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  1. We should make the move attract so that it allows same sex infatuation!

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    2. Alistair


      Infatuation works completely differently compared to confusion though. Unnerfed confusion had a 50% chance to not only make the pokémon not attack the target, but also hit itself. Infatuation does not make the afflicted pokémon damage itself; to make up for this, infatuation is "cured" by switching or KOing the opponent whereas confusion disappears by itself after 2 to 5 turns.


      If I had to pick a poison, I'd say unnerfed Confuse Ray is actually the worst because I generally have bad luck, meaning my pokémon often hit themselves for 4-5 turns. Infatuation is irritating, but not as dangerous.


      Of course, it all changed when the nerf hammer fell on confusion and gave it a 33% chance of self-harm.

    3. Jess


      Obviously they work differently cause they are not the same thing. Why I said the cute EQUIVALENT, not EQUAL. 

    4. Alistair


      Except they're not even equivalent.

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