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  1. Welcome By the way, the puzzle is easier if you check the graphics files of Pokemon Reborn. It's somewhere there, just look for it.
  2. @BufsXD I actually forgot it was in Agate Circus. Found this on the Item Location Guide. TM X7 DiveAgate Circus Puzzle Vendor right to the Icecreams stand (costs 1 Blue Shard to play)
  3. Yeah. I'm not that much of in a hurry to select the one job that I'll be pursuing. I'm leaving my options open and I'll wait for an event that really convinces me to pursue one of those career paths. Good luck in pursuing Accountancy. Thanks also
  4. I can't wait to go home after settling some matters in school. I want to curl up in my bed and play video games.

  5. When I grow up, I'd either be a writer, an accountant, a lawyer or a game developer. Those are the 4 choices I have for my future career, and I'm still conflicted on which four of these I'm going to choose. Aside from that, I intend to (1) travel to as many countries as possible and learn about their culture, history, and language, (2) be successful enough that I would be able to attain what I would want, (3) be happy and enjoy life to the fullest, and (4) have a good family.
  6. @OraCLesofFire I'm not really sure what I should say here, so I'l just copy the description I have on my profile. Hey guys! I'm Mr. Divergent or you can simply call me Divergent. I discovered Reborn around late December 2014 and decided to join at February the next year. I used to be on and off the Forums but right now, I've got sufficient time to log on and be active in the Forums. My interests are found above if you'd want to know. I mostly love reading and that is why I enjoy reading books, playing narrative video games, playing RPGs, and watching good movies. I usually stay at home reading something in my free time. Feel free to chat with me in the Forums or on Discord. I'd be interested in getting to know you. Note: My interests are on my profile. 1. I've been here in the community for 2 years because I find it as an interesting and vibrant place. It's different subforums which are constantly updated with topics keep my interest awake while the game in itself is the greatest factor as to why I am here. To tell you the truth, I lurked here on the most part of 2016, but I decided to be active once more this year. The server is also quite nice and the Redemption League is another reason for remaining. I love battling gym leaders actually. 2. Favorite food would be chicken. I love chicken in whatever way it is cooked. It's just so tasty, you know. Second would have to be chocolate. I love its sweetness.
  7. @seki108 The Luke Skywalker - Darth Vader relationship could also apply to Ash and his Dad's relationship. In this case, Ash's Dad could be the leader of an evil organization. Potential fathers include Giovanni, Guzma, Lysandre, Cyrus, and others not yet met.
  8. @seki108 That theory was based off different kinds of stories wherein a certain person looked up to by the MC tells the MC to meet them when they become at the top. An example of this is One Piece. Luffy is told by the pirate he looks up to to find him in the Grand Line or something.
  9. To commemorate my 500th post, I want to make an Ask Me Anything thread. You can ask me serious or casual questions. I'll try to answer it in the best way I can.
  10. Ash's Dad is probably also on a journey to become Pokemon Master also. He has been on this journey for a long time and has not returned since. He probably accomplished this goal at some point in time. He intends to allow Ash to meet him when he also becomes a Pokemon Master.
  11. I recommend getting an Ice Pokemon from Ametrine. It will help in beating the Noivern. As for her other pokemon, you could bring other Rock type pokemon or Electric types to get her weaknesses.
  12. Hurt Virion, Heal Male Robin Male Robin: 21 Female Robin: 39 Lissa: 21 Virion: 12 Stahl: 31 You're not alone now...
  13. Hi Viri Lugruf?
  14. Hi guyz Hongaarse?
  15. Considering that you and Ame share the same number of circles, does it mean that it's gonna take a whole load of posts before the 9th circle to appear?