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  1. Gonna mention a few things after reading all this. 1. People mention the whole "buying a new console when the generation ends" thing but PCs and Laptops have life spans too. Not that they get out dated or anything. They get cranky and die of old age. I have very few consoles do this to me, but the main point I am trying to get across is that it is less costly to replace a console for a newer generation than it is to buy a new PC or laptop. I am also curious as to how much it costs to replace a driver and a graphics card. 2. I specifically stayed away from mentioning certain games because I am aware of PC exclusives. Most of which I have seen have been super niche. Pc exclusives typically are... a. Fan Games like Reborn or rejuv, though I have heard of people finding ways to play them on consoles with the use of modding. b. Indie titles that are often hit or miss that usually times want to publish on steam because it is cheaper or they don't think their game will do well. A lot of those games land up being meh. And the ones that aren't meh usually get ported to consoles at some point in time. c. RTS and Strategy for DAYS. Age of Empire, Star Craft, Civilization, Wargroove, and more. That ain't my genre. You also have mobas that are inspired by the genre like LoL, Dota, HotS, etc. I cannot get into those games at all... There are are a few other things that I am well aware of, as well as games that are on both platforms that run better on certain hardware. And shitty ports with no work put into them. (People complain about console to pc ports being bad, but the reverse happens too... I AM LOOKING AT YOU STARDEW VALLEY!!!) But don't feel like going into it ATM. I also want to mention that the only time I really play pc games is if I am not going to be home for a long while, (like a holiday with family) I will take my laptop and my PS4 controller with me. I actually have quite a few things on my pc I enjoy. However this may change due to the Switch now existing. And even though I enjoy console over pc, I will buy a game on pc before I buy it on Xbox. In terms of preference in buying a game it goes PSN>Nintendo>PC>Xbox. I bought Rivals of Aether on Steam over XBLA, and I loved it. And if my pc could run it (rip) I would have bought killer instinct too.
  2. Excluding games is a cheap shot. But yeah, PC is unreliable unless you dump a decent amount of money into it. People say things like "build your own pc" or "maintain it" but they forget that it is costly to do those things when Consoles run from $200-$500. A good PC costs twice or three times that much. If not more. People also mention fan made mods all the time, when I don't personally see them as enhancing the game experience. I also find most fan made mod things to be distractedly ugly Also PCs are quickly outdated and if I buy a game on my console, I will know that it works.... And again, excluding games is silly. Regarding games, PC has close to nothing interesting that console has as far as I am concerned. Excluding games is like saying "what is better? Pizza Hut or Dominoes? Excluding talking about the food." PC doesn't have Mario, Zelda, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Main Line Pokemon Titles, Metroid, God of War, Super Smash Bros, and so much more.... Unless you do Emulators... but.... encouraging not buying the games.... that is a separate can of worms... This year alone I really enjoyed Odin Sphere Lefinhaiser, Breath of the Wild, Persona 5, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Ever Oasis, Crash Insanity Collection, FF12 Zodiac Age, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, and soon Splatoon 2, Pokken Tournament DX, Uncharted Lost Legacy, Mario Odyssey, Samus Returns, and some others I may not be able to mention from the top of my head... but If I preferred PC gaming over console... I wouldn't have been able to play any of those awesome sauce games.
  3. Wtf happened to the YouTube App?

  4. Streaming FF12 again, maybe some Crash later. https://www.twitch.tv/zagangodot

  5. Something I noticed a bit late is that when you pick a job class for your character you gotta commit to it. No two characters can share the same job class and there are 12 classes for every character to have two. My Personal Gameplan... Vaan: Knight and Shikari (Rogue/Ninja) Basch: Monk and Foe Breaker (Axeman) Balthier: Machinist (Marksman) and Bushi (Samurai) Fran: Archer and Uhlan(Lancer) Penelo: Red BattleMage and Time BattleMage Ashe: White Mage and Black Mage
  6. Sup! Streaming some Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac age if anyone is interested!


  7. Aaaaaand I bought it. I will probably stream it later today. Maybe in an hour or two. I'll announce it when I do. Streaming right now https://www.twitch.tv/zagangodot
  8. Thats one of the big changes. That was mostly tossed out for a job Class system i.e. FF3, 5, 11, 14, tactics 1-3, and bravely default. i am interestedin the game, but idk if I have a lot of stuff I still need to finish.
  9. The games I finished were the Original, 2, Brotherhood, Revalations, 3, and Black Flag.
  10. playing crash bandicoot if anyone wants to watch. https://www.twitch.tv/zagangodot


  11. Oh shit! It's Scarface's birthday? Happy Birthday, home slice! Hope you have a good day and a good holiday!
  12. My preferred Normal types are Eevee and Snorlax.
  13. Blastoise or Feraligatr would be sick. I am curious about Scizor and Decidueye. I will probably stick to maining Garchomp tough. I would drop Garchomp for Incineroar though. Machamp is cool, but he is super slow and fighting Ranged Characters takes a lot more work than it needs to. I can do it, it is just harder than it needs to be.
  14. Hey Ark. Proffesor Oak didn't ask us whether we were a boy or girl until 2004.
  15. Playing Rayman and Kingdom hearts 2 later : https://www.twitch.tv/zagangodot