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  1. Ace Attorney

  2. Playing Kingdom Hearts 2 on Critical Mode if anyone is interested in watching. https://www.twitch.tv/zagangodot


  3. Unpopular Character Opinions

    Hau wasn’t terrible, he was just a rival seen from a different angle. Not every rival has to be a jerk. Sometimes your rival just wants to see you succeed. They wants to be the one to help you and present challenges to help you grow rather than be a douchey obstacle.
  4. Decision-making in games

    Depends on the game. Some games go “if you don’t do both paths you won’t get the full story” or “you won’t get properly rewarded if you don’t do both.” If the game is designed where you’re not forced down any particular path, I just make whatever decisions I objectly agree with and let the game take me where it wants to take me.
  5. Sakurai did say that somewhere. He writes a lot of editorials in Japanese magazines and apparently plays a ton of different games. Here is what he saw in the third party that got in. Snake; The biggest name in stealth games (at the time brawl released) A huge revolutionary title for PS1 and GameCube. Sonic; Huge fan base and demand. Mascot of Sega. Was Mario and Nintendo’s rival in marketing and sales for years. Sega does what Nintendon’t. Megaman; Is considered the mascot of Capcom, one of the biggest and most revolutionary Japanese developer. Was often compared to Mario as “the harder alternative to platforming.” second most popular requested 3rd party next to sonic since 64 and melee. Pac-Man; mascot of Namco Bandai. Personally requested by Miyamoto back in the brawl dev days. Miyamoto’s all time favorite video game character. The very first video game character ever made. A literal house hold name. The most iconic Arcade Hero ever made, or you could call Mario “Mr. Platformer” and Pac-Man “Mr. Arcade.” Ryu; Every fighting game character ever is based on him or uses him as a base on “what a fighting game character should be.” Main character of the most revolutionary fighting game ever, Street Fighter II. The most iconic fighting game character ever, you could call him, “Mr. Fighting Game.” Cloud; Considered to be the third or fourth most requested third party under Sonic, Megaman, and potentially Geno. Main character of one of the most iconic and revolutionary JRPGs ever made. FF7 popularized JRPGs outside of Japan and made them slightly less niche. In the PS1 days Cloud was seen as a rival to link, similar how Sonic and Crash Bandicoot rivaled Mario. FF7 launched the same year as Ocarina of Time and they are both considered and somewhat compete for “the best game ever made” by many people. Cloud is the most iconic JRPG character or you could say that he is “Mr. JRPG.” A lot of people claim that Cloud opens floodgates and I personally disagree. What kept him from getting in was that he was owned by Square Enix. Bayonetta; Winner of the Smash Ballot. Most voted in Europe, which has a higher population than America and Japan combined. Revolutionized Action Games. Created by one of the most influential game designers in Japan. Sakurai played the game, loved it and thought “why can’t I make a game this good?” And considering this logic my personal thoughts on who may be picked are the following. Starting from the most likely to the least. 1. Steve from MineCraft. 2. Crash Bandicoot. 3. Solaire from Dark Souls. 4. Shovel Knight. 5. Dovakin or Dragonborn from Elder Scrolls Skyrim. The only thing really keeping those 5 is that they are not Japanese made. pop quiz, do you know the only two smash characters not created by Japanese Developers?
  6. People always make the "Have they been on a Nintendo console?" argument when it isn't always the case. Sakurai picks reps based on popularity, demand, and "what they represent."
  7. Dahlila Hawthorne? I don’t trust you. >=\

  8. Another game that is insanely popular right now that doesn’t exactly teach you how to play is Monster Hunter. That game is full of secrets that you wouldn’t know unless you look it up or have someone randomly tell you.
  9. The Xenoblade rep will probably be Rex and Pyra. Also getting your game on switch doesn’t mean they have a solid chance in smash. If it does, FF7 on Nintendo when? Also regarding that YongYea video... there is a lot of wrong info...
  10. Minecraft was the same way.
  11. In the og game Dark Knight was somewhat Glass Cannon and Paladin was tankier, but loses a lot of power for the ability to heal and apply buffs. Dark Knight form would be like Cloud or Little Mac, and Paladin would be like Palutena or Wii Fit. in PSP Dissidia they were really mobile but in NT they were really slow. Also, if they went with a second FF character, it would have to be Noctis. However, I would rather want to see something like a traditional Black Mage or a character from another SE game like Crono, Neku, or Geno. And my most wanted characters in general are Isaac from Golden Sun and Ridley from Metroid. I also want the devs to rework little Mac.
  12. Decidueye for Smash 5?

    Gen 8 won't be out til next year. A gen 8 starter would be an obvious DLC candidate.
  13. Decidueye for Smash 5?

    Regarding Decidueye and Incineroar, I personally feel Incineroar would add to the roster. Even though I wouldn't mind seeing both, I feel like a lot of what Decidueye does will be done by Link or Pit. Where a new heavyweight/ cruiserweight grappler type would be a lot more welcome in my opinion.
  14. Raiden was in PlayStation all stars. also it was stated that the ballot was being used for future titles. So voting again would be kinda pointless. Unless everyone that voted Bayo wants to revote.