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  1. Idea for a small and short pokemon game

    No not at all. You aren't making their pokemon too overpowered, you just give them a onesided challenge-mode. Cool idea, really makes you plan for redundancies to win the battle. Are you going to have a plot to go with this adventure? Or is it really just a carefree roaming adventure?
  2. Will we be allowed to use multiple Z moves per battle? Just spam all the Zmoves!
  3. Iori Yagami - Reborn Style W.I.P

    Very cool. I think your backsprite and walking animation are your strong points there. What is that fabric connecting the legs?
  4. Fan-game Directory

    I didn't even know there was a Red and Blue Deluxe game. I think I'll check it out, thanks to you!
  5. Hey cool idea. I love to know more about the dev concepts. I find most fun in the how and why. So you tell me why we have these concepts, great! Now how is this implemented? You already mentioned a variable that the game keeps track of for each trainer. I suppose simple boolean commands (if statements) will determine critical aspects in the game's progression. Is there more to it? Also, illustrate! So many cool options to talk about. Tales of Symphonia was great at it. You can bring depth in each topic by comparing how the relationship variables are implemented in various genres or even games within a genre.
  6. Pokemon Carnage

    Good luck with making your own fangame. Whether you plan it all out at the beginning or just explore every part of the program while doing it, it's going to be great! I'm a little disappointed with the harsh criticism flying at you so quickly. You deserve a chance. It's really easy to bash a beginning developer, but it's really hard to start a good fangame. If you stick with it and you have something cool to show, you would probably get more positive response, and then still people will bash you. I would only suggest right now you not ask for advise/ideas from others until you have a rigid framework you want to work with, that's all you! This includes especially the name of the game, haha.
  7. I concur, I found the dusk ball most useful. It also works in caves, where many legendaries appear! I don't mind ball aesthetics, but one user at the forum made a reborn ball that I added. I like it!
  8. Once in a lifetime opportunities

    Ah the joys of experimental science. You make one mishap and you are set back days or weeks. I've broken some stuff in the lab too that required a lot of work and time to fix. Everybody makes mistakes. They are especially hard for experimental scientists, but that's why everybody plans for it. You think ("I can do this in a week!"), and you plan three weeks for it. You just learned a lesson and you turned into a better scientist. Props to you. And like every good scientist, you try not to repeat that same mistake, haha! EDIT: Oh what chances did I miss? I was crushing hard on this student big band. I tried to join, but I wasn't good enough to make the cut. I learned from that lesson though, and practised. I later joined a different band
  9. Microtransactions

    I would have much preferred a free to play (F2P) game to have a paid and free version. Like, free with limitations (ads, timers), but then paying once you like the game removes limitations. That would be fair. If you don't like timers, you don't have to play the game nor spend money. I rather appreciate that anyway, it kind of forces me to be less on my phone. Shit goes wrong when you have a game like Candycrush. My wife spent 40$ on a game that at most I would deem worthy of 5$. Why? Well, you pay some to remove the limitations. You play a while. Then your benefits stop, you basically have the F2P game again. So if you get frustrated, you spent money AGAIN to keep going. What is 0.99$ anyway, right? Consider the low cost of developing these games and the low quality that is possible on the phone, that 0.99$ may well be a fair percentage of the value you get from this game. It's a kind of evil. When you are lucky enough that people find your game totally addictive, they just pay and pay without you actually giving them the game. It's still limiting these players. DLC is not like that. You buy extra content, and developers work (I hope they work hard) to offer that for sale. Of course, that DLC needs to be -- extra -- on top of the regular game. Nothing worse than buying an (expensive) game, then they tell you you need to pay extra to finish it. I also second Wolfox on everything he said. Pay to win and Pay to finish are hardly moral.
  10. Easy money-gain will be "fixed"...?

    What was that broke-ass moneygain anyway?
  11. Your occupation in Reborn City?

    After a failed career as a (team) rocket scientist, I would totally work as an engineer at the railroad company. With all these trains missing, there is plenty of work for me to do. Until the unfortunate explosion at the station, I've been doing research into advanced safety mechanisms to deal with the hazardous path through the desert: tracking systems for trains and inter-train communication systems. With the closing of the city, I have been more involved with the structural repairs of the new stations, effectively improving the reliability and user friendliness of the system by 50%. Also includes more applications of rocket science. I used to proudly own a little house at the waterfront in Peridot ward. The value of the house plummeted when the lake got polluted. With no significant savings to fall back on, I buried myself into my work, but at the present time, I feel very accomplished with my work in the Peridot ward. I still enjoy the company of my trusty Magnemite from my (team) rocket science days. Since then, I have become friends with an Abra that always beats me at chess (he gets into my head) and a Klang. My greatest dream is still to get permission to commission my own train. Aircraft shaped - Carbon fiber reinforced body, Titanium reinforced undercarriage, Minimalistic functional design so that a single Ampharos or Raichu could power this train all the way to the next town.
  12. Pokemon Riddles

    Darn you threw me on a total curveball for numbers 3 and 5. Very nice. Only got 10.5 points haha
  13. HO in rejuv

    I find it hard to have a team build just for a playing style. To quote: "Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled Trainers should try to win with the Pokémon they love best." - Karen from G/S/C/HG/SS I usually take one very tanky pokemon, and one sweeping pokemon. The other 4 are simply my favorites from different types. In Insurgence for instance, Slowbro and Tyranitar were my tanks and Gyarados/Volcarona were my HO sweepers. It just matters very much when you decide to stall or sweep.
  14. Childhood Nostalgia

    Man, I remember playing Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates for years (2005-2007 or so). I was really good at that. It is a swashbuckling game where pillaging, looting, naval battles, gambling, craftmanship, fighting, etc. are all done with minigames in a very popular MMO. It was great fun, I was captain of a 100+ player crew. Does anybody here know that game?
  15. Proactive-er protagonist?

    I would say to add an item: - a matchbox Light up that field!