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  1. There is a nintendo Switch exhibit at the mall where I work. Why only Mario games and Pokken? Missed chance, they could show something new and exciting instead. Mario stuff sells, but is hardly "new"

    1. Wolfox


      Mario and Pokémon are the safest bets I guess. I mean not everyone knows Link, but everyone and their grandpa knows Pikachu and Mario

    2. Alistair


      Nintendo has almost entirely relied on Mario, Pokémon and Zelda for decades now. Them not bringing up anything new is... nothing new ;)

    3. Guzam


      Yes, because showing off our most recently released switch title and also one of the most anticipated ones is not exciting at all or new despite how recent it is. idk, i don't get this comment on it bar "mario sells, this isn't new." I'm not quite sure what you expected.

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