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  1. I’m excited about the big rocket launch tomorrow. It missed a big red R though

  2. My uncle works at nintendo. He says Pokémon is a conspiracy

    1. DreamblitzX


      lol people still believe nintendo is real

    2. Josef


      Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies...

  3. This is one of those spots where you can just go around and around norella village
  4. Oh man, this music. It's all kinds of hilarious! I don't even have my pokemon yet and I'm already crying with laughter!
  5. You know what. This sounds like fun! I''m giving it a go.
  6. How do you reach that pool inside white peridot ward? It's taunting me!

    1. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      After the city restore, I don't think you can reach it anymore. 

  7. Busti

    [E17] Minor Errors

  8. Busti

    An accident is haunting me

    Thank you, you guys. I do feel a sense of relief for sharing my troubles. Because of your kind words I talked things over with my wife, and she also insists I take the financial aid to help me move on. So, that is what I will do. Thankfully the psychiatrist is a student benefit, and I will not get charged. I'm giving it a try on Tuesday. EDIT: So the counsellor insisted I call to settle my accounts and accept my parents help, so I did. I called and pleaded my case, getting approximately 30% off my bills across the board, but I had to settle them immediately. That sucked, but I'm done with that. Maybe I will spent my money on things that cheer me up for a little while. I've been assigned to keep a diary and get more exercise. I'm going to give that a try. Who knows, maybe I will be my old self soon?
  9. Hello, It's a little difficult to open up a little, but I have been having a rough time for the last six months and I notice I feel somewhat better after talking about it. Today marks 6 months since I had an accident ... I cut off a couple fingers and the most amazing surgeon reattached them for me. It's hard to imagine the shock. I still can hardly bare to think about it. I was about to host a house-warming party. I was tired from a long night cooking. I still needed to do a gardening chore. I was hasty, clumsy, and for a few seconds I did not think, and suddenly I was hurt. After my surgery I don't think I have been the same as I was. I was told I will never heal and may need further surgery in the future. For now, I am slowly regaining function and the pain is mostly gone. Rather carefree before, I have difficulty coping with stress and a feeling of guilt. I have had to use only my left hand for a few months. I am using my right hand now, avoiding the use of my hurt fingers. Playing piano was my passion, and now I carefully play simple tunes, hoping I may heal and be normal yet again within the next six months. First of all I am having a hard time dealing with a feeling of guilt. The student health care I had was good 4 years ago, but apparently the Obama changes have hollowed my insurance while doubling my premiums. Unaware of those changes, I have racked up a large debt. Three years of high monthly bills is what it takes. I am working a second job just to cover those expenses. I have less energy, less time, and less money to spend with my wife. She, on the other hand, is working harder too to reduce the stress on me. I can tell she has struggled a lot, and I feel so guilty. My parents offered to help financially, and I cannot accept, because I feel like me working harder for the next three years is necessary to "right my wrong". Secondly, I am not coping with stress. I can't deal with traffic congestion. I find myself staring at my screen when I should do work, unable to get started. I need longer breaks to calm down after doing things that seem so intensive now. I worry a lot now. I get reminded about my accident - a lot! Every week, the companies resend me the updated bills. I make steady payments, but my ambulance company sent the account to a collection agency. I don't want to deal with them, but they call me twice a day. And I can't deal with them, I was making steady payments so legally they had no right put me in collections. Because of all that, I can't let this go. Thankfully I have people that care about me, that offer their support. I have been told to talk to a psychologist. I really don't want to, but I promised I will next week. I am still hoping to make peace with myself, accept that my accident does not mean I have to torture myself for a long time to come. I want things to be as they were before. Thank you for listening.
  10. Gelukkig nieuwjaar! (=happy new year)

  11. I've been waiting for public release. Is it going to be a Xmas present?


    1. Wolfox


      around 2018.

    2. DreamblitzX


      My guess is that public release might be when the spoiler lock drops

    3. Amethyst


      now that you mention it...

  12. Busti

    TLDR; What Mono Run should I do?

    I choose grass too. So many options to choose from, but none overpowered. I usually do not choose grass instead getting the same coverage by water+electric types, so it would be more fun to emphasize this type. Also, I think Torterra is really cool.
  13. I dislike Patreons new fees policy. Please let me know your opinion on my new topic

  14. Busti

    E17 Redone Intro

    Not available for me either - USA
  15. Busti

    Pokemon Crystonite

    Man, I totally clicked over the story spoiler. Sounds fun! I stand by my previous statement, Once you get a demo out I'll be sure to try it out!