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  1. SSB5 character ideas

    List of likely reps imo. Mario Series: Waluigi Donkey Kong: Dixie Kong, King K. Rool Zelda: Impa, Skullkid, Ghiraham, Ravali Metroid: Ridley, Slylux Kirby: Bandana Dee Starfox: Wolf, Krystal Pokemon: Too Many Fire Emblem: Lyn, anyone that reps an unrepresented class or weapon type. IE Hector, Takumi, and Ephiram. Kid Icarus: Hades and Madusa Earthbound: Claus F-Zero: Samurai Goro Punch Out!: Bald Bull Capcom: Chun Li, Phoenix Wright, Monster Hunter, other Megaman variations. X, EXE, Volnutt Namco: Llyod Irving, Heihachi, Siegfried Sega: Tails, Knuckles, Klonoa, Jack Frost Square Enix: Geno, Crono, Black Mage Unrepresented: Isaac (Golden Sun), Andy (Advanced Wars), Ray MK (Custom Robo), Inkling (Splatoon), Springman (Arms), Takamaru (Mysterious Castle Murasame) Unrepresented 3rd Party: Rayman (Ubisoft), Proffessor Layton (Level 5), Banjo and Kazooie (Rare and Microsoft), Doom Guy (Bethesda), Shovel Knight (Yacht Club), Shantae (Way Forward), Travis Touchdown (Grasshopper)
  2. HELP me like Sun & Moon pkm

    Sun and Moon mons are actually really inspired. They are especially cool if you know where they come from. In example; Rowlet line is based on the DC character the Green Arrow, mexican folktales surrounding Owls, and an extinct specie of Polynesian Owl. Owls in Mexican folktales tend to have ties to death. Also the Green Arrow was a spoiled brat who got stranded on a desert island and was presumed dead. He trained himself in the art of Archery and left the island becoming a Green Hooded Vigilante. Litten line is based off of Heel fighters in competitive Combative Sports like MMA and Professional Wrestling. Heel Fighters are another term for people who enjoy being the bad guy. It also takes influence from the classic Japanese Anime, Tiger Mask, which also inspired King from Tekken. Tiger Mask is a wrestler gone from Heel to Face. Meaning he was a bad guy who became good to be a hero to children and be someone they could look up to. Popplio line is based on not just mermaids and Sirens, but the Ugly Duckling fairy tale and Northern European folktales about a creature called Selkies. Selkies are female creatures that wear seal and sea lion skin and are known for having beautiful voices. Brionne herself seems to be based on Japanese Popstar groups like AKB47. Lastly gen 6 starters are based on the most popular RPG classes; Knight, Mage, and Rogue. Gen 7 starters are based on the lesser popular classes; Archer, Monk, and Bard. Random facts, but garbodor is based on the third kind of unnatural waste produced by man. Garbodor is Trash, Weezing is Pollution, and Muk is Sewage. Its also worth noting that Trubbish was introduced in the Unova region, which is based on New York.
  3. SSB5 character ideas

    I gotta clock in to work soon so I don’t have the time to theory craft a set but if Shadow or Knuckles got in they would play like gimmicky Sonic. Knuckles would be Sonic who punches instead of kicking aka Little Mac with an actual recovery. Shadow would be a Sonic/Bayonetta hybrid. It would be neat if he could use his rocket roller skates to do Jet Set Radio things.
  4. SSB5 character ideas

    The developers said that they were going to put in Heihachi but they scrapped him for PAC-Man. And when they revisited the “fighting game rep” idea they chose Ryu.
  5. SSB5 character ideas

    There was a game on the Genesis called Knuckles’ Chaotix.
  6. SSB5 character ideas

    I know what kind of abilities he has. I played Aria and Dawn of Sorrow. As well as 4 and Symphony of the Night. Personally I believe the best choice for Castlevania Representation would be a Belmont, preferably Simon. A whip user could add a lot of variety to the game.
  7. SSB5 character ideas

    I would be down for Soma, Simon, or Alucard. Also Link probably has more tools than any of the Caslevania reps. The big problem with Castlevania representation is Konami. My main request is and has been since Melee, Isaac from Golden Sun. Think Robin but more aggressive and using Earth and Plant themed magic
  8. SSB5 character ideas

    Bayonetta is Sega and Knuckles has his own game. Capcom: Ryu and Megaman Sega: Sonic and Bayonetta Namco: Pacman Square Enix: Cloud.
  9. Do you read video game manuals?

    I used to when I was 5-13 then after a while I open a manual and all it gives me is a website or is telling me to buy some other games. Also most info you used to find in manuals like instructions, plot summaries, tips and tricks, character bios, etc are either now put in game or can be found online.
  10. Post-games

    I am not sure how to answer this... A. You have games like Horizon, Zelda, or Final Fantasy where the post game can be a blast and bring more challenge than the main game. That is hit or miss. B. You also have games like Destiny, Pokémon, or most competitive games where the story part is more of a chore or grind to unlock stuff or unlock the full game. That tends to suck. C. You have games like Persona, Zero Escape, and Crono Trigger where there is no post game and re-expieriencing the game with prior knowledge or carried over progress to get alternate endings or cover routes you couldn’t before and that’s great. D. You also have games like Danganronpa or Phoenix Wright where you can really only expierience the game once. And the post game is forced and unenjoyable. so in result, can I pick the third option, it depends?
  11. South Park Fractured But Whole, Danganronpa V3, and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. I also need to finish Bastion and Crash 2.
  12. Microtransactions

    I hate Gachapon/Loot Box systems. If I want a skin or w/e I would rather spend 3-5 dollars on it rather than grind up or buy $20 worth of loot box things for the chance of getting that one thing.
  13. So I got an email saying that I DID NOT get into the DBFZ beta.  I'm now sad.

  14. Godot vs. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

    Speed, Mobility, and the ability to feint and mix up. Also out of the "heroes" only him and Squall really interest me. When the full game comes out I'll probably be trying and/or playing Tifa, Jecht, Laguna, and Gabranth. Ace seems neat too, and the way they redesigned Kain seems interesting too. I did try Cecil, but I am not a fan of how they changed him. I also tried Cloud, and he was cool, but I was not a fan of certain things he does. I've also been meaning to try Terra and Vaan, but I haven't got around to it. As for Shiva, Diamond Dust is Bullshit.
  15. Godot vs. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

    This has been in Japanese arcades for 2-3 years. Strange that they left certain design choices in. Like how everyone and their mothers pick Shiva to be the summon. Because she can be too good.