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  1. Playing some Nonary Games if anyone is interested in watching.


  2. Wendel interview? I was wandering when that would happen.
  3. Mine is currently Hanzo from Overwatch. Idr where I found this. I have a few by the same artist that I use... The McCree one is my favorite. Homeboy is incredibly photogenic.
  4. TFW you finally play a game and go "Why haven't I played this yet?" TFW you play the game and magical bullshit like this happens
  5. Hanzo says FUCK YOU

    1. Maelstrom


      No... he says 'Ryuu-ga, Wa-ga-te-ki-wo, Ku-ra-u'


      ... the translation is he is commanding his dragon to eat you. But for all the know, the little stubby dragons hands are flipping the middle claw as it does so....

  6. Eeeeey! Singing the praises of Reborn's Best Auth! I nominate Jerko... I mean Jericho!
  7. Guys I bork discord with my dank ass memez 

  8. You're seemingly quite the energetic person. Welcome to Reborn.
  9. Oh shit! It's Wader's Birthday!?! Happy Birthday Nerdoc!
  10. Despite joking about it often, I am not a big HERMAIGERD WAIFU person... but there are some really cool girls in gaming and anime. Here are some of my favorites. (in alphabetical order!)
  11. It's also worth noting that the Legend of Zelda series borrows a lot from Catholicism, Shinto Judaism, and Celtic Christianity.
  12. That, it's an offshoot race that combines human and elf.
  13. Who wants some Despair? I am going to stream some Danganronpa 1.  Click here to join in the sadness!