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  1. I don't really see the need. Even if you type 15+ lines of good content, it will be against forum policy? Are you just encouraging a get-to-the-point mentality? Maybe you could add some exceptions? I could imagine that whomever starts a topic (like creative writing, or a fangame thread), would like to make long updates. That could easily break this rule. Kind of out of the blue for me, but also not really a problem either. EDIT: As you explain it 15 "paragraphs" would still be OK. That is actually quite a lot hehe.
  2. In my personal experience, true love is worth fighting for and will feel right. What you are describing does not "feel right". Also, you seem dubious about whether to fight for it or not. Be careful, as you are setting yourself up for a long and painful path. I won't pretend to know what to do in your situation, because most context cannot be given in the format of this forum. However, based on what you have just given me, I would sever all contact. If you are not OK with just being a friend, you will in part be dealing with her depression, and delaying your own pursuit of happiness. Of course that is the selfish way to approach this, but life is valuable and time is precious. You seem to be made of the right stuff, so the right girl will love you for it. And that will feel right. And I third what Felix said. Make a decision, commit to it. There is no wrong choice here, so decide on what makes YOU happiest.
  3. And the spam bot strikes again. Some people just want to watch the world ... Read random Chinese letters?

    1. President Felix

      President Felix

      ive already submitted my application to University of Bath

    2. Busti


      Its 90F outside, so I'll take my application to University of Pool


  4. He literally says it. But I voted 1 anyway, because I'm tired. Lol
  5. Nope. I like my cereal well mixed. If I do milk first, all my cereal just floats on top. And its hard to gauge whether I have enough/too little milk. -17
  6. Buying my first house tomorrow! This is crazy stuff and crazy exciting!


    1. mde2001



    2. Adventurer


      Congratultions with the house! A year and a half ago I did the same so I know how exciting it is. Good luck with it.

  7. Not originally from the USA, I don't understand the feeling of and association of segregation with black people. Though certainly, the Dutch had a lot to do with slavery, these customs did not come into the country. And I've always lived understanding that all kinds of people live on equal standard. In my city, I have lot of interaction with people from all over the world. The more international the environment, the greater the acceptance. I love that. I see a bright future, where the continued immigration into the country will slowly lead to increased acceptance and opportunity. I foresee that the sad history of the USA will be just that; a sad history.
  8. Vero is a cool guy. That character looks how I would imagine myself as pokemon master of Reborn!
  9. Considering the current trends and political climate, the only logical step for 2017 is to privatize the US congress #OneStepTooFar

    1. Sarun


      We already have that, it's called lobbying.

  10. Got one more: Partnered* http://prnt.sc/dpg3q1
  11. Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  12. This is not an error for me. It works in my version (16.2)
  13. I used tailwind from my noivern. It makes things a lot easier! haha
  14. Lol. Just push it up one space so you can surf around. Btw, I don't think I found that flame plate... where was that?
  15. Hey guys, the Chikorita event is not available in the Azurine Island anymore. Does anybody know where it got moved?