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  1. [Not a bug] Cannot start episode 16.

    Nvm. I thought episode 17 was out. I got confused lads and gals. Sorry about that.
  2. [Not a bug] Cannot start episode 16.

    At least I remember I beat her. I do have 14 badges and pokemon up to level 85 are following my orders. I get the following dialogue from Ciel now:"I will not say I will miss them. Uncouth and hapless as they both may be... I don't need to say that I miss them for everyone to know. Perhaps I should work on my acting after all."
  3. [Not a bug] Cannot start episode 16.

    I left the room and yet nothing happens. Do you want to check it yourself?
  4. I downloaded episode 16, loaded my episode 15 save file, saved in the Circus Data Room in episode 15, closed the game, started episode 16 game file, but did not get a "Welcome to episode 16" message like I saw some people got. What's wrong? I am willing to attach my save file if needed.
  5. Supervised tests.

    Does anyone know how to sing up for the supervised tests before the episode normally comes out?
  6. Citrea Arc-d'Astrea and Leveling.

    Ok. Thank you once again. Also, is that your reborn team? It looks really fancy.
  7. Citrea Arc-d'Astrea and Leveling.

    Ok. I forgot about the Grand Hall. I also did not know about the Circus. Thank you kindly sir. What trainers are battleable in the Circus?
  8. Citrea Arc-d'Astrea and Leveling.

    In Episode 16, after Reborn is rebuilt, can you go back to Citrea Arc-d'Astrea? Or if you can't where else can I power-level pokemon except for there?
  9. Boxes?

    No no no. I am talking about the thing where you press Select on gameboy and your cursor turns orange and you can move the whole box. It was like this in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.
  10. Boxes?

    Can I mass move pokemon in the boxes or not? And if yes, how?