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  1. I need to catch up... I left off...
  2. Take the Fedora and sunglasses off and he looks a lot less like me. >> <<
  3. That is a lot of beard.
  4. ... I don't show up for a meeting for the first time in forever and this happens.
  5. I didn't notice that this was a thing. I remember when I first met Ice. He was auth at the time and muted me for making a Jewish kid cry. I still don't understand what I did wrong. nether the less I enjoy his >> << < > and his random HAI!!!!s
  6. I like Joshua, Lute, Cormag, Lyle, and Ross.
  7. Tfw I randomly turn on the app, see that I have enough orbs for a single summon, pick a blue orb and got 5 star Ephiram. **Turns the app back off**
  8. I have the PS3 platinum on that one. The Jimmy Jenkins loader was the bigger pain in the ass to find.
  9. Holy Crap Lego Batman is great, you nerds should go see it!

  10. I just saw a pretty good video on Japanese Weaponry.  It was Samurais quite well.

  11. I hate fighting Mario, and there are a ton of them where I am at. My scene also has a surprising amount of Megaman and Zelda players.
  12. A lot of people hate Cloud and Corrin. I personally love the Capcom Reps.
  13. That is a really nice Mask you are wearing there, vato! It looks good on you, it really covers up your face. - Flame Face to Juan in Guacamelee.