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  1. Considering the current trends and political climate, the only logical step for 2017 is to privatize the US congress #OneStepTooFar

    1. Sarun


      We already have that, it's called lobbying.

  2. Got one more: Partnered* http://prnt.sc/dpg3q1
  3. @Amethyst That is pretty awesome. Compiling all that text must be a looooooooot of work! Now it was just my curiosity that prompted me to have a peek, but I am very amused that the first trainer has a shuckle with fireblast, lol. Now I want to fight him!
  4. Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  5. This is not an error for me. It works in my version (16.2)
  6. I used tailwind from my noivern. It makes things a lot easier! haha
  7. Lol. Just push it up one space so you can surf around. Btw, I don't think I found that flame plate... where was that?
  8. Hey guys, the Chikorita event is not available in the Azurine Island anymore. Does anybody know where it got moved?
  9. I see that puzzle in Chrysolia Springs and I think: Do I have to go all the way around? AAAMMEEEEE!!!!

    1. FairFamily


      meh don't complain, the bookcase puzzle or the trainer school puzzle was worse.

    2. Busti


      Meh, they are all very entertaining but not difficult. Let's just say I really appreciated that 3x speedup.

  10. I have a few more: *Spirits http://prnt.sc/dn7f1p *Beginning http://prnt.sc/dn7f8o Not super sure about this one. Maybe better to say: Hearing about a certain organization? http://prnt.sc/dn7ffu *Somewhat of a crisis...? http://prnt.sc/dn7fmr Also, water reflections do not take into account the rubble that is on there too. You can see reflections on top of the rubble for boulders and for the character sprites as well. http://prnt.sc/dn7ftb
  11. Please help me as well. Simon does not appear in the cemetary for me either. game.rxdata EDIT: Please edit my silver ring as well. I cannot interact with the Corey's Nidorina.
  12. That's awesome! And, we will be getting shiny sprites too, right?
  13. Would anybody please share E15 meteor admin music with me? It doesn't work on my old download, and I want to check it out.

    1. Commander


      It's in hardcore's E16 download if you really want it. It's just labeled as Meteor admin original

    2. BIGJRA
    3. Busti


      Thank you! It sounds just like I remember it. I re-downloaded E15 a while ago, but that original song was broken ><

  14. Wonderful! Thank you! I restarted for the community release and I just finished Julia. I'll switch over to this public release and I will have so much fun! Things I look forward for E17: - All the move animations! I want earthquake and surf! - Desert area == Gible? Want want want - Hunting for new bugs! Scizor? Yes. Words like "exhiliarting"? Definitely! - All those tiny teasers and updates that make me appreciate the vast amount of work the development team gets done. - To be surprised, entertained, and shocked... or pummeled. Just wondering why you put ~50 hours of playtime? Is that nominal? To me, it takes more like 100 hours from start to finish.