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  1. Wow, this is going to take a while to read. I’ll keep it simple, I love the avatar idea, I don’t like permadeath and always found it to be a inconvenience, and I hate shipping my units. if they keep the child mechanic it would be cool if they reworked it in a Phanasy Star 3 kind of way.
  2. Dragon Ball is way to predictable

    Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, and yes Vegeta.
  3. Dragon Ball is way to predictable

    Dragon Ball’s issue isn’t the predictability but the fact that it sets up great and incredibly likable characters and doesn’t give them proper Pay Off.
  4. Recommend me a fighting game, please?

    Dragon Ball Fighterz is based on a similar system as Skull Girls which got its system from Marvel vs Capcom and Capcom vs SNK.
  5. Recommend me a fighting game, please?

    Get Dragonball Fighterz. we don’t know if SC6 is good yet and Naruto Ninja Storm isn’t a real fighting game. Also DBFZ is a phenomenal fighter for beginners and experts alike.
  6. Combo Breaker 2018

    Illinois is pretty far, but best of luck man!
  7. Was 2017 a good year in gaming?

    @Maelstrom Cuphead is Contra.
  8. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 (or 4) ideas

    The problem with Budokai, Tenkaichi, and Xenoverse is that those 150+ Characters are not well crafted and everyone fights the same with minor differences. That is why FighterZ is so damn hype. The characters look a bajillion Times deeper and well crafted. They all have unique move sets and animations, and it is literally one of the best looking fighting game visually, period.
  9. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 (or 4) ideas

    I couldn’t get into Xenoverse when I tried it. It had too many flaws and too much repetitiveness to keep my interest. Dragonball FighterZ though... that is hella hype.
  10. New Switch games

  11. How does Gameshare work

    There is a limit to the number of people you can share with. I think the limit is 3, it used to be 5. You also can share anything that isn’t a microtransaction or closed beta. So digitally bought games, dlc, season passes, Preorder bonuses, themes, avatars, ect. The problem is that the people you share with will have access to certain other things too... like personal information, the ability to delete and change things, and access to your credit/debit card. Which I am not comfortable sharing with people I don’t know. To gameshare you need their Email and Password.
  12. Unpopular Character Opinions

    @Maelstrom WOAH! No mention of Crash Bandicoot?!? WOAH
  13. Unpopular Character Opinions

    General, if it was Reborn it wouldn’t belong in this section of the forums. characters I like people a lot of people hate; Cloud (Final Fantasy VII) Tidus (Final Fantasy X) Snow (Final Fantasy XIII) Tails (Sonic) Demyx (Kingdom Hearts 2) Nagito (Danganronpa 2) Ryuichi (Persona 5) Characters I really don’t like that people Love; Aeris (Final Fantasy VII) Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII) Shadow (Sonic) Xion (Kingdom Hearts 358/2) Groose (Zelda Skyward Sword) Mercy (Overwatch) Roy, Jigglypuff, and Pichu being in Super Smash Bros. this all I can think of from the top of my head.
  14. 3 more days of meh.