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  1. So I got an email saying that I DID NOT get into the DBFZ beta.  I'm now sad.

  2. Godot vs. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

    Speed, Mobility, and the ability to feint and mix up. Also out of the "heroes" only him and Squall really interest me. When the full game comes out I'll probably be trying and/or playing Tifa, Jecht, Laguna, and Gabranth. Ace seems neat too, and the way they redesigned Kain seems interesting too. I did try Cecil, but I am not a fan of how they changed him. I also tried Cloud, and he was cool, but I was not a fan of certain things he does. I've also been meaning to try Terra and Vaan, but I haven't got around to it. As for Shiva, Diamond Dust is Bullshit.
  3. Godot vs. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

    This has been in Japanese arcades for 2-3 years. Strange that they left certain design choices in. Like how everyone and their mothers pick Shiva to be the summon. Because she can be too good.
  4. I have been pretty interested in this game for a while after playing both PSP games to completion. When I heard that there was a close beta, I applied and managed to get in. Here is some footage of me playing the game. Some Gameplay of Squall from when I first started picking up and learning the game.
  5. New games.

    Depends on what consoles you are playing on. Sony is the place to be if you like JRPGs. the PS3/4 and Vita have a ton of good stuff. Persona, Final Fantasy, Undertale, Rogue Galaxy, Star Ocean....
  6. Playing the FF Dissida Closed Beta https://www.twitch.tv/zagangodot

  7. About to finish FF12 later today. Going to play either Jak and Daxter, Uncharted Lost Legacy, Horizon, or Crash 2 afterwards.
  8. Switch game poblems

    Mario Odyssey, Pokken, and Mario + Rabbids all seem legit. They aren't out yet. but I am excited. (well pokken technically is... it's my most anticipated Nintendo game next to Metroid coming this year.)
  9. Playing Crash Bandicoot and later Sonic Mania https://www.twitch.tv/zagangodot

  10. Happy Birthday, ICSW

    Happy Birthday ICSW!
  11. I talk to this nerd every other day. He's pretty cool I guess. =P
  12. RPG recommendations

    Tidus is awesome. **FFX spoilers ahead**
  13. I am all pumped up!

    I got nothing then. zzz
  14. I am all pumped up!

    Devil May Cry 3 On Dante Must Die difficulty. Bayonetta 2 on Infinite Climax Mode. Any Uncharted on Brutal Difficulty. Last of Us on Survivor + Get all Crash Bandicoot Platinum Relics. Beat Master Fortess in Smash for Wii U. Defeat Yellow Devil in Megaman 1.
  15. RPG recommendations

    Golden Sun Persona 3-4 Mario RPG Paper Mario thousand year door Crono Trigger Star Ocean: Til the End of Time Rogie Galaxy