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  1. In that case, an animation would be pretty awesome while transitioning to the new field. I think that has added value. Going underwater might show a stream of water entering the screen. Setting a grass field ablaze will have fire quickly spreading out. Etc
  2. Well, there IS so much that Patreon can do about it. That's the point of my argument. So I squarily disagree with you out there. You can easily think of a few - 1. reduce paypal fees by bundling transaction fees (like they were doing previously) 2. Find a different model to prevent double-charging. I suppose a reduced subscription pledge for the first month is one I like. 3. Yearly subscriptions. You want to pledge 1$ per month, but not pay paypal fees 12x a year? Then do a yearly pledge of $12. What a concept ... You may think of your own preference, but one thing is for sure : Credit card payments of 1$ is an expensive thing and inefficient way to support a creator. And your argument that they are growing and need more fees is true - they take a percentage of everything. So they get more funding as they grow without increasing rates. EDIT: I just read a cool idea about buying Patreon credits. One transaction for Paypal, but you determine how and how fast these credits go towards creators.
  3. I dislike Patreons new fees policy. Please let me know your opinion on my new topic

  4. So Patreon sent me an email regarding updates to the pledge system - extra fees. In short - An extra 2.9% + 0.35$ is added to each pledge you do. Patreon has always boasted that its creators get 95% of their pledges in their pocket. Then there are fees, so it may be between 85-93%. That sounds like a reasonable percentage. I recognize that most pledges are very small and creators can earn a good amount of money by appealing to more patrons. There will be very many transactions to process and providing a stable, pleasant platform is crucial. I think they do a good job, I like to be a patreon. Now I make small pledges myself, being in college and all. I take comfort knowing that each bit helps and a large percentage of my contribution helps my favorite creators. Now that changes: Pledge - My cost - Creator Receives - Percentage going to creator $1.00 - $1.38 - $0.95 - 69% $5.00 - $5.50 - $4.75 - 86% $10.0 - $10.64-$9.50 - 89% $20.0 - $20.93-$19.0 - 91% So my small pledge is suddenly making much less of an impact! I now know not to bother with small pledges. Patreon takes 31% of your 1$ pledge. For me to feel like I have a real impact, I need to 1) Spend at least 5$ per pledge. This means I spend much more 2) Choose which creators I still want to support. I have always chosen 1$ pledges, because as a student, I think 60$ a year is too much. Manageable, but with multiple pledges just too much. Now I feel the Patreon system is cheating on our promise of 95% going to the creator. In the end, I personally will not increase my pledge for this reason. I just feel worse about being a patron. People that already spent 5$+ per pledge might feel less cheated about losing 10% of their pledge in fees. What is your stance on the matter?
  5. has "a wild BLANK appeared" been overdone yet

    Welcome. Have a wonderful time playing and chatting and browsing and perusing
  6. Ame and the gang are spending weeks destroying this game during Beta, so you can bet lots of things are to be fixed for public release haha!
  7. E17 Redone Intro

    Not available for me either - USA
  8. Pokemon Crystonite

    Man, I totally clicked over the story spoiler. Sounds fun! I stand by my previous statement, Once you get a demo out I'll be sure to try it out!
  9. There is a nintendo Switch exhibit at the mall where I work. Why only Mario games and Pokken? Missed chance, they could show something new and exciting instead. Mario stuff sells, but is hardly "new"

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    2. Alistair


      Well, I personally wouldn't have expected something other than Mario or Pokémon, but I would probably have appreciated something new, if I had had the opportunity to witness the event firsthand like Busti did. Although a mall exhibit is hardly the place to introduce brand new ideas, I'll grant you that.

    3. Busti


      Alistair has got the right idea. It wasn't bad, but I just couldn't be bothered to go out of my way to play Pokken or Mario. I would gladly play those games anytime in a home-setting, because I know they are fun. And I know that these games will sell well. But if I am going to wait in line while watching people play on a "brand new console", it needs to be something fresh.


      Now to be fair, it was a smaller exhibit with only 15 Switch's on display. What is the plural of the Switch anyway? Earlier this year there was a much bigger one that took up the entire hall with perhaps 50 stations showing much more variety. That is way more exciting!



    4. Wolfox


      that might be why this one was smaller. those exhibits cost money to run, the bigger the more expensive. so if you already had a pretty big one then why risk more money by throwing another big one. I get what you're coming from, but look at it from Nintendo's eyes: Everyone knows Pikachu, Everyone knows Mario, Pikachu, and Mario sell games and merchandise better than fricking Spongebob sells merchandise, so WHY risk showing something new like Skyrim or burn Out for example?

  10. Pokemon Crystonite

    Cool stuff! Once you get a demo up I'll be sure to try it out. And indeed, the visuals look very sleek. You didn't tease the story, so I wonder... Your character looks like it would make a cool evil boss, actually.
  11. HELP me like Sun & Moon pkm

    All gen VII pokemon seem to have something interesting to them. I don't really find any mundane pokemon. They all seem to have something interesting - Ability or Graphic wise. Maybe that is why there are so few new pokemon. I wish there were fewer legendary pokemon but rather more "regular" pokemon in the generation itself, but they add well to the mix of pokemon from earlier generations. Enjoy using them, fighting alongside them, you'll see. My only gripe with the latest two generations is the addition of mega evolutions, that were then "dropped" in favor of Z-moves. While I do not think they are bad concepts of themselves, I hate that GF choose just a group of pokemon to get some special treatment.
  12. We should make the move attract so that it allows same sex infatuation!

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    2. Jess


      They are, but whatever, let's argue just for the sake of arguing. 

    3. Alistair


      Lol, your level of butthurtness is intriguing. Did I hurt your feelings by daring to contradict you?

    4. Busti


      Trollolol. Guys come on.
      It was a silly thought. It is non-canon, so merely a cheeky quirk of my imagination. I do think "attract" is a powerful status, and I like the current system.

      Besides, attract and confusion are similar in having a chance factor, but they are very different in effect and longevity. The severity of each status depends on the situation and therefore " equivalent" doesn't seem to be the right word to capture this nuance. You can even choose the female gender of your pokemon just to reduce the chance of being attracted to male-dominated species.


      Alistair wins.


  13. Idea for a small and short pokemon game

    No not at all. You aren't making their pokemon too overpowered, you just give them a onesided challenge-mode. Cool idea, really makes you plan for redundancies to win the battle. Are you going to have a plot to go with this adventure? Or is it really just a carefree roaming adventure?
  14. Will we be allowed to use multiple Z moves per battle? Just spam all the Zmoves!
  15. Iori Yagami - Reborn Style W.I.P

    Very cool. I think your backsprite and walking animation are your strong points there. What is that fabric connecting the legs?