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  1. some more fire emblem draw shenanigans since i got some prompts on tumblr that i filled in!! one of them is just a big meme rather than ship art HAHA also a stupid fates crack au i came up w/ one of my best friends, involving takumi and purple koolaid ...don't question it also im not crying about chrom being confirmed for smash at all, you're crying ;~; koolaid takumi au Chrobin prompts: Chrom and F!Robin w/ babby Lucina Robin hitting Chrom square in the face w/ a tome Sunflowers (colored bc chrom confirmed for smash hhHHH) YEET
  2. smelly

    1. Zumi


      dont u fuckin dare say it's just like me i will astral project to u and punch u

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      it's just like the girl reading this

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      god fucking dammit

  3. the weather's finally settled down ;~; thank god for 25 degree celsius weather

  4. you are what you yeet, and this bitch empty

  5. when in doubt, apply forehead to drawing tablet

    1. Sardines


      Wow, no wonder I'm always in doubt. I don't have a drawing tablet to apply my forehead on to

    2. seki108


      @Zumi Sorry for making your rep crash.

  6. some more draws!! two commissions and something fire emblem awakening related that's rly gay and which is a redraw of an old sketch from 2015 Commissions FE:A
  7. this bitch empty, YEET

    *flings self into orbit*

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      shit............ got busted

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      I guess you got...  





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  8. uh oh, does that show up like that for everyone? since it shows up on my screen just fine ;; if you can't look at the art here you might as well just look at it through my twitter or portfolio really
  9. I actually forgot to post some of these too!! Here's some stuff from Art Fight this year, which I posted on discord but havent posted all of em on twitter yet
  10. Zumi

    Midsummer Modding

    marcello is now stinkier than ever....... take extra showers u smelly in all seriousness, congrats to the three of you!!
  11. HEY Y'ALL I'M NOT ACTUALLY DEAD DESPITE ONLY POSTING ONCE IN A BLUE MOON The past year was super hectic!! I became super inactive as a result here, which is honestly kind of a shame??? but its FINE I've been meaning to share some more of my art here on the forums since people don't really get to know what I do outside of work on fangames (unless you've seen my work on discord or something), but I just didn't get a proper chance to make a showcase thread until today... So let's catch up with the stuff I've been up to, shall we? I'll share some of the work I've been doing since late 2017 - early 2018! All of my work can be found on twitter too!! You can find a link to said twitter in my signature :^) I've also got a portfolio you can check out!! EDIT: Forgot to add a pixel art section, fixed it sdksfjsdkhdfgjd (PS: While I don't necessarily need it for something rn, constructive criticism is welcome, but please keep in mind that some of these pieces date back 7-8 months!! the pieces are shown in chronological order from old to new, so feedback on newer pieces will be more helpful than on older ones.) Commissions: Personal projects Overgrown (my webcomic that I'm preparing for!!): Pixel art
  12. Zumi

    Your very own theme song

    bet u thought i was dead hmu scotty
  13. i bulli only a certain type of bibs. fortunately that makes things easy because there's only one so it's not like i have a choice :^)

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      @Kabs bobbi (´・ω・`)

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      why do I continuously suffer this fate

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      people always ask 'whos bibs?' but no one ever asks 'hows bibs?'

  14. big doodoo

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      I cant believe zumi only appears every once in a blue moon and its to post this shit.

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      @Kabs wym she wrote your whole biography

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      listen. i am here to post the hot garbage content and you can't stop me