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  1. I'm watching a little bit of YuGiOh! Zexal. Astral helping Yuma... Is cheating, right? LOL

    1. FairFamily


      It is but don't worry. The real cheating hasn't even started yet.

    2. Pμrple


      Zexal : the serie is kinda good but the main protagonist ruin everything.

    3. Wolfox


      Just wait for Kaito, he'll set Yuma straight. And don't forget that Yugi is to blame for the exact same thing but worse, as the Pharaoh literally took over his body for duels.

  2. I'm a doduo >< I got 142 right, but I just blanked on exegcute... However you spell that dude's name. Probably didn't get either nidoran, so my spelling isn't all too bad, most of the time
  3. I hope this doesn't invite a C&D. We all remember that other pokemon fangame that got a C&D just before the announced release date.

    1. seki108


      RIP  Pokemon Prism,  at least you got leaked.


      Ame has really tried to avoid getting mainstream attention (especially be advertising Reborn), unlike the most recent cases of C&D.

  4. dog run

    Will we get to make suggestions for the dog names? They could be named after pets of community members.
  5. Strangest places you've slept?

    I have a tendency for falling asleep in the train. I remember often falling asleep in a busy cart, having some weird dream, suddenly flinching awake, and having some amused people look at me. No big deal. However, this one time I was at the cleaning crew at my fraternity, which comes with "free" drinking (Free as in $$, but not free as in having a choice to deny those drinks). So I was pretty laden and on my way home in the train (1 am, last train of the night), I quickly dozed to sleep. I got woken from my stupor at 3 am by my worried mom, who then proceeded to call the police to get me out. I happened to be abandoned in the train and parked in a remote facility. Best night ever... haha.
  6. Even though I turn one year older, I still feel like a teenager. Today, I'm getting lots of free food from restaurants, for joining their newsletters. Love the USA, lol

    1. Wolfox


      well, happy birthday

  7. Happy birthday :) 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Busti


      Thanks guys! I still feel like a teenager sometimes. I love birthdays!

    3. Pμrple


      It's a good day indeed ^^ 

    4. Paul25


      You're welcome ;) 

      Celebration was nice, I believe :D 

  8. Happy Birthday :D, i hope you will have a fun day ^^

    1. Alphagar


      Happy Birthday!!

    2. Busti


      Thanks guys! I sure am having a fantastic day. I'm getting lots of free food from restaurants so its great!

    3. LykosHand


      You're welcome :D

      Oh wow, you are very lucky man :D

  9. I suppose in some timezones it IS already her birthday. Hope you have a fantastic year coming to you!
  10. Best music in Reborn

    In that opening screen, who is that person with the egyptian-looking golden headpiece on the left? I like to play the white city music outside of the game. Nice and relaxing. Special mention to wasteland music. Memorable, awful, awesome, repulsive, perfect to set the mood of not wanting to be there.
  11. ICSW's Pokepun Compilation

    Those of Weezing are just fantastic! Thank you for making this.
  12. I noticed here in Texas and last year in California, that Poke Bowls are becoming quite popular! And they are delicious

    1. Alphagar


      Like...hawaiian poke?

  13. Ame is actually being very active in keeping us up to date. I like that! Now I am particularly curious how Marcello is meme-ing up the AI. That bit just sounds complex and exciting to me.
  14. Mind your Keys and Rooms

    I don't really see the need. Even if you type 15+ lines of good content, it will be against forum policy? Are you just encouraging a get-to-the-point mentality? Maybe you could add some exceptions? I could imagine that whomever starts a topic (like creative writing, or a fangame thread), would like to make long updates. That could easily break this rule. Kind of out of the blue for me, but also not really a problem either. EDIT: As you explain it 15 "paragraphs" would still be OK. That is actually quite a lot hehe.
  15. Addiction of Infatuation

    In my personal experience, true love is worth fighting for and will feel right. What you are describing does not "feel right". Also, you seem dubious about whether to fight for it or not. Be careful, as you are setting yourself up for a long and painful path. I won't pretend to know what to do in your situation, because most context cannot be given in the format of this forum. However, based on what you have just given me, I would sever all contact. If you are not OK with just being a friend, you will in part be dealing with her depression, and delaying your own pursuit of happiness. Of course that is the selfish way to approach this, but life is valuable and time is precious. You seem to be made of the right stuff, so the right girl will love you for it. And that will feel right. And I third what Felix said. Make a decision, commit to it. There is no wrong choice here, so decide on what makes YOU happiest.