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  1. intro

    Welcome back!
  2. Can someone PM me a file of Desolation V4.1.1 without the music files? I'm kind of in a hurry to download it but the internet connection is a bit limited atm
  3. What do the stars in FE Heroes represent?

    1. Wolfox Glace

      Wolfox Glace

      from what I know: quality

  4. Have you ever had that, "We don't talk anymore. We don't talk anymore. We don't talk anymore like we used to do," experience?

    1. WujiKyurem


      Yes; with two different people in the space of two months. Both times were before the song came out, though. It was distressing to say the least. I had an even bigger falling-out with someone half a year later, but at that point I decided I was done lamenting over everything and done dragging myself down. So a third case of that was averted.

    2. Mr. Divergent

      Mr. Divergent

      @WujiKyurem Did you have some sort of conflict with those two people?

  5. I personally enjoyed Sun and Moon due to the innovative style of doing things which included trial captains, islands, ultra beasts, and new pokemon.
  6. What happens if you combine FE's warlike world and medieval setting, and Pokemon's creatures, battles, and a set of mentally and/or emotionally umstable characters (Reborn)?

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    2. WujiKyurem


      I'm gonna plug some of the characters into your scenario bc why not:


      Pope Elias I would probably play a role in leading some sort of Rebornian Inquisition.

      Titania would be a renegade knight who rides around on an Escavalier.

      Team Meteor would have Pokémon that learn Guillotine so they can execute some of their captives.

      Sigmund would be a battlefield medic; and a piss-poor one at that.

      Taka would be decked out in some sweet falconry gear for his Flying-types.

      Kiki would basically be the female Miyamoto Musashi, with Victoria as her pupil.

      Serra would be the literal queen of a kingdom modeled in the Nordic/Scandinavian style and she'd wear furs, because Ice.

      Arclight, Hardy, Aya, and Cain would band together as a group of traveling minstrels.

      Radomus would stay safe by moving his castle to the Wasteland, digging a moat, and filling it with murkwater and Swalots.

      And finally, the Grand Hall would be renamed to 'The Grand Mead Hall.'

    3. Mr. Divergent

      Mr. Divergent

      @WujiKyurem The characters do fit the role you've placed them.

    4. WujiKyurem


      Haha, thanks. In all seriousness though, I feel like we may get something close to that when the PC and friends finally infiltrate Labradorra City. I mean, Team Meteor has already occupied it and is mounting a siege on Calcenon with what is literally the most optimal Pokémon possible for the job -- a pistol shrimp crossed with a goddamned howitzer. If Ame really loves us, she'll put Titania and Saphira in the same place (Labradorra, AKA Meteor Lounge) at the same time, and just let unadulterated carnage ensue. Either way, Sirius is going to have roughly 8 milliseconds to live once word of his pyromania reaches Demon Sisters 1 & 2; and he's equally as likely to find himself staring down a very angry (and possibly Mega) Salamence.



      BONUS just for the meme:


      Charlotte would be a not-so-renegade knight who perfectly fits the mold of Joan of Arc; cause of death included.

      Fern would be a highly insecure court jester who constantly throws hissy-fits because of how often he is shown up by everyone around him.

      Bennett would pioneer new theories of metamorphosis and evolution -- until El finds out and excommunicates him.

      Solaris would be a Templar Grand Master who is hunting for the Pieces of Eden rather than the four keys of Reborn.

      Samson, Ciel, Noel, and Anna would be parallels of Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie respectively.

      Terra would go from 'lion tamarrrr' to lion and become Aslan, and Lin would become the White Witch.

      Nyu would develop a nasty case of bloodlust and conquer half of Reborn with his horizons-spanning Pikachu Army.

      Ame would flee the war-torn Rebornian landscape, become a hermit, make a shelter out of the first mountain she came across, and tell everyone who passes by that the mountain is called 'Mt. Lanakila' with the hope that A-Vulpix will come frolicking down from the peak to cuddle with her someday.

      Luna stays exactly the same.

  7. For an evil base, that looks so .... breathtakingly amazing.
  8. I bet the champ's gonna be Oliver.
  9. Does anyone think camping is tedious and exhausting? I'm currently camping because I was forced by my school and it's heavily affecting me. At least, I can use the internet at late night.

    1. Inactivity


      I think camping is quite enjoyable.. as long as it's warm outside, that is.

    2. Mr. Divergent

      Mr. Divergent

      @Inactivity It's actually something related with the Boy Scouts Org in our school. It would have been fun if we weren't forced to have long formations and other activities

    3. doombotmecha


      camping is fun if you prepare properly. forced camping, on the other hand, can be a real pain. It's a mental thing.

  10. Should I donate to the Jinx Guild or not? I'm not quite sure if it's worth it to do so. Can anyone tell me what happens if I do donate?
  11. Amaria: 4 Julia: 1 Shelly: 8 Hurt Julia, Heal Shelly
  12. Welcome to the forums.
  13. Same sprite and card
  14. Planning on restarting with a mono water team with rain as the gimmick. I'm in need of feedback because I'm not experienced in competitive. Thanks