some time, but i'm making progress in pretty big leaps, and since i'll likely have 3 weeks off after next week, i'll have plenty of time to work on the game even more!! i have been struggling a bit with my health lately but i'm not gonna let that knock me down. i'm really excited about how things are turning out and i'm gonna keep working on it as much as i can, so i hope you guys will enjoy it once the game's out! ;v;
  14. Zumi

    Way To Leave Angie's Dimensional Rift?

    You should be able to leave it by walking behind her on her battlefield and touching the dimensional rift there, I'm not entirely certain if that's still a thing, but that'd be the way to exit it otherwise.